Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Kryshinskaya to Walter (Austria)

Letter 1
Thank you for your e-mail adress i was happy to receive it!I want to known you better and I hope that our letters help us to do it. Write me more about you ,your life and your work, I want known everything!!And, please, write on my e-mail:
Letter 2
Hello Walter!
Thank you a lot for your letter!Thank you for your photos!I like you!
You very handsome man! I am very happy we can start our communication and I hope we will be able to learn more about one another with the help of our letters! So i think it is right for me telling something about me. My name is Marina,I was born in Ukraine.,I live in Lugansk from my childhood! it's a very nice city! I was born 23 of December 1981, so I am 27 years old!. I am a Capricorn. The most important quality of this sign is tenderness and kindness,whom I am.
I live with my mother!I don't have father from i was child. And i even don't remember him!My parents divorced and than he leaves us. i love my mother very much, she is my best friend, my family and my support.
!I have an elder brother, he is married! He doesn't live with us, but we have a very good relationship with him and meet very often. He has a very strong and happy family,and they are example for me, he treat and loves his wife as anyone among my friends, so my goal is to find very good man with seriously intentions.
I work as a shop assistant. I like my work very much, because it helps me communicate with many different and interesting people!I like nice and modern close!!! I am very kind and tender girl. i like to read books and magazines. I have many friends and they say that I am very kind, loyal, interesting and open-minded person. And I am sure this communication will help you to learn me better. I want to get to known you and I will be waiting your letter and photos with great impatience.
Sincerely, Marina.
Letter 3
Dear Walter!!
I am so happy to receive your letter. Also thank you for your photos!I like you more and more! I am glad that you are interested on me. It is very important for me that somewhere so far away from me is you and you think about me.
You ask me about our age difference! I think most of all we have to value in relationship our feelings, desire to be together. Adult men have grown wise with experience. Adult man can give me a piece of good advice. And I will be sure that I need him so much. I cannot write you all what I feel, but I hope you will understand my view.
I never been married! This is my dream! I want find my husband, my love!I am looking for love, I am looking for the man who can take my hand and show me paradise with one touch only. I am a very romantic loving girl and I can make my man happy, I just need to found, maybe you are the one whom I have been searching for the whole of my life, maybe it were you who were coming to my dreams. I want to find a man who will make me loose my mind and give all the fire of my heart soul and body at one moment, who will be my everything. My heart is lonely and I know that my second half is wondering somewhere in the world. I am a kinds of a person who gives everything but will never demand. I am like a flower which was picked and thrown on the cold ground, will you save me, will you bring me back to life?
What you looking here?
I am very interesting in you and i want know you better!
What about your character??
I will be wait your reply and photos!
Hugs, Marina.
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