Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Kiska to Paulo (Brasil)

Letter 1
hi my friend!
How you? How is the weather at you?
I promised to write to a thicket, and I do it.
Well, I will continue to speak about me directly.
My loved cinema Star wars. My favourite actor Nikita Mikhalkov.
Most of all I, like to eat a fried potato and a borsch. A borsch - a national dish of Russia.
My loved dessert - chocolate ice-cream.
My loved kind of sports - the big tennis, skis and swimming.
I very well go by skis and I float. I, like to look tennis and football on TV.
My loved singer - The Pussycat Dolls - hush hush.
I love all seasons of year.
I love Winter for what it is possible to ski and the fads.
. At once the childhood is recollected when my parents were still live, as we skied, to warm times went to walk on the nature.
I remember as air has been filled by aroma of spring colours.
Leaves on trees, appear.
I like summer too..., however you understand, why it is probable to love summer :-)).
It warmly, swimming, sunburn ashore,
New vegetables and fruit....
I like autumn for its beauty!!! Leaves on trees are delayed in various colours.
All are around similar to a picture of the great artist.
Wood reminds a huge work of art.
As you see me to love all seasons.
They are good girlfriends. Katya works the teacher in a kindergarten.
Zulia works as the manager in shop.
They - my best girlfriends, and I never quarrelled with them.
I already spoke it, I had only one person.
We have left it, and it has counted at once another more rejected, I have been still convinced that I was is necessary only for this purpose for one. I wish to give all directly only to one person.
I wish to be absolutely sincere with you and consequently I speak you only the truth.
I would not would like that between us there were secrets. Please bud with me sincere.
I hope, that you liked my photos. I will send them more.
I do not have possibility, therefore I am limited in possibility to make many photos.
I, will send messages on the Internet only to you
And in general I for the first time, write to the person on the Internet.
I am glad, that our correspondence proceeds. I wish to study you as it is possible, better.
Please write to me as much as possible. I will try to answer all your questions.
I would like to hear your voice by phone.
But unfortunately at me have stolen a mobile phone, and I cannot give you telephone number (((
But I hope, that in the near future we can speak on the phone.
I wait your letters.
I hope, what you understand my letters?
Your friend Nadezda from Russia.
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