Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Yourieva to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi! How are you?... What is your name? Sorry for persistence maybe, but I think if I can send you messege theoretically it will be nothing terrible and wild there if I will do it. (Smile) Ok... Its very interesting in what will result of all this? If you have desire we could begin some dialogue and may be, could become friends... I am looking for here friend in life and more maybe. What do you think about it? What do you look for here? If you are looking for serious friendship here and more maybe, I want to find out more about you if you to allow, your thoughts, your likes and your dislikes.... I want that you know, I do not play in love games... and I hate hypocrisy, lie and a deceit... Ok. Its a little about me... Write me if you wish and I will write you back. You can write me there. Please look on photo here I have attached. Ok from now you can write me directly on email if you wish. Sincerely,
Ekaterina waiting for sunrise in life.
Letter 2
Hi Warren. Thanks for a photo. It's very pleasant for me that you have written me and many thanks. I really see, that you are interested in me and want find out me better. I also would like to know about you much, but I shall not accelerate event of our acquaintance, let all takes its normal course.
You agree with me? Before to tell about itself, I want to tell where I have found yours e-mail. I think, you will strongly not be afflicted on me because of it...? My good girlfriend worked in agency of acquaintances earlier and I have asked her that she has acquainted me with the man from other country. She has given me your address and I have decided to write to you. Earlier I never di it and it was not necessary for me. I at all do not know a computer and recently began to study to work on a computer, it seems to me, that it's very interesting also to me necessary to find out for a long time computer and to study to work on it as now in our life it very much helps. I want to tell at once that I look for man who wants to create strong family, dreaming about loving honest wife who wants to leave work easy and come back home, where love and wait him. I do not look for fun. Now I will try to tell a little about myself. I am 32 years old, I was born 17 March 1977. My childhood was not cheerful and happy - I am orphan, the most part of my life, I lived in children's shelter, I know nothing about my parents and never saw them, I do not have opportunity to find out about them. I tried to find something about my parents, but have not found any information. Till 18 years I was in Joshkar-Ola, but it was necessary for me own apartment, I dont like to live in hostel, and I have left for small town which names Zvenigovo. It's in heart of Russia. I have moved back recently as here have employed job in children's clinic. Now Im live in Joshkar-Ola. You can have question why I looking for dating for men in Internet, I will be fair with you: I want to leave from Russia always, this country have brought me much burning and sufferings, I want to find man who can present me caress, love, family heat. It's a little about my hobbies: I am fond of aerobics, I go some times on week in sports hall, each woman keep up her figure and appearance should seems to me. I do not smoke, I prefer weak wine or champagne from alcohol drinks. I very like to read, look good, qualitative cinema. I adore pets. In summer I like to leave on nature and spend some days there. My profecy children's doctor, for this purpose it was necessary me to be in university 6 years, I work little bit more than 6 year, I was arranged right after endings university, I like to help people, and I do not want to change my profecy but if I should change my work, I can work on another work too. One insulting only that in Russia doctors receive one of smallest salaries when all over the world it's prestigious profecy. It's a little difficult for me to tell about myself, I hope, you will ask me questions, and I will answer them with pleasure. I hope to receive in the next letter from you some information about you and your life and I hope to see your photos. Smile With the best regards and wishes... Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hi Warren. Thanks for a photos. I am glad to receive your letter and I hope, this beginning of correspondence will be beginning of our friendship. I am really very glad to beginning of our correspondence and I hope, it will lead only to positive result! Well... I want to tell you thanks, you have told me about yourself in your letters. It was very interesting for me to read it! It would be better, of course, if we could speak in reality, but unfortunately now we have no such opportunity.. All over again I want to state you my impression which has developed after reading your letter... Perhaps, I have understood a little yours point of view and vision of vital essence. Maybe, your point of view will consist that you in search of niche in life, being in which you could gather all what anyone adequate person searches? What is it?
Love, happiness, financial independence, favourite proffecy, health, beauty, free time which will allow to do what pleasant for you, favourite people near you, life for sake of someone, or life for sake of myself.. Each person has various dreams, aspirations, but everyone tries to reach all this in various way and it is not known, will he reach purposes, will he receive satisfaction from lives and enjoys this life. Nobody argues that now when the mankind stands on threshold of changes, when, may be, it frightens someone, all this to reach much more difficultly. And the main thing, in such vital situation to find that life which can give us all this, find light and aspire it not looking on all troubles and disappointments. Love.. The Love is created to appreciate the close person, to live with him in peace. In common different people have different understanding of this light feeling. All this depends from character of person. Maybe, someone frightened this feelings, he thinks about maybe he will becomes weaker if he will love.. But its not so! Love forces to create and create, to build and build for the sake of dear person for you! I loved and I know what is it. And when you together with him, you know that somewhere near in heart he is who thinks about you every second and it makes you more strongly. Yes, there can come time when parting is inevitable, but force about this feelings in that having grown fond once you become stronger! It charge energy, emotions additional.. On all life! Correct me, if you think somehow in another way, maybe..(Smile) I feel that you keep in heart dreams and hope, you want to find love, happiness. Yes, any person tries to aspire all this, but problem of one person that he will look for for one day, the second day and then will lower hands and will be desperate to find, and another will look for though all life and when will find what he searched he will tell: "I DO IT!". I am glad that have found the person who will not lower hands and will aspire to arrange life how he dreams.. In fact ideas define what you want and actions define what you receive. Is it you? (Smile) For me in relationship have to be respect, love and believe and without these simple things cannot exist relation. For me the relation with people its respect, honesty, love, trust and without these simple things there can not be relations. I should tell you for me very important find out person with whom I will build friendly relations or personal relations. It is difficult, but this my vital credo. I try to be maximum open in reasonable borders, I try to give all my energy which can help my partner and if its possible and the person accepts this desire, these signals in my opinion exists high probability that these warm relations will proceed very for a long time. For me the main thing that the person to whom I offer all this, has been satisfied and did not test any inconveniences! (Smile) What do you think? I'm honest for me and another people. I think I must every day look in a mirror and if I'M not honest to another people, then I cannot be honest for me. I think its truth... I will allow to set some questions: what is your likes? what is your dislikes? Tell me about work? I have many questions, for me all is very interestingly about you, but I will leave many questions about then, I do not want to hurry up too. Ok... About me... Mmmmm... I like to cooking. I am able to prepare almost all. But most liked my dish is Julienne. Julienne is a dish, very tasty dish. Now I will open a secret of its components!!! (Smile) Meat, mashrooms, cheese, potherb and all this dumpling in a small frying pan. It is very delicious!!!
Real jam.... Yes! I like Mexican food very much! What cookery you prefer? About two years ago in my life there was the moment when all fell from hands and it turned out nothing, every day brought all more disappointment in life, at me omitted hand and I did not see sense in such life and if more precisely to speak existence, but I had enough forces to change all. Yes in my life there were many difficulties, I have passed through much, I know that such poverty of people tired from such life. I do not want to finish life so, imperceptibly not having left what trace in life. It can seem for you that I speak only about bad, its not so, in life Im very funny person, sociable, simply it seems for me, I should write about it. I do not want that me would accept for spoilt girl who is provided man's attention and got used to smart life. All not m, I the usual Russian girl, I do not think, that I have exclusive appearance. When I wrote you about my hobbies, I have forget to tell, that I have one more hobby which I adore is karaoke, I like to sing. I very like to dance. Especially I am involved with east dances. It seems to me, that its very beautiful and romantic, as if specially created to dance them for loved men. What do you think of it? I want to find such person, who will love and respect me and our family. Its my dream I fight for, look for and hope now, it will come true early or late... I hope and belive!!! Someone has told once...
Life ends when you stop dreaming, hopes ends when you stop beliveing and love ends when you stop caring. So dream, believe and care... The Life is beautiful and it gives us the sea of opportunities, due to we can be happy! (Smile)

I am afraid, my long letters bother you. Please, tell me, if its so...
When I sit and writing, I want to write everything, what I think and feel and it can go for a long time... With this letter I send you new photos, I hope, it is pleasant for you. With the best regards Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hi, Warren How are you today? Huge thanks for your letter!!! Thanks for a photos. I am surprised in the huge sizes of a fish. To be honest I get excited opening your letter like a young girl opening her Christmas presents. (Smile) This comparison unusual, but I had approximately such feelings when open my email box. (Laughing) How have passed your day? I hope, successful. I'm fine. I understand that being on great distance from me to make it not easy, but it is necessary try to make it with help of letters, how much it is possible, I hope you agree with me? Are you? You maybe already have noticed that Im not so well own in English grammar, I studied English in school, and then in university, but in our country give more attention to studying English language on talking level and if you will find out grammatic mistakes in my letter I ask you do not give us this great value. I try to study English language myself, in books. I hope that my level of knowledge English language will not be a problem in our dialogue, I have desire to study your language. It will be very interesting and useful for me to know language and culture another country, it is very interesting, cognitive and important for me. I hope that it will help us to speak openly. Write me more about what you doing during free time from work and how like to spend weekends, it seems to me very important to have some similar sights and hobbies. What do you think about it? Now I want to tell you about what I think. I am afraid only one - novel future. Often I reflect above question: what will be with us in 1 year, in 10 years... And it is very much worries me. You will ask - why? There maybe, because my life is not arranged yet and I am in look for my future, happiness... I do not know... I believe that the life will offer me chance, one more chance to arrange it... I understand that the life should go, I should inhale a full ****** and go om road in searches of my happiness and with belief and hope in heart... my dream is to find someone who will keeps me in heart, thinks and dreams about me. My dream - to LOVE and to be LOVED again. And it is not important, where will be my choice, important that we will Love one another! I'm starting to see life through a new set of eyes if that makes sense. As you get older things become more clear. What you think? Maybe you wonder what do I appreciate in men most of all? I appreciate complete honesty. What the men wants from life his dreams and goals. I want to help him succeed in everything he wants to do. There are more important things to learn and live from life. And I hope that he will reach for what he wants to. If I ever found the men that can share this with me I will be in eternal happiness. The joy of spending time together living life and getting to know one another is a great thing. May be you wonder what I think the word love means for me? Love is such a deep feeling so strong and full of many emotions. For me love its a look you give someone and dont have to speak words to understand what they are thinking. Two souls bound together in life and death.
Understanding and true feelings of happiness. The little things in life matter most. Caring for someone on a high emotional level like this scares me but in a good way. I believe that once I can estimate the one whom a meeting on vital way! I'm sure its a special thing when it happens like magic really. I already wrote you that Im look for man who wants to create strong family who dreams about loving, true wife who wants to leave easy for work and coming back home to know that loving and wife waits him. I do not look for fun or entertainment, Im very reliable person, I can tell it to you with confidence in 100 and I want only one man who will be with me up to the end of our life. If you seriously concern to detection of lady who will consider you similar only thing to man in life who always will be with you through hard times in good will always respect and will kiss you before dream will always tell you that you are for her the only thing man in life then I always will be yours with the great pleasure, and another. You will have my heart, my oppressing in my life. I am always in search something new, good and interesting in life, and it does not give me to relax and fills me with additional energy and allows to support vital rhythm. I never will search any lacks of my favourite person, I will not try to correct him, I will like him such what he is, I will live hereby and to plan on future, instead of turn around to the past. I look for good for man perceiving a life such what it is, the man with good heart, self-assured. I can fall in love with you very easily if you are that man who is necessary for me, who can be gentle kitten in night and the owner of life in afternoon. I think you have to know a person on a emotional level and in person also to be truely in love with them. Of course some exceptions do apply. The term of making love also applys in a physical sense. Sharing a physical connection obviously gives people a sense of satisfaction and comfort. Every human being needs this or else they wouldnt be human. Finding that special person in life to complete you as a person is truely a gift. I hope to receive news from you soon and if you are serious to I have written, and you are that man I describe, I am very interested in you.
I wait for my soul mate and partner for life. I work much and I am very good expert in area, my diploma will be recognized in any country, I love my work, but in Russia it do not appreciate. But in any other country I will not be burden for you. I do not play game with heart, I - sincere in all. I want to tell you that acquaintance through Internet, new for me, I never did it earlier and I test easy feeling of fear that I shall make the next mistake in life, I do not have trust, but my girlfriend has got acquainted through Internet with man and now she is happy. I have decided to try and have written to you, I worry when I write you letters, but you can not doubt of my words, I write openly, in all sincerity. It seems to me that you can understand me. Is it so? Each person in life has moments when you feel happy and glad to this, but much to our regret there are also another moments, it when hate myself and all world around as though someone another guilty in mistakes made himself. Probably differently also cannot be... And still, I try to remain person who though externally, looks pleased himself and not his ideal life, but around I try to concern to an event philosophically. I try to be pleased to each lived day of life, taking from it all the best and useful, not paying attention to troubles and everyday difficulties. Yes, really it is not easy for me to live one, I test desire to share heat of feelings, love, understanding and tenderness. Externally I am always quiet, but in heart alarm: whether I will find man with whom I can share feelings, all love of which I am capable? I worry and I suffer in this occasion. I hope that you study me about your country and city in which live? It will be very interesting and cognitive for me! In life I very vigorous and inquisitive girl and I hope that you are capable to understand me that I test and I write you. When people are closely to each other, to make it more easy. I have closely re-read all previous your letters, and in my opinion you create impression of person who knows what he wants from life, you self-assured person, and its pleasant for me. About me a little: It is pleasant for me romantic films and music very much. I like to look melodramas and dramas. It seems to me, such films are most approached to vital events. My favorite film - " City of angels " with Nicolas Keyge and Mag Rayan. Also I like to look comedy, Romantic comedy. What films like for you? Do you like films about love. I like films with Meg Rayan. Also I like to look fantastic films. My favourite: You'v got a mail, Lord of the Rings, American beauty, Troy, White Chicks, Chronicles of Riddick, The Princess Bride, Steel Magnolias, any Harry Potter movies and have anothers. I like to listen popular music and to dance very much. (Smile) You know! My favourite song is "Lady" by Kenny Roger. I like to wear clothes, which underlining a figure. I can wear and breeches and dress. When I do not work, I go at home in mild clothes.
I put makeup and I paint my hair... (Smile) I like to grow home flowers! (Smile) I like a rain and when it is raining there so beautifully... as though the nature cries... I like nature!!! The nature helps, helps me very much to calm down, it gives me an additional charge of energy. I like, when it is raining, sometimes it seems in these instants, that at this time weather cries... and it is so perfect!!! I am sure that the nature can all see and feel, nature for me is God, through a nature the God sees us!!! When I find myself in wood, it seems to me that the nature wants something to say me... puff of wind abirritates me, tender rain dandle me, and thunder and the thunder-storm prevents me.
And it is perfect, to be alone with nature, you can tell it that at your soul and I am sure, that each arbor, each scrub hear you!!! Now I get tired, and I will write about myself more in following letter. I hope that reading of my letter has not so strongly tired you? I will wait letter from you and information about you, if you are not against that I knew about you more. Good day for you. I think, that the river of time flows indefinitely, inevitably, as upcoming inevitability and our purpose - to not give to go out this time, to kindle feelings as it is possible more strongly and transmit it in strong, strong, not blasted feelings of love. Your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 5
Hi, Warren. How are you? How was your day? I hope at you all goes good!!! What you did this last days? (Smile) Thanks for a photo. it is very pleasant for me, that you write me, I am glad that our relations develop and are very good and friendly which have on what that greater. Earlier I did not believe that it is possible, but now I see this kind of meeting with people even better. Here people can express everything, what they think. There is no so-called language barrier. I could not say in person the same words.... You understand me? Yes, there are lacks, but all in our hands to change it. While we cannot see each-others in real, but I believe and im sure we can do it! Anyhow, we have opportunities for this purpose and if we will make the decision once all in our hands that it was embodied in reality! I like this: ideas define what you want and actions define what you receive. All this logic of our life and I am sure we have opportunities for everything what we want! I look for that special for me to seeing me faithfully, love, care and to be focused to life with to be happy couple. I think that correct man could bring it to me and me to him. I think that an environment of family - the important part of life, and could make a life full. I think that if we are connected by that special way which we could be perfect for each other. I have an old fashion of thinking maybe. The man should provide housekeeping and make sure, that them of family have well taken care.
And the woman should make sure, that the person is happy. The strong obligation and friendship are most important for relations. Of course honesty and trust have also the majority importance. In the past I has lost my trust, and it - something, that you cannot return. I am happy person with sensation of humour and I like to cooperate with people and communicate much. Im not close in myself. Tell me, what do you think about home life? How you imagine it? For example, with me... (Smile) Its only question which maybe I set too rectilinearly, but for me it would be desirable to hear your point of view... I have now some stereotype of home life and I do not know, will you agree about what I will tell you. The main thing in relations for me its trust, understanding, compromises, respect and gratitude. For me hypocrisy is a terrible sin, up to which the people can be lowered. And think that two persons, when Live near one another should open completely and if its no, there is no love. Between husband and wife there can not be no secrets.... If someone (husband ore wife) does not want or can not to do maybe, I do not understand why to marriage. In my opinion, two loving people should not have any secrets and, God save the mark, if someone does not like why to live together.
Its early or late will leave outside and then the separation can to put an irreparable spiritual wound... I think that you understand me.
Now I have stated my opinion in this causing. Often I think, what will be in my life through 1 year or in 10 years. I ask the God for helping to find me what I look for... I want calmness in this life, I want to have near me the one who will help and will understand me in difficult minute. Ups, I want to share with you one theme... Only smiling. That is, I have one theme for conversation... (Smile) Its very interesting theme and I will tell, it serves as a reason of break at many married couples... Listen... These are scandals... What do you think, why scandals? Last night I looked programm on TV and there professor of psychology told. In common, he spoke that at the man for speech answer, it seems, only the left part of a brain. That its enough for him and the most interesting, that in day it is enough for man to utter no more than 5 thousand words and he will be satisfied in it. At women a situation completely another. The matter is that during conversation at woman both hemispheres of a brain work. It is very interesting. (Smile) That the woman has been satisfied with conversation, she needs to make in day more than 20000 words!!!!! It is very interesting! And it serves as a reason of scandals when the husband comes from work tired and woman starts to talk to husband, but........ he would not like to do it... In fact he has already uttered all words on work... (Laughing) Woman not satisfied and starts to become hysterical, shout... (Smile) I has gathered such information yesterday. What do you think about it? I think its not because of brain work, in my opinion its because someone does not respect close person and it is capable to shout on him or even to lift a hand!
Madness for me... Ok... I will stop today... (Smile) I want to say I am very glad to meet YOU here in internet. I really like to read yours letters and I wait pending for them every day. I have sent you a new picture of me, I hope, that you love it. Good bye and the big big smile for you.
Speak with you soon. Sincerely for you! Ekaterina in far Russi
Letter 6
Hi, Warren!!! How are you? I am so glad to receive letter from you!
Thanks! Thanks for a photo. In each letter I try to pass you all my feelings and ideas which I expirience from this corespondence now, I try to tell you about my excitements and experiences that you knew what I am person that you could present it. Now I have your letters, and I hope very much, I feel, we can find and find each other better. I do not hide from you, in my heart wakes up somethins to YOU. There may be, while strong friendship, but I frequently think about you and I analyze what you have told me. I do not know and I can not express it in words, it somewhere inside me... I do not hide from you, you have liked me and I will be very glad to see you in future. Yesterday I looked an interesting russian film on TV "Destiny"... YOU know such parable - when the person come into the world, on will of God its second YOUR half come into the world somewhere. And the person all life is in searches by this second half. But one can find it at once, and other can never find... And it is sad... And if you find the LOVE, to happiness will not be borders!!! And I believe this parable... There maybe someone will be dared it is necessary by me, but I am sure, that you will not laugh about what I have said to you now, because you talk to me about the same. All life which faces to me is something new and I have chosen for myself this way. In the past was a lot of unpleasant, but I know, that my last only the past and it is necessary to find in myself forces to forget it and to understand, that all what happens in this life only to the best. It has helped me to look at things other eyes, I know the price of fidelity in relations. And your letters help me. I find in myself forces to go further and to study on my mistakes and never do not suppose any more them in future. Twice I tried to construct relations, but have been deceived, all began beautifully, flowers, gifts, conversations on wedding, a family and children, but it remains only words, the unique purpose was pursued my exboyfriends - ***, and all the rest was a pretext to drag me in bed, was very sick to realise, that you became one more souvenir in their love games. I wish to feel quiet with man and happy and I do not want, that we would have occasions to jealousy. Sometimes it seems to me, that in my failures with men my appearance, men see me as object of ****** entertainments is guilty, but I do not want it, I want that men concerned me as woman who is capable not only to love and be loved but also to make happy life of lover. I have appeared in Internet and im very glad that could meet you. It is surprising, how my friend from internet cafe gives me your email and I have decided to write there. Simply attempt! And now we write each other! I have found the good friend! I cannot explain it but when I write to you, my stream of thoughts does not stop. Ok... I want to tell you my history. I think, should tell you it about... In my past I had met man, we have got acquainted with him on birthday party of our common familiar. I did not know him before.... His name Andrey. First at us all was good. He looked after me, gave me flowers and I thought, it was one who need for me. I already thought about wedding... can you present yourself it? What do you think, could I solved on wedding if did not love someone? Then it seemed to me, that I love... But once, when I returned to home from job, I have seen his car. In the car sat he and..... girl kissing. It was as thunder has struck me. I am in tears have run home. He has come to me the same day. I have said him, I do not want to know him more. Later was straightened out, that he met her from the beginning of my acquaintance with him!!! Rebound landing!!! He asked me pardon, but I had such soul trauma, that I had ideas, bad ideas.... Time goes. The girlfriend has advised me to look for man in Internet. Yes, that man who I met earlier was false and I experienced, I could be mistaken so in him. Yes, he gave me gifts flowers and it seemed to me, that he really loved me, but appeared, that all this was lie! I hope, you will understand me. Maybe, it was my trust which has brought me, I frequently think I am so trustful.
Really it is defect, instead of plus in my character? I do not know, what you think I have written to you here, but I think, that I should tell you about it... I wait reply from YOU patiently!!! Ekaterina.
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