Scam letter(s) from Anna Krylova to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

Hi. It's Anastasiya from Yahoo!
It's good to hear from you! How are you? Fine I hope!
Weather here good! I hope at you too!
My new friend!
The first! I want to send you my photo! One thousand words can replace a photo! If I like to you will be pleasant for me!
I shall not write much about myself in first letter. If you not like me - you will not write me.
But I shall hope for yours respond!
It is a little about itself.
My Height is 166 cm (5 feet 5 inches). My Weight is 51 kg (105 pounds).
I was born on September, 22 1976. (28 y.o.)
If my letter and my photo has interested you - write to me! Write me about itself, hobbies!
In next letter I shall write more about myself! I shall answer your questions.
It not game. At me serious intentions. I do not have children.
I never have been married.
I with impatience shall wait your letter!
Letter 2

Hi Joe!
Hi my new friend! Know! I am always glad to see your new photos.
I receive your letter! It's good to hear from you again.
First. I want more inform about myself.
My hobbies, besides the English language: knitting, swimming; cooking meal; reading of books. For a joke I look interesting transfers on TV I'm Russian. I not live in your country.
I live in Russia. Sorry. I not inform you about it in the first letter. I hope you not touchiness...
If afflict you this news - it is a pity to me. But distance for me not important.
I want to get acquainted with foreign men. To me interestingly correspondence with the foreigner.
I search the kind and reliable partner for correspondence. Probably I can meet the prince!
I see your profile on Yahoo! And I write to you. I remove my profile.
I want correspondence with you and I shall not receive the letter from others men.
It is a little about the city. It is small city (the population 8 thousand). It is 1000 km to the east Moscow.
Tell about the city.
Our city - military-medical. But I am a chemist. At me higher education.
Earlier I work in confidential chemical laboratory. I work for a war industry.
But now I development various medicines for treatment difficult illnesses.
I am proud my work! I help people. Tell about your work?
I write to you from the work. We do not have telephone lines. I use the satellite Internet.
I not have a computer of a house. Therefore I can write to you from work.
I hope you write to me still! Tell about itself, the family.
I live alone. I shall tell more about myself in next letters.
I shall wait your letters! Good luck!
Letter 3

Good to hear from you again Joe. How are you? I'm doing well. My work is fine, how your work??
What weather at you. At us summer. But it is not so warm. +20C.
I hope at you more warmly. I like summer! I like to bathe and tan.
But this summer cold. It afflicts me...I want to tell about my family. But this sad for me.
I live one. I do not have sisters or brothers. I was brought up in orphanage.
I not see my parents - they were lost, at me there were 5 months.
Therefore I had difficult childhood. But I receive good education.
I could find good work.I work as the chemist of 6 years. I am proud - I have independently made the way during this life.
Now my plans to find that the man which is necessary for me. Can be his name is Joe? Smile.
I one, because, I in search till now.
I write thousand miles far in consequence of disappointment in those men, which beside.
I very much love children. But I have no children till now.
Likely there is no worthy a man, while.
Joe, you love children???
At me a lot of girlfriends(My girlfriends make mine photos). The photos which I have sent you are made in my apartment.
I want to tell to you that I did not travel for limits of Russia.
For an fun we go camping. In the winter we skiing and skates.
But our city very small.
As my city this closed administrative formation we have not enough places for entertainment and restriction of communication with an external world.
Therefore we meet at home and we look TV(Russian TV only). drink tea with pies.
I was good to prepare different pies and meal. In next letters I tell to you more about it!
Tell about itself, about city.
Sorry, I cannot write to you every day. I work 5 days in a week.
Therefore I can seldom write to the days off to you. I use any opportunity to write to you.
I think of you! It is pleasant for me - write to you.
I wait your letters!
It is a pity in one letter it is impossible to tell all my ideas.
And I shall understand, if you will not answer some my questions.
But nevertheless I shall be very glad to know your opinion. And your ideas.
I think always it is necessary to find out each other better. Smile.
I shall tell to you about cinema and music which I like, in the following letter.
best regards! Hope to hear from you
Letter 4

Hi my dear and the distant friend Joe!
I heard sad news about storm Katrina. I hope with you all Ok.
I'm delighted to hear from you again!!! I hope you O.k.!!!
Forgive for the short letter. I today work much.
In our area it is hot! A week at us good weather!! Yesterday was +28C.
This is hot. I with girlfriends go on a beach and bathing. I like warm weather.
I very much like summer! This is favorite time in the year. It is a lot of flowers and the sun!
I like red roses and forest flowers! We to go on a wood and I to collect many flowers for a house!
Since I started talking to you, I just cannot stop thinking of you.
I have a very warm feeling inside from all the things you said about how you feel when you think of me.
My day brightens tremendously whenever I see an e-mail from you.
My boss pleases me today. He has told about vacation. Probably in it year I receive vacation. The boss yet did not speak when precisely.
This warmest time in my area... But I not know - where I spend vacation.
Sometimes I miss in vacation. I vacation to not coincide with vacation my girlfriends.
Therefore I a rarity go on a resort. Frequently I to carry out holiday alone in the house.
How you to spend the holiday?? At me interesting it.
Thanks for the story about the life! To me interesting to read it!
Thanks. I hope you to understand me and my letters.
I try to answer your questions. If I not answer some questions - excuse me.
Do not take offence. My English - not ideal. But each your letter to help me to learn English!
I forgot to inform, that my city is between two other cities. These cities Buguruslan and Buzuluk I shall wait your letter!
Kisses Anastasiya.
P.S. On this a photo you can see my evening city.
Letter 5

Hi my close friend Joe!
I cannot explain to you in words on how you have made me feel inside over the past weeks. You have made my days sunny, the colors I see brighter, and the thought of you has made me happy. It seems like nothing bothers me now. I just think of you and my problems go away. I know we have only know each other for a short time, but I feel a connection to you. I hope that you feel the same.
I can be a little eccentric at times especially when it comes to describing my feeling.
I am very glad that you have written me. Thank you very much. I like your letters very much and wait for them every day. It is very pleasant for me, to answer your letters. I should tell to you that I have ocean of emotions and sensations which I had no in my heart before. And on this, my reason and my heart say me that I should answer by sincerity your constant sincerity.
Today there was very strong downpour at night. The rain poured all the night long. In the morning when I go in the street I have seen that all footpaths and roads completely are covered by pools of water. But I like such weather. When our city is covered with a veil of rains, all people gloomy and sad. How you think Joe? What can be finer than romantic evening in rainy day?
Summer is a fine mood, the desire to learn the world, to have a rest and enjoy life. I feel that I rambling on. Forgive me. Simply now I have romantic mood. Today the boss has informed me on a vacation precisely.
He spoke me " approximately after two - three weeks from this time "
I mean can soon have a rest from work. Smile. It is interesting to me, how many lasts a vacation at you?
I will have 45 days.
I wish you pleasant week-end! I am going to sleep well in this Week-end. Probably tomorrow I shall work overtime.
Thanks for your letters! You in my heart!
Hot kiss for Joe!
Letter 6

As I also assumed, today at me overtime work.
But I have an opportunity to write to you. Smile.
Today I excitement for a writing letter!
I think about the feeling to you for a long time . I not feel similar earlier.
It is sometimes terrible to me to think of it... But I cannot think in another way...
My heart and my reason says me that I should tell what I feel now because it is a part of our friendship and I should share it with you. I should tell that it was required two days to write and think over this letter, because I wanted to say just the right things to you. I didn't want to offend or upset you in anyway, and it really bothered me that saying something wrong may do that. I normally speak directly from my heart, and I am right now, but sometimes, words must be carefully chosen. I feel somewhat lost when I have no opportunity to use a computer to read your letter. In my soul, I feel contentment and joy when I think of you.
Please! Do not think that I the silly Russian girl.
My feelings to you - sincerity. I love you Joe!
It is love at first sight. Each new letter from you - a happiness for me.
All last week I think of you! Only of you....
It is difficult to express feelings in the letter! We is far! I cannot tell to you it personally.
It is sad for me..... There Can be we can a meeting?
My vacation will be in the second half of September.
I work on the government organization. Therefore I have the big vacation (45 days!)
I shall not know that I make.. What you advise me?
Can we meeting?? My government can help me go to any country.
Probably I a pressure of you in this letter. Please! Not take offence!
But my feelings are mixed now. You fill my ideas.
It is pleasant for me!
For love there are no distances! My heart flies to you on wings of love!
I feel pulsation your heart!
I with impatience shall wait your letters! The hope you not reject me!
You for ever in my heart!
Your Anastasiya
Letter 7

Hi my heart and my soul Joe!
How are you? I'm wonderful!
I have put a hard aim, the aim of all my life-to be with a man who loves me and I love him by all my heart. I thought what I can do to see you. I decided to spend this vacation with you. I thought what I can do to meet you. Simply to meet. That's all what I want now.
I'm thinking about you. I'm thinking about you constantly. At my job everybody are surprised why I'm so merry. They don't know that I'm corresponding with you. Do you believe in love? One love and forever till the end of life. I believe.
I can get a visa in America. I have some privilege. Therefore I not have difficulty get visa in America.
It can be made for 2-3 weeks. I have passport. Therefore the visa issue faster.
If you not against, I shall interpellate for the visa. I know is expensive. But I can pay expenses for the visa.
The most important for me - your consent. We can meet and talk about all!
I can remain with you some weeks!
Precisely to plan it is possible only after I shall receive the visa.
In any case to you to solve. as long I can stay at you.
You to show me your city! We shall be walk!
I want to look in your beautiful eyes!
We shall keep for hands and have a romantic supper.
Day our meeting will be the greatest day during my life!
Again your pictures has forced me to look at the screen for a long time! Thanks. I very much like your pictures! As always, you are charming.
When I look at your pictures, I have feeling as though you really look into my eyes. It is such pleasant feeling! Thanks for pictures! Your love forever Anastasiya.
Praying and Thinking about you always P.S. Forgive to me that I have decided to send you it is a photo. It seems to me too frank.
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