Scam Letter(s) from Nicole Adams to Graham (Germany)

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Letter 1

Well am feeling reluctant to talk about my situation to you because i don't know how you will feel. But I will like to let you know all about why am here.I lost my parents 2yrs ago and before my father died he works as an international contractor,he works across Asia & Africa.Before he died he owns a 100 acres of land here which he bought & intending to build an estate but the Nigerian government impose a certain amount of tax on the estate project which estimated to about %30 of the initial budget for the estate, and this made him changed his mind since there would be no profit in it so he sold the lands and kept the funds in a suitcase traveling luggage and deposit it with a diplomatic Insurance Company who render private diplomatic delivery service and he told them that the box are his traveling luggage.Then he paid them up their custody and security fee, but he did not tell them that the boxes contain money in order to make everything secure and safe since he his planning for a new business to invest on once he arrive back to Nigeria from the state but he died in an auto crash .now that my father is late and as the next of kin to the boxes he deposited with the Security & Insurance CO is what has brought me here to claim the luggage's which contains $3,500,000 Millions US and i know with this i can be able to settle down in Berlin and invest the money.

attach is a documentation to proof to you what I'm telling you.i attach the Certificate of deposit and the Beneficiary Certificate and the Payment approval which the Government of Nigeria Issued to my Lt father before they gave me him the Money and he deposited it with the security company here.

Letter 2

Name-Nicole Adams
Address-5 Ola Street
Zip Code -23401

Letter 3

Lagos (LOS) to Frankfurt (FRA): Departing: Fri 12 Mar
Date Departure Arrival Flight Duration Cabin
Fri 12 Mar 23:05Lagos 05:25+1Frankfurt LH565 6h20 Economy (M)

Total Price
(per person) Taxes, fees and charges
(per person) Passengers


959.00 + 218.54 x 1 Adult = USD 1177.54
Total Price for all passengers 1177.54= USD 1177.54

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Letter 4



An accident patent who was rushed down to our hospital around 01:30pm yesterday afternoon with the name Nicole Adams is now responding to treatment and she should be in a better condition by tomorrow or probably Saturday,she was so unconscious when we was rushed down here yesterday and suffered a little bruise on her left hand but we have taken care of her and expect a good result of her treatment by weekend.

Thank you.


TEL-(234) 813 561 0047

Dr Martin Honestman.

Letter 5

Here is the Contact details of the Company and my depository Information for you to contact them to make the clearance and shipment of the Boxes to you.You will write to the security company and instruct them that you want Ms Nicole Lt father deposited boxes sent to you. While contacting the company, please do not let them know that the boxes contain money, just tell them that you want luggage sent to you as the Beneficiary Then you ask them how much the clearance and the shipment fee would be and Mode of Payment

Contact of Company

Address-2231 Airport Road,Lagos.Nigeria.
Contact Person: Mr Joseph Babatunde (Custodian Manager)
Contact Email:

Deposit Details-
Deposit Code # 9532110-PL
Reference # PLZX 908722
Date of Deposit-21-12-2007

let me know when you write the company so i can as well send them a letter of attestation to confirm your inquiry to them as my beneficiary who is making the clearance and shipment of the boxes to Germany.



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