Scam letter(s) from Olga to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Olga. You left me your e-mail on RussianEuro. Answer me this e-mail. I will wait for a response from you!
Letter 2
Greetings my new friend! I hope, that I can name you so - Tristan because you have answered my letter. I am sorry before you for my long answer as in the Internet I have an exit exclusively on work, but now everything is all right. I am assured, you will not be disappointed by me! :-) Allow me to tell about itself. I was born on December, 18th, 1979. The weight of 57 kg, growth 176 see I religious, Christian.
Cheerful, sociable, witty, kind and very-very-very modest! :-) It is all I! :-) I never was married, and I do not have children. My native city of Samara in which I now also live! This city very beautiful. In Samara it is a lot of sights: the areas, cathedrals, palaces and various parks. I adore the city, probably also as well as each person loves the native city. My favourite season is spring. When I walk in park, I am am bewitched by singing of birds and foliage noise on trees. Actually I never saw the parents, and all childhood have spent in a shelter! To me have told, that my parents have refused me, but I do not know the reason of it. Therefore I dream of the big family where all love and respect each other. In a shelter I have found a true friendship and friends whom I communicate and meet till now, for example with girlfriend Katya. Now I have an apartment and I work as the proof-reader in the local newspaper. I correct errors in articles and I give to the editor the ready text. When I went to school, English language and the Swedish language,dutch language was my favourite subject.
The first teacher has made on my very strong impact, and in school days I have decided for myself, that I will teach also as it. But as it usually happens my children's dreams were not embodied in a reality, and I became the philologist. Now I live a usual life, and is very happy to appreciate its each instant. I not rich, but I think, that money not all in our life. Happiness not in money. Happiness in love! I love children and would like to have them in the future. I not the careerist. I like to prepare and friends speak that at me talent!
:-). Probably it is interesting to you, why I have decided to find my second half through the Internet? One year ago my best girlfriend Katya has got acquainted through the Internet with Tom and now they are very happy. They live now in Australia. Katya it is pregnant, and Tom it is very glad to it. I and Katya studied and brought up together in a shelter. It the teacher of an elementary school. And now it works at the Australia school. I have decided to follow to its example and I search for the happiness on the Internet. I would like to hope that you the good person Tristan, and I will not regret that has written to you. Tristan! I have written to you so much! I also could not think, that I can tell about myself so much. I will be grateful if you answer me. I also would like to know about your family. Whether big it? Tell about a city in which you live! I never was in other countries, and I will be very glad to know about your country. When your birthday Tristan? You like children???? Well, allow me to finish the letter, I hope your answer to see fast! I apply the photo, and I hope, that it is pleasant to you. :-) Tristan, I hope your answer to see fast. Also please send to me as much as possible your photos!!!! I wait for the letter. Olga!!!!
Letter 3
Greetings the my dear friend Tristan! I am very glad to receive your letter Tristan! The unique pleasure in my life is your letter both your sincere and warm words! And I hope that it also important for you, as well as for me. I have read your letter with the big Pleasure! Tristan I think, that you wanted know more about my interests and a hobby. I will begin one after another. I like to listen to different music. I will not write to you about my favourite Russian eciieieoaeyo because you for certain do not know them!!! I like classical, modern music.
Tristan what music is pleasant to you? I very much love cinema, and in particular romantic and historical films. I probably also as well as many girls go mad on grandiose and not knowing analogues in the sphere to a film with not proascended actor's game Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet: " Titanic ". In this film everything is mentioned absolutely, eternal themes which will be always interesting and actual at mankind!! Love, a life, death and it is final money!! In this film there is all it!!! Certainly it very tragic!!! Without tears I cannot simply look it!!! Tristan I do not wish to go into details, too I sensitive!!! :-) Therefore forgive me... I also adore the Russian and foreign classical literature!!! The modernism and postmodernism aesthetics is very close to me!!! One of my favourite authors it Iris Murdoch, and its immortal novel:" THE BLACK PRINCE ". In this novel experiences of protagonist Bradley Person are very close to me! The Protagonist of the novel - the writer! It is history of creative struggle of the person, wisdom and truth searches, and it always the story about love!!! I wish to pass to easier and amusing theme, let's speak about meal!! :-) As I already spoke to you I adore to prepare. I take a great interest in a healthy food, I will not write now all dishes which I can prepare because it can occupy all the day! :-) But if you so want, once can be you can estimate mine cooking! Tristan, you like to prepare? We often gather on my kitchen with friends and we make delightful dinners. Tristan I think you will be delighted with a Russian cuisine! Believe to me, you fall in love with it. I would be not against to try kitchen of your country. :-) Also I love sports.
You like it also? In the winter I go by skis, and I make jogs on park which is located about my house in the summer! And you watch over the health Tristan? My free time to me is pleasant to be spent with my friends. We go to the cinema. I also like autumn and spring. I love colour of these seasons of year. I love the nature, and also I love flowers. You like the nature Tristan? How you like to spend your free time? Please write to me about it my dear Tristan I want, that you knew all about me and also I wish to know all about you Tristan! I wish to ask you about quantity of things, Tristan, and I hope, that you will understand my questions and will answer them. I wish to learn more about your country, please, tell to me about your friends and how you spend a free time. Greetings to you from katya and Tom and their future kid. :-) While... Olga..
Letter 4

Tristan! Today at us fine weather, and since morning I have been assured that I will see your letter in mine inbox. I feel very lonely here in Samara. You know, that I have no family, and my unique close friend Katya now with the family! At it the cares, and I am very glad for it!!! And even I envy its happiness a little though to envy it not well!! Now I wrote to you these lines, I have understood, how much I am lonely!!! Also that you the unique person with whom I communicate also who me understands!! I really very much appreciate our friendship, and is very glad, that I have such good and remarkable interlocutor! In my opinion on respect and trust any serious relations are constructed!!! I search understanding, support, and certainly love! The present love, instead of this fake which now can be observed often on television screens and in various Mass media! Also it is all very sadly therefore in due course people have lost the most valuable qualities! We have lost that distinguished us from animals!! And I am simply terrified now over many people and their acts! All pursue the lowest, behind the most disgusting in this world! All want only money and glories! It is all very awfully!!! :-( Dear Tristan, I see that we are interested the friend in the friend more and more, and I think that you share my belief Tristan. Tristan you very good friend, you can understand me, and I think, that it is the important part of a life.
If you really love a person, that such situations are not important!
The fact that you met such a woman, it's very bad to do it with you!
I'm not is acceptable to this! I am looking for man - a good husband and father of the children!Tristan, you agree with me, Tristan? Today, when I gathered for the work and wished to write to you, I have met the old acquaintance. We were together brought up in a shelter. Her name - Sveta. She is very good person. I am so glad, that have met her. I have certainly told to it about you Tristan. She has certainly become agitated for me, has told that now the Internet is overflowed by a deceit and lie!!! But I have calmed her and have let know, that you very good man, and that you can be trusted!!!! She asked me to transfer to you Hello from it. I see you very interesting person, and for certain at you many interesting friends!! My dear Tristan, I have understood now, that I very much would like to hear your voice! I think, that it is fine idea. Tristan I to wish to tell to you, that the house at me is not present now any phone!!!
But I can exploit phone of the girlfriend, it, the neighbour and with pleasure will help me with it!!! I to want it you have written me the full federal telephone number!!! Write it together with a country code!! Earlier I never called abroad, but I am assured, that in me it will appear all!!! Meaningly I have received higher education! :-) I wait your phone Tristan, and very much I believe, that I can soon speak with you!!!!! Tell to me please about your friends!!! It would be very interesting to me to esteem about them!!!!! On this good note I finish my letter to you, I hope you it read already today and soon I will see your answer!!!!! Take care.
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