Scam letter(s) from Anna Krylova to Eric (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Eric!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter on the e-mail. It is my first experience of dialogue with other people through the Internet. I very much recently to start to study a computer. Unfortunately I to not have a computer of a house and consequently to take a computer in the Internet of cafe. I am very glad that you to answer my letter. I to decide to write to you the letter and now is very glad that you to answer me. I to want you to tell it is a little about myself. My full name Anna Krylova.
I have been given birth on July, 10, 1977. My name Anna, and my surname Krylova. I have been given birth in the city of Sochi which to be in a southern part Russia.
My city is located on coast of Black sea. You to hear about Black sea?
This very warm place in Russia. My growth of 170 centimeters and my weight of 61 kg. I to have grey eyes and chestnut hair. A place with my mum and my sister.
I the senior daughter in family. Unfortunately I to not have my father.
About mine the father to take place the tragical history and he to die 7 years ago.
Now I to work at school and to teach a history. I very much to like history and me to like a trade the teacher. My mum also to work as the teacher. I during 5 years to study at pedagogical university and to receive a trade the teacher a history. And already during 5 years to work at school and to teach a history.
You probably to want to ask me about my English? I to agree with you that my English not so good. And I to be sorry for my English. I to study English all over again at school, and then during 5 years at university. But also now in to take lessons of English. I to have very good my girlfriend which to help me at studying English. My girlfriend also to work for us in school and to teach the English language. I also shall hope that you can to help to study to me English. I can help to study to you some Russian. You to agree with me? I too to want to learn you better. You can tell to me about yourselves?
In what city you to live? What you to do for work? What you to like to do for an entertainment? I would like to learn better about you and is closer with you to get acquainted. I to hope that we to continue our acquaintance.
You can ask me any questions and I shall be glad to answer all your questions.
Now I should leave. But I to hope that you to answer my letter.
Your new friend Anna.
P.S. I to send you my direct picture. To take my pictures my girlfriend.
She to work the professional photographer and sometimes to take pictures of me and my family. I to hope that you also to send me your pictures.
I with impatience shall wait.
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