Scam Letter(s) from Adelya Tuktarova to Miroslaw (Polen)

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Letter 1

Thanks you for the letter, I am very glad to receive it.. How your day yesterday was? Today very remarkable mood at me. I wish you the same. My dear in what a problem I did not understand you. Concerning a photo. You were upset concerning what? I shall send you new photos today. So it is not necessary to experience. What do you think concerning a meeting? I can fly to you on the end following week. How you will meet me? You can give me of money through the western union it not a problem for me. It will be possible to make all this very well. As soon as you give me money I at once I shall do all necessary. I have already contacted agents. And they are ready I shall make for me all that I to have. So it is not necessary to experience. I was a pity to my dear me that I did not write to you my details. Now you can see it in my letter... My dear yes I understand you about what you speak. But only I not about it did not hear time that girls deceive men. But I am not going to do it. As I the serious girl, and for me serious attitudes are important.. And I really want to meet you and to be with you. If you will make transfer this week today or tomorrow. I shall be hurries up to do as soon as possible. I have the passport for travel abroad. It are necessary to receive the visa only. And to order air tickets. My dear for me attitudes between us are very important. I write only to you. To me wrote many men. And all of them demanded from me a photo naked. Frank.. That I have shown them all details of a body. And I ask you, to not ask me about such photos when. You good and I am glad that you care of me... I shall wait from you for the answer.. Sincerely yours love

My full name:
Adelya Tuktarova
The address:
The city of Ekaterinburg
The country Russia
street: Lenina 29 45

Letter 2

Dear my thanks you for so prompt reply. I am glad to receive it from you. How your mood today? I have for you rather good news. I have just come from travel agency. As I wrote to you in my last letter, very wonderfully I wrote all to you that at me is familiar in agency and she has helped me with all. She at once to me has found the information for travel to you. She for me has made all cheapest all that she could make. She at once to me has found the visa for 30 days, I want to spend together this time with you as it is possible longer. But for us this time will suffice, I so think! What do you think concerning it? Dear mine today I have given all my data that they have made for me the passport for travel abroad and the visa. Air tickets will be made at once as soon as I shall pay for all. All necessary documents will be ready very soon. To me informed that it I shall not be very for a long time, documents will be approximately ready in 5-6 days! And the ambassador it will be possible to order at once air tickets to you. To me have told that the cheapest travel to you. All this will cost 780 euro. All enters into this sum that should and it is necessary to be. Flights there and back. The visa for 30 days, the passport for travel abroad. ALSO into this money will enter dinners at the airport in the plane, the Most part of money will be taken only for the visa, only because 30 days, there were visas only for one week and for 30 days. And I have thought that to us to be together 30 days than one week better. I hope that all of you realize it. Dear I will not suffice us of one week to learn each other! I very much believe in you, you very remarkable person I am glad that you understand me and that you closely read my letters! Dear mine my parents have told to me that they can help me with this sum of money, but they have no at present this money! I have been very strongly afflicted, to me at once began so is sad, I now do not know that to me to do! Dear you could help me with this sum of money? My parents will give you all this money later. They the truth very much want that I lived well and that I have met the man of my heart. And I hope that you that the man! Understand me correctly that better one meeting than to write each other much and many letters! You have bank MoneyGram in your city? You could send me of money through this bank system!??? I believe that we with you shall be happy together!!!! My gentle kisses for you! I wait from you for good news!
Your love Adelya



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