Scam letter(s) from Larisa Ershova to Maier (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely charly i just came from the work. My honey i dont know why Western Union have a very bad reputation there. is it a bad system? what they doing wrong? well charly thank you for belief in tell me more its really very important for me, you trust me We have the good beginning of our relations, i trust you too and i trust you are very good man, and all will be very good in our future, thank you my dear for care i feelmyself protected with you... i have learnt what is necessary for use western union. you must know my details to send the money and i must know your details and some number to get the funds, my details: first name: Larisa
last name(surname ): Ershowa
country: Russia by the way lara is for short, larisa is full first name first name:................
last name(surname ):........... also in the bank when you will you will get some number - mntc (i cant remeber)...send me it to my email. i need it to get the funds... well i think its all ... I am so happy soon we shall meet! Im glad, I dream about our future, about us, my lovely you my lovely man, every day i think about our meetings, remained very little, and we shall be together, and our dreams will come true, earlier it were dreams, but now it is a reality. It are necessary to wait very little that we could make each other steps and embrace and feel a real meeting. million sweet kisses love lara
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