Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Vshivtseva to Bruce (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love Bruce.
I am happy to receive your answer.
Bruce for me the big happiness to know that you approve my idea concerning our meeting.
I have made inquiry in consulate of your country and have found out the necessary information, that is necessary that I might arrive to visit you.
To me have informed, that I should fill in the application for reception of the visa (form DS-156)
I should make photos of the special size.
I as should pay consular gathering at a rate of 3000 roubles. (100 $)
These documents are necessary for sending me in embassy of USA, with the help of service Pony Express.
During several days I should receive the invitation in embassy of USA for passage of interview
And removals of prints of fingers. The consulate will decide to approve my visa whether or not.
Cost of the passport - 150 $
Cost of the visa - 357 $
All process of document registration costs 510 $ US
Process of registration of the visa may occupy about 2 weeks.
Bruce you will help me with these expenses? Bruce, I shall be very happy to meet you. It will be one of the happiest days in my life.
I can start process of preparation of documents and submissions of the application?
It is necessary for me to be in time to make all till the beginning of my vacation.
Letter 2
Hello my love Bruce!
Your letter has brought to me a lot of happiness.
Due to your letter my life was filled by sense.
Thank my love, that you want to help me. My family as thanks you for
Your kindness.
Bruce my vacation will begin on 2 November. Now I already should collect all necessary
The documents to issue my visa. It will be the tourist visa of the form B-2.
Term of her manufacturing from 7 - 10 days. I can remain in territory of USA during 90 Days.
My love please help me to pay my visa. The next week I
I want to go in Moscow in embassy to have interview for my visa.
The large hope, that you will help me.
My dearest Bruce, yesterday I consulted in bank as I can receive your money.
The manager has explained to me, that you should use Western Union, it is the fastest and reliable way for transfer of money.
To me as have told, that Western union guarantees 100 % protection of your money. name: Xenia Vshivtseva
country: Russia
republic: Mariy-El
city: Yoshkar-Ola
index: 423000 When you will send to me 510 $ US, for my documents you should inform me MTCN ( Money Transfer Control Number) 10 figures that I might receive your money without problems. I very much love you Bruce!!!!! Your bride in Russia. Xenia.
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