Scam letter(s) from Daria to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello Warren, Thank you for your reply. I am so happy to hear from you. How is your day? It is great that we decided to use this chance, to know each other better. We all have past life, but we shouldn't live in the past, I want to live now and immediately. Everyone told that I have eyes like an ocean, that they are so deep and mysterious, and if I will find my love, he will wallow in this ocean. You know, I have a fond dream, always dreamt to see the ocean, but I want to see it with my soul mate, I want my man to be besides me when my dream will come true. I always believe that dreams will come true! It's great that you have so many interests, and what animals do you like? I like cats, and want to have one or want to have a dog. So, if you don't mind, I want to tell you something about my life. I live in Ukraine in a small city Stanica Lyganscaya, I like this city because it is very cosy and here I was born. Do you know this city? I live in a small house with my parents. They are very kind and modern, oh I love them. I have many friends, and spend my free time with them or with my parents. I like to go to the cinema, I like good and kind films. What about you, do you like cinema? As for ma job, I work as cosmetologist, I like my job. I like to meet her people and I can say that I'm very sociable. I think this enough for today, hope to hear from you soon. I want to be honest with you, that I don't know English and have no computer and computer skills, that is why I have to use the translating bureau, I think it is not very difficult to learn English, that is why I hope I will start my lessons in nearest future. Do you think that it is a problem for us? I will be waiting for your reply! Wish you nice day! Darya
Letter 2
Hello Warren, How are you? Oh, it is great that we continue our correspondence. How are your daughter? Tell me more about Today is sun in my heart I have very nice and romantic mood. You've told me that you like to travel to the sun, and what places you've visited? I have so many things to tell you today. I think that you should know some things about me I love to camp, can you imagine that I like camping, but that is true, I know that this ******* photo doesn't look like a camping girl. But my father like it that is why he always took me to the forests, he instill love to nature in me. One more thing I want to share with you that I like to attend theaters, you know most of the people, even my friends go only the cinemas or watch films at home, but I like theaters, all this people who show love on the stage, it is so romantic, but it makes me sad. You know sometimes I saw such heart touching moments on the stage that make my blue eyes full of tears and in this moment I feel that I need hand of my man. I don't want just to watch how people love each other and play love, I want to live in love, to love and be loved by my only man. I'm sure you understand me. Also I enjoy the outdoors and like doing just about anything as long as you have someone to enjoy things with. That's the part I am missing from my life. I miss the person who sits across from you while you are dining out, going places and doing things together. They are correct when they say one is the loneliest number. I know that I will have all of this, maybe with you? Who knows it is life. And now I enjoy our correspondence, and hope that you like it too. I like photos that you've sent to me, you are very nice man, you know it? :) The more I know you the more I'm sure that we are on the right way. I hope you are fine and your days are going perfect. I want to wish you happy day full of positive events and happy moments. Darya
Letter 3
Hello again Warren, Nice day, how is your day? Like photos that you've sent to me. I should say that your letters make my day. I thought about our correspondence and think that it is so interesting and every time you write me,I think that we become closer and closer, such strange feeling that we are not so far as we are. When we first met, I didn't even consider you real. You were just a pixel on a screen. We talked more and I became so confused. "How I could have real feelings for a person I've never met?" I'd ask myself. I feel that we look in one direction and have the same desires, thoughts. It is so easy to talk with you. What do you think about it?
Did you think about perfect evening with your soul mate? I did :)If you don't mind I want to share some thoughts about it with you. I want to feel fresh wind of the ocean and how your hands will save me from it. But wind will be just a ground to be close to you, I think that everything will be special in this night, just your breath and warm hands. We will be alone on the beach and maybe some wine, I want it to be sweet, then you will ******** sweet lips :) It is my fond dream, to have such evening together. We will have good memories, how closer we've been. Want to taste your kisses and to feel your warmth. I'm tired to be alone, maybe you can change it, who knows :) The more I know you the more I'm afraid to lose contact with you, hope you feel the same, but I want you to be sure that I'm here for you. I will think about you and think about me dear Warren. All my kisses I send to you. Thinking about you, Darya
Letter 4

Bureau "ProTrans" Hello Sir Warren, "ProTrans" is a leading translating Bureau specialised in translations of all kind of documents. We propose you text translations on all topics and all kind of **** translations. Our interpreters are qualified and experienced experts, who will make ready your translations in time. The main lines of our activity are: *Private correspondence
*Project and standard documents translations
*Certificates, technical descriptions, specifications
*Contract documents
*Business correspondence
*Guide interpreter service
*etc.(other types of Russian-English and English-Russian translations) Miss Darya, is one of our clients who has been using the services of "ProTrans" according to the translations of your private correspondence. Now her account closed, we told her about it and we have to inform you that she have no opportunity to refresh account(financial crises), but we thought that it will be right if we will inform you about such problems. Hope You don't mind Sir. Your Lady is very upset about this fact and hopes that you will not quit talking to her because of it. If you are interested in the assisting Miss Darya and refreshing her account we are ready to provide you with our price list. Your Lady is interested in you and waiting for your respond. Thank you for your attention With best regards, Elena Maricheva-Turner
Director of Bureau "ProTrans"
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