Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Warren (Sweden)

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Letter 1


I am here to communicate with you. And it is wonderful that you write me.

If we are created for each other we will be together forever.

I was born in 1979 ( 2.09) I have dark hair and brown eyes, my height is 170, and my weight 55 kg. My country is Ukraine. And town is called Rovno. People here are nice and funny. My hobby's: I like music: pop-rock, disco '60, '70, '80, '90 years, I like a good movie at home or cinema, a like sports. By the way. I am fitness instructor for women. I work at sport club. But i have also medical education. I finished medical collage.

I'm a woman with a great dress sense, I'm an optimistic person who has a variety of interests. I am intelligent,honest,romantic,spontaneous, caring with a big heart,easy to get along with,expressive,attentive, passionate, with a good sense of humor, I love cooking and I'm not into games.

I am anxiously waiting for your response because right now I am a hopeless romantic woman who is in search for that special someone to make my life worth living . With Love and Care . Hope Its you . Take care.


Letter 2

Hello dear,

I am glad that you write me again and we can continue our communication.

I think that relationships feelings are the base of our life.

I would be glad if we can build our happiness together.

I think about it every day. Today I told about you at my work.

I work every day till 5 o'clock. I like to help women to be healthy and beautiful. I think that it is very important for women to go in for fitness. They are future mothers and have to think about health.
I think that smoking is bad. So I like my job.

Tell me some about your daily life ?

Today after work I went to the shop and bought many interesting and delicious things. And I bought a little Teddy bear. May be I will call him like you. And will hug it dreaming that it is you.

Then I came to the translation firm. I come here to write you. It is because I do not know English and do not know computer.

My friend will come to me today in the evening and I will tell her about you. I do not know what she will tell me but I think that will be happy that I found you. She has a good husband and they live during some years together.

I wish you a nice day. And hope you will write me again.


Letter 3


Thank you for your congratulation and wonderful letter! Want to see you in person and sit with you and take your hand and look in your eyes and feel all your wishes.

I will do everything for my beloved man. I will take care of you and will be your dearest woman. How I dream about honest and light relationships.

Please understand me and trust that I mean well, as I am as serious as can be. If you stay with me I will stay with you. Again dear, I am a one man woman and that is what I want it to be. There is nothing else to say about that to me. I am willing to work together with you and do whatever it takes to make a life between us rewarding and happy.

Open your eyes and look inside me. I want to share with you. Let the spirit in your soul go to fly free and to mate with mine, and trust that I am here for you and only you. I imagine us together. I want to touch your skin and to smell your aroma. I want to hear your laughter and to feel your heart beating with mine. You see , it is more than just you and me, it is our future together and that of our dreams. It is our turn to feel and taste the best that life has to offer.

Come with me and my dreams. Let's take control of our lives and be happy. Dear, I want it and so do you.

With Care and Respect.


Letter 4

Hello dear Warren.

I want all your dreams to come true!!! Thank you or your pictures. Is this fish for me?

My sweet , I will not find peace until we are finally together. I will not stop or rest until I am in your arms and I am kissing your sweet delicious lips. I want and need to be in your arms as you are the only person who can bring me to paradise.

I will bring you all my dreams, my hopes. You are the only man in this world that can bring me the life and joy that we both have longed for.
Together we will bring such joy to each other.

I want to share my life with you . I want and will let you carry me wherever you wish. I give you my heart ! Take me and carry me to the heavens and let us soar high like an eagle and fly to our island paradise where we will live in such delightful love forever ! Take my hand and lead me to your arms. Guide my lips to yours and show me love from your kisses. Look into my eyes with yours and show me heaven as I have never seen it before. Walk me through life .

I sleep good knowing you are there for me. You have given me life. My heart will always beat for you. My soul is with your soul as mates.

Your Elena.

Letter 5


We have to inform you that Elena does not know English and cannot use Internet. She has to use our translation firm. She wants to let you know that she does not have funds to reply to your letter.
Elena wants you to know that she is interested in your relationships and wants to continue your correspondence very much.

If you want we can send you the information about our services and prices you need in order to proceed with your future communication. If you are not interested to use our services please, inform us about it and do not give out the information given from Elena as it is personal and confidential.

Principal of "Info".



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