Scam letter(s) from Elvira Svetlova to Carlo (Luxembourg)

Letter 1
I began to notice behind myself that that your letters gradually enter in I wash with a life. And your letters become a pleasant part of my life. It is pleasant to realise that you show interest to me. It raises mood. But as though I would not like to rejoice today, I nevertheless should tell about a dark stain in my life.
To tell about my last life.
As you understand, in a life of each person, there is a place for heart, soul and love ….
My first love has begun with that moment when I have met the young man at institute. And I have got acquainted with one very pleasant person. This person long looked after me. He behaved as the real man. He to achieve a place in my heart, as the present gentleman. But nevertheless in the beginning I did not pay to it attention. But nevertheless after several years of its unsuccessful courtings I have noticed it. He was not beautiful appearance. But I was amazed with its private world. Its relations to a life, its relation to me. And my heart was set before its pressure of love. We were constantly together. And in some years of study at one institute we with it have decided to get married after institute. It was-remarkable time. I simply tested pleasure, it is possible even to name it female happiness.
We with it had huge plans for the future. But all it has ended.
Also has ended for the reasons independent of us.
My husband studied together with me at one institute, but only he studied on military chair. And consequently he has finished study as the military expert. It seemed to me that it is a good speciality. As the economy in our country develops well. And people which bore military service had many prospects in the future. So I did not think that the trade of my husband will be dangerous. But I was mistaken. I have understood it when once my husband has come from work and has informed that direct it to business trip in the Chechen Republic. It was **** for me because I nevertheless looked television news. And I understood what conditions in this republic. My heart as though felt a trouble.
But nevertheless the husband as that has calmed me.
We constantly corresponded with it. And I sincerely trusted in that that all will be good.
But in half a year, I have received the telegramme. Having read which I have fainted at once. My husband was lost. I cannot explain it words at all. It was simply a shock for me. That seemed to me that I cannot go through these events. These events have changed my life. I did not wish to recollect it, and to tell to you it. But nevertheless we friends. And friends should share not only joyful events from a life. But also to speak about the bad.
I have been closed all time. For me this tragedy became the big shock. To me was so alone. And at night constantly cried in a pillow. For me it was spiritual wounds. But has passed 5 year. And I have decided to take myself in hands. Simply I the strong woman. I do not wish to live on only memoirs. The life proceeds. Thus I have decided to return by a normal life.
Therefore I have decided to take advantage of the Internet.
Now I communicate with you. Yes, memoirs remained. But now, communicating with you, in my memoirs remained only bright both pleasant as a hobby and memoirs hearts. Yes, I recollect sometimes these pleasant moments. But the life proceeds. I communicate with you, and it pleases me. I hope, dialogue continuation will be fine. You agree?
It was difficult to me to write this letter. But, I understand, that it is necessary for us to be opened before each other.
Therefore to me it became pleasant and easy in a shower. As I could open to you the soul. I hope for your understanding and reciprocity.
On this note I will finish this disturbing letter. I wait for your beam of the sun in the form of the bright letter.
Ok bye bye now, before communication Anna.
Letter 2
My angel Carlo, «Hi»! I love you!
My dear, I am madly glad to your letters to me, it is really pleasant for me! As only you now give me hope of tomorrow. Only thinking of you, I see our meeting. Therefore, I want, that you now really would feel me, my love.
You know, Carlo, I again was today in travel agency. To me again have confirmed, that my documents for arrival to you are already ready. It is good, it really is very good. As the travel agency really helps us to meet! It as is pleasant for me!
But, Carlo when I think that between us there was a financial barrier, at me the mood at once falls. As this barrier is really insuperable to me one.
Therefore, today I have told the problem in travel agency. I have told about how I love you! That only you now in my thoughts!
As I have told about a problem with financial difficulties.
You know, Carlo, I was surprised to calmness of employees of travel agency.
At first I have thought, that it is a little wrong. But, when employees of travel agency have offered a variant of the decision of a problem, I have agreed.
My honey Carlo, me have told, that you can carry out travel agency fee. For this purpose, you simply should address in travel agency, and solve this question with them.
My angel, Carlo, would be just fine if you have helped me to solve this problem. As I now actually do not have any possibility to solve one financial problem. Understand me, my darling! Now only you one in a condition to solve this difficult question. And only you are now capable to rescue our meeting, our sweet love.
Therefore I ask, that you would address in travel agency and helped me to solve this difficult question. My darling, you should understand all problems which have appeared very unexpectedly, and you should contact simply agency what to solve a financial problem. Yes, as it will be fine, if you make remittance directly to me. Therefore you should send money or is direct to me, or to address in travel agency and to solve a problem!
My angel, I ask you, understand, that our love requires your help!
And only you are now capable to solve it.
I very much hope, that you will not leave me one. I love you, my unique man Carlo!
I will finish this letter what to receive your fast positive answer.
Your loving, only you Anna!
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