Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Budko to George (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I am very pleased to write to you again.
I really curse myself for that I can not write to you more often. Because I begin to miss you more and more!
I think a lot about our acquaintance and for me it is really very nice! I'm getting heat from you))).
Do not think I'm kidding with you! I really like you very much, you're pleasing to me as a man, by your letters I understand that you're a real gentleman. Yes, a great distance is between us, but I do not think that this is a big problem. Now we write to each other and this is the most important!
I hope that the distance between us will be one day be close to zero))). And then I would actually understand you, your lifestyle, your desire to me! I hope that in life you are not a rude man, because the rudeness is the worst thing,I do not like it!
I am confident that you are a beautiful, gentle and sweet man !!!!!!!!!! This weekend I was home, watching TV, a little cleaning. Thank you for telling me what to do to come to you. Tomorrow I will have a passport. But all the rest for me is a bit expensive ... I did not think that I will have to have so much money for this. Please tell me if you can help me with some part of the cost of this trip? I need it and I think it would be good to do it together! then I would like to ride with you on a motorcycle! I am sure we could spend an unforgettable time together!
Our relationship must depend on you. Since in our country it is considered that the man makes the first step in the relationship. Just please do not think that I have to hang you on the neck))). I do not want to be an obsessive woman! A man must show his interest to a woman! A man must do again and again moves of the decision to establish any relationship and I hope you agree with me!
I am a modest woman, and I need your decision and your opinion, your support and care! But in the relationship I like to be immodest))). Only in the relationship with my man!
As I told you earlier, I had one man, but I was mistaken in him ... And I do not want to make mistakes any more. But I can not help having our handsome dating, I am grateful to God that I met you! And I promise to do to you only pleasure!
I have always dreamed of meeting a person like you, from whom I will feel the goodness and kindness! And I can feel it from you! I am confident that we could make our happy future! Of course I do not want to hurry, I'm just telling you about my wishes and I hope they give you pleasure!
I hope that I didn't scare you? Please tell me about it, ok! It was difficult to write to me now because I hesitated a little), but I think that I properly presented my thoughts, because we are no longer children. Do you agree with me?
I only ask you not to rush, we have time to talk. But I do not want our acquaintance to be like a butterfly, which must be kept strongly in the hands or it can dissapear. I want to know all your ideas about this? So please tell me all about it. Tell me about your days! Tell me more about your life! I will be pleased to see your pictures!
I send you another one of mine, I hope you'll also enjoy it! I hope one day I can be photographed with you)))! I am sending you the most tender hugs!!
I will wait for your letter!
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 2
How are you? Speak to me as your days?
Thank you for your compliments! You're also an amazing person for me, with whom I hope we will have a meeting! Thank you for your new picture, photos of your bike and of your friends. I really hope that I can make you a company))). Tell me your friends will take me in your company?? I am sure that we will be happy then! I am sure that with you I will always feel good! Now I am sending you another one of my photos, I hope you'll also enjoy))) Of course I can be ****))) I think this is the most important thing that attracts men to women, and for my man I will do all his desires! Only for mine!!!!!!! I hope that this will be you George! Yes, of course, I also think that we should not rush to the start a business in this time...
Maybe I can help you in something! How do you think? Now I want to tell you about the trip. I'm very grateful to you that you want to help me. But as they explained to me, to travel to you I need a lot to do. Tomorrow I will get a passport. But I still have to collect a lot of papers (from the hospital, work, police), I do not have to pay much for them, I have to pay for insurance, for the visa, I need money for the journey to Moscow, since I live about 2550 km from Moscow.
I will also have to live two or three days in Moscow, in order to ahve an interview in the embassy for a visa, and I have to pay to the agency for all their work. And the total amount I need for a travel to you is about 700-760 euros. And since I make only 200-230 euros per month it is a lot of money for me! And with this money I have to live a month, to pay rent of about 90 euros... But I'm not complaining to you my dear! I'm just saying that it is very expensive and I need to have all this. Now with the help of my parents I can find about 300 euros. Tell me if you could help me about 460 euros, so that I am not worried about it. And in 2-3 weeks I will be able to do everything for our meeting!
Then I am confident that we could do a lot for our meeting! I can arrive to you within 3 months (this will be the duration of my visa). But I will make a ticket with an open return date (I can go back any day) because I do not want to strain you! I hope you understand my thoughts! I'm glad I met you! So tell me what you can do for me!
Write to me soon, I'll wait for your answer!
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 3
I'm fine! I hope at you my men also all well!
Excuse me please that some days I could not write to you. I really missed you! And I was waiting for this moment when I can write you with great impatience. In the office of my chief there was a computer breakdown and therefore I could not get internet. But now I am writing to you and I hope you did not forget about me during this time)))!
Thank you for your words to me! I also feel that you are the man with whom I would like to build a relationship! I am very glad that you think that I am the woman with whom you want to make a relationship! be sure you will never regret it! I am very glad to see your new picture with me!
Thank you for this! This underlines the fact that you are serious with me! And I am happy that you want to help me with the visa. This is the initial step. Since I ordered the passport a few days ago and on Monday I already received it. You want to see it? But I do not really like my picture there (. I did it twice, but decided not to spend more money))). Passport is not expensive and is valid for 5 years, so I immediately ordered it. I hope that I will need it to travel to you! I really want to meet you and to spend time with you! I talked about you again with my mother. She only said to be cautious and asked to make completely sure in you))) But I told her that you're a decent man and I am sure in you in 100 %!!!!!!
The more that you will help to meet! I told her that you have two rooms and that we will sleep in different rooms)))! But I hope that we will really want each other! Be sure that you will never regret what you meet me! I am sure in you and I want to say that I will be only your girl! I hope we can make a serious relationship! Now I am sending you my of banking details: 57:Beneficiary Bank SWIFT: CBGURUMM; Account with correspondent bank: 100947525200; Name: VTB 24 (JSC); Address: 35 Myasnitskaya st., Mosnow 56:Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank: SWIFT: DEUTDEFF; National ID: 50070010; Name: Deutsche Bank AG; Address: 12-21 Taunusanlage, Frankfurt am Main, zip code: 60262
59:Beneficiary: Beneficiary's name: VTB 24 (JSC), Beneficiary's account: 47422978700000000677 70:Payment details: Beneficiary's account: 40817978727001046597, Beneficiary's name: Budko E. A., Payment details You have to go to the bank and show it there. On the internet I will be able to see when the money comes. And as it comes I will do everything for a visa! I will keep you informed! Tell me how you spent your weekend on your bike? I hope soon you'll give me a ride me on it! I will wait with impatience for your news your new photos! I am happy that I met you in my life, I need a serious relationship in spite of your age! This is even more attractive to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kiss you!!!
Your Ekaterina.
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