Letter(s) from Jessica Michael to Kenneth (USA)

Letter 1

Where have you been Kenny? I am back in th states and was trying to get intouch with you.. the phone# you gave me was not working.. i hope your doing better there. I missed talking to you..I am so sorry for not getting intouch with you all this while...was trying to find my way out eversince you said you can't help me anymore. Thank GOD am back in the states... i still very much want to meet with you so how can i see you babe. would you love to come down to me in VA. Pls let me know..can't wait to finally see you hun. Once more, thanks for all the help you done to me while i was in Neigeria. I really apprecate it so muh. I attached sompics of me for you to see.. I tried searching for your profile account on singlesent but i couldnt find it.. why dont you get one today or tomorrow so we can always talk on there too. email me back asap. do you still love and want me clay?. still much in LOVE with you babe.

Letter 2

Ohh you've forgotten me so soon...well, it's me KIM PRESTENBACH. we met on singlesnet site some months back and we shared so many mails telling things about each other and you told me you like me and would like to have me as your girl and we thought things is gonna work out smoothly for us then but doesn't simply because am stock in somewhere in africa and ask you for help but you refused to help me and ask me to find my way out myself...... anyways, just want to let you know that i have found my way home as you've said.... you remember that my friend FELICIA i told you about then, the lady i told you that i was trying to get in touch with which her phone was not reachable then was the one that helped me out.. i kept trying her number everyday by day and thank GOD i got in touch with her and she helped me home... I had to go to her direct and show her so much appreciation after helping me out.... well, just want to let you know that am back in the states and would still want to meet with you if you don't mind.... well, i have some questions for you and i will be so much happy for you to tell me the truth. Do you really still want me?? do you have a lady you going out with now?? would you love to come see me in person and maybe have some talk together and know our both faith. I would be so much happy to meet with you because you really tried for me then and i appreciate it so much... we could both work on how to come down to you if you can't come to me in VA.get back to me and let me know what you think...

Letter 3

I am glad to hear from you. Sweetie, I got the flight info's and am very happy for that.. Hun, i promise to always be there for you and never make you go through hearthbreak again and also i want you to promise me the same.... Yes you can go ahead and send the money via money gram outlet to


She said you should get it done via MONEY GRAM outlet and not Western Union.. said Money gram is closer to us and you should get it sent through money gram service and is even more cheaper than western union.... Honey, i'll really be so glad if you can add 100 bucks to it if you have so that i can pay Felicia money to pay for her bills but do not bother if you dont have okay... email me the info's here as soon as you get it done... can't wait to finally be with you.Love Kim.

Letter 4

Baby how are you doing there? I havent gotten back to you since because we have been having alot of problems with the guy that lend Felicia the funds she sent to me to get my flight ticket back to the States. The guy is a drug addict and he came around on announced probably because felicia had promised him to come for the funds yesterday but he didnt show up not until today...Actually felicia borrowed $800 from him that she sent to me and now that the guy is here to get his funds and he is causing alot of troubles for felicia and I....its really like a hell here. the guy wants the funds latest tonite because he said his only son need funds to undergo a surgeries so by all means he wants me to pay the funds tonite latest Sunday morning...Hun I dont want any delay so please help me with the rest $400 to pay him today because felicia is crying on my neck not to let her go through the mess with the guy again and also you can add what you can afford for my travel money because the situation on ground does not allow me to buy my menstrual pills and and pads for my menstruation not even any spare amount for myself to get food.....Please baby write me back because i really hope to settle this tomorrow so that i can leave this place tomorrow and join you over there so that i can wake up in this dream.
Love Kim