Scam letter(s) from Julia to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello, Thanks for your attention!:) My name is Yulia and I'm very glad to write to you today. I'm here, open like book , fresh like sea wave, bright like sun ray and emotionally pleased from writing to you. I believe that love is like flower, which has to be plant and it has to be grown by loving hands and not just taken for granted. We both gained some experience in life, which made us looking for our happiness here, and it's our common thing. It's my first and I hope successful step in my search for my love, and only the right person will get all my inner qualities and every my little secret .I think, I'm mystery for you right now, and i need the man, for whom I will be always like good surprise, the best present for every day, for whom I'll be the most delicious cake and the sweetest water, the best friend, who knows how to create strong relations, how to keep trust, understanding and happy mood being together; for whom I'll be the best lover with the hottest kisses and warmest hugs; the best wife and spoiler:) . I can compare myself with little spark, but I need some fresh wind , which can hindle me , which can make me burning. You need to know only two things: age, country and culture are not important for me, as we are the same people with the same feelings. Second, I'm looking only for serious relations , I want to love and to be loved, and I don't see any obstacles to continue our relations. I'm smiling right now, because I'm interested in you and I'll be waiting for your thoughts about me and for some words about you. They say that women and men are different creatures , but we have one thing in common which made us to meet, yes it's strong wish of feelings, attraction and I hope love in future. I believe only in good future for both of us, please write to me sooner, My mail address is : Yulia
Letter 2
Hello, dear , DS, I'm very happy to hear from you today, my flower. Perhaps you are thinking why I called you flower, but I have some reasons for it:)
Flowers make woman smile and exciting, flowers always lift the mood, and I adore flowers, I would like to take care of it, discovering it, smelling it and falling in love with it. It's a pleasure to get your reply today, I was waiting for it with giddiness. I liked you because I think you are the man who can share with me many thoughts, experiences and dreams. I would lie to thank you for telling me about yourself more, about your life and dreams,and our family, I see that you are very attractive, calm, kind, caring and perhaps and romantic man, I hope that we can get know each other better and maybe our communication will grow in something serious. Maybe we have different experience, but they are the same ones that made us to meet, maybe we have different thoughts about life, but here we can share them and tell them to each other, and I hope we have one dream, to build strong relationship. I have many things to tell you about me and I'm very interested to get to know everything about you. I'm looking for the man with whom I will feel a real woman, open, happy and beloved and I'm ready to give my love, care and support in everything to such man. I'm 26 years old, born on the 22 nd of February, I live in Vachrushevo, the East of Ukraine with my parents. I adore them as they gave me life and education. My job is swimming . I'm a trainer and I love my work, so if you can't swim, I will always save you or will teach you to dive :) I can say that I'm smiling and happy person, I just feel lonely with out love. To be with the man with out feelings is impossible for me and it's very important in relations . I heard the man are more family oriented abroad and that's why I decided to search for my love here to be happy completely) I have big heart and I'm already little happy because I met you. I hope you are looking for the same things , so don't be shy to share your life story with me. I don't speak English, but I have the way to translate your letters, this point doesn't stop me and I hope you will say yes and will write to me sooner, Sweet kiss, Julia
Letter 3
Dear Sir We appologise for your disturbance. We are writing on the behalf of Miss Yulia Yesterday Miss Yulia came to our office. She asked about you and your correspondence. She asked if there was any news from you. She is sorry that she cannot afford the costs of of translation services . She needs your help with this matter.Miss Yulia is very serious about her future with you and hopes you are serious too. She asked to send you her photo and she will be impationtly waiting for your descicion Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to hear from you again! Sincerely yours,
office manager
of the translation company
"Original Words (OW)",
Inna Orlova
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