Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Bogatyreva to James (USA)

Letter 1
Good day!!
JAMES I'll be grateful for what you told me.
I am so very happy that I have the opportunity to write to you and also with you on a closer look.
Very pleased that at this moment I can write you my letter. So I do not when he first used the Internet. But I think that I would succeed now. In his first letter to me of course I would like to tell about themselves, about which I am a man. Because I want from the very beginning we have developed an interest in each other. At first vzgyad you liked me. And I want to know you.
I was born on January 12, 1985. Age: 25 year. I am a simple Christian woman. Sign me Capricorn.
I have a degree in Accounting Bugaltersky. But I work in a completely different sphere of activity.
I am a single woman, for her age, I was not her husband. I have no children. I'm tired of this loneliness. I want to be loved.
My goal is to meet the man and build a stable correspondence to know each other, and create relationships.
I want to have a serious relationship, I want to build their future. Here's to that end I wrote to you. JAMES What purpose do you have??
By nature I am very simple, easy to communicate with me, to speak on any topic. I always have an opinion.
I have no bad habits, that is, I do not smoke cigarettes, and do not drink alcoholic beverages. He was cheerful, am serious. To me there is a sense of humor, love to joke, but the same attitude to all things more seriously.
My height: 166, weight: 48. I have a knowledge of foreign languages: English
Tell me about yourself, what character do you have? What is your goal??
I hope that from this day we begin to exchange letters every day and know one another. I wish you good day, good mood.
I'll look forward to your reply. Evgeniya
Letter 2
I am so glad to see in the ****** soil your answer, I am so glad that you write to me!!
JAMES I hope you'll continue to write me. For that I shall be very grateful to you.
How wonderful to read your letter in such a beautiful day. It is so wonderful, so extraordinary. We recently met with you. So you want to learn more about you, about your life. But all this will be gradual. At first glance, you attract great interest. You interest me, you like me. I hope that we will learn more about each other.
In this letter, I want to tell you more about their hobbies, interests in life.
I am very educated girl, all things in life, I am serious. But nonetheless, I present a good sense of humor. All the jokes I do not take well, and just know how good joke. But all that I say, always sincere. My nationality - Russian. My religion - Christian. Here it seems that I have just reached in this life, but I do not have the family hearth. I want to be loved, I want to love truly. At home I have a very wonderful housewife. I can: cook, wash, cleaning, sewing, keep order in the house. At home, all you need I can do!
Can you cook? I have no children, I do not when was not married. Do you have children? Have you been married? Here's to write to you letters, I use the services of Internet cafe. I have no home computer. Do you have a computer at home?
JAMES I have chosen you, because at first glance you like me to look. And now I have an interest to get to know you better.
Also, I really wanted to know about you, why did you answer me? Only because of my appearance? Or something else? I am very interested to hear it!
I hope you were pleased to learn about me. I really hope for your understanding and hope that you answer me to my questions. Since it is very important in our knowledge is constantly answering questions. I wish you successful day. With impatience I shall wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Good day JAMES.
I'm so pleased to read your letter, I'm so grateful for this fact that distinguishes the time to write me your letter.
How are you?, What will you do today? How are things at work.?
With regards to me, I'm good, good mood, pagoda we have a very horoshaya.U you what the weather?
I am here today to start your day very well, the mood is very positive, and when I read your letter in my mood was even better.
You're very interesting to me as a man. We exchanged letters, but I imagine, as if I know you a long time. Each letter is very important to me. Your words give me much to understand. And I hope that between us all deeply and mutually. I would like to ask you a few of your questions: 1) Where do you live in your home, or you filming an apartment?
2) Where and by whom you work?
3) What is the favorite color for you?
I hope that there is not something difficult for you to answer my questions. Now if you also having any questions to me, then you ask me about it.
That's when I did not go outside Russia, and was not in Europe and other countries. I do not when there was at sea. JAMES And you probably already had somewhere in other countries? Now if only I had the opportunity, I would very much like to visit all the countries, because Europe is very beautiful.
I love romance, my favorite flowers - white roses. I am always open person. With me just to talk, can keep secrets, I can speak on any topic. I am a respectable woman, and my education is very strict. But life is so complicated that I am very easy to what is happening around me. I am kind, gentle, and as I can be evil. I do not like to take offense at people all the insults to which they are not!
JAMES That's hope, that you have an interest in me, to develop our relationship further. You like me.
I wish you successful day, a beautiful and bright day. I look forward to your answer. Evgeniya.
Letter 4

JAMES Hello!
I'm good, good mood. Today I work day is over and after work I decided to write you a letter.
I am pleased everything that you tell me in his letters. I can smile with you. When I met you, I have become a great smile, because I'm so pleased to speak with you. I want to know you more and better. Of course all this is only virtually obtained. But I hope that when neither be, will have the opportunity to meet each other.
Thank you, what you answer so exactly to my questions. I am very pleased. Here in this letter, I would like to ask you some questions:
1) You were in Russia or Ukraine? What is your attitude to the Russian people??
2) You write to anybody any women except me??
3) How do you consider our relationship with you??
JAMES I work here in the field of the seller. I work in a grocery store, I was sitting at the counter. My salary is very small, only enough to live each month. And the money to travel outside of Russia is very expensive. That was why I did not and when not traveling. I like my job, and I work here for the past 3 years.
I personally will tell you now why I started searching for a man abroad. In Russia, sure enough men. But men in Russia are not created to love and build a family. Some men have all married. Some men just do not think about the future. And the other part of the drug addicts, alcoholics. So I decided to use the Internet for his acquaintance with you JAMES . I am now so glad that I met just for you. I love you, I see your goal, I respect your side and I like your character. You like me as a man.
Soon, I hope you read my letter. I wish you good mood for the whole day. I look forward your answer. Evgeniya
Letter 5
Tell me how you do today and how your mood JAMES?
I am so very pleased that you write to me and I'll be very grateful for that. I'm good, the mood is very good.
Today I slept so well and in general so well the day started. And just as in the ****** soil, I got your letter.
I feel joy when I receive your letters. I get immediately a good mood. I thank God that I met just for you. And I hope that this is indeed my destiny. I have high expectations, and that between us turn out to build a real, genuine relationships. We know each other more, almost every day, we exchange letters, send pictures to each other. It's very nice to me.
JAMES I would like to tell you more about that place where I live. I live almost in the center of Russia, the Republic of Tatarstan, p Udino. This is one of the beautiful places of our republic. I live here all my life since birth. But now sometimes I think that living here is simply not possible. It seems as though someone is pursuing you, it is sometimes scary. But I'm trying to overcome their fears and go on. At the moment in Russia is very much affected the financial crisis, and now he is still not yet fully recovered. In general in Russia very difficult to live. Moreover, I am a woman, I'm lonely, and I'm very difficult to cope with my problems. Our village located 33 kilometers from the city of Kazan. Our small town and live here around 1750 people.
I live in my house. The house I stayed in the inheritance from my grandmother. She died 6 years ago. This is where I live. I hope that you also tell me more about the place where you live!
Here there are just a few questions:
1) Write me please your mobile and home phone;
2) How long do you homepage on the Internet? Did you have relationships on the Internet to me?
3) What opinion you have formed about me?
I hope I get answers to my questions. JAMES Would like to wish you a good continuation of the day. With impatience I shall wait for your answer. Evgeniya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear JAMES!!! Each your letter I am thrilled, mood immediately improved by several times. I am pleased to hear that you're all good! What's your mood? How work? I still am not despondent, I'm good. Today went to the museum, as many interesting things I learned about their city and about our region. Why I had not gone there? Now that the weather is acting up, probably will rain. This is bad, be cold. Tomorrow I'm free. Meeting with his girlfriend. I'm sure she'll tell a little about you. You think not mind? I just want to share with her my joy, I think she would be happy for me. Then we had maybe a walk in the park, that's all the plans for today.
I was very interested to learn about the place where you live. Your country is certainly very beautiful and has many beautiful sights. And I understand that in your country life a lot easier, better, not something that we have here in Russia.
Today I would like you to meet with his mom. I do not when it is not telling you about his family, and I think that now is the time to tell you about it. I have a mother. My mother 69 years. We do not live together with her. She lives very far away from me. She lives in the city of Khabarovsk is on the edge of eastern Russia. This is very far from me. She comes to me 1 time per year. The last time she visited me in the New Year. Here I am, even now, I am sending you a photo with my mom. My mother lives there, because she has a new man, and she went there. I was very happy for her happiness. Because after the death of my father, my mother could not recover. My father died 14 years ago. It was quite a long time. But here in the city of Kazan, I have some relatives, sometimes it happens that I go to visit them. This is my family there. JAMES Now you, too, had never told me his family. Tell me please about your family??
I've been very much hope that between us there is reciprocity, the fact that we fully understand each other. I am fully aware that among us is happening. And every day we get closer and more is revealed to each other. I hope that all this will really and truly.
Now every day I smile, I always have good mood and it was all thanks to you. My days are brighter, more beautiful, more saturated. Good day JAMES. I'll look forward to your new messages. Evgeniya
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend JAMES.
I am so pleased to read in the ****** soil howling letter and I am so pleased that you write to me. I'm so grateful for it.
Tell me how you do today? and how your mood?
I'm good, the mood is very good.
Our relationship goes farther, we have every day with you all become closer to each other. This so makes me happy. We already know each other. Now, our relations are beginning to strengthen. We need to you that in our relationship was not any doubt that we always trust each other. Confidence in the virtual relationship is most important. All are built on trust relationships. We're already adults and we understand and realize that happens to us. I realize and understand everything. All the people in my life doing what is nonsense, make mistakes, but there is not something bad. We live and learn from the mistakes of others. But always listen to his heart. How do you make your choice and need to do. I made the choice to you, I have chosen you, and the more I do not need no one! JAMES, What do you think about our confidence in each other?? Do you trust me? So I like I can trust you, because I see in you the sincerity, I respect and appreciate you.
I believe that if a person of something very much wants to achieve, then it must be. And I believe that we can meet with you and we can talk about many things personally. I want to look into your eyes and talk to you about their feelings directly and in reality. That says a lot. You just think? Or tell me your opinion about this!
I should have to finish my letter, because I end time. I wish you a successful day. JAMES I will look forward to your reply. Evgeniya
Letter 8
Hello my dear JAMES.
I am so glad to receive your letter. My Drogo I am so happy that you write me such wonderful letters. We both have long known each other we know with one word, our thoughts and feelings, our emotions, our feelings. My dear as you can not understand that you are very dear to me. I want to be with you, and you want this? My dear, I want to see you, I wish that we could be together with you. But for some reason you do not strive for that would see me, I do not know what you want, how you want that our relations would be continued. You yourself know very well that our relationship needs met, without meeting, we will not be able to continue our relationship. We will long for a long time to write letters to one another and to nothing will come. We will just simply write a letter and dream to meet. But before that dream would become a reality to put efforts that would make those dreams a reality. My dear you know what I want you to explain? My dear, I do not know how we will continue the relationship, but I do know that without a meeting, we did not turn out. And we just need a meeting that would continue our relationship, and that they have shifted to a higher level than just write letters and say that I love you. My dear I am in every letter telling you that I love you and I speak from the heart. And I shall never deceive. My dear, forgive me for these lines but my darling tell me when and where we can meet with you. Tell me this please, I shall wait letter from you.
And I think that you understand everything.
Your Evgeniya
Letter 9
Good day my dear JAMES. I am so happy now found your letter. Now, you certainly sorry that I had today did not answer you, but I was not a lot of hard day. Today I have a day off. And in the morning I had planned that I will clean the house, I will wash things. After cleaning, I put myself in perfect order. And until that time I was still at home, because today we have street cool weather. The first thing I went to Internet cafes to get your letter.
I so want this moment, because when we'll meet each other, our lives just replace and we'll finally we can begin to build personal relationships. And I hope that you support me. JAMES How is your day today? I hope that you have everything in perfect order. Are you working today? or you have a day off? How is the weather with you?
I am so happy with you and during this time that we know each other very much, I understand. I really understood what we want to be together, what we need each other. And I do not even know what I would have been if we had not met each other. Now I do not see my future life without you. I'm very accustomed to you, and for a short time I was able to show himself as a woman. We are really with you is very interesting for each other, and we do not need to stop at nothing, we should develop our relations, the farther we're going, the stronger becomes our relationship. Do you agree with me?
I you still want to ask you to write me your phone number so that I could call you. I have no phone yet, I hope you understand that?
JAMES That you plan to do tonight? can you go wherever you be with your friends? And here I am now planning to go to my girlfriend home, so we'll sit with her, and maybe went for a walk on the street. I really miss you and look forward to your answer. Your favorite Evgeniya
Letter 10
Hello my dear James! How are you, how you prefer to sleep? I have so far so good, but you already know what your letters, I am always and I Fuhle always better when I received your letter, my dear! I read the letter, your letters are, as always before, and when I read, I simply can not losrei? S of them, because I believe that these letters from you and with all the love and with all your soul to me my dear! I might tell you that I am very glad that you and I met on the internet and the fact that we now see a good conformity. The time has not gone far, but I can see during this time, like you and me we have to treat each other well, and only we are to each other in love with you! I wei? not if it is not thought that I could love a man via the Internet, and exactly what he love for me! Well, look at our relationship and also to our correspondence, I can tell you something, what we each other and the fact that now I can not believe what I found you via the Internet, and loved to love you in my life. I'm just glad that our love for you and I pray to God every day and ask him what he's always on you and me and kept the same for you and I was always in love, and thrives on, my dear! I wrote to you many times that I can not be without you and that I am very happy to come to you! I am white, what do you want to be very much the same, and what you want next to me right away that I you! Every day I'm really miss you and I very much like to be by your side as you're with me!
My dear, I now only hope for your help. I want to inform Dap I need money, I could see you fly. To make the documents and also book a ticket for you in the country:
International Pass 40 Euro
Visas for 90 days-35 euro
Insurance-$ 100
Book your ticket for you in a country of 515 euros
Registration of other certificates-25 Euro
Trip to Moscow-60 Euro
Hotel for 3 days in Moscow, 300 euros
Everything turns on the spot Euro-1075 = $ 1470 USD
JAMES I want to ask you if you send me a cash sum of 1075 Euro = $ 1470 USD can?
MY DEAR JAMES I still hope for your help, I liked you, help me, I certainly understand that this is a big? E sum of money.
I know something that we are a strong couple and we are able to do whatever we want with you! I think what you have supported me, this letter and also completely agree with me! I'm really miss you and love you very much my dear!
Fast waiting for a response from you and look great with him? "He impatience, my dear!
With much love in your favorite and always Evgeniya
Letter 11
Hello my dear JAMES!!!
I am very glad to receive from you your letter. I am very pleased that you did not leave me no attention and that you always write me your letters. This is my mood lifts, and I am very pleased by this.
My dear JAMES, how are you and your mood today? I am also very interested to know what you been doing today and what the weather you have today? It is very interesting to know about it, because you're for me for me really means a lot, and I think a lot about you and about our relationship with you. I very much hope that you all are well and that you have a great mood today.
But for me, I must tell you that I have just all good, my mood is good. Today we are not very warm weather.
I am also very pleased that we'll soon meet again. I imagine, as we meet. For the first time, when we look each other in the eyes of the crowd. We feel close to each other, our hearts beat fast from the fact that we are very close. And when we find each other's eyes, we are fast, we run to meet each other and my eyes - full of tears, these - tears of happiness. We are thrown into each other's arms and our lips connect in a long and deep kiss .....
My dear JAMES. Well, I think that at this until I finish the letter. I very much hope that you will soon be able to read my letter and that you will soon be able to write me your letter. I wish you good day and wonderful mood. I send you my most tender kisses for you my JAMES. And I eagerly be waiting from you your letter. Your favorite Evgeniya
Letter 12
My bank account:
Name der Bank:, VTB 24
Name Evgeniya
Nachname Bogatyreva
Land Russland
Ort: Udino
Adresse: Baymana 44
index: 420456
Meine Kartennummer: 4272290988414520
Letter 13
Good night my dear.! I am very pleased that you give me a wish, I am very pleased that you give me all ready to help! I'm very grateful for it. But how can I be sure that you have me really going to help. I very much fear that you are deceiving me. But I'm also very n6adeyus that it is not. Because I want to meet with you. I hope you understand me?? My dear, I want you to ask me when you will be able to send me a money transfer?? How much money do you want to send to me?? I'll wait for an answer, I now have my girlfriend at home ..
Letter 14
Hello my dear JAMES!! I am very pleased to read your letter and what you wrote, I understand very well. Forgive me, what I wrote in that letter, okay?? I'm just very afraid to fly to another country, I have never flown overseas and I do not know what is there. I hope you understand me?? I have many times heard that the girls are flying abroad are doing prostitution, I do very much afraid, that I told you these questions and write, I hope you understand me very well?? And yet I wrote to you at night from a girlfriend, at her home, as well as internet cafes at night does not work, you know? I am very pleased that you write that you are very honest with me, I'll believe in it and I hope that we'll soon meet and we all will be well. I'm waiting for the day of our meeting with you, I want you to see. You are very dear to me was during this time ... JAMES Today are you?? how is your mood?? I'm good, the day started well! Today is a day off and I'm at home today, I do clean houses and just cooked himself a meal! What are you doing on this day?? I'm in this to finish my letter and with great patience, I will not wait for a response from you. Kisses. Your Evgeniya
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