Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Hurenk to Chris (USA)
Letter 1

Hello, Chris!
Please excuse me. I had no an opportunity the answer to you faster.
As suffered crash my e-mail . I hope that you remember still me.
I've never thought you'll answer me so quickly. How are you?
I'm fine, but I've a lot of work to do today, but usually I try to find free time to look, that continues my private mail. It's fine, you've found free time to answer.
It's really great you're open for communication. Well... My name - Julia. I'm 29 years.
I live in San-Francisco, CA. I work in educational area.
I work in the Children's Center in SF. Chris if you want to know more about my work,
I'll write about it in my following letters.
What concerning you? What about area of yours work? What about your hobbies?
Also I wish inform you Chris I'm in the USA almost 1 year. 11 months to exact.
I've arrived to the USA thanks to the exchange program of formation.
I work with children. I've arrived to the USA from the Europe.
I worked for 3 years in England (London). In educational area also.
I like my work very much. I love children.
My ancestors live in Russia. I come from Russia also. I'm from Kazan. In 2000 in Russia,
I have graduated from the Kazan State University. The faculty of children's psychology and pedagogics.
After the termination of the University I was offered training in Europe, England. I agreed to work in England then. It was an every prospect to see the world and also to change my life. Now I'm very happy.
After my working in England I have studied English very well. Then I've decieded that should work in english speaking countries. It's wide experience for me. Also it's very interesting.
After the termination of training in London I was offered to work in the USA. I've accepted it. Now I live in SF.
Hmmm, that's concerning me, allow me to think …, I love arts. These knowledge I use to visit some exhibitions...
Music makes me feel good... Reading relax me... I try to keep fit and I that's why I attend gym classes...
I wish to find love and stability in my life. Chris if you feel the same and it's possible for you,
let's begin our correspondence. I wish to know what kind of woman and relationships do you prefer?
Plz, write me more concerning you to give me an opportunity to know much about your percon.
I'm sure, we'll have good conversation. OK. I expect your answer.
Have a good day. Your new friend Julia
Letter 2

Hi, Chris!
It was good to receive the letter from you. I hope, my answer'll find you in a good mood. Thanks you for sharing all your information with me.
As I'm open also and I believe you too. It was great to know more concerning you.
Thanks a lot for your picture. I like it much. I would be happy to see more.
I check my electronic box at my work. Because unfortunately I've no computer at home.
Usually in current of day I've an opportunity to use a computer. And what about you Chris?
Also in the future I hope we'll give phone numbers to each other to hear our voices.
But in the beginning we should know about each other little bit more.
As I consider that telephone conversation'll be more serious contact, therefore I should know you much better.
Before giving you my telephone number, I should be convinced that you've good intentions and if you answer my questions, then I'll give you my phone.
I hope that it doesn't offend you. You should understand me. It's only matter of time.
I love new acquaintances very much. American people're open and have some differencies from people in the Europe.
The American people're very affable. I'm very glad and I really enjoy of time of residing at America.
I work in a really friendly atmosphere. And my fellow workers're super people. I work with orphans.
They were thrown by parents. Age of these children is from 3 till 6 years.
I love my work very much because I like to help people. Especially children, because they deserve only the best.
Children, which have no parents, have great difficulties in this age.
Indeed it's really pleasant that I've my parents. Both of them are alive and healthy.
I'm the only child in my family. I've no brothers and sisters. That's why I'm the most favorite child in family.
Our attitudes with my parents have always been based on support and good advice.
I miss my parents very much as I didn't see them almost 1 year.
I'd with my parents small telephone conversations. And I know that they're fine.
I'm grateful to my parents. I'd very happy childhood. And consequently I take care and love these little and defenceless children. It's very interesting to me to learn about your work.
Chris, do you love it? Whether Is your work as the main thing for you Chris?
It is pleasant to me that you're interested in me. As to my private life...
I can't speak, that it's ideal. Well... You know... In such a big city, I feel really lonely sometimes...
I love my work, and it gives me an opportunity to feel necessary to whom or.
I have some questions to you. I hope you'll agree to answer it.
Chris, how long have your last relationships continue? If you feel not good, you sholdn't not answer. OK?
It's very interesting to know, how has you started to search your partner in Internet?
Whether have you an experience on dating in Internet? OK.
I think, enough questions for today. I'll be happy to see your letter again.
I was glad to tell you a little about myself. I hope you can understand my letter well.
Take care, Julia
Letter 3

Hi Chris!
I was glad to receive your letter. Mad morning in the city as always.
40 minutes in a fuse. But I've received your letter and it made me smile.
I slept well, I feel a lot of energy. Now children sleep.
They are tired, because we played much today and they were very active.
I've now some free time to answer your letter. Chris how do you feel?
What about your news today? You know, I'm very glad that we've such a nice conversation.
I was very glad to receive answers on my questions. Also I'm glad to know more about you.
I thank you for your answers. Great kids on this shots, it seems you had a lot of fun:)
I wish to continue a story about myself. I hope you'll be interesting to know it.
My work provides me with habitation. It's 1 room in Marina area.
This small place, but it's very cosy. I live in a single room.
As for two people there's no enough place here. I try to make my habitation cosy.
I like to decorate or change an interior of a room. Chris, what about your habitation?
How often do you change decorating an apartment? Whether do you like it to do?
I've already informed you that I work in America 11 months. Soon I'll have my holiday.
It'll take for 1 month. If our correspondence'll continue and you'll have interest to me,
I sincerely hope that we could spend some time of my holiday together.
What do you think concerning it? It's very important to me. Please, remember!
I don't want to find a partner for 1 night to sleep. I don't have necessity for it.
I search only for the sincere friend.
I hope you can become my good friend. Probably more...Later...
I sincerely hope that you've a good day. Also that you've a minute to read my letter.
I've continued a little the story about myself. I hope also that you'll share the facts of your life. OK. Write me when you'll a chance.
It's a real pleasure for me to communicate in such an easy way.
Thanks you. Julia
Letter 4

Hi Chris!
How are you there? What's your news today?
You've any special plans? I've a chance to write you and inform you more that I do.
You know, that the charge of day among children can be an entertainment and very interesting.
I observe children with whom I work, and I see, how they're open and happy.
Life gives each good thing to them to a miracle. I'm amazed they see so precisely a border between bad and good.
Even they have no parents, and their lives are so various I'm really happy when smth good happens with them. It seems to me, they forget about all bad in their lives. I see, their eyes shines, and all bad is forgotten. They don't only try, they really escape from their houses.
And they don't want to remember about their tragedies. You know,
when we become senior we forget, that the happiness can simply fall from the sky in some moments of our life. Instead of it we constantly mean that life can be severe, and sometimes it frightens us so much that we can't see simple miracles of a life. Are you agree with it? I belive in it.
Even the most improbable, fantastic things could happen with us in any place, any time: tomorrow, in this morning, in the weekend,
next week - nobody knows when! And I only try don't forget about it and I always held this feeling in my soul. What concerning you? Do you believe in miracles? I really want you believe in it. The main thing is in seeing it in time and we should't pass it. Miracles may be in the simple things of a life,
You should be ready always. As for me, I expect miracle in my life.
You know, receiving the senior I try to look at the world where I live wider.
I have started to understand that " rich and beautiful " doesn't really means " a kind, loving and caring ". I accept an opportunity that the person who'll do me happy may be'll not remind the movie star or the gladiator:).
It can remind the usual person with an usual life, but I'm sure that it'll have a big heart. True beauty - always inside.
It's in actions and thougts of the person, not in car or a private residence or in clothes. It's my really thoughts that I think, I only wish you to allow the nobility. I would be happy to read your ideas concerning all it important for you. I'm valid similarly to sew to conversation. I would be happy to receive your letter every day. And if you are too borrowed to answer or write a lot, please give me pair lines, that you're alright.
And so while. I wish, that you'd a pleasant day and I hope to receive news from you quickly. Bye, Julia
Letter 5

Hi, my dear Chris!
How are your doings? What is the weather there?
Thank you for you picture! I really like it. Please, send me more of your pics.
I wish to talk to you, I enjoy our communication and I feel,
I can tell you all things that I've in my soul.
I feel, I can share my ideas with you, and you're interested in me.
This experience, I mean to live far from my parents, helps me to understand what I'm and what should I do. I understand now how important to have a family, to love and care someone. I understand, I've a lack of it in my life. I need it very much.
That's why I decided to use dating of the Internet and wrote you.
I feel a little bit lonely, but it's ok. I believe, I'll find the person with whom I'll be happy. To say the truth, I pass a feeling of finding in love. When light shines all around with beautiful and new light...
it's very pleasant to feel communication with it's wonderful feeling - love. To love someone, it means for me to accept the person with all his feelings and character, to dismiss in your partner similarly as at the ocean and to catch it's wave. Sometimes it seems to me, that love can go somewhere,
but I think, on the contrary, it's not true, because love can't dissapear.
We're too strong firmly hold stereotypes and expectations.
I believe,you can't learn other person "by heart" up to the end at all,
because all persons change every second.
But,unfortunately, people so often dare to operate in a role of judges and to show everything on shelfs and even something, that also should be secretly always.
Then people feel the deceived victims of own expectations and stages of a life.
I think, people should only allow occur of events and leave open their souls.
There are some my thougts about love and hope. I've enough skills in English for you to understand what I wish to tell you:) I really want you to catch my mood in my letter.
You know, when I read your letters, I always smile.
Our conversation means so much for me. I don't know what the future keeps for us, but I want you to know, that it plays a great role in my life,
it's very serious for me. Ok. I should continue working, I wish you a good day,
and I'll wait for your answer with great impatience.
Take care. Julia
Letter 6

Hi, my dear Chris!
How are you? I'm fine.
Thanks for your photo. It was pleasant to receive it.
Today I met my colleague Jenny here in the Center.
She's on duty today so we spoke much.
She's very smart and wise woman, and I like to speak with her concerning something. She's so kind and very skilled woman, and we'd a conversation concerning all things. I've told her, we've a conversation with you. I hope, you're not against of it. She was happy to know, that I've such an interesting dialogue with you. She's married and have a beautiful child. It's a boy, and his name is Patrick. She takes him sometimes with her, when she has some duty on the weekend. Oh, you know, it was a history concerning this boy whom I wish to inform you. One day in a weekend on the way of Jenny on her work small Patrick has found dry leaf and told, that it'll be a present for me. Madam Bargett has been stunned and asked him why leaf? To represent someone, you don't know if it's enough leaf?
if I can even offend her. And when Patrick went to me and presented it to me. She said that she saw as son's eyes were shinning.
I asked him some questions concerning leaf and I praised him. Next day Patrick has brought a stick with leaves and presented to me. In some days he paints a picture for me.
I took a stick tape. I hung up his figure on the wall, in a visible place.
I'm so gald to see, how he's happy, when I praise him.
By the way now there are many Patrick's figures on the wall in my office.:)
There is the statement, that children're the project of a copy from their parents. I think, that it's not right. We can leave the project copies of some school work or projects but, I think, we can't afford the same concerning the children. We've no such a right. We should help them to cope in this difficult world, warn concerning troubles,
and we should of course involve them in a normal business environment.
We should surround them tenderness, correct their behaviour, answer their questions,
and react on their confusion. Madam Bargett praised me today and also has told,
that she'll give me the highest recomendations. I'm so happy! It's remarkable!
You know here cool enough.
Thanks you for staying in a contact,
I really enjoy our conversation Chris. It's pleasure to me to inform you concerning my life here and what I do.
Take care, yours Julia
Letter 7

Hi my dear, Chris!
I ask to excuse me that I didn't write to you some time.
I was really engaged and the opportunity had no to write to you.
Also is very much upset that I was absent. Now I have a lot of time.
Also I shall write to you each day.
I very much hope that you understand me and will not condemn.
I hope, you're great. I'm also good.
I feel so fresh this morning. I woken up enough early today and I'm in a really good mood. Since my childhood I remember,
how my mother used to tell: " An early bird catches a worm".
But it means for me, that if you wake up early you'll feel good and have power within the whole day. Do you usually wake up early? I don't require a lot of time for a dream because I think, that you can relax and have a rest before you go to sleep. In the evening yesterday I was alone. So I decided to take a bath, and relax before my going to sleep. It was so surprising...
It's cold and crude evening outside and I'm in the warm safe place, in private with my ideas and feelings. I like to use oils of aroma Ylang-ylang, citrus and my favorite - a tangerine. After a bath I feel new born:)
My body's so fresh, oils are perfect for my skin. And I sleep like a child.
You know, I feel, that there is no enough time to tell everything, that I wish to tell. I feel through your letters, that you've something inside that I wish to know. It's difficult to explain. The majority of people has only good appearance, but has no beauty inside.
To say the truth, external beauty not so important for me.
In my soul and in the souls of others I use to search special, individual charm. I think, that you're agree with my point of view.
As I'm absolutely sure, we can find the person similarly as iceberg. Of course, all the most beautiful and interesting hidden under.
When you reach it more close, you truly find out, what it is valid.
And I wish to find out. And it doesn't matter for me that any still see on surface of your essence. I hope, that I don't lounge about with words and you can see clear, what I wish to speak. I'm surrounded kind and good-hearted people on my work. I met you, and you give me some trust, that I'm not alone in my feelings and ideas. Indeed, it's really great that I can share it with you. I see through your letters that you're hearted, kind and open. You're the person whom I can dream earlier. I feel we need to each other to share some simple pleasures of our lifes, to communicate and take care. I amazed with your power of charm on me, even we've not met yet. I've never thought, that it's possible, and I've never had such an experience in my life before it! I don't want you think, that I'm naive, I only try to be fair and grateful.
My dear Chris i am very glad our correspondence.
Now i completely trust to you. I promise you on what by the end this week.
I'll be sending you my cell telephone in usa. Hope have conversation with you by phone.
To hear your vote. Also I think you want it. I have no an opportunity earlier.
As is very much engaged at my job. By the end of this week there will be a free time.
You know, I want to see your eyes. Well I only wish to speak thanks for your being in my life. Take care. Have a good day. Don't forget to write me back.
Yours Julia
Letter 8

Hello my dear, Chris.
How are you?
I have some free time, and I'm very happy, I can write to you.
You know, I noticed, that our correspondence brings some ideas to me.
I think, it's great,that we met. I'm sure each of us tested a painful condition of being lonely. There is melancholy and hopeless, as a grey autumn day. It seems, that you're not necessary for any.
When you see scope of pairs and feel, that all people around are completely indifferent to you. Unfortunately, we're born from love and participation, and we leave in the world in full loneliness. Sometimes I feel so lonely in this big big city. When there is a plenty of people around, you understand, that the person's necessary for the person!
The same as mother need her's child, and the child need the parents.
We're all need in someone. And all we need in love and care. No? Love.
You know, I really think, that it's not only physical communication,
it's a sensation of full unity at all levels of our existence. First of all,
at a level of soul. In such an affinity you're absolutely free from social obligations and stereotypes, expectations and rules. We need to leave fear which'll be reject and offend, and we can relax completely also if we break up in our mutual participation. You know I'm happy we have the Internet. It's a great opportunity to say more concerning me and my thougts to you.
Much more we communicate - more I wish to see you in real.
And when it happens, you'll know, who I'm. My letters'll help you in it.
So when we can meet in our first time, we can feel as old friends,
or a lot... That's why I try to inform you more concerning my private world,
my prospect, my ideas now. Also it's the reason why I ask you to be opend and fair with me. I want you know, you give me most the important and necessary things similarly to your interest, your dialogue and your friendship. I hope, it's the beginning something special for me and you, I would like to know you better.
My Chris I'm very happy that you write me your letters.
Now I understand that you the sincere man. Not dodge, for a deceit of the girl. I trust you completely. Hope what I correctly act?
Also I send my telephone number in San Francisco. It 415-373-6028.
I'll wait your telephone call. You can call me in any time, convenient for you.
I'll wait your voice. Sincerely I hope that you will be a call me.
Best regards, Julia
Letter 9

Hi my dear, Chris!
How are you doings today? I'm fine.
You know, last night, I'd insomnia, I don't know why. I was in my bed,
and I'd so many ideas in my head. And majority of them was concerning you and our communication. I tried to imagine smth about you and me.
I was really surprised that our relationships are average for you.
I try to be interesting and friendly for you,
I don't know, if you feel it. I'm the only girl here in big american city,and I'm absolutely lonely with my ideas and feelings.
I can't imagine what I should do without your letters, your interest and yours support. To say the truth, I was so alone before I have met you. I still have no friends here, whom I can speak and laugh with. I love to laugh and smile, and I'm sure you're so. Our relationships're rays of light for me, and seriously, I don't see smth more important now.
Certainly I have my work, and I love it. But you know, that all we need in someone sometimes... Or for all time. Not? And I can tell you, that I've never met such the good person similarly to you. I know, everything, that we've - only our letters,
but I really hope, that you've an appearance and heart of love behind of your words,
I can feel it. I sincerely hope that our correspondence is more than simply letters.
I think of you very often. I can't live a day without your letters.
You became very important for me. You become for me more than the friend.
What do you think, if we really have a chance to be together? You know, that I do... Oh... ok:)
By the way, today I'm going to come home late from my work. Jenny plans to take Patrick here and we gather to spend this evening together.
I'm sure, that Patrick has other figure for me. You know, that he usually draws similarly near the house and about mummy, birds, cars and trees.
I've a great idea, I think, that I'll ask, that he draw me this time.
I think it'll be funny. I'm happy, this evening I'll not be alone and we'll have a wonderful time. We'll drink some tea and stirr with Jenny and Patrick. Communication is very important for me, and I'm really happy that I've such the friends here. I believe, that the future keeps for me happiness, which it's necessary to love and care. I really want it. I feel it.
I have so much inside that I can share it with you. I think, that each woman wants to feel a shoulder of the strong person, and also to be about the person who understands and cares you. Hope, you're not against of me, sharing all these ideas with you. You know, I noticed it through my letters to you.
I have never felt so and wish to speak thanks for your finding in my life.
I'm happy, that you're very close listener and hope, that you're interesed in our dialogue. So, with you I wish to share my feelings today. Have a nice weekend. Stay from troubles also cares.
I'll wait for your letter. Bye. Yours, Julia
Letter 10

Hi dear Chris :)
How are you? I'm fine,
I'm in good mood today and I want to share it with you. Hope you ok:)
I went to work, I didn't know what to do, i was missing you and decided to write you few words. You know, I'm thinking a lot about our relations,
and what we do. I was reading your letters again and smiling, you're so cool.
I really like the way communicate. And more I think about the possibility of our meeting one day.
I think that I'm ready to take some further steps with you. I know that I can trust you now,
you're great person for me, the man who can hold my interest and to whom I can speak open.
I'm thinking and worrying about my near trip to Russia. I've already prepared gifts for my parents and my friend Olga. I wait with great impatience for a meeting with my parents.
I've already informed my parents that I'll soon arrive to them.
I would like to spend few weekend with you. Wherever you want. I just want to see you in real,
spend some time with you just talking and having fun. Please let me know what do you think about this? Or have you ever thought about it? What would you like to do if we meet?
Maybe you've some special places that you want to show me at your place,
it would be very interesting to see it. I believe that nothing matter happen without a reason.
And if we've a mutual sympathy we must let it grow and we don't need to hide.
As for me I don't want to hide my feelings. Because I trust you my thoughts and you know it's great that you're so open with me too. I know that we're living in the world full of indifference and loneliness. But I want to do my best to be understanding and loving and maybe make someone happy. I'm always trying to help others with my smile and advice and if I see someone need my care and support of course I'll give my hand.
I feel that I've so much love to share and want to be useful for someone special in my life.
I want you to give me your opinion about my thoughts. I need your advice and support because I feel now that something special starting in my life.
When I'll be in Russia, I would like to cause you with a help of a phone.
Plz, send me your phone number, which I can find you.
I'll try to call you when I've an opportunity.
I hope to receive your reply soon. Yours, Julia
Letter 11

Hi dear, Chris
How are you doings? Hope everything is fine.
I've got some urgent news today and I want to share it with you.
I was invited to my boss office for a talk.
I was given holiday in current of 1 month. I've already bought the ticket aboard the plane for my trip to Russia. My flight in Russia will be May 11.
Common time of flight about 20 hours. I already prepared all my luggage.
It occupies 2 small bags. I hope that my flight will be safe.
After my arrival in Russia I'll send at once you the letter.
Tomorrow I'm going to take off for Russia.
Anyway I'll take a touch with you and will try to write you everyday from Russia.
As for me our relations is very important and I feel that I want to continue it. Will you wait for my return? Will you write me while I am in Russia? It will be great to see my parents too because I miss them much and I'm sure they will be happy to know that we've a conversation. I hope that you'll not miss me much: I feel that a new stage of my life begins, I feel really great about this.
Now I'm so glad, that I was agree to go for a work to America.
Because I've found you my dear, Chris! Jenny gave me another drawing of Patrick, its so nice:) I'll take it with me.
Ok, I gotta go and will write you from Russia as I'll have a chance.
I think it would be great to do it together.
What do you think? I think I'll back in America soon.
I want you to know that our coversation is very important for me and I really want to countinue it:) Have a nice day and wait for me here.
Take care. Thinking of you, Julia
Letter 12

Hello my dear Chris
How are you there? At last I've an opportunity to write you.
My trip was all right, I even didn't expect to reach Kazan so fast.
My flight was about 20 hours long. I'm very tired with that.
But I'm ok I'm so glad that I'm at home and my trip was safe.
Everybody at home was so glad to see me and I was happy to present a great hug for my parents and my lovely grandmother. I'm so excited because it's my first time when I'm back home after so long time being away from my family. Daddy said that he's very proud of me. By the way one funny thing happened to me during the flight:) In the plain I was sitting next to young mother with the wonderful boy he was the same age as little Patrick. This boy was crying. He was so scared of the flight and this woman couldn't calm him down. And you know I just started to talk to this child, I was manage to abstract him from fear and tears. In a half of hour he got to sleep and his mother was so appreciate. Her name was Linda. We got into conversation with her and I told her that kids is my job:). I was really glad to help her and was in great mood after that. So my experience working with kids was useful. I presented few little souvenirs to my family and they was touched. And I also told them that I met you and we have a great communication and even planning to meet each other. I hope you don't mind:).
I've said that you are good man with big heart and very honest with me. They all said hello to you and wish that someday see you in Russia :) You know my mother was worried about me when I was in America and said that she will feel more safe for me if there will be a good man beside me. So you got acquainted with my parents in some way:)
Now I'm at my friend Olga's place and she is so happy that I was able to come. So do I ! I'm writing you from Olga's computer now.
She's near and say hi to you. I'll be able to write you from here.
My dear Chris I want to inform you also. I plan to remain in Russia approximately 1 week. I think it will be enough.
To have dialogue with my parents.
More precisely date my arrival I shall inform to you later. OK Also I wish to inform you concerning wedding my girlfriend Olga.
It'll be May 16. in 2 days. Now we're engaged preparation for wedding.
I don't have a lot of time to write you.
Plz, forgive me my dear Chris. I feel a little strange because of time difference I didn't used to yet. Hope that will manage to sleep this night. I'm thinking of you. Kisses and hugs for you, dear:)
Missing you and waiting for your soon reply. Take care.
Always yours Julia
Letter 13

Hello Chris
How are you there dear? As for me I'm just fine.
Today I've very many things to do. And I can't write you much.
As already tomorrow it'll be wedding of my best girlfriend Olga.
I hope you don't insult for me.
Also I wish to inform you my conversation with Olga.
Yesterday we talked much about you with Olga. She told that it's great that we have a conversation. I told her that you giving me so much to understand about myself. It's true I really feel like I found someone who understand me and share my thoughts. I value these points in our communication. I really get used to have a talk with you everyday through our letters. So I'm glad to have every chance to send you even a little note. I know how it's waiting for a letter and thinking if everything is ok. I don't want you to waite too long and missing my letters. So I use every chance to write you.
You know I feel the responsibility for our communication.
I'll wait for your letter. XOXOXO.
Bye. Missing, Julia
p.s. Remember my dear Chris I'll not be capable to write you the letter one days.
I'll be very glad to read your new letter through one days.
Letter 14

Hi my dear Chris!
I'm very glad to write you the letter at last.
I couldn't write you for 1 days. As I was on wedding my girlfriend Olga.
I'm very glad. Celebration has passed very beautiful. There were many visitors. Approximately 70 person. All was very good on wedding.
It was wonderful, modern and cheerful. There were many people.
I don't know exactly how there is a wedding in the USA. I want to tell you as there is wedding in Russia. According to russian tradition the groom should come to the home of the bride and expiate her from parents.
It's very funny to see as the groom arrived home starting to show him from the best party. Before the groom'll go home, he should transfer some stages. The first stage, that he should say beautiful words to the future wife. It may be very surprised, that the groom tell so many words to her that all are tired to listen to them. hehehe!
It was only joke:). It was really great to hear so many beautiful words.
The second stage is when the groom should receive a key from buildings his bride is situated. The key lays in bank of 3 litres and he should drink all water from bank to receive a key. It was very amusing to look as the groom pressed simply with this water. I thought that he'll burst like a bubble of soap. He could fight with such a situation only from 3 times. And last stage is the most important of all, which he should fill a tray with coins. And than he should fill more those with that richman to be available family. All these tests the groom have passed successfully. After it we went into a cafe to celebrate it.
There Was incredably cheerful. There were many entertainments to run in the various parties. I sat close to the bride. This is very noble place and me I'm so thankful, that I've been asked to be close to the bride. There were many people, that there was no place at the table to place all visitors. According to russian tradition when people shout "BITTERLY", just married should kiss to each other. So I think, that they shouldn't do it so much time, because they have all their lifes to do it. hehehe! It was a joke too:). Indeed I was very happy that they were very happy together. The bride was very beautiful. Actors,
which they have been invited, sang songs. I was so tired for these days.
Now all is finished. I've now only simple days. It's just a little sad that these days of celebrations have ended. Ceremony of wedding has passed very successfully. My girlfriend Olga has passed a ceremony of wedding in the church. Have you such the traditions my dear Chris? I cried with happiness much. I think that I envied even my girlfriend Olga a little bit. But it was kind white envy. I'm very glad that she found her love. Also she could arrange her life. I hope sincerely that my happiness also should come soon to me. What do you think?
It's only reflection. I hope you to receive as soon as it possible an answer. I'll wait for your letter with great impatience.
Forever yours Julia
Letter 15

Hi my dear Chris!
I'm very glad to receive your letter. My love Chris!
This letter's very important for me. I ask you read it attentivly.
Answer me as soon as it'll be possible, plz! I wish you to say,
that became the greatest person in my life. I'm sincerely glad to receive your letters Chris! I should inform you that I've great desire to meet you. I could never believe that it's possible to attached to the person so hard with a help of the letters. But it has been happened.
You're very interesting person. I think, you're also glad of our correspondence. I ask you say about it to me. I hope that I don't frighten off you.
But I sincerely hope that it's love between us...probably...
I can't speak important for me? I hope, this is my happiness.
I'll look forward your answer. I thank you very much for your wonderful letters Chris. I hope that I don't frighten off you nevertheless.
Forever yours Julia
Letter 16

Hello my love Chris again.
I'm very glad receive your letter so soon. Your answer Im waited very strongly.
As its very important for me. I have accepted the very serious decision.
I'm glad that you have written me such letter. Therefore I want inform you some good news.
You should think about my letter very well. As its very important for us both.
I ask you read my letter very very attentively plz. OK Plz excuse me for the huge letter. But I couldnt write its more shortly.
As i have a lot of question for you. Think very well about all my questions.
Then give me complete answer on my questions. As our future depends from this questions.
I ask you, dont make fast decision. Plz think very well about each my questions. Fine.
I already informed you that now I have my holiday. I have still approximately 20 days of holiday.
If I'll arrive to you. You have already some plans about our meeting?
What would you want doing at this time? Than with you we'll be engaged? You will show me your city? Im very much want visit all your liked places with you. There are such?
Also I want ask you. You will show me your relatives?
Probably your friends? You already told him about me? What they speak about me?
I sincerely want to learn your relatives. Hope that you will think about it.
You want carry out together rest of my holiday? Or you want that I remained with you? Its very important for me. Remember I'll wait your answer. I ask you think very well.
As I any not game with you my love Chris. I hope that we can find out 20 days each other are more good for these. Also I want inform you, that I probably would like remain with you more than only 20 days. Probably all life... What you think about it?
My love Chris I should also ask you the very important question. OK When I'll arrive to you, there is a place where I'll stop?
I'll be stop at you home? Or I should live in the hotel?
Also I want to inform you, that I dont want stop in the hotel.
I dont like stop in the hotel. Whether I can arrive to you home?
You take place where I'll sleep?
My honey Chris when I'll arrive to you you guarantee my complete safety?
I hope that you understand I dont want at once after the airport to make sex with you !!!
Guarantee me it please. I cant that promise concerning sex. OK But you should understand me completely in this question. I dont refuse sex with you.
But should pass some time. That I could find out you more well.
You should give me 100 guarantee about my safety!!!
Excuse me for these words. I dont want to offend you. I trust you completely.
But you should give me your word. OK I ask you my love Chris think well.
For what I am necessary to you? As Im not search only sex for one night.
I really want to build the true relations. To build our family.
I hope that your desire about the our relations coincide with my.
My dear Chris Im very much love your letters. Therefore I completely begin trust you.
I hope that you sincerely in your letters and your desires to me.
In all my letters to you I tried completely give you the descriptions of me.
I hope that you an estimation to this. But Im sure that the personal meeting will not replace any letters. I believe that better 1 time meeting instead of an exchange 100 letters. You agree? Only personal meeting can show all our feelings to each other.
And letter its only beginning of the relations. True relations can be only at meeting.
I should necessarily ask you also. If at our meeting Im not like you.
And you will not be interested me. You will inform me it at once?
As I dont want that you a deceit me. Also I dont want to deliver you of any inconveniences.
I sincerely want that at us with you it have turned out really relation.
Are you ready to change your life? I am ready to reserve my life,
But only with you my honey Chris!!!
Only my love Chris I ask you not game with me. As its very serious both important for us.
I sincerely want to be with you. So my love Chris.
If you agree that I have come to you. And if you give answer me on ALL QUESTIONS !!!
Then I'll arrive to you in the prompt time. I ask you let's not lose time.
I ask you dont experience for anything. I already have told to my parents about my decision.
They completely understand me. Hmm... Im not small girl. OK I ask you send me your FULL HOME ADDRESS, YOUR FULL NAME !!!!!!!
Necessarily check up that was correct. Also send me closest the international airport to your house.
When I'll receive the information that I'll buy air tickets immediately up to your airport.
When I'll buy the air ticket I'll write at once to you the letter.
And send date of my flight also number of air-flight.
I ask you not worry about me. All will be good. I sincerely hope that before our meeting there was only small instant. I'll look forward to hearing from you. I ask you remember I thought well. You think very well also. Before to accept the decision.
As its the very important step in our life. The large request to you.
Dont forget send me all information.
1. Your full name.
2. Your full home address.
3. Also airport.
Hope for your sincere answer. I ask you of a pardon for my large letter.
But I hope you understand now me. I could not write it more shortly.
I ask you give answer only on all my questions !!! If you is sincere with me.
My Chris if you only game with me. Then I'll understand you.
But necessarily write me answer.
If you only that game, then I'll not come to you.
But I can continue with you our perfect correspondence. OK
Forever always your love Julia
Letter 17

Hello, my love Chris!
It'll be the small note. Because I've no a lot of time to write you the big letter.
But I've very good news. Today I've bought the aviaticket up to the airport Tampa/St Petersburg, FL (TPA).
Number of Flight 31 / 1287, airline Delta Air Lines. Arrival in 11:11pm.
Total time of flight 17hrs 56min. I hope that you'll meet me. In 23.00pm I'll leave by train in Moscow.
Start of the plane from Moscow on May,24 in 1:15pm.
I've already said goodbye my parents. All my things are already packed.
My mum asked to transfer you from her a gift.
I carry you a small gift from my mum. It'll be amusing.
Hope that you'll glad to read these news. When I'll arrive in Moscow,
I'll visit Internet Cafe. I hope to receive from you some news.
Up to an our meeting there are only 4 days.
I've butterfly in my stomach. Because it'll be our first meeting.
I sincerely hope that you can meet me in the airport. OK !!!
Up to the soon meeting my love Chris.
Sincerely with love yours Julia
Letter 18

Hi my love again Chris!
I'm very glad to receive your letter with great news.
You can't imagine how I'm glad, because I've received your letter.
This is perfection. I'll can see you soon.
You can see me too. I'm the happiest person in the world now.
There is no the person who feels the same now. Thank you very much for your answer.
Today I'll buy the avia-ticket up to the airport Tampa International Airport.
When I buy the avia-ticket, I'll inform you concerning date and number of flight.
I can't write you a big letter because I should hurry up with purchase of the avia-ticket.
I'll write you the letter later. Sure, I hope to receive your letter.
I ask you to write me about your feelings, my love Chris!
Are you happy? As for me, I'm very happy.
So, see you soon. I'll write you a letter soon.
Forever yours Julia
Letter 19

Hello my honey Chris!!!
Im glad write you letter. Today I have arrived in Moscow.
The trip was tiresome for me. I went by train. After landing from a train I took a taxi.
Went almost 2 hours up to hotel "Sheremetjevo". This hotel to be near my airport.
From which on Wednesday,24 I'll take off to you my dear Chris.
It means that day of my arrival to you on Thursday,25.
I hope that you have received yesterday my letter. As it is very important for us.
I had some rest in hotel. Then I have gone up to the airport. To receive the ticket on my plane.
I have paid them in Kazan. I needed only to take away them.
Now I have my ticket on hands. Very well. Also now I want inform you of very important my letter.
When I received my air ticket. The manager also informed me very important information. On Wednesday.
Before 1-2 hours prior to my fly to you my Chris I should pass customs examination.
I should show my luggage, visa, passport. It is all OK.
I knew these rules for my flight to you. But also the manager has informed me.
To pass customs house for fly in us from Russia.
It is necessary to me to have at itself some sum of money. It should be for the sum Not less than 1500 $. It is rules has established government USA.
To stop illegal immigrations. I cant challenge it.
Presence of this sum of money on mine credit card also is supposed.
But to my huge anger I have of a cash money only 70 $.
This money I took for contingencies. Also purchase of some meal.
Also on mine credit card is present almost 790 $. The total sum of my money makes almost 850 $.
I have not enough for the necessary sum of money 650 US dollars.
I understand what its small sum. This my salary at job in America for 1 week.
But right now I have not enough this money. I sincerely thought that all will be good.
It should not be bad. I got the air ticket up to you for 1,289 $. I at all do not pity about it.
Also I didnt want ask you money on my air ticket. As I knew that I can get its. But I didnt know rather The law against illegal immigrations. I dont know as me now to act.
At me on hands to be the air ticket. However I cant pass customs examination.
What that nonsense. Why it happened with me. And right now.:- (
I sincerely hope that you read this my letter. I ask you read it very well.
I try completely to describe you now my condition. As still yesterday I was happy.
Now what that money forces me to experience. Is very insulting.
Its not the sum in 10 000 $. Its all deprive 650 $. Real my salary for 1 week.
My love Chris. At me a very bad condition. There are no words to describe it.
My fingers has the large shiver. Why it happened with me...
Well I'll now write concerning important. I ask you to understand me very well. OK I dont want ask you about this sum of money. As I dont want begin our meeting from money.
But I dont have other exit concerning it. I cant take money from my parents.
As I know that they have presented a good gift on wedding for Olga.
My love Chris I'm sincere with hope I ask you rather 650 $.
You can help me? You should understand that after arrival to you I can return it with percents. If you want. Also I'll not implore you about help for me.
I'll not do it. As I understand that my request is very bad.
But there's no other exit. Understand me also. I'll look forward to hearing from you very urgently.
Urgently write me your decision. I'm sincere hope only on you my love Chris.
I ask you write me letter very quickly. As up to my start there were only 2 days.
We should accept the important decision. I hope that am important for you also.
Write me faster I ask you. If you will refuse me. That I owe to return my air ticket.
I thus shall be loss 20 % of cost of the air ticket. It's very pity to inform you such news.
But I sincerely have hope that all will be good.
And you accept the correct decision. Remember I wait for your letter.
I'll not leave from Internet Cafe.
While I dont receive your answer. OK This very large letter. I finish write.
Remember I wait your answer, very urgent!!!
Sincerely I hope for your good decision, yours Julia
Letter 20

My love Chris
Im very glad that you have agreed to me to help.
For me its very important. But you understand that the concrete sum is necessary to me. Because I am in Moscow in the Internet of cafe. Also I dont know that to me to do now. At me only one hope it you. I have my ticket and I can not take off to you because there was this problem. You understand to me it is necessary 650 $. I understand that you have only 200 $ but probably you can borrow your friends. I shall not spend peni from this. Also I'll return to you all when I shall arrive to you. I ask understand me. I dont know that to me to do now.
You my hope. And I ask you to help me. We still have time but it is not enough of him. I ask you write to me as soon as possible. I'll sit in the Internet of cafe and to wait for your letter.
Sincere hope Julia
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