Letter(s) from Marina Lebedeva to Jon (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hallo !!! Je hebt waarschijnlijk zal zeer verrast zijn over mijn brief, omdat we niet bekend zijn, maar ik smeek u om de brief van spam te accepteren. Mijn naam is Liliya. Ik ben 28 jaar oud en ik woon in de prachtige stad St. Petersburg, dat is gevestigd in Rusland. Ik ben nu te kijken naar je profiel op dating site www.be2.nl en dus besloten om te schrijven u deze brief om uw e-mail in de hoop dat we in staat zullen zijn om vrienden te maken en worden goede vrienden in de toekomst. Ik hoop dat u niet tegen?
Om jullie een beetje over mezelf, kan ik u zeggen dat ik niet ben een getrouwde vrouw en ik heb geen kinderen. Ik heb een goede baan, dus ik ben well-to-vrouw. Ik ben niet groot en mijn lengte 172 cm Mijn gewicht 62 kg en ik heb een sportief figuur.
Ik denk dat het beter zou zijn als ik niet zal mezelf beschrijven met de woorden nu, en stuur je mijn foto voor u uw eigen eigen ogen hebben me gezien. Ik denk dat omdat je vertegenwoordiging van mij zal meer.
Nou, ik zal niet schrijven je veel en ik nu nog alleen maar hopen dat ik geinteresseerd ben in u en u mij antwoord op mijn bericht. Mijn foto's je kunt zien in een van de Russische dating sites, waar ik mijn profiel.
Hier is mijn link: http://my.mail.ru/inbox/liliyasheluhina/?from_commercial=17
Ik wacht voor je snelle reactie.
Groeten Liliya.

Ps: By the way, mijn persoonlijke e-mail sheluhinaliliya@yahoo.com

Letter 2

Hello. Thank you for what you do not have ignored my message and responded with interest to do so. If you honestly, I was not sure that you answer me. I thought that you accept my letter of spam, but now I checked my mail and saw your response on my face appeared joyous smile. You answered me and therefore I am interested in you? Am I right? I hope that this is true.
Jon on your e-mail address. I know that you are still asking yourself the question, where I picked up your email address? In my post I wrote it to you that I saw your address on dating site be2.nl. I know that it is virtually impossible as email in your profile is not shown, but that day when I looked at your profile, I really saw your email in your profile. I do not know how it happened, but I do not lie to you. I hope that you will believe me, the more I did not want to start our first acquaintance with a lie.
Jon if fairly to admit to you, I now do not even know what to write to you about me. I have already written a bit about myself in my last message and the more you will be sent a link to my profile. So you already have an idea about me and saw my pictures. What more interesting to know about me? My hobby, my job, my search? How it started? So, if you have questions for me, do not be shy and ask your questions. I am happy to answer them. To tell you about my search, I search for man for long and serious relationship. I'm not interested in the game feeling and if you intend to only play in a sense, I think we had better not even to continue our correspondence. So I hope now that you're as serious about our acquaintance. I look for a man not from Russia and I have many reasons for this. Now I would not like to write to you about these causes, but may later, when I know more about you, I confess to you, ok. Incidentally, I heard a lot about people from the Netherlands. My girlfriend last summer, was in Amsterdam and has remained a good impression. She told me that the Dutch men polite, attentive, caring, elegant .... - generally people who have always been understanding everything and never turn their backs to you back. But I myself think that you're just a family man and therefore I would like to see my husband was born in the Netherlands. Jon forgive me for my frankness, but I hope that you enjoy reading these gentle words addressed to you.
Jon now I would like to ask you something. I only ask you not to get angry at me, but I think it is right. I would not want you now, ask me for my phone number and the same conversation via chat. I confess to you honestly. After a chat I can not talk with you, because I do not have any program on my work computer. Lady, I do not have a computer and I will write to you only through my work computer. Telephone I do not want to give you, because I do not know you. I think that would be correct if I know you first and then I send you my phone number. I only ask you understand me now and do not take offense at me, ok.
Well, if you will have any questions, do not hesitate and ask me. I will try to answer them. Now I conclude my letter with great impatience shall wait for your answer.
Sincerely Liliya.

Letter 3

Hello Jon !!! "With a happy Christmas!"

You Christmas holiday today, but here it is only on January 7, because we belong to the Christian faith. But in spite of that we have in Russia, many people just celebrate Christmas and I heartily congratulate you on this holiday. Take from me congratulations and this little gift in the form of the poem:

In this light holiday --
Christmas Celebration
We say to each other
Warm words.

Quiet snow falls:
Outside winter
The miracle here be done
And light a heart.

Let your smile
On this wonderful day
There will be happiness to our
And the gift of all.

Pour the sounds of life,
Happiness and goodness
Illuminating thoughts
Light of Christmas.

Jon Merry Christmas to you and do not dare to miss this celebration. Smile, have fun and please all with your smile! I hope your holiday will be successful and you'll be in a good mood.

Jon thank you for your response to my first letter. In the last letter I have very little has been written to you about myself and about my life and so I now fill up my letter with more information about yourself. But before you start writing about my life, I would like to tell you that I am really glad to meet you. Sometimes it may be I can not immediately respond to you, but I beg you not to think that losing interest in you. Just sometimes I do not have free time for writing and so I can not immediately answer you. But know that I still write to you, even if my response will take several days.

Okay, now maybe I'll start my story about myself. On my search and I wrote it to you in my last letter, so I'll write to you about my life. My name you already know, just know that I am 28 years old. I was born March 31, 1981. According to the sign of the Zodiac I Aries. I am a single woman with higher education and I have never been married. I had earlier with Russian men, but the relationship had never been married. Perhaps this is even better, because I did not feel in the relationship of true love. I like all the romantic dream of a woman's real, sincere love and I hope that I meet that man who will love me for real.

I am not a rich woman, but I have a good job. I am a manager at an insurance company "RSK" in my city of St. Petersburg. My job suits me and I am working in this company for 3 years already. Basically I do property insurance, civil liability, automobile insurance and other types of insurance. I have my office and at the moment I write you this letter from my desktop computer in my office. Maybe you'll be surprised, but I do not have a computer at home. So I'll write you my letters from my desktop computer.

About my hobby. Maybe it's a bit strange hobby, but I love to dance. 2 times a week after work I go to school dances and I learn there to dance. It is not even very interesting and even more so is the physical workout for the body. In the past year we have in St. Petersburg was a modern dance contest and I won there 3 place. Of course this is not the first place, but I think this is a big success for me.

The fact that I do not like. Perhaps it is not culturally a woman, but I do not like to cook. I do not know why, but I have no desire to do so. I prefer to buy ready meals than standing in the kitchen and cook itself. Of course sometimes I can cook a soup or roast potatoes, but it happens very rarely, and probably only in the weekend, when I sometimes have more free time. And in the rest of the time I buy a ready meal in the store and simply heated it at home. Here I am so lazy. But I hope that this shortcoming does not frighten you and you will not lose interest in me.

Well, I think that this letter has turned out very long and you're probably already tired of reading my letter. I finish this my letter and now I will wait for a response from you. I really hope that you will never get lost and write me your answer soon. Write to me the same way about your life, your interests and your work. I'm really interested in knowing about what you do for a living.

Once again I wish you a Merry Christmas and wish you to enjoy your holiday.

Eagerly await your response and your story about yourself.

Sincerely your new friend from Russia Liliya.

Letter 4

Hello. I am very very glad to receive your response to my letter. I even began to smile when I saw that you wrote to me, but unfortunately I am not able to answer you, since I have time for it is not there. I've got a busy day, especially since tomorrow is a holiday New Year. Now I only wanted to write you that I received your letter and be sure to reply to your letter, but has probably after the New Year. I hope that you will not be angry with me and forgive me for the delay in my reply to your letter. Happy New Year to you and please do not be bored alone in this celebration.
Hope throughout the New Year you will have a good mood.
Kiss for you in honor of the holiday.

Yours sincerely Liliya.

Letter 5

Happy New Year Jon !!! I know that today is not December 31, to congratulate you on this holiday, but I think it's better late than never. Do you agree with me? Today we have 8 January, but despite this I want to congratulate you with past New Year holiday. In this holiday all wish each other happiness, success, love .... I just want to wish you all this, but in addition to this, I want to wish you that all your dreams come true in this new year. We're always dreaming about something good, most expensive and most coveted. More often than not our dreams come true, but we always strive to do so. So do not waste your efforts and let your dreams turn into reality. I wish you only you all the best and the best. My God, I began my letter, and even forgot to write you a "hello". Each letter should start with a greeting, but I immediately began with congratulations to the New Year. Sorry!!! Sorry!!! Sorry!!! Well, I now write differently. Hello my dear Jon. (I hope that I can call you a friend?) How is your mood after the holidays? How are you, how's life? I hope all is well with you and you spent your holiday wonderful? Forgive me for being so late to write you this letter, but unfortunately during the Christmas holidays, I did not have access to the Internet and so I write to you today only. Of course, I would like to write to you and congratulate you with New Year on December 31, but unfortunately for me it did not work, although I really wanted this. (No joke). I hope you are not angry at me. Jon and how you spend your New Year? Do you have any traditions? I would be very interested to hear about it. So write me a little bit about spending your New Year's, ok. Personally, my New Year was very good. Our family has no traditions, but there is a rule that the New Year to meet with his family, as a family holiday. So on Dec. 31, I celebrated the New Year at home with my parents, but after midnight, we with my girlfriends themselves staged a celebration for us. We rested at home with my girlfriend and it was very fun. There was a lot of jokes, a lot of liver and dances. I could write to you about it more, but I think it will take a long time. So I better send you my photos from the New Year and you yourself can imagine my little holiday. I hope you like my photo.

Okay, now I think we need to continue our acquaintance. It would be convenient for me to write you about my holiday and nothing to write about yourself. We're with you now, just getting started and that means we should give more information about yourself. Do you agree with me? In my last letter I had written you a little bit about myself, about my work and also about my hobby. But there is still much that I can tell you about my life. Incidentally, I have the same for you some questions and if you do not mind, I ask you reply to this, ok. Jon I would like to know more about your work and what it is? Also I'm curious to know about your family. Where does your parents, you live with them together or separately? How old are they and how much you have brothers or sisters? I know that it's a little personal questions, but if you're not hard, then try to tell them, ok. To tell you about my family, our family four. I have a father, mother and younger brother. The name of my mum Vera Eduardovna. In September last year she was 50 years old. She works as a cook in the school cafeteria. Name of my father Oleg Ivanovich. He works as an engineer in a construction firm. He is now 52 years old. My younger brother name Daniel. He is now 8 years old. He is now in school in 3 class. By the way, he attend the same school where my mom works. That's my whole family and perhaps in the future I can even introduce you to them.

If I say about myself, I live alone apart from my parents. My apartment is almost in the center of St. Petersburg. My apartment is not very big, but cozy. Unfortunately, I have not got a photo from my apartment, so I can not show you this. But as soon as I get photos from my apartment on my work computer, I send you, ok.

So, it a long letter. At this point I probably will stop and wait for your answer. I send you photos from my New Year and I hope that you enjoy these photos of me. Once again I congratulate you with past holiday and wish you all the best. Kiss for you in honor of the New Year.

Sincerely your friend Liliya.

Letter 6

Hello my dear friend Jon !!! Here has again passed some days after my last letter to you. You probably wait from me for the answer, and I here answer you only today. Please be not angry with me for my silence and if can forgive me. God sees that I not to forget about you and always to remember your letter. But unfortunately it is sometimes very difficult to me to find a free time for the letter and consequently I can not answer you. Now after New Year's holidays has collected a lot of work and I had too occupied days. I worked much and here only today my schedule of work became a bit more free and at last I have a free time to answer your letter. Jon if fairly to admit, I with the big impatience waited for your letter. I know that we are very little familiar, but when I see your letter, at me at once is cheered up and there is a smile upon the face. I not to lie to you now and it is valid so. Itself I do not understand why to me such occurs, but there can be it of what we become closer each other? Jon to you there is nothing similar? You do not have a smile upon the face when you receive my letter? If fairly to admit, I would like, that you as rejoiced to my answer and I hope that my letters will always cheer you up.

Jon I would like to ask you which about what, if you not against. Can early be still to ask such serious questions, but nevertheless I would like to learn your opinion. How you think, whether really it is possible to fall in love through the Internet? You trust in such love at first sight? To you I did not have a similar acquaintance, but nevertheless I would like to trust in love through letters. I to trust in love at first sight, but whether it is possible to compare such love to love through the Internet? I do not know, but I think that such love nevertheless is real. I think that each person can fall in love with other person through letters if to write sincere letters. In letters it is possible to write about all and not to hesitate of it. In a real life sometimes we hesitate to open completely and consequently we not always happen sincere. Jon I am right? What your thoughts on it? Forgive me for such difficult questions, but I actually wish to learn your inside and your thoughts on it. I hope you can answer me sincerely.

By the way Jon the day before yesterday in my working computer have put the new program. It is called "Google Earth". You heard something about this program? It is the program a map of the earth and under this program it is possible to see district on the earth through the companion and even the house if to know the full address. If you not against, about I would like to ask you that you have written me your full home address. I very much would wish to see your house and that district, where do you live. Please, if you not against write me your home address, ok. Jon concerning my full home address. If you you as have this program, you as can see and my house. My address: Russia, city St.-Petersburg, Nevskiy area, street Narodnaya, house 58, apartment 43. The postal index 193315. If you write it in search in this program you will see 6 houses standing in parallel each other. My house the third on the right so you can see evident now my house where I live.

So, it again the long letter for you and now probably I to stop. It remains for me again to wait for your answer and I with all heart hope that you will write to me soon. Please think of my question and to try to answer me sincerely, ok. I will wait for your answer. Kiss for you.

Sincerely your friend Liliya.

Letter 7

Hello my sweet Jon. I hope the word sweet is not very loud sound to you now? You and your friends, but I think that the other can be called my sweet.

Jon today we have Saturday and today I only work up to 13 hours of the day. Now almost 13 hours, and soon my work will be closed. I very much would like to respond to your letter, but unfortunately this time I do not. Of course, if I had a computer at home, then I could answer you, and there would be no problems for the letter to you. But unfortunately I have no computer at home and I can only write to you with my work, which soon closes. Jon ask you not to get angry at me for what I make you wait for my answer and wait for a reply until Monday, ok. I promise you that on Monday I reply to your letter and send you my new photos. Now, I just wanted to write you that I received your letter and just want to wish you a good weekend. I hope your weekend will be interesting and do not dare miss alone. Now I gotta go. Bye till Monday. Gently kiss you on both cheeks.

Sincerely yours Liliya.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Jon. Today is Monday 18 January and now we have 20 hours of the night. I just finished work and now has decided to sit at your computer and write you this letter. I hope you were not very upset at me on Saturday for my short letter? Please forgive me for what I make you wait with my answer. On Saturday, I have not really had much time for writing to you so I only had time to write you a short message that I received your letter. I really hope that this short message does not upset you and you are now still waiting for my answer.

Jon how was your weekend? You had a interesting time, or sitting at home alone? I hope your weekend was not boring? Personally, my weekend went well. On Saturday, after work with my friends, we strolled through the winter the park, and the evening went to the cinema. By the way, in a movie theater showing a very good movie. Name of the film "Avatar". We have very much promoted this movie and here we are with her friends finally found free time and decided to go to the cinema. Very good movie, I liked this. Have you watched this movie? Of course this film a bit out of sort of fiction, but about real love. So I advise you watch this film. That's because Saturday was my day. Sunday's my day went home. Day came to me to visit my mom and we had both prepared for Sunday dinner. After lunch, we talked a lot about life and by the way, I told my mom about you. I hope you do not mind? Nothing much I did not tell her about you and I just told her that I met you and that we now write to you via email. I also told her that you are very interesting and what I like to communicate with you. That's all. So she now knows that I write to you and I think that she was happy to do so. Almost until the evening, my mother was my guest, and then closer to 19 hours of the night went home. I'm after her departure was sitting watching TV and about 11 o'clock the night went to bed. That's was my whole weekend. Jon I hope that your weekend was better? If you are not lazy, write to me about your weekend, ok.

Jon know, I recently thought a lot about you and with each letter I learn about you more. I have a little present to you, what you in reality. For me, now you're a good conversationalist, but in life, I think you are better and more interesting. Am I right? I'm sorry that you are so far away from me. If you lived in my town, we could meet with you, sit in cafes and learn each other when we meet. But unfortunately, you are far away from me, and now we have only one type of communication - is the internet. Of course it would be nice if we could talk to you over the phone, but I am a little afraid to give you my number, because we are not even ever met. But despite this I really want to hear your voice, and so today I decided to write you my phone number. This is my cell number, so that you can call me at any time. My number: +79111381830. I'll wait for your phone call.

By the way Jon, I still would like to ask you. You love to travel? If yes, what time of year you usually travel? I know that most people travel in the summer during his summer vacation, but as is the fans to travel in the winter. To which category of people think of you? Personally, my vacation has never falls for the summer. We have to work all summer and vice versa - this is the working time for me. So I can take leave until the spring or winter now. Incidentally, I heard a lot about your country and people, who were you talking about your country only with the positive side. I just now think I may come to your country on my next vacation? What do you think about this? If you agree, then I promise you to think about traveling to your country. Or you may plan to visit Russia? That would be just as well. You already know my address and could even see it through "Google Earth", so that you can easily come to visit me. I am very pleased to meet you in my city and I promise to even be your guide. My city is very beautiful and we have many fountains, many architectural monuments, as well as many beautiful women. I think you will like it here. If you decide to come to Russia, then let me know about it, ok.

So, now I probably finish his letter. This is again a long letter and I hope you are not tired to read. Once again I can only wait for your answer and just as your phone call. I'll wait for your call and hope soon to hear your voice.

Kiss for you!!

Sincerely your friend Liliya.

Letter 9

Hello my sun Jon. I hope you do not mind the word "sun"? I named you the sun, because your letter to me really was like a ray of sunshine in the gloomy weather. I very much waited and missed your letter, and now, when I finally read your letter, I calmed down. Jon maybe I have many times written to you about this, but I again want to tell you that your letter is always lifts my mood. On my face always a smile and I can even say that to feel happy. Right now even my colleague noticed it. She sits opposite me and ask me why I smile? I told her that I received a welcome letter from you and so I have to cheer up. She also smiled and said that probably is my beloved man wrote me a letter? I blushed a little before her and only that she no longer asking me questions, told her "YES". Jon, I hope you do not mind that I introduced you to my colleague, as my dear man? I know that we are now only good friends, but I think that there is nothing wrong if she will think of you as my man. I very much hope that you are not going against it.

So, how your mood, your health? I hope all is well there with you and you have a great mood today? If you have today is not a very good mood, I would hope that my letter will lift you up, as your always lifts me.

Jon last letter I wrote to you was your cell phone numbers. If you honestly, I was expecting your call, because it is very much like to speak with you. But no phone call from you was not for me it seemed a little strange, because you write me that you tried to call me. At first I thought that maybe I wrote to you my number is not correct, but now I looked her last letter to you, and there was a need to give my correct number. I do not know why you could not get through to me and so I decided to call the operator of my voice and learn from her. Before you sit down to write you this letter, I spoke to my operator and a woman on the phone operator told me that my room service only for Russia and so I can not just call and receive phone calls from other countries. That is, my connection is not international and I can only receive calls from within Russia, but never with other countries. Jon please forgive me for what I am encouraged by your telephone conversation. I know that you are very much like to talk to me on the phone and wanted to hear my voice, but I did not know that services my room only to Russia. If I'd known about it, I would just tell you this, but I did not know about it and now I can only ask you for forgiveness for what I am encouraged by your phone call. I hope you are not very upset? Jon please do not fret. I promise you that I have something in mind. I'm like you can call itself a negotiating point. In our town there are many negotiating settlements and as soon as I have more free time I will call you, ok. Maybe even I can call you on this weekend, unless of course you can talk to me. Please just send me the phone number where I can call you always. Would be better if you write me your cell number from which you can always reply to me. So I'll wait for your phone number.

You know Jon, last night to my home to come visit my closest friend. Her name is Sonya. We're friends with her childhood and always shared their secrets. Yesterday we had a lot of talking, sharing news, secrets, and somehow unnoticed topic of our conversation turned to our relation with you. My friend asked a lot about you and I did not hide anything from her. She asked about love and whether we love you and I to each other. I told her that before this, our relationship has not yet reached and that we're just friends. But in response, she told me that everything begins with friendship. She said that love is such an unpredictable thing that you can not guess what will happen tomorrow. So you should strive for more and always use all that gives us every day life. Personally, I agree with her, but I did not realize that's just what she wanted to tell me that. Today at work I thought about her words and I came to the decision that maybe she talking about us and about the meeting? Maybe she just wanted to give some advice that we do not lose time and have thought about how to meet with you in the near future? I know that we are still not very well know each other, but I think that one meeting will replace the thousands of letters and a million words. Do you agree with me? Especially ahead we will have a festive day that she is hinting to us about the meeting. This February 14 - Valentine's Day. Jon what you think about when I come to visit you and we will together celebrate this holiday? You would agree? If yes, then I can take leave from work for one month, in order to arrange this trip for you. What do you think about this? Jon please just do not think of me as a frivolous woman. I am not so and the more I am now seriously to you. Give me an answer that you think about the meeting? If you agree, then tomorrow or on Monday to visit a travel agency and find out the cost of travel to you. I then send you all the information that you know, ok.

Well, you're probably already tired of reading my letter, especially with such a serious question. I will not rush you with the answer and I would like to see you first thought. Write me when you're confident in your answer. I can do is wait for a response from you and hope that you have as much desire to meet me.

With love your Liliya.

Letter 10

Hello my dear Jon. Again I want to begin my letter with a request to forgive me for my long silence to you. You probably insanely bored and waiting for my answer, but not until today did not write. Excuse me. Jon please just never think that I lost interest in you. This is not so. Just at this time there were problems with the internet and that is why I could not write to you yesterday, although I very much wanted and waited for your letter. Yesterday I could not even be reading your letter, because I could not get access to my e-mail box and all this because of problems with the Internet. But today, now all is well and that's only recently appeared online and I immediately sat down to write you this letter. Now I can only hope that you are not angry at me and you will be glad to see my letter.

Jon today we had on Tuesday, but despite this I would like to ask you about your weekend? How was your weekend, what was the mood? Do not get bored alone? On my weekend as I will not write much, because it was a boring weekend. The street was - 19 C, it was a cold north wind, so I went nowhere, and almost all the time, was in his apartment. As you can see to write about anything. STOP, by the way I'm wanted to call you by phone on Sunday. In his last letter, I had promised you that I call you on the phone this weekend and that's why I left it on the street just to call you via telephone office. On Sunday I came to the negotiating points had already been hoping that I call you and finally hear your voice, but when I pulled the door to negotiation point, it was closed. It turns out the negotiation point is not working this weekend, but I did not know about it and had promised to call you. Jon I now feel guilty in front of you and the fact that I am again encouraged by you as a telephone conversation. Please forgive me. I really did not know that it will be closed and so I was promised to you in a letter that call you. But unfortunately the telephone office was closed so I could not call you. Jon I hope you do not very much were upset on Sunday, when not received a call from me? I really hope not and I ask you to be a little patient. In this Thursday or Friday I will have more free days, and I promise to try to call you. I hope you will be able to talk to me in these days? I tell you later in a letter to more precise time, how much exactly I can call you. So do not fret and wait for my call, ok.

Ok, now about news. In my last letter, I suggested that it was for you to meet with you on 14 February. If you honestly, I was worried about your answer, because I invited you to come so soon to meet with me. But today I received your letter and now all my excitement over, because you have denied me. Jon my dear, you can not imagine how glad I am for what you have just as much want to meet me. I hope we will be satisfied and our expectations about the meeting will come true. In my last letter I wrote to you was just that I go to a travel agent and try to learn more about how I would be easier to travel to your country. Yesterday afternoon I went to the travel agency. In the travel agency, I asked the travel agent and asked her to explain to me how it would be easier for me to travel to your country. The agent told me that the easiest way would be for me to travel to you as a tourist. So I need to make a tourist visa and then they can arrange for me to travel to you on a tourist visa. I need to conclude a contract with them for the paperwork and just collect their documents in which they will need to process my visa. I was told that the best way to make a Schengen visa, as this visa can be even later to travel to all countries of the Schengen treaty. The visa costs 34 euro, plus consular fee in your embassy 100 euro. Also I need medical insurance - 1 euro per day (30 euro per month) and travel agency services 150 euro. In general, get 314 euro for the documents and the visa. Jon I think that it's not very expensive. Do you agree with me? By the way, the agent also told me that for the paperwork for the visa will take about 5-7 days from the date of the contract with them. After the paperwork, they sent my documents to your embassy for consideration. If all goes well, after 10 days visa will be ready and you can already travel to you. Yesterday, I was not sure that you will agree to meet me and so I signed a contract with them. But now I see that you agree to meet me and I tomorrow morning to go to a travel agency to enter into a covenant with them. So by 14 February, I'll already have a visa on his hands and arrive to you for the meeting. I hope you welcome this news.

Jon I still have one question for you. If you arrive on a tourist visa, then I shall have to book a hotel. But you dearly and so I would like to ask you to meet me at home. It is possible for you? If yes, then I must leave your home address and telephone number of travel agents, so that they can always contact me. But if you can not meet me at home, I would like to ask you to search for me a cheap hotel in your city. You can do this service for me? I will be grateful to you if you can help me with this.

Well, now I finish my letter and will wait for your answer. I ask that you do not make me wait for a reply and write me soon, ok. I miss you, do not forget about it.

By the way, tomorrow I'll make a copy of the contract with travel agency and send it to you.

With love yours Liliya.

PS: By the way today I found my old photos from the graduation ball, when I was still at university. I would like to send you these photos. I hope you enjoy. Here such I was 3 years ago.

Letter 11

Good morning my dear Jon. Now we have early morning and I just came to me at work. Mood I have now is not very good, because today I expected a tough day.
Yesterday we were informed that the check will arrive today from Moscow, so that today we must work hard. Perhaps because of this I have today is not a
very good mood.

Jon now still have half an hour before beginning work and before work I decided to check my mail. I was hoping that at least your email raises my spirits
and I was right. Your words that you also very much want to meet me raise my spirits. I can even say more, I feel joy in my heart. You can not imagine how
I'll be happy and now the thought of our early meeting will gladden my heart all the days until our meeting. Jon I am now myself I can not believe that a
mere 2 weeks, I come to you. I have already signed a contract with a travel agency, so this is all good. If all goes well, after 10 days I will have to
call in your and embassies passed the interview I can get a visa. I think that by 14 February with my documents for the trip will be all right and I come
to you for the meeting. I hope this is good news for you.

Jon but I have for you just not very good news. In the last letter I wrote to you was that on Thursday or Friday, I try to call you on the phone through
the telephone office. My darling, believe me, I'm just very much want to hear your voice, but maybe today and tomorrow, I can not call you by phone.
This is all due to the fact that today the check came from Moscow. We will have to work up to 19 hours of the night, and public telephones will only work
up to 18 hours in the evening, and the weekend it will be completely closed. So I did not get to call you on the phone in the coming days. Maybe I call
you then next Monday? I just will leave Monday, so for me not be a problem to call you on the phone. I know that you are upset, but I beg you to understand
me, ok. I very much hope that you will see me again, and will be a little patient.

With regard to your home address. Thank you for what you have agreed to meet me at home. I was very pleased and I think that together we will be good to
spend time. I write you your address and send it to my agent. Please just do not think that you go to some kind of responsibility. I have to leave your
address and phone number only to ensure that my agent could reach me when I visit with you. It's just a precaution. So do not worry about anything.

Well, I very hurry, because I need to work now. I will wait for your soon reply.

With love Liliya.

Letter 12

Hello my dear Jon. How are you today there without me? What is your mood, your health? I hope all is well with you?

My God, finally left this check with Moscow. We are the last 2 days working very hard and now I feel very tired. I need a rest, but I have no time to rest, because you and I are still so many cases. I am thinking now of our meeting. Today I have not been contacted by my agent, but it just did not call me and I believe that in processing my papers are all right. It seems to be I gave her all the personal data, in which she needed for the visa, so we now need to have only patience. I already told you was that for the preparation of documents should be about 5-6 days and 10 days after the consideration of my documents in your embassy, I must get a visa. I hope that everything will be fine and a week later I get a visa on his hands. Jon I have a question for you.
Have you already thought about how you will meet me? You'll be waiting for me at the airport with flowers or if you wait for me to call on the phone when I'm in your town? Of course I would like to romance a bit. I think that every woman dreams of is to meet her at the airport with flowers. I also would like this, but if you can not, then I understand. By the way, I give you my suggestion - my favorite flower - this white roses. Maybe you do decide to meet me at the airport and I will be glad if you will stand there with a bouquet of white roses.

Jon is not very good at it with my hand. I have 2 times you promised to call you on the phone, but I had never done so. In the first telephone office was closed for the second time I just did not have time because of this test with Moscow. I hope you're not too upset at me? Please forgive me if I make you wait with my phone call. Now I promise you that I will try to call you on Monday and this time I keep my promise. So wait for my call on Monday, ok.

Jon I just did for you a copy of my contract with the travel agency. I remember that I promised it to you send it. So now you can see it and believe in what I actually organize a trip for you. It is a pity that it is in Russian, but I hope you can understand.

Well, I'm tired now and need a rest. I now go home to rest. I will wait your answer tomorrow and will hope that you will write me.
Tightly to kiss you on the lips! (I hope you do not mind?). Jon I'm really falling in love with you every day and probably can tell you now that I love you. I hope your heart is happy these words.

Miss you very for you.

Your and only your Liliya.

PS: By the way, I send you just a copy of my passport. Now you have a copy of my public document and I hope that it will add you to trust me.

Letter 13

Hello my dear Jon. I have never written to you on Sunday, because my work is always closed in the weekend. But today I have not good news for us and I had to tell you about this news. That's why I asked my girlfriend the familiar use her computer for writing and now I'm sitting at her computer and write you this letter. Jon my dear, first I would like to tell you that I have not lied to you in my last letter. You were really expensive for me and I fall in love with you more with every day. I do not know what was happening to me, but I am more and more I think about you and about our meeting. In my heart I was very happy with what I see you soon, but today I called my agent with the travel agency and now I realized I do not know our meeting or not. No Jon, please do not think that there are any problems with registration of my documents. With this all in order and travel agency has all the documents from me, who were required to obtain a visa. But despite this there is a problem that may prevent us from meeting on February 14. This afternoon I called my agent with the travel agency and we had had a long conversation. At first she told me that my registration of my documents is going well and on Wednesday next week, they sent my papers to your embassy. So if all goes well, then at the end of next week I will be able to get a visa on his hands. I was very glad of this news, but then she told me not good news and this news has upset me. My agent told me that until Wednesday before they sent my papers to your embassy, I should pay them money for the paperwork and just for the visa itself. It is 314 euro. She told me that the money they need until Wednesday, because with this money they would pay for the visa and also for the consular fee. I told her that I can not pay until Wednesday, because my salary will be only 8 or 9 February and asked them to wait until my salary. But my agent told me that they will not wait for the money, because it is not in their rules. It made me understand that I must pay them to the environment, otherwise they will stop my journey to you under the contract that I signed with them. Jon remember the past in a letter I had sent you a copy of my contract? It turns out it is all written in the contract, but I did not notice that the item for payment. Maybe now it's my fault, because I myself did not recognize the payment and now I do not know what to do. If by Wednesday I do not pay them, these 314 euro, then my journey to you on February 14, stopped and I can not come to you. I do not want that, but I do not know where I find the money. Today I tried to borrow this money from my friends and acquaintances, but none of them wanted to help me and all say only that they now have no money. I no longer one to turn to and that is why I now have the courage to write you this letter of request to help me with these 314 euro. Jon my dear, I'm not very comfortable in front of you and I now hate myself because of this request, but I no longer have to turn to for help. Jon please do not be angry at me because of my request and if you can help me with 314 euros, then I ask you to help me. I promise you that your money is not lost and that I return to you the money 8 or 9 January, as soon as I get my wages. It turns out that I ask you the money borrowed. Jon you can give me the money borrowed for a week? I know that you now do not trust me, but I promised you a call tomorrow and I do it. I very much hope that our telephone conversation will add you to trust me.
Now I can only anxiously wait for your heart response. I can only pray to God that you are angry at me and understood my situation. I am sure that today I will have a very bad night, because I'll always think about it, but I hope that tomorrow after reading your response, my mood rises. Please, do not make me wait and tell me once, ok.
With impatience I shall wait for a response. I LOVE YOU and it is not a joke !!!!!!!!!

Letter 14

Hello my dear Jon. Maybe today I had the hardest night of my life. I never feel so much less has never experienced so much for your response. But after my yesterday's letter to you I worry for your answer with all my heart. I was very nervous, I hated myself very much for your request, but I hoped and prayed to God that you just understand me and my situation. Of course I very much waited for your answer today, but now read your letter and now I just can not hold back my tears. Tears were flowing from my eyes and maybe it's because of the fact that you do not trust me. Believe me Jon that I least asked for help to you. Yesterday I had almost the whole day trying to find or borrow from someone else the money, but all without success. My friends and my parents just have not received wages, and for them it is only in mid-February. That's why I asked you for help, but now I see that I do nothing. Forgive me if my request is hurt you and bring you to distrust me. I swear to you that I will not lie to you and that I would have returned you the money within a week from my salary, but the problem is that you do not believe in me. Jon can you communicate with other women from Russia and they have deceived you. But not all women in Russia are. Some genuinely fall in love and sincerely wish to meet with her beloved. Personally, I myself am sure that sincerely write to you, but you find it hard to believe in my words. No, I'm not angry at you and I understand all this. It's your decision and I do not want and can not dispute this. We now only remains to hope that in future we will not regret it and all will be fine with us. To tell you my opinion, on the one hand, I would do the same as you. But on the other hand, I would like to ask myself that for me is more important? The money or the chance to meet a man whom I may I will love all his life? Personally, I would choose a meeting, because money can always earn money. This is just paper. And if you do not act properly and to lose a loved one, then it will never return. Do you agree with me? Moreover, 314 euros, it is not so much money to not try to risk them. Jon, I do not want to convince you of something. I just express to you my point of view, but you might think differently. So listen to what you say your heart and do so. If you want to meet me, I beg you to help me with money until Wednesday. I ask you to Wednesday, because on Wednesday my documents have been send to your embassy and this is the last day for payment. But if you doubt me, then I understand and will not be angry at you. So everything depends on your decision.

By the way, if you decide to help me, I would like to ask you that you sent me your money through Western Union or MonyGram. I do not have a bank account and for me it is the only way to get your money. You already know my full home address, but once again I write to you:

Russia, Saint Petersburg, Nevsky district, street Narodnaya, house 58, apartment 43. Postal code 193315.

My full name Sheluhina Liliya

Now I can only wait for your response and hope that you change your mind about your answer.

Sincerely yours Liliya.

By the way I wrote this letter to you under this beautiful song. My heart breaks even. I do not know how else to explain to you in love, but this song can help. This is my most favorite songs and always listen to it when I am sad. Maybe you can feel the same sorrow and sadness for me? That would be good. I think it would be able to understand at all what I now hold within itself. I already miss you very much.

Letter 15

Hello my dear Jon. Again, I had a crazy night and today. I could not sleep and thought there were only about you and about our meeting. I do not understand what was happening to me, but I feel that I have "head over heels" in love with you. We have an expression "to the ears" - is when people fall in love very much. Jon I know that now it is only words, but God knows that I do not lie to you. Do you believe in God? If yes, then I think you must believe me.

My dear, you ask me, why do not you call me on the phone. I just came from the negotiation point where I wanted to call you. I tried to call you by your numbers that you wrote to me, but the voice on the phone said that this number does not exist. Jon I ask you to verify your number. This is 00 31 xxxxxxxxx and 00 31 xxxxxxxxx? Maybe you do not correctly write me your number or should I call you once on the other? Maybe I need to dial any additional digits? (I am now your country code, area code.) I beg you to learn about this and write me the correct number, ok. Tomorrow I will then try again to call you and I hope that finally I can hear your voice.

Jon my love, I am now sitting at his desktop computer, and again tears flowed from my eyes. But now it's tears of happiness and gratitude for you. I am very worried by the fact that you turned away from me and help me with the payment of money in the travel agency, but now I read your letter and I have appeared on my face happy smile. Thank you Jon for what you did not refuse to help me and helped me with money. I received your information and money transfer you can not imagine how I am grateful to you. If you would be here at my side, I probably kiss and hug you tight. But you're far away from me, but this does not mean that I forget my gratitude. I will keep myself in my gratitude and at our first meeting, I present you with this kiss. I promise you this and you will see that I keep my word.

Well, I will not write you a lot and I will hurry to go to the bank. I want today to take your money today and pay the travel agency. If I have time, I write you a letter later on the news. But if I did not have time, then wait for my newsletter tomorrow morning, ok. Once again, thank you my love for your confidence and for your help.

I love you!

Your and only your Liliya.

Letter 16

Hello my dear, my sweet Jon. How is your day today? What is your mood, my dear? I hope your weekend went well and you now have a great mood?
Personally, my weekend was not very good. I caught a cold a little bit and not feeling very well. So the whole weekend I was lying on the bed under a warm blanket and just the thought of our meeting warmed me. But now all is well my love. I feel good and seem to have even the head does not hurt. I hope that I recover fully and it is not wrong, my feeling.

Jon and how are you? My advice to you, dress warmly, if the street would stand the cold weather. Or in the evening drink hot tea with raspberry jam.
It is said that this also helps. I hope you listen to my advice.

Jon my dear, you're probably crazy waiting for this letter from me and very excited. Forgive me for what I have not written you in the weekend, but I really could not, so how bad she felt. But today I have for you is good news. xxxxxx my dear, do not try to borrow money from your friends for me.
Now all is well. My mom brought me home yesterday the money for the ticket and now all our problems solved.

Well, go directly to the good news. First news - I paid this morning and immediately ordered a ticket for February 14. Today I make a copy of the ticket for you and send it to you with a letter. By the way, the information of my ticket is the same. I had sent you a copy of my order, so you can see at what time you arrive at the airport in Amsterdam.

Second news - more important. This afternoon I was summoned to your embassy for an interview. I easily passed that interview, and by evening had already obtained a visa in hand. I also send you a copy of my visa with these letters.

Jon my love, it is good news, but news is a bit unpleasant. I promised it to you to refund you with my salary, but my salary was transferred on Friday 12 February. There are some problems with the transfer of money to our office with the bank and so now the wages will be only on Friday.
So I will be able to return your money only on Friday or you can bring it with you. How would you like to own? Write to me and I do so, as you wish.

Well, I'll stop now and wait for your answer. I hope your spirits up after this news. I love you my angel!

Your and only your Liliya.

Letter 17

Hello, my joy, my angel Jon !!! It is so nice when your man to take care of you and tries to help in every way he can. Read your letter and I am glad that you are trying to help me with money. You wrote me in your letter that you will meet with your employer, but now no news from you. I hope all goes well and you have good news for me? Please do not say nothing to me and ask me directly about the news, ok. I'll wait for your answer here at work.

Your and only your Liliya.

I love you my angel and pray to God to meet you on February 14.

Letter 18

My sun Jon, too, expect me to answer? I am now just waiting for the day your letter, but then again some problems with the internet we have at work. I do not know what the cause of these problems, but recently, the Internet is increasingly lost. Today the whole day working Internet connection and tried to configure the Internet are only now they have got. They have not even left the office, and I have included my computer and check my mail. Very much, madly waiting for your letter and now I read your letter and I just can not restrain his joy. My dear, sweet Lord, I do not know how to thank you for what you helped me with money. The money is the last thing I need for my trip and now all my problems with the trip will be solved. I am not going to write you a lot, because I must hurry to go to the bank and get your money. So I'll just tell you that you were waiting for me at the airport on Sunday. I come to see you there at 9 o'clock in the morning and I hope that you will meet me there. Of course, I write to you more tomorrow. Just call you later before departure, but now I just want to tell you that more problems will not and I come to you. So get ready to meet with me.

Well, now I go to the bank and will try to get your money today. Today I no longer have time to write to you, but tomorrow expect a letter from me with good wishes. By the way, I still have a question for you. I would like to bring you a souvenir from Russia. What do you want from me? Give me an answer, ok.

I miss you very much.

Your Liliya.

Letter 19

Hello my brightest star on behalf of Jon !!! How is your day today? What's your mood? Stop, I guess. Today you probably a good mood because of my yesterday's good news about the meeting. Am I right? Believe me, I also was very happy that tomorrow I can finally meet you in reality and even saw a dream last night about our first meeting. I imagined in my dreams, as you wait for me at the airport. I imagined our first meeting, our first kiss and our first night. I am now a bit ashamed to admit you do this, but in my dream we were sleeping together with you in one bed. It was indeed a pleasant dream, but unfortunately it probably will be only my dream, because today I am again not good news for us. My dear, again I do not know how to write you about it. I was very tired of this bad news, but I must tell you about it. If I do not write to you about this, then tomorrow you will go to the airport and will wait for me, but I will not be there, because I can not arrive to you tomorrow. Please my dear forgive me and try to understand me and my situation. Today I have already collected the clothes in bags and they even agreed with my mom, so she walked with me tomorrow at the airport, but a phone call from the travel agency had spoiled all our plans. This afternoon I called my agent with the travel agency and said that I have a problem with the trip to you. At first I did not understand what exactly is my problem and so I immediately went to her office that she was face to face told me everything. When I came to her office, she took a piece of paper from under the table and handed me. She told me that I looked up the paper and asked whether this is true all. I looked at the paper and saw that it was a paper with the bank and it was information taken me a loan. I read everything and told her that "YES" I took was a credit and a half years ago. But then I asked what exactly the problem? I asked what is the connection between my credit and my next day's journey to you? I told her that regularly pay my loan every month and it should not touch my future travels to you. But in return, she told me that there is a direct link between my credit and my journey to you. She told me that by law I have no right to leave Russia, if I have unpaid debts to the state. She said that is the law of Russia and I can not break it. I asked her, but how can that be? I'm already should fly to you tomorrow and I already have booked a ticket. But in return, she told me that even if I now have booked a ticket for tomorrow, tomorrow I will still not be able to board the plane, because the customs authorities at the airport will not let me on board. By law, I must first pay off this loan and only then will I be able to leave Russia. My agent told me that now it does not help me. There is only one option and this option is that I must repay the loan and only then will I be able to travel to you. My dear, I am very shocked and I know that I do. I telephoned the bank and they told me that I have not yet paid the debt in the amount of 48200 rubles. Eighteen months ago, I took it out a bank loan in the amount of 150000 rubles. Each month from my salary, I pay interest for the loan, but still have to pay 48200 rubles. If you transfer this money in euro, it will be about 1200 euro. Jon my dear, if I do not pay with that money now, then I can not come to you, because I never let my country. So I need to find the money, otherwise our meeting never takes place. Today I hand over my air ticket back because until tomorrow morning, I still could not repay the loan. But my agent told me that she could still order me a ticket for any day next week, but no more. More than a week she will not wait and if during the week I did not pay off the loan, it will simply stop my journey to you. Jon I know that you are very very upset at me now and I feel guilty because of this. Please forgive me and give me advice that I do? I do not want to lose our chance to meet with you, but if I did not pay off this loan, then I can not come to you. What should I do? I do not know where to find the money and I no longer have to turn to for help. I have all asked for help to me in cash and no one helped me. I can only again ask for help from you and hope that you can help me. Jon my dear, you can help me with this money? I beg you not to give up now, it's from me and try to help me. I just beg you now. Jon I know that you are very upset and probably already lost faith to meet me. But despite this, the chance to meet, we still have. If you help me tomorrow or Monday, then Tuesday, I was able to come to you. But if you want to now that I return your money, then I return it back to you. But if I return your money, then we lose the chance to meet with you and not see each other ever. You want it? I hope not. Please help me again with the money, ok.

So, now I can only wait for your answer and pray to God that you have not stopped loving me. I only ask you not angry at me and try to understand my situation. I make a copy of this paper with the bank for you and send you this letter. I hope this paper will help you not to lose faith in me.

I love you my angel!

Your forever Liliya.

Letter 20

Hello my lovely Valentine !!! Jon I know that this is not your name, but if you are not against this I would like to now call you my Valentine in honor of today's celebration. You're not going against?

Sweet Lord, we now have almost 17 o'clock. My work was closed today and I now can not use my work computer for writing to you. So I had to ask my girlfriend to use her computer and now write you this letter from her computer. Jon my love, please do not be angry at me because of the fact that this letter will be brief. My girlfriend in a hurry for a date with my man and I now have only 10 minutes for a letter to you. My love, I now only wanted to tell you that I love you very very much and do not want to lose you or looking at what I do today with you. Believe me, that I very strongly want to be with you this Valentine's Day, but unfortunately because of my credit debt, I had to cancel my trip to you. I know that I hurt you very very much. Perhaps you even remember me now, it's not good words, and even if so, I'm not angry at you. I deserved it and you have the right to scold me. Please scold me, tell me bad words, but I ask you just do not leave me. I am very much in love with you and I do not want to live now without you. Of course, you are very hard now to believe in my words, but I hope that you at least a little bit can feel my love in my words. You feel it? Please, I beg you not to stop loving me.

My sun, I now do not have much time to write to you. My girlfriend is very much in a hurry and I must stop now. The last thing I want you to say now - is to wish you a happy Valentine's Day. I hope you have fun this holiday and just wish and please do not forget about me. Even if the body I am not with you, my heart and my soul I am always with you. My thoughts and my love will warm you on a cold night and I ask you to remember that somewhere far away from you have a heart that loves you very very much.

Jon I must go now. I write you more tomorrow, now I just congratulate you on Valentine's Day. I love you more than anything else. On this day, I give you the keys to my heart and this pleasant music. Maybe this music is more more will tell you about my love for you.

Always loving you Liliya.

Letter 21

Hello my sweet angel. Was very pleased today to hear your voice again, but even though I did not have a very good mood. In the heart of sorrow, anguish in his heart, and her tears. No Jon, you're not to blame for the fact that I feel so bad. To blame only myself and now I hate myself very much due to the fact that I'm not with you at this time. Jon I apologize to you for what you have, I was encouraged with the meeting of February 14? What can I do to make you forgive me? I'm ready now, even to kneel in front of you, but you do not even see this! Jon forgive me for everything. I remember on the day before, and tears were flowing from my eyes. I hurt because of what I make you hurt. God knows I did not want that. God knows that I really wanted to come to you yesterday, but because of my unpaid loan I had to cancel my ticket back. Of course, I could book a ticket again this week, but the sense to order a ticket now, if I still can not come to you, unless I pay with my credit. My agent gave me this week and if this week I did not solve the problem with my credit, it will simply return all my documents and to stop my journey. So I have a week to solve this problem, but I do not know how to solve this problem with money. Who should you take the money? Who has to ask? There is no one who could help me with money. That's why I turned again to you for help, but you just do not have the money now. What we do my love? Can you recommend me something? Yes, perhaps you're right. Maybe the end of April for us it would be better to meet with you, but I do not want to wait until April. This is a very long time. Maybe you can still take the money from someone now? Please try now to take the money. If we miss this chance to meet with you, then it will be too late. You understand me? That is why I ask you to try to help me now. If you help me tomorrow, the day after I was able to come to you. For me, it would not be a problem if I decide on my duty to the bank. Jon I know that it is very difficult to find such a large sum of money, but I believe in you. I believe that you can help me. I beg you not to turn away from me and help me with money, ok. Jon for me, your effort now - a spark of hope. It is hoped that all is not lost and that we can meet even the other day. Please try my love. I now have no one more hope than you, my angel. I love you and my heart will always belong to you. You are the master of my heart and you can do with it whatever you wish. But I ask you, not hurt it never, ok. Jon remember this and maybe these words of my love for you to help you find the money soon.

I'll wait for your answer.

I love you!

Your Liliya.

PS: My Valentine. Surprise for you.
word on Valentine:

Valentine fly,
no obstacles to the path.
You're in the palm dear to let
And in my heart, become

Letter 22

Hello Jon. Do not think that I do not read your letters. This is not true. I always read your letters. But sometimes you need to write about the facts that all put in one letter. You understand me? I got your picture and just got your songs. Very beautiful bouquet of roses in the photo and just as pleasant song. Maybe all this would have to raise my mood, but unfortunately not. My mood is still very bad and all this due to the fact that we lost the chance to meet with you. I believed in myself that you will help me, but now after reading your letter all hope to smolder like paper. I understand you. It is very difficult to find so much money for one week, and the more you have to send me the money. It's very difficult for you. Am I right? No trust me? Jon is a pity, but I now have no choice but to now cancel my trip to you. Do not be angry at me, but I do not see any other way. Forgive me for a cold letter, but my heart is really cold because of the fact that you wrote to me. I always thought that love works wonders, but there is no miracle, and can be mean and not the love you have for me? In me you can not doubt. I love you very very much, but wait unfortunately I do not want. Or I'll come to you, or so it's all over. Themselves think about it. Surely you could have to wait until April? This torment. It is better to forget about everything, what anguish as his heart. Am I not right? Forgive me for saying this.

I get your money back to you. Tomorrow or the day after I send the same method through the Western Union. I write to you later information.

very sorry it happened. I still love you, but now I will try to forget you.