Letter(s) from Lidia Efimova to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1

Good day Warren.

Thanks for you reply. I am looking for kind, reliable, responsible man for serious long-term relation to divide ups and downs of my life with him. I am Olga from Russia, 30 y.o., 167 sm, 55 kg. The orthodox Christian. Have never been married, have not children. I speak English but not fluent. I work as the teacher of initial classes. My hobbies are bicycling, skiing, knitting, camping, hiking, picnic. I am hardworking, devoted, romantic, good-hearted person. I love animals, have cat and dog, love the nature very therefore live in village. If you are interested in me I am looking forward to your letter and pictures. Thanks.

Best regards,

Letter 2

Good evening Warren.

Thanks for your letter. It has pleased me very much. Your pictures are very nice!

More about my preferences... I like to listen to music of composers: Achille-Claude Debussy, Johannes Brahms, Franz Liszt, Franz Joseph Haydn. I liked to read fiction of contemporaries. I like to watch all movies of Leonid Iovich Gaidai. My favourite food are mushrooms (saffron milk caps, aspen mushroom, honey agarics, white mushrooms, milk mushrooms), fish (mackerel, herring, river carp, pollack), fruit (pears, melons, peaches, apricots, wild strawberry). My favourite colors are turquoise and green, my favourite flower is camomile.

About family... I have mum Valentina 57 y.o. and sister Masha 24 y.o., my mum works as the teacher of biology at the same school in Arbazh where I work. Masha is the student of medical institute studies in the Kirov academy. I also studied in the city of Kirov for 5 years in pedagogical institute. My daddy has died 5 years ago because of wound by a knife... He was going back home late at night and hooligans have attacked him having stolen his salary...

I have been never married but I had serious relation with the man Vova 42 y.o. for 5 years, 2 years back our relation have ended because he has betraid me.... I have learned he had sexual touch with other woman but I have never forgive treachery and now he lives in Khabarovsk. I have never travelled outside of Russia because never had opportunities for this purpose but I always wished to visit or move to other country. I already spoke you about my hobbies except for sports I like needlework: knitting, sewing, embroidery, beads-weaving and consequently almost all my clothes are made by my hands. Please tell to me more about your way of life, it is interesting to me. I wait your letter with the big impatience.

Warm regards,

Letter 3

Good evening Warren!

It is very wonderful to receive news from you. I like to read your letters. I would like that you did not hesitate to tell to me all things you wish and ask me any questions. I shall always answer honestly. How have you been there? I like your photos, you look very attractively!

Usually I use a computer at my work at school and sometimes a computer of my neighbour to get access in the Internet. At present I dont have own because we have been compelled to sell it to pay surgery of my sister but I think in the future I can save up the finance to buy another.

I want to explain to you why I have decided to search for the man outside of Russia. When I was 23 y.o. working in school I have got acquainted with the new teacher of physical culture Vova. He has arrived to us from Khabarovsk. I have fallen in love with him at first sight and in couple of months our relation were fastened and have developed into deep feelings... My mum also has grown fond of him and named his son-in-law, we planned to get married but he delayed this moment constantly referring on the different reasons. And then we have decided to live together in his wooden house which he has bought in Arbazh, thus our relations were for almost 5 years, until then while I have not learned about a deceit....

When I was almost 28 y.o. I have learned suddenly Vova has betraid me having sexual touch with other woman.... I could not forgive him because I had the obvious facts and I have left from him, we have left forever... Then he has sold his house and has left Arbazh having left to live to his father to Khabarovsk. I experienced for long time it was a huge pain to my heart but time has cured my wound and I started to enjoy a life again. Then here I got acquainted with many Russian men, we communicated well, dating, spent time together but... Nobody could find a key to my heart.... Then I have come to conclusion that probably my second half lives not here?

My friend Natasha has suggested me to be registered in international dating site and I have followed to her advice. Her friend has got acquainted in a similar way with the Canadian and now she lives happily in Canada already for three years. I began my search at the Internet, my mum approves my decision. I always was very independent person. I am ready to leave my family, my friends, my settlement, my work here, Russia forever if I meet correct man who is kind, responsible, sincere, honest, reliable, devoted. I concern to changes and an innovation loyally, I adapt quickly. This time my letter appeared too long and likely boring for you, forgive me. Why do you prefer to search your woman in Russia? I wait your message.

Take care.

Letter 4

Good evening Warren.

It was great to hear from you! How are you? What did you do today? I am madly happy we can continue our dialogue. What is weather there today? Thanks for your fine photos.

I spoke you I live in small settlement Arbazh in the Kirov area. I do not like megacities. I like a rural life, pure fresh unpolluted air, animals, woods, fields, meadows..... It is very beautiful. Arbazh is in 204 kms to a southwest from the regional center Kirov, distance from Kirov up to Saint Petersburg - 1442 kms, up to Moscow - 992 kms.
you can receive the information on my area if you will click here: http://www.ako.kirov.ru/en/region/

Arbazh is located on a flat slope of a small hill, the slope rests against a bog, Behind which the small river Shuanka (inflow the Tansy), behind small river - a small wood, ground in which crude and marshy proceeds. From three other sides the settlement is surrounded with fields. The area Arbazhsky includes some villages general population of which makes 4,3 thousand people. There is Troitskaja church in village Sorvizhi, it is near to the Arbazh. Also here there are an Oil - efficient factory, a bakery, a linen factory, the enterprises of service of an agricultural production, building.

We live three together in the small brick house, we are engaged in gardening (apples, cherries, gooseberry, currant, raspberry) and vegetable growing (potatos, carrots, onions, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers). I hope my letter was not too boring, please tell to me about your city, about your residence. I would like to know about it.
Also do not forget to send me your pictures. Warm wishes. Hope to hear from you soon. Let`s keep in touch!


Letter 5

Good evening Warren!

Happy Valentine's day to you! It is very pleasant to receive your message I thank you for your letter. I feel to you the big interest, correspondence with you becomes very fascinating for me. Tell please what was your day today??? Thanks for your photos, for the photo of your house and village, you are very attractive.

Usually I wake up at 6 am daily even on Sunday and I have already got used to such mode likely I am a lark. Having woken up I have breakfast (kefir with a roll of a rough grinding with bran or green tea with vegetable salad) I do not like fat food. We do not buy bread we cook bread at home independently. Then I go to school on foot I should be there by 7:45 am. My working day at school begins at 8 AM and come to an end approximately at 6 PM. I teach scientific disciplines to children of initial classes in the age of from 6 till 9 years. I am also the class teacher of one of classes, now they refer to 3 A, still I teach to long-day group to increase my monthly income, i.e. 1,5 rates of my salary.

I send you a picture of me with mine co-workes teachers in a teacher's cabinet. Except for scientific disciplines I also teach physical culture to children and periodically to participate in regional and city skiing and bicycling competitions receiving prize-winning places in adult categories. Therefore my family very much is proud of me!
When my sister has a vacation she likes bicycling with me in the summer on a highway. When my mum has holiday we are frequently hiking, camping, picnic and we have a rest from a public life at the nature collecting mushrooms and berries..... I love it very much! Please tell to me in detail about your schedule, your job. I would be grateful to you.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Letter 6

Good evening Warren.

Thanks for pictures of Natascha and your house. Thanks for writing to me, your letters make me happy.... I am glad my friend Natasha has pushed me to such way of acquaintance to the man. If not her advice then likely we never would find each other.

In this letter I send you the photo of my friends where you can see Natasha (she sits on the right at edge in a checkered shirt) and my sister Masha. It was birthday of other my friend Tanya. I appreciate friendship very much and I am not capable to betray my friends ever, we concern to each other with the big respect and love and always help each other if there is such opportunity. Basically they are my former schoolmates therefore we know each other for many years. Almost all from them are already married, have own families and children therefore they wait my marriage that I was happy and they wish to celebrate my wedding in the future. Have you friends? Do you trust in man's friendship?

I have forgot to inform you I have dog Petya and cat Liza they are members of our family and we adore them.

Every evening I check writing-books of schoolboys, examinations and the domestic task putting the deserved estimations and being prepared to the next lesson and when I am released read fiction. My favourite writers are Kobo Abe, Frederic Beigbeder, Tonino Benacquista, Haruki Murakami, Douglas Noel Adams, Paulo Coelho, Charles Michael "Chuck" Palahniuk, Milan Kundera, Sidney Sheldon, Henry Maxwell Dempsey. Do you like to read? What are your favourite writers? My friends count me erudite and I hope they do not flatter. I shall wait your answer very much.


Letter 7

Good evening Warren.

Thanks for your letter. Thanks for your photo you are charming. I hope that you are very healthy and feel vivacity of a body and spirit! Your letters have made my life more brightly and more beautifully... Though you have come in my life imperceptibly but I feel your presence and I feel a certain indescribable pleasure when I again see your new letter. Thanks... I would be very happy to live in Sweden in the future.

How are you doing? I want you to know I am very good diligent mistress I like to cook and believe that cookery is true art! All members of my family are very hardworking and consequently we did not know laziness ever and we try to please each other by useful affairs and kind words.
Daily I cook various vegetable soups, porridges, salads, snacks, I try to not fry products only to boil or bake without oil and without fat to avoid occurrence cancerogenes that vegetables have kept all vitamins.

At weekends when I have more time I with Masha bake pies with various stuffings, my favourite stuffing are potato with veal and an onions, honey agarics with the hen with cheese and an onions. Favourite stuffing of Valentina are cabbage with an egg and a green onions, Masha likes pies with a bilberry and a blackberry. In the summer we collect berries in a wood for the future and we freeze it in a deep-freezer or preserve in banks in own juice without sugar that to bake tasty and useful pies in the winter. My mum think I am the good cook and I believe my future husband will never be hungry. I shall indulge him and care of him very much! What do you like to cook? Do you like to eat pies with stuffings?

Every Saturday we heat bathhouse, where we wash our bodies being clapping by wood brooms, using honey masks for skin.... I enjoy it very much! I adore to be washed in bathhouse where I receive huge pleasure because it is much better and more usefully then sauna. We prepare brooms for the future in the spring and in the summer, basically it is a birch, an oak, a fir and we store it in a shed in darkness. Do you like to clap your body by brooms?

Petya and Liza also have shower every week therefore their wool are always pure and fresh, they like to sleep in my bed with me on my pillow.... Thanks for taking time to read my letter. I am looking forward to your letter.



Letter 8

Good evening Warren.

I am very glad to receive your letter. How was your day? How are your mood and health? I do not like most of all hypocrisy, roughness, violence, infantilism in men.

I imagine ideal relationships between the woman and the man as the world and the consent in the family, full mutual understanding and partnership, mutual respect. The woman always should care of the husband, cook for him the most tasty dishes, to iron shirts, do laundry, bring up children, the wife should satisfy physical needs of the man in bed. The wife should listen to advice and opinion of the husband because I believe the husband should be the defender of family he should protect interests of his family, he should help the wife, the wife should give encouragement and calm to the husband.

The wife should provide beauty, order and cleanliness of habitation. The husband - the getter, the wife - the keeper of the family center.
I believe that the wife should be the most beautiful harmonous and sexual only for the husband that the husband was proud and admired with her. They should be completely devoted each other and understand each other from a half-word from half-sight because they can read ideas of each other because they are two half of single whole and they are unseparable because they should pass all difficulties of a vital way side by side helping each other.

Even if they have various interests but they have the uniform purpose and priorities and consequently together they are strong and envy of enemies never will destroy their union! The wife should be very wise woman and she should not argue with the husband because a word of the husband is deciding in their family and the husband has the big respect. The destiny has connected them forever and consequently they cannot live the friend without the friend...

What do you think of it? I would like to hear your ideas, its important for me. What is your image of ideal relationships? What are role of the woman and the man in family in your opinion? I shall wait your answer and do not forget to send your pictures!

Best regards,