Romance scam letter(s) from Yana Koroleva to Stephen (USA)
Letter 1
Good day, my dear stranger Stephen!
My be I'm your fate, may be soon we become more that pen friends for each other! But first we need to know something our personalities! May be it'll be interesting to you why I'm looking for my destiny in the Internet?So,I can tell you what I want from the man of my dream!I'm looking for educated,manful,hart-open and romantic man!I'm not looking for better life outside of my homeland, so don't worry I'm not going to use you as a ticket to get out of here!But if we established our relationships so we want to live together I'll be able to move to your place! Is's not a problem!
Hope you understand what I mean! My full name Yana! It is a rare traditional Russian name! I am very proud that my parents named me that way! My friends call me Yana! I am 31, but told me that I look younger than many girls my age! I try to keep fit, often visit the gym and love swimming! My height-168 and my weight-53! In my mind it is not bad! What do you think? I live in the East of Ukraine, in the small town called Petrovka! When I graduated from university I began a career of the bookkeeper! I started with the assistant accountant and now own accountant!And to date I have put match into work! I have never been in official marriage and I don't have no children!
I hope that we'll communicate more and more and soon we'll become true friends!
I look forward to hearing from you!
Hugs and kisses!
Letter 2
Good day my dear Stephen!
I am very glad that you always find the time to answer on my letters. I want to tell you that you'd know that I never used a dating site, because I do not know what to expect from these site before.
My friend said that everyone in this site wants sex.
That only after several letters men begin to ask photos from the naked body.
Of course for me, sex is very important.
But I'm not the sex machine and sex slave.
Forgive me dear for my sincerity.
But I wish that you knew about my attitude to dating sites and sex.
But I'm so tired of being lonely, misunderstood.
And from what the men want from me just only sex.
So that’s why I asked for help in dating site.
And I would break this chain of loneliness and misunderstanding I think that you share my opinion and you will understand me.
I want to have a strong family.
I want to meet with you too. I hope that this will happen in the near future.
I love to cook and I hope that I'll make you something very tasty when we finally meet. Yesterday, my mother had a birthday. She turned 62 years old.
Came all my family and some very close friends of my mother.
I baked the cake. It was very tasty, everyone loved it.
What about you?do you like sweats?
So, at the table asked me how my progress in the Internet. And I told them about you.)))Imagine.
My mother was very happy to hear that I have such a wonderful friend like you.
And everybody wish us good luck!) what about you? Is any of your friends know about me? I really want that to each of my message was for you a little holiday.
Because I am very glad when I get your letters.
I think that you not like all men. You are wonderful and kind.
I think that we will be very good together.
Waiting for your answer. My phone number is +3 8 095 908 53 80.
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