Scam letter(s) from Alina Zozylia to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi dear Gavin! Nice to meet you! Thank you for the such beautiful letter and your warm words! I am very pleasant to hear them from you! I hope that we could be a good couple! Your letter are very interesting for me, like you too! Thank you for the flowers! :* Dear, let me tell you about myself!
As you know, my name is Alina. I am 26 years old. I am from the most beautiful town in Ukraine Brianka. But I live in Lugansk, east cost of Ukraine. Because I am working there. I rent the apartment with two girls!
I am a very simple girl with a good heart, honest and opening person. I just want to be happy and find my true love. I appreciate the human qualities! I have very good family which consist of my mother, father and my little brother. Sometimes we make family dinner, talking and watch interesting films. We love spend many time together and we always have fun. I appreciate the family traditions. Of course, I like spend my free time with my friends too! We going to the cinemas, theatres, concerts. Also i like sport. Sometimes I go to the swimming-pool. I like to dance, I like the music. What kind of music do you like? My interests is figure skating. I was born in winter that is why I like skate.
In my life I work as a secretary for a company which deals sale medicaments.My job is very interesting and useful for the our society. I talk with a good people. I love my work. I dream meet with a man who will be very kind, interesting, romantic, honest and clear. I want love and be loved. I am very responsible in relations. I want to have a serious relationships. Besides dear, age difference between us is not matter, I think that if two people love each other age is not a big problem! Most important thing is true love and clear relations! I don't want to play any games and don't want that anyone played with my feelings. I think that the main in relationships is trust and respect. Do you agree with me? I like traveling! But I have never been abroad. The one of my dream, to travel with someone, who I love! Perhaps, you are that man who I am looking for so long,!:-) What is your dream?
Hope you interested. Dear Gavin, if you have any questions to me I with pleasure will answer all of them! I would be glad get your next letter. You are so sweet and I like you already too!
Wish you a good day, take care yourself. Waiting for you!
Yours Alina.
Letter 2
Hello my darling Gavin! How are you today?
Thank you for your beautiful letter! I read it with interest and must to say, that you are very interesting man for me! My darling, thank you for the complements! I am very pleasant to hear these words from you! I feel a real woman! Besides, age difference between us is not matter for me! As you already guess, i appreciate the human qualities and inner world! I think that you can give me very good lesson on my life! I just want to find my true love and be happy! I hope that is not a big problem for you too?! By the way, I grow up in a good family atmosphere and my parents are example for me too! They love each other very much and I am very happy for them! I want to have the same happy and strong family! When I build my own family, I will keep them in comfort and do everything that we will happy!
Dear, I must say, that my town is very small and not so beautiful as like your town! It is beautiful town for me, because I have never been abroad! But i think that my dream will come true soon! I would like to be with you when you walk with your dog around the river! I see at the photos that your town is very wonderful! I hope that we could be a good couple and can build something strong!
As for my English, thanks, but i know this language not so good, as I would like! I use the translator service. I want learn this language, but i need some practice. Maybe you can help me with this?!:-) I mean by the phone or somehow!!! I like this language very much and very interested in your country, culture and traditions! I know that we will celebrate the Christmas! Do you have a plans for this holiday? I would like to know!
Dear, if you want to ask me something too. I with pleasure will answer to you my darling! Ok, i will finish!
Take care yourself and I will miss!
Kiss you!
Your Alina.
Letter 3
Hello my darling Gavin! How are you?? How was your weekends?
Thank you my sweet, for your letter I read with interest and must to say, you have very nice family and I would like to have the same! I think my dream will come true soon! When you write to me a letter I feel very happy, because I met you here. I think, we get closer. I like you more and more with each day!
That's great that you have a warm weather in your country!!! In my city it is -3C, very cold and snow. That's ok, because Christmas holidays come soon!!! This is my favourite event! What about you my darling?!!
Besides, I agree with you my dear! I think, that children are the greatest treasure in our life! We should care about them and then they will care about us! Am I right? I would like to have my own kids, a boy and a girl, I like kids and they love me too! But also, i think that children should not prevent build up a new relationship! They just should be glad for the parents! Because they already have own family. Do you agree with me my dear?
By the way, I dream to build a new family and will try to keep the family in comfort and a good atmosphere. I will do everything, that my family lived in happy!!! I think that each woman want to has a strong and a friendly family. Besides, I think that kids are the greatest treasure in out life! We will care about them and then they will care about us! Dear, I am so sorry that you dad died. But don't worry, because you have very good family and maybe soon you will has your own!!! I think that is really good for you!! You are very interesting man for me.
Dear, I like your life stile and I think we have so much in common! Dear, I need to share with someone my life, my interests and feelings! i think that you are that man who I am looking for so long! Always dreamed to meet a man like you! You are very strong, I like that you keep your body in a good condition! I trey to do the same, because I appreciate the health life!!!
As like you too, i like animals, especially dogs and cats. Dear, you have a very quite dog!!!! Maybe someday, I will play with him in the backyard of your home;-)
Dear, I must to say one thing, I like you more and more and I think we are the best to each other! Maybe you are my destiny?!!!
I hope to hear from you soon! I will wait and I already miss! Kiss you my sweet!!
Always your Alina.
Letter 4

Hello my darling Gavin! Thank you very much for the beautiful letter! I am very pleasant to hear the such warm words from you my darling! You are very attractive and attentive man! I like these qualities very much and I am sure that we could find the similar language, like Russian:-) I with pleasure teach you some words! For example: "Ti mne nravishsia!!!" That's mean "I like you very much" on english!!! Hope that you understand!
Dear, I agree with you about relationships! The honesty, fidelity as the foundation to love. Without these things love can't be strong and have nor the future between a couple! I appreciate the trust in relations and will do everything that my future family lives in a good atmosphere and in happiness! I will try to be a good mother and loving woman for my family. I am very happy to heat that you wants more kids! I would like to have a big and a friendly family!
As you already understood, I have very calm character and I am very simple in my future life! Dear, I just want to be happy and care about the members if my family. I think that you appreciated this! I like your life stile and I would like to share with you all my interests and my feelings! When we meet, I am sure that we meet in the nearest time, we will enjoy every minutes which we spend together and nobody can't hinder to us! I already imagine our meeting and it would be very romantically meeting.....So, you can prepare for me something special as you say you are a good cooker! I will tastes all dishes from you my darling!
Besides, do you speak Ukrainian?:-) It's a joke!!!!! It is very hard language for you!! But maybe someday i will teach you a few words!
From your side, I would like to learn some Tamil:-) Dear, i don't have own phone, he is broken! I dropped him on steps, it was accident!!! I took him in repair, very serious damage! I think he never will work!! But i have my work phone number: +380992921085 you can call from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to Ukrainian time.
It would be very nice if i got a small gift on the Christmas...a new phone;-) We could talk with you in any time.
Dear, have you ever been to Turkey? The one of my dream to visit this country! There are very warn weather and romantically atmosphere! Do you agree with me?
So, my darling, i will wait for the next letter and will miss! I love you dear, kiss for you!!
Your Alina.
Letter 5
Hello dear Gavin! Thank you for the beautiful letter! I feel so happy when i receiving your letter! Thank you for the beautiful photos, I like all pictures with the such beautiful words!
In my town it is snowing, the temperature is not very high, very lovely weather, i would like to walk with you and enjoy every minute which we can spend together! Dear I think we get closer and i feel something in my heart! I don't know what is that, but I guess I am in love with you!
I really want to be with you at this time and all the time! I can't say that is love, love it is something that will come after long time, deep pure feeling, but now it's just huge attraction and affection, it means that I'm in love with you, and I want to see you beside me, I want us to be together, even if there are miles between us, we must to overcome this but true feelings can stand anything, this separation is nothing if we feel close, our souls are together, I want breathing close to you, wind brings it trough kilometres, listen and you can hear my voice while you reading it, do you hear? I want you to know what I feel and how I fell, it's real, believe me please!!!! and I'm glad that I told you that. Besides, I have never written these words, perhaps you are that man which i am looking for so long! I am so glad that i told you about my feelings! Hope that you feel the same.
Dear, you can call me on my work phone and I don't know how much it will be expensive. I think that is not matter if you really want call me and hear my voice. Besides, if we will talk by the phone, I think we can find the similar language. I speak English not very will, but you can give me some practice. What do you think, my darling! It would be very good for me, for both of us!
I would like to visit you as soon as it possible, but we both should be sure, that our meeting can take a place in our relations! Do you agree with me, my darling? I like you very much and i belive you!!!!
Ok, you should think about this! I will wait for you my darling!
It would be a great pleasure for me to get your next letter! Sending to you a few photos with my girlfriends, my photo with childhood too. Hope that you like!
Sweet kisses and warm hugs to you!
Take care of yourself!
Always with you, your Alina.
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