Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Ignatyeva to Adriaan (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hi Adriaan,

We met on City-Of-Brides site and there was your email address.

Will you be able to come to Odessa this year, to meet me? There is a lot of wonderful sights in this city and you can meet very kind and with a good sense of humor people here.

Let me tell you about myself. I was born on the 28th of April, 1984. My height is 165 cm (5'5") and weight is 50 kilos (110 lbs.). My hair is dark blonde and my eyes are gray-blue.

According to my profession, I am a vet doctor at a private clinic. I like my job very much. I like pets and animals in general and to cure them.

I'm a kind, calm, romantic person with a good sense of humor. My friends say that I'm a honest, nice and interesting young woman.

I like sports, particularly aerobics, and I like travelling. I love music and reading magazines. To watch fun movies and TV-shows is a pleasure for me at my free time. I also adore to walk in parks, near the sea and spend time with friends at weekends.

My main aim of life is to create a happy family forever. I am sure that the main mission for a woman is to be a good wife and a good mother, a faithful keeper of family fireplace, fire of which is only able to bring warmth to two people with the loving hearts filling each hour of their lives with the music of happiness and harmony.

I'm a great dreamer believing that life will help me to find my only man. I'd like to meet with a serious, honest man to start family with.
I couldn't find such a man in my country, so I applied to internet to find it in other countries. I would be willing to relocate if I find such a man.

I value reliability, faithfulness, frankness and kindness in a man most of all. Also I would like my future partner to love and want children, as I'd love to have them.

I want to give my only man all my soul, joy and warmth, to take care of him, to make our house warm and cozy, to create an atmosphere of complete comfort in it. I do hope my dream of happy family will come true.

It will be so nice to receive your soonest reply. So will you be able to visit me in Odessa this year?


Letter 2

Hello Adriaan!

You wrote me a long and informative letter about you before you told me of your plans to visit Ukraine, and I appreciate it - we need to know more of each other before we meet in Ukraine! These our letters are the first steps towards each other, I hope we can develop with the time warm and sincere relations. I think that correspondence is a good way to get to know someone well enough and decide if we are compatible and want to see each other and will not be scared away by any obstacles.

For meeting a right man I use a marriage agency in Odessa. I am willing to learn more English before we meet in October. I am a very persistent person and, be assured, I will master it with the time.

I live in Odessa with my female friend - we rent the apartment for two. I don't have brothers or sisters. My mother, stepfather (who is Yugoslavian) and my granny live in Germany for 10 years now, but I don't like to talk about my family much. I am serious about finding a right man in internet and I applied to internet for meeting a right man after rather long period of hesitations. I realize that getting acquainted this way has its merits and demerits, I cannot see the eyes of a person I talk to, is he smiling or frowns when reads my words :-) I understand that we are from different countries, different cultures and speak different languages…

Yes, I will be your tour guide in Odessa and I will take care of such things as booking you the apartment in the center of Odessa and meeting you at the airport with the transfer to the city center. You can trust me in that matter! I applied to Internet in search for a life-partner. I did that because after several attempts to date with local men, I lost a hope to find among them the one who will appreciate my faithfulness, my sincerity, my inner world. If I find a right man for a lifetime, I will be willing to relocate to his country.

To my mind, family life can be built only on mutual understanding and respect, as well as attraction. My unsuccessful relations did not make me cross with all the world and my heart is full of hopes, expectations, that I wish never to be defeated, warmth and love to be shared and given to a dear and close person.

Well, I think I should be closing now, it is impossible to write everything I have to tell you in one letter. I want to know more about you, to hear your opinions on many things. I will be glad to hear from you and can tell you much more about me, my life, my hopes, family, city, just ask :-)

I send you my best wishes.


Letter 3

Hello dear Adriaan!

My weekend was ok. Though it was rainy and cold, - not much fun.

Today at my work I found that I need to be on a probation till the end of October - it means I will not have any vacation in October, and will work Monday through Friday from morning till 7 p.m. It means that if you come to me in October, we will be spending only evenings and weekends together. I am sorry I cannot quit my job. Probation period means that I am a new worker and do not deserve any vacation yet. The situation will be better in November - I will work shifts - day shifts and night shifts, it means we will have more time to see each other. I was told I would have a vacation only sometime in January.

So you please decide which of these months you prefer to see me - according to the situation I've told you of each month. If you prefer me to know more English, I would suggest you come in January when I have the most time for you and till then I could improve my English on English courses. Which I could master much during 3 months from now.
In January we, orthodoxies, celebrate our Christmas - every year on January 7. The apartment will cost about 80-100 USD as in October so in January - it is non-resort months in Odessa.

My family is already in Germany - mother, stepfather who is Yugoslavian and grandmother came there later. So as you can tell they accept my idea of relocating to another country well already. I do not have many friends and I think I am the citizen of the world and not one country, so I am not tied up to live all my life in one country, one city or one street! I do not like to tell much of my family in letters - each member is a long story to describe in letters and when we meet I will tell you all of each if you have patience to hear each long story! I do not have any brothers or sisters. Enough about my family, for now, ok?

Ukrainians like to have barbecue also, a in back yards so in parks and seashore (picnics), and I love it also! I have never heard of Jock of the Bushveld.

I hold the thumbs for you so you pass the interview and get that job!

I send you best wishes for a new week and look forward to your answer!

Letter 4

Hello dear Adriaan!

Sorry but your idea to visit me in October is not good. I really will not be able to devote much time with you at all. I start work at 8 in the morning and finish it at 7 in the evening and then I must walk my dog and eat and rest (sleep). I only have a one day off a week now and during it I must go to the market - buy food and cook meals for myself for a next week - when do you see us "seeing each other" as such a life I have now?

I work in a city clinic so my patients are cats, dogs, hamsters and guinea pigs. There are about 7 doctors working in our clinic and I am on probation as a new worker and work now for free! It is a good place to eve work for a month for them for free so they have me stayed in the future.

I star English courses today! Thank you for payment for it! I think you better be patient till January or if you insist do not be offended if you see me only a couple of hours during a week "now and then".

Well, poka, my dear, wish you good luck. Poka means "bye" in Russian language. And if you want to greet me in your next letter in Russian, please, say "privet". :-) I will respond you on Monday as the agency where I come and get mails from you is closed on weekends.

I send you hugs!



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