Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Hasanova to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hi John, how your day was? I hope you are glad to receive my letter because when I have received your letter I really was delighted.
I wish to tell to you about my girlfriend Nina, she has met on Craigs List with the man from New York. And recently, he has suggested her has coming to him, Nina has agreed and tomorrow, she flies to him in New York. It is Nina, has advised me to search for acquaintance on the Internet. And now, I am very glad for Nina. Also, I am very glad that, have met you. Earlier, I would not believe that such can happen, on the Internet. But now, I trust. Today my day has begun as usually: I woke up at 6:00,then I have left on jog, after jog, I have taken a shower and have had breakfast. For a breakfast I eat fried eggs and a sandwich with cheese. At 7:30 I have arrived for work. My working day comes to an end at 19:00.
I work from on Monday till Friday and sometimes on Saturday.
I like to look TV programs about sports and news, about the events that have occurred in the world. After viewing the TV, I go to bed - approximately at 23:00. John probably think that it is too late?
Many Russian people speak, that happiness in money, but I do not agree with them. I earn enough completely to satisfy the material needs, but I am unhappy in love. My monthly earnings of 15 000 roubles, it about 500 American dollars. But this money suffices me and even is possible save my money. I cannot tell, that I dream of career. I have few friends. I tried to find love and happiness here, but I have tested man's roughness and disrespect. It has wounded me. I want to find the partner in life,together to enjoy life and to go in the future.According to 6 from 10 marriages in Russia come to an end with divorce. And I do not wish to get in this six unhappy. I have no, aunt, brothers and sisters. My parents have divorced, when I was 2.5 years. My father has found a younger woman for himself and left us.
My mom was afraid bring up me in loneliness and has repeatedly married. But her new husband has told, that the he don't need another's man child, and my mother has given me on education to her sister - my aunt, She loved me like a daughter and I loved her like my mother. She didn't have her own children and her husband died. After his death she didn't married again, because she has loved only him. Masha has bequeathed me everything that she had: this is an apartment and old-time jewelry which she has got from her great-grandmother. This is a very beautiful necklace ring set with a stone and bracelet. This is a historical value, and I cherish it very much. A year ago my aunt has died of a cancer of a stomach.
And now I live alone. Probably it cruelty but, I do not wish to recollect my parents. I do not recognize them as parents. And consequently, I consider myself as the orphan. Perhaps, therefore I do not wish to repeat a mistake of my parents and I search for the husband in America. I am very lonely and defenceless. I want to find the man, with whom we shall create the world of love, kindness and honesty. In the guy I want to see honesty and kindness. These are the main things because the lie and a rage spoil any relations.
I like cheerful people. I do not love men who do not have self-respect.
The heart of the man is most important. I want to be honest and frank with you, that's why I ask you not to deceive me. There is a proverb in Russia: Bitter truth is better than sweet lie. I am sure that you are an honest man and you can't lie.
Am I right? For me it is not important where to live, Russia, America or other country.
It not the main thing. The main thing that there was a love. But likely to visit America would be interesting to any person. For me does not matter, what nationality the person and what he of age. The basic thing his heart and soul.
My religion - the Orthodox Christian. I really good cook. I do not brag, but I really know my abilities in cooking of tasty and various meal. I like to cook the complex dishes including a various combinations of snacks, salads and seasonings. I cook during all my life. I know hundreds various recipes of dishes from various cuisines. But my favourite dish fried a fish (salmon) in creamy sauce with spice. It has surprising taste. I spend much time on kitchen.
John, it is pleasant to you, if the woman will make to you a tasty supper? You love fried a salmon?
John thank for your picture. It is a fine picture. You such strong and handsome man. Forgive, that I such immodest. I very much love this picture. It is wonderful, when a man combines force and charm. It happens so seldom. Forgive me for my frank words. But I always talk what I think. I think there is nothing bad in it.
Now I want to ask to you some questions: When your Birthday?
Is it important for you the nationality of the person ? What foodstuff, you like? It is very interesting to me, what weather at you?
We have normal temperature for this winter season. 5 degrees below than degrees a zero.
We have a severe climate - severe and very long winter, but warm summer.
Now I must finish my letter. Hope to hear from you again.
I wait anxiously for your answer.
Katy. P.S. I have sent you a picture made last summer.
Letter 2
Hi John, I'm very glad to see your letter. Today, I thought of you, I really want to know you, speak with you, take your hand and see your eyes. Maybe it's very frankly now but it's true and I don't want to hide it. The Russian lady does everything for the man but she doesn't get anything from him.
All she needs is at least a couple of tender words and touching of his hands. Isn't it so difficult? I think it isn't difficult to present your lady a romantic evening and a supper with candles, but in Russia as a rule a woman makes such a present but not a man. When a woman carries heavy bags in the street, no man will help her, he will only turn his look away and go farther. That's why the Russian lady never feels happy at her heart. You say that I am beautiful. In Russia I am not considered like a beautiful lady, Russian men usually treat ladies disrespectfully. They consider that woman only have to work, cook, wash up and entertain the man when he wants. To offend a woman is a usual thing for the Russian man.I like to cook and wash up but sometimes I would like to get simple caress, love and attention.
I don't want to offend all the men, there are good men but there are few of them. Long time I loved a young man.We had good time together.
We were not in a marriage but we we were together for almost 3 years.
A year ago, I have decided to stop all relations with this guy.
We had good time together. He was kind. But he liked to drink. When he was ***** he became an absolutely other person. He talked badly with me. Later his love to alcohol became a habit. He became rude and evil. He even beat me several times and next day he smiled and talked with me as if nothing happened to. I began to be afraid of him and I must leave him. My soul was wounded very much. After this I couldn't make to get acquainted with another man.
Now I don't trust Russian men. I am afraid to give my love to somebody and to get rudeness back. I shall close this theme as it is not pleasant to me.
I always say the true and don't like when the people are lie. I hate it.
I like to dream very much. I do not know well if it is good or bad.
But I am a dreamer. In fact dreams don't always come true.It happens that you put all forces and all aspiration to achieve the purposes. But often it is not enough. Not all in this life depends on us. There is still a Destiny!
Its strong and invisible hands easily reshuffle lives and hearts of people.
And then the dream stops to be desirable star, when it doesn't come true for a long time. But anyway, I think that it is impossible to live not having the dreams and hopes. When you have a dream, the life is filled with sense. When there is a dream, the life becomes more interesting and more various.
You start to think, analyze, choose and to make the decision. And each small victory, each defeated obstacle in a way to your dream, each next step to your dream brings you great pleasure. Your heart is filled with belief and hope.
And you are inspired by the fact which waits for you in the end. You remember the pleasure of victories and defeated aims better than pain of losses and disappointments. For this reason I like to dream, though my dreams come true very seldom. I am surprised, that I am writing you all this. I have never had the person with whom I could share the ideas. But now I have found you, John, and I am very glad. I don't judge people by where they are from or what color they are.
John, you became very important for me. And being frank, I am afraid to lose you. Forgive me for my frankness. If I have offended you somehow, or have caused inconveniences forgive me please.
Do not cease to write to me. Write to me every day. Even if I cannot answer every day. Your letters betray to me of forces and my day is filled with pleasure. I not when had no acquaintance, to men from America and other countries. This my first acquaintance on the Internet.
And consequently, I apologize if, I have written that not correctly.
I hope that you do not become angry.
John I do not know what work, I can receive in America. I have finished Pedagogical University faculty of English language. Probably in America, I could get a job the teacher of Russian.
I will wait for your letter with impatience.
And now I want to ask to you some questions:
Do you believe in love? Love at first sight?
You like mountain skiing?
If you have any questions, you can ask me.
I will try to answer them. I thank you beforehand.
Katy. P.S. This picture have been made winter of this year not far from city Sochi, Ski resort the Red Glade. There are planned, winter Olympic games in 2014.
Letter 3

Hi my dear John, I am very glad to receive your letter.
I waited for this minute with impatience to answer you.
John thanks for picture. I already spoke, that you a handsome man. Your new picture confirm my words. You really very charming and attractive a man and to look at you is very pleasant.
You ask me when my birthday? You attentively read my letters?
I already wrote to you. I'm 35 years old.
My birthday is on March, 26th 1974. My astrology sign Aries.
Your letters have become so close to my heart that I am glad to them like a baby. you write so beautiful letters, I have never heard such words in Russia. I think that Russian men don't know such words at all. Your words are so pleasant that I feel myself on the heavens. Please do not forget, write me every day at least two words, then I will know that everything is OK. I will be calm for you and won't worry. About love at first sight, if I didn't believe it then I would not be talking with you. Every ones in a while you see a light peaking through under a door. It acts as an invitation. Your first email was a small light, when I opened the door on the other side was a whole new world that I have never seen with you as the sun.
Beautiful, amazing, and full or wonder. This relationship we have started via email is the begining of a life long friendship that might blossom into some thing more? Love is such intoxicating narcotic, which makes do mad, but sometimes funny actions. Only person in love can fill the whole bath with champaign, only person in love can present the million of scarlet roses or stand whole night under balcony of the loved woman singing serenades. The dearest I have is you John, I understood it clearly yesterday when I was walking in the park and thinking about you. I was tired and sat down on the bench. I closed my eyes and thought about you. A wind was blowing, it scutched my hairs and enveloped my body by its chilly freshness. I don't know why, but I thought that you changed in wind, and you tenderly touched my hairs with you invisible hands. It seemed to me that I am situated somewhere there with you. And my heart began beating as never before. I was so pleasant that I was ready to yell from happiness. People who were passing near me probably thought that I am crazy wnen they saw me sitting on the bench with closed eye and smiling. But I didn't think about their opinion. after work I will go home by foot. I like to walk along the street and to breath fresh air, especially when the weather is warm. As a matter of fact I don't want to go home. It is very boring and lonely at home. Sometimes I don't mention it, but sometimes when I come home with good mood, I want to talk very much, to share thoughts with anybody, to have fun. But my flat is empty and I have to be in full solitude. And my good mood disappears. I simply sit down in an arm-chair and look at the window. And when the silence deafen me when I hear as My blood flows in my veins, I hear movement of my eyelashes, at that moment becomes unbearably and my heart compresses. I don't know how to struggle with it. I can listen to music or read a book. But in some moment I understand that I just deceive myself. In fact I want a beloved person to be near me, with whom I could spend evenings, to meet morning, to speak about yesterday and to dream about tomorrow day. I want to walk and to feel a strong man arm holds me. I don't want to cook meals only for myself. I want somebody to appreciate it. But enough about it. I having not enough time. John, again. Can you imagine?
I dreamt in the childhood and I dream now. Of course, the world of dreams is an illusive world. We live in a real life, so we can't to sink into the world of dreams and phantasies for long. When a dream becomes obsession, it can bring only pain and disappointment. Practically dreams do not always realize. It happens that you use all power, all aspiration to make the dream come true. But as much you try, not all in this life depend on us. When the dream for a long time does not come true, as though you did not try, dream ceases to be that star, which was for you lighthouse in ocean of the life, which illuminated your way. But anyway, I think that it is impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When there is a dream, the life is filled with sense. The dreams are those things that do us people that distinguishes us from the whole rest alive world. The dreams contribute variety in ordinary and grey life. The dreams force to think, analyse, choose and come to a conclusion. The Faith and Hope - an eternal satellites of our lifes.
And regardless of what waits you at the end, joy of the victories and subordinated tops we remember better, than disappointment and pain of the defeats. You agree with me? I am surprised that I write you all this. I have never had a person, with whom I could share my thoughts.
But now I have found you, and I am very glad. Forgive me for my frankness. If I said something superfluous forgive me please.
Do you like when your friends come to your home?
John, I have a very warm feeling inside from all the things you have said about, how you feel when you think of me.
My day brightens tremendously whenever I see an e-mail from you. I will wait for your letter with impatience.
Katy. P.S. This picture has been made in this summer,
I came back from a beach in city Sochi.
Letter 4
Hi my dear John! I very much regret that I could not write to you earlier.
Today, I write to you from my working computer.
I wish to inform you awful news. Yesterday, I came home and found the door of my flat broken open… I came in - my flat was almost empty.
Someone took the TV set, computer, digital camera the stereo and even the hair dryer. They didn’t even disdain to take my new shoes! The worst of all is that a computer and digital camera, I have bought on credit and completely have not paid cost. I called the police - ****, all they said to me was that I was the third person who had been robbed during the day - looks like a whole gang of thieves is working in our city. I hope that the police will find them - but I know that there’s hardly any chance.
Then, I have gone to my girlfriend Lena and she has calmed me and has given me her old TV. I have some friends, but only one best friend. Her name Lena.
We are friends for 18 years. She a true friend and always helps me, as well as I help her. Today I talked with my boss, I asked him to use Internet at least 25-30 minutes a day. And my boss has approved my request and has allowed to use to me the Internet on work. I cant let him deprive me my private live how much it cost me.
Now I shall write the letters to you from my work.
John you trust in the Astrology? If it is fair, never thought about the Astrology.
And to tell the truth I do not trust in the Astrology.
John, now I wish to tell you about our small city Abinsk, located in the Krasnodar area. Distance from Abinsk up to Krasnodar approximately 110 kilometers. Abinsk approximately 1450 kilometers on the south from Moscow. Abinsk makes about 34 thousand inhabitants. I don't know if you have seen such houses. These are the houses which were built before the second world war, in the fortieth years.
There are a lot of buildings, but they are not like in your country.
And that is special for all cities in Russia. I have some friends, but only one best friend. Her name Lena.
She lives in an old wooden house. Lena the unfortunate woman. Lena has daughter her name Faya. Lena had a husband his name was Sergey. Sergey has been killed on the Chechen war and now Lena brings up Faya one. She has told, that the most valuable in her life, is her daughter Faya. I completely agree with her. I help Lena, to bring up Faya, in weekend we visit park, cinema, and sometimes we go to fish.We always spend our time together. My girlfriend Lena says that she wants to live in a quiet town. And I agree with her. A big city has a big traffic, a fast rhythm of life, garlands of fires, light shop windows, high buildings, fountains, cinemas, parks, theatres and attractions.
It is wonderful, of course I like it. But we have places a zone of rest, a beach, parks. They are very beautiful. If there were no criminal,the place could be considered as a paradise. But alas, the criminal in big cities, as well as in the small ones is the worst part of our life. Unfortunately criminal in Russia is situated on a very high level. But I don't want to tell about these sad things.
I must finish my letter. I don't want but I have to. I want to ask you what makes you happy John? What was the best gift that you got from a woman?
Your country has many criminals? Sincerely yours and with best wishes.
I will wait for your letter with impatience.
Katy. P.S. Unfortunately today, I cannot send you my pictures. Because, I have no my pictures in my working computer. But tomorrow, I shall bring my pictures for work and shall ask our programmer to make my pictures in my working computer.
Today, I wish to send you a map of Krasnodar area.
On this map, the red ***** notes our city of Abinsk.
Letter 5
Hi dear John. Many thanks for your letter. I am really madly glad to receive your letter. I am really glad that I have found you.
Today, I have again visited police. But they have told that they cannot find criminals who have plundered my apartment. And so-as, my computer and other stolen things were not insured. They have not given me any certificate for shop.
John many thanks for your picture. They have very much liked me.
I should tell to you that I have ocean of emotions and sensations which I had no in my heart before. And on this, my reason and my heart say me that I should answer by sincerity your constant sincerity. My heart and my reason says me that I should tell what I feel now because it is a part of our friendship and I should share it with you. I should tell that it was required two days to write and think over this letter, because I wanted to say just the right things to you. I didn't want to offend or upset you in anyway, and it really bothered me that saying something wrong may do that. I normally speak directly from my heart, and I am right now, but sometimes, words must be carefully chosen. I feel somewhat lost when I have no opportunity to use a computer to read your letter. In my soul, I feel contentment and joy when I think of you.
I have never done this in my life, (tried to initiate a relationship halfway across the world), and I might have much to learn about how to proceed, but I am more than willing to learn whatever it takes to succeed if that is your desire as well. I also believe that couples should be the best friends possible, which trust and share with each other everything that they feel. I do not know if my word and thoughts make sense to you, and I try very hard to put them in typed words that you will feel and understand. I believe in God, and I believe that I have been put through trials to prepare me for meeting a man with whom I will spend the rest of my life loving, to better appreciate him, respect him and cherish the love, that he would give; only asking that I return the same. I hope that my words and letters are not boring to you, but they are much more than mere words, they are my thoughts and feelings, and I send them out to you.
I very much desire that you find it in your heart and are comfortable with sharing your personal feelings with me, I wish to know you on a more intimate level, I would like you to share your dreams, your hopes, your feelings of the heart with me, I truly wish to connect with you on a level that goes way beyond mere friendship. Please do not think me foolish for thinking these things, I believe that in order for anything to succeed, you have to be honest, and that is what I am doing with you. Could you close your eyes for just a minute, and think and dream of what a life we could share, what it would be like, the fun of learning each other. I really believe that dreams do come true for people which dare to believe in dreams, because if they believe in them hard enough, dreams could become in reality. I guess that you are shocked that I feel this way, but here, where I was raised, the gift of true love from a man is something that is more similar to a Mirage or self-deception, rather than mutual feeling which two enamored people can give each other. I hope that I am not rambling on with my words. I have so much that I wish to share with you, and each time I write to you, I feel there is never enough time to say everything that I want to say, and I always feel that I have forgotten something important that I wanted to share with you. John, when I speak of you and I think of you, it does not matter for me what anyone else thinks. I want to tell that you are very beautiful for me. I mean, I find that you are not only attractive as a man, I also speak of the beauty that is within you, beauty of your internal world, and alas, this particular type of beauty is very special and rare. Most men have only appearances, but not have beauty inside, and this is where true beauty is.
This, is that for me is the most important and significant in all limits of my character, my soul and my consciousness. Your words spoken to me with so much kindness and care, they express the beauty within you. I think that you are truly handsome, the essence of what beauty should be, and there is nothing that anyone could say to me that would compel to change my mind even a little bit. I want to reduce essence of all my letter only to one thought. I do not know if I could clearly explain all my thoughts and feelings, which overflow me now, or not. I want to tell that I feel, we become very good friends and I really enjoy our friendship. I aspire to learn you more and I dare to hope that you suppose a thought that our relations can develop more than it enough for simple friendship. It is that way which I feel. As always I hope that my letter finds you in good health and spirits, and I hope that every yours wish you have comes true one day. I will look forward to your reply as always with anticipation and impatience....
Dear John I send you my address:
My address:Russia.
City - Abinsk.
Street - Pionerskaya, 10-2.
I do not remember, whether informed, I to you?
My full name Katerina, Katy the same name only diminutive.
Katerina and Katy, it too the name. Katy short. Katerina full. Katerina = Katy.
I am shy, but I kiss you hotly, my John.
With tenderness Katy. P.S. I send you my recent picture, I and Nina. This picture is made in January before Nina departure in New York.
We had supper with Nina at restaurant.
Letter 6
Hi my heart John! How are you? I'm wonderful!
When I see your letter, my heart is similar to a bird in a cage.
Wants to depart a ****** and to fly to you. I never experience before similar. I have not enough time with official registration of papers. I spend all my time for this purpose. To begin carry out our meeting I be engaged in the international documents, passage of a medical commission and other things to prepare the document of travel in your country.Last night after my job I went to the church.
I put a candle for ours with you happiness. I think that God will help us.
I'm thinking about you. I'm thinking about you constantly. At my job everybody are surprised why I'm so merry. They don't know that I'm corresponding with you. Do you believe in love? One love and forever till the end of life. I believe.I believe in love. There are no the barriers for love. The age and distance are not important. When the people love he doesn't notice it. I believe that the day will come and our hearts will join. And the people will envy our happiness. Because we will come ourselves to our happiness. Nothing will happen if you sit and do nothing. And I believe that we will build our happiness. We will build it of the small bricks as Egyptian the Pharaones built their pyramids.
And we will build our pyramid. And we will call it the love pyramid of John and Katy. I'm thinking about your letters. I think how it's good that I have met you in the Internet. If I was told before, that I will meet my love in the Internet, I would not believe this man.
I would think, that this man is crazy or joker. But it has happened.
It has happened not to somebody but to me. And I'm glad that the people invented the Internet. I didn't think that it's possible to find my only love in the Internet. But I have found. Please, don't give me up.
It will be a strong pain for me. I won't simply go through it. But I believe that you won't do it. I love you, my prince John. When, I shall have the full information on my visa, I shall inform to you exact date of my arrival to you. I think that when we shall meet, we together shall decide how many, I can remain with you.
John, you speak that you not rich the man. Me your money do not interest.
How you can speak about material things? Understand, for me exterior or a material world - minor and secondary things. I know absolutely precisely that on a beauty and money to construct the world of love, mutual understanding, the world of tenderness and fidelity and unselfish happiness is impossibly!!!!! I always lived in the most simple conditions.
And I already spoke that the material world is not important for me.
I have written this letter and recalled.
I have forgotten to send you my kiss. I'm kissing you my love. KISS !!!
Your love forever Katy.
God Bless and Protect Us. P.S. I send you a recent picture made in December before New Year's holidays.
Letter 7
Hi my love John!
My working day has comes to an end and I am writing you now. My mood is very good. Soon we will be together. Tell me that this is true.
I think that you are a honest, understanding and kind person.
From my life I have understood, understanding and respect the most important in Relations between the man and the woman. It so is important for understanding and respecting not only The opinion, and even opinion of other person. I studied psychology, and the main mistake Married couples is that everyone proves the correctness and does not want to recede from The opinion. Each person can be mistaken. In most cases because of Such trifles there are quarrels and scandals. In fact it is much more convenient to discuss a problem in To quiet conditions and together to find the best exit. We in Russia have saying One head well, and two is better (smile). I am right? Still I very much appreciate a true friendship.
When I shall come you should acquaint me with yours Friends. I do not want to stand across you and your friends. The man should have The right to communicate only the man's company, without women. But not all time (smile).
Friends should so to meet, drink in a bar **** and messages man's conversations.
I will love you in the future and I love you now. I am waiting for the moment of our meeting very much. It so excites me. Yesterday when I went to bed I was thinking about you so much that I felt a little trembling in my body.
I don't know why it happened to me but anyway it is something good.
John thanks for the picture. Every time after I receive your picture, appear traces of lipsticks on the screen of the monitor (smile)
I am finishing writing. I am thinking of you and writing you these words. These words are coming from my heart. My heart is beating faster now because of you. I reread all your letters and love you more and more. I love you very much, I need you very much and I hope that our meeting will be very very soon. I will write you later. I am still waiting for you letters!!! I hope very much that our love is forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The love of Katy and John is eternal !!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all my love.
Hot and passionate kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss for you.
Yours Katy. P.S. John, write the exact, full name of the airport closest to you. If your airport has a code, write a code of the airport and whether has your airport flights from Russia?
Letter 8
Hello, my king John! How was your day? I'm wonderful.
Every day I wait with impatience for your letters and our meeting.
Today, I have received not pleasant news from my girlfriend Lena.
Lena has informed me, that her daughter Faya is sick, and now she is in hospital.
I have been very grieved, Faya very good girl, and I always loved her, and assisted Lena to bring up her. I shall ask the god, about Faya health, and I hope her health will come in norm. I want to tell you how i spent my last weekend.
I went to the children's orphanage.I help these children.
Children which live there have no parents. Several times a month I visit this orphanage to give help of various sort. The state allocates very few money for the maintenance and contents of orphanages. Buildings are very old. But children don't have anybody to help them and to give them financial support. That's why some people voluntary render the feasible help. We help to repair in a building. Many walls don't have even wall-paper.
Stucco has fallen off. The floors and beds are very old. The conditions are terrible.
The meal is awful. The children practically have no toys. When I look at all this there are tears in my eyes . I am very for these children. My girl friend and I help to do repair. We glue wall-paper and paint the windows. We bring children new toys. You cannot imagine how children are pleased when we come. And they are glad not only because they wait for new toys, they wait for us. They require kindness and caress very much.
If you saw as they were glad. I was glad doubly. Very much it is pleasant to me when these children are happy. It is necessary for them for happiness a little. I am very happy, that I shall soon with the beloved, and I want to divide happiness with somebody else.
John, I did not ask your money. I save the money for a trip to you. Why you speak about money? I do not require your money.
I have money for a trip to you. Otherwise, I would not start to make the visa.
John thanks for your picture. It is so lovely and pleasant. Your mom looks perfectly - a true example of how should look a woman at any age.
Unfortunately, I have no phone in my apartment and a cell phone.
In our city of Abinsk, very bad quality of cellular communication therefore, I do not buy a cell phone. Please, not be surprising. In Russia many people have no phone.
My boss forbids to use phone in the personal purposes.
If you will write to me your phone number I shall be very glad to you call.
I can call only in weekend from a public phone booth.
I'm sending you a small poem. Tell me if you like it. OK?
Bright, eyes
like heaven's stars,
Lips so full
I need to know -
when will be he mine
for all of time? His name is John
He is my Prince
I shall take him to the ball
to dance in front of all.
Midnight will come
though he will not run.
He will be mine
to the end of time. I've prayed so long
for one as this.
With him beside me
we will have bliss. Write back as soon as possible. I'm waiting for your letter.
And I'm thinking about you.
Kiss you.
Your Katy. P.S. I have sent you picture me
made in orphanage in which, we help children.
Letter 9
Hi my love John!
My working day has comes to an end and I am writing you now.
My mood is very good. Soon we will be together. Tell me that this is true.
John, a poem which I have written to you, that I wrote all occured from depth of my soul. All that has been written in a poem, I saw in the dreams.
Now I have the most intense days in my life. I shall make the visa for the sake of you. It will be my gift for you John. Ok?
As a rule from 11 applicants only by one received the visa. I have paid big enough sum of money to not stand in long queue and to not wait for consideration during several months. I never thought that the commission will ask such unusualquestions. Me asked about my private life, me asked about children, about work, about patriotism, about the attitude to America, about my conversance and awareness of events which happened in the world and in America, about my religion and belief. I have told about all my life in detail. I spoke about everything fairly as is really. To me have told that my answers are unexpected and as a rule applicants do not answer so directly and openly such questions. They have not got used to hear such answers, but they have told what to hear fair and truthful answers it is much more pleasant than word which come not from heart and reason.
Children from the orphanage also have made the big impression and rendered the big influence on the commission. To me have told that I the first lady who have such support from children - orphans. I have given documents on my donations in children's homes. These are small donations, but very few people do it. From several orphanages I have got support in writing from tutors and children. They have convinced the commission, that I the worthy person to visit America, because I have accepted responsibility for children which I help. I have given characteristics from work. I have shown the document on my apartment which me was left by my aunt. I have told the commissions directly and openly, that I dreamed to see your country, but I am sure that everything dream of it, even those who speaks that does not dream.I want to use chance to visit America. They have been surprised, because nobody spoke so openly. I have shown them all my documents testifying that in the childhood I lived with the aunt without parents. I have told that I all my life lived for other people and gave pleasure and happiness to another's children. What bad in that that I once will visit other country, once to receive really big pleasure in a life? They did not expect that I will tell such words. And as you can believe I could convince them. I simply want to meet you, and to spend some happy time. It only will help us to learn more each other. I simply want to spend my vacation with you, and for some happy time with you I am ready to give much. But the meeting cannot spoil our relations. On the contrary. I want to be your visitor some happy time .
I think that you also will be happy as I. All people meet. But there is no such law what to meet is possible only after you know about the person all. On the contrary, as far as it is interesting to learn about the each other being face to face. It is much more essential than letters.
You will see my eyes, I will see yours. You will touch my hand, I will touch yours. We will talk and laugh, whisper each other on an ear pleasant words, we will tell about thoughts and feelings, we will dream together and enjoy joint pastime. It so miraculous. It is such big chance to learn more about the each other. It simply a meeting of two very much close friends but as far as pleasant and long-awaited this meeting, you only think. Now I wait for the messenger and it a to me will tell, that my visa is ready.
Please write me what you think, I'll wait for your email. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
On always yours Katy. P.S. I send you pictures I, Lena and her sister, this picture made the last summer. Other picture, Lena and her daughter Faya.

Letter 10
Hi my love John!
Last night my girlfriend Lena has visited me.
She has been heart-broken, she sobbed. She has informed me, that she had conversation with the doctor who treats her daughter Faya.And the doctor has informed that her daughter Faya requires complex surgical operation for the kidneys.Cost of this operation of 5 thousand dollars.
Lena cried because of helplessness.She has told to me, that she has not enough money for operation.
She has approximately 1900 dollars, but she need at least in 3100 dollars (initial payment).
Lena knew, that I am going to visit you and that all my savings are intended for a trip to you.
I could not look how Lena suffers. In the past to year Lena has lost Sergey, who was her husband and Faya father: he has been killed on the Chechen war.I could not allow that she has lost her daughter . I have taken my money, and we with Lena have gone to hospital.We have paid 3000 dollars which the doctor demanded (initial payment from 5000 dollars).The doctor has calmed us and has told that soon Faya will have surgical operation, and all will be good.
I think that you would act as well and you do not condemn my act that I have spent money which intended for a trip to you: children are the most dear that we have in our life.
Today I went to visas firm. I was told that my visa was ready at last, (I send you it's SCAN).
I was most happy the person at that time. But this firm not only makes visas,it also sells tickets. I decided to use their service again. I was told that the flight to Minneapolis costed 1390.70 USD.
It was too expensive for me, and I asked them to find the cheapest variant. And they offered.
It would be on March, 3rd. And cost 1140.50 USD. I wondered if it was possible to reserve a ticket and to pay for it a part of the money this time and the other part later. But they refused and I was in despair. I asked them to help me so long that tears came to my eyes.
And they agreed. I wasted all my money, but it wasn't enough. So I went to pawnshop and pawned silver and gold embellishments which I had from my aunt. I got 350 USD and that was enough for initial payment. I have paid in whole 780.50 USD.
It was my last money. The number of the flight on which I resevered the ticket is Wed 3-Mar. 2:20 pm Depart Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot-Russian Airlines 315.
Arrive Minneapolis (MSP) 11:07 pm Delta 2397.
It is very difficult for me to tell you about it. But I have done everything I can. I paid visa.
I have bought the ticket to Moscow. I paid a part of the ticket. But this money is not enough. I don't want to burden you. I want to reach you with my own money but unfortunately I have failed. Now I have to pay the remaining part.
It is only 360 USD. I must pay this money before February, 27th. Otherwise I will lose my money.
If you love me, if you trust me and if you want to see me soon, please, send the money for the ticket before on February 27th, tomorrow morning.
I understand that it is a difficult decision for you, but we must trust each other. Any union without trust is impossible if it is a union of wife and husband or a union of boy-friend and girl-friend or a union of business partners. I don't want to be hypocritical.
That's why I want to tell you following: I do not think that you would like to give the love to the woman whom you don't trust. So I am. It's a first check for us. And much depends upon it, may be everything. We must trust each other. That's why I was the first who made first step. Step to you.
Of course if you don't want you can not help me. It is bad but not fatal. I will lose my money.
I speak so because I am in despair and confusion. Now, when we are divided only with one step, I am afraid. I am afraid that you will not help, and all my diligence will be gone. I love you and I want to be with you and the word of honour, your help is necessary for me. I have not calculated my forces. But together we are much stronger. It is much easier to go through difficulties and barrier together. I want to present you all my infinite love and fidelity.
I did not want to ask you. I thought, that I can make all itself. The loneliness has made me strong.
I have got used to live without the help, and to rely only on myself. I very seldom address to somebody for the help, but now I ask you to help me. I have made a step forward. Make also you a step towards to me. I hope that has not offended you. I love you and I trust. I know, that you will not throw me now when there is only one step.
Tell me John, can you help me? If you have an opportunity please help me. I wonder how it is possible to do.
There is an International Western Union (by the way, they have a website, called
You may send me money using Western Union according
Sovetskaya/Rashpilevskaya, 40/12
Krasnodar, 350063
To get the money, I should tell the employee of bank your full name, full address, address of the western union from which have been sent money.
exact amount and some confidential numbers (Money Transfer Control Number), which will be given to you, when you send the money.
I love you very much! I think about you John every time.
Forever yours Katy.
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