Letter(s) from Irina Vinogradova to John (England)

Letter 1

Hello sun, my John. I hope you do not mind the word "sun"? I call you the sun, because your letter to me really was like a ray of sunshine in the gloomy weather. I very much waited and missed your letter, and now, when I finally read your letter, I calmed down. John maybe I have many times written to you about this, but I again want to tell you that your letter is always lifts my mood. On my face always a smile and I can even say that to feel happy. Right now even my colleague noticed it. She sits opposite me and ask me why I smile? I told her that I received a welcome letter from you and so I have to cheer up. She also smiled and said that probably is my beloved man wrote me a letter? I blushed a little before her and only that she no longer asking me questions, told her "YES". John, I hope you do not mind that I introduced you to my colleague, as my dear man? I know that we are now only good friends, but I think that there is nothing wrong if she will think of you as my man. I very much hope that you are not going against it.
So look something like today is your day? How your mood, your health? I hope all is well there with you and you have a great mood today? If you have today is not a very good mood, I would hope that my letter will lift you up, as your always lifts me.
John last letter I wrote to you was your cell phone numbers. If you honestly, I was expecting your call, because it is very much like to speak with you. But no phone call from you was not for me it seemed a little strange, because you write me that you tried to call me. At first I thought that maybe I wrote to you my number is not correct, but now I looked her last letter to you, and there was a need to give my correct number. I do not know why you could not get through to me and so I decided to call the operator of my voice and learn from her. Before you sit down to write you this letter, I spoke to my operator and a woman on the phone operator told me that my room service only for Russia and so I can not just call and receive phone calls from other countries. That is, my connection is not international and I can only receive calls from within Russia, but never with other countries. John please forgive me for what I am encouraged by your telephone conversation. I know that you are very much like to talk to me on the phone and wanted to hear my voice, but I did not know that services my room only to Russia. If I'd known about it, I would just tell you this, but I did not know about it and now I can only ask you for forgiveness for what I am encouraged by your phone call. I hope you are not very upset? John please do not fret. I promise you that I have something in mind. I'm like you can call itself a negotiating point. In our town there are many negotiating settlements and as soon as I have more free time I will call you, ok. Maybe even I can call you on this weekend, unless of course you can talk to me. Please just send me the phone number where I can call you always. Would be better if you write me your cell number from which you can always reply to me. So I'll wait for your phone number with country code.
John You know, last night to my home to come visit my closest friend. Her name is Sonya. We're friends with her childhood and always shared their secrets. Yesterday we had a lot of talking, sharing news, secrets, and somehow unnoticed topic of our conversation turned to our relation with you. My friend asked a lot about you and I did not hide anything from her. She asked about love and whether we love you and I to each other. I told her that before this, our relationship has not yet reached and that we're just friends. But in response, she told me that everything begins with friendship. She said that love is such an unpredictable thing that you can not guess what will happen tomorrow. So you should strive for more and always use all that gives us every day life. Personally, I agree with her, but I did not realize that's just what she wanted to tell me that. Today at work I thought about her words and I came to the decision that maybe she talking about us and about the meeting? Maybe she just wanted to give some advice that we do not lose time and have thought about how to meet with you in the near future? I know that we are still not very well know each other, but I think that one meeting will replace the thousands of letters and a million words. Do you agree with me? You would agree? If yes, then I can take leave from work for one month, in order to arrange this trip for you. What do you think about this? John please just do not think of me as a frivolous woman. I am not so and the more I am now seriously to you. Give me an answer that you think about the meeting? If you agree, then tomorrow or in the week to visit a travel agency and find out the cost of travel to you. I then send you all the information that you know, ok.
Well, you're probably already tired of reading my letter, especially with such a serious issue. I will not rush you with the answer and I would like to see you first thought. Write me when you're confident in your answer. I can do is wait for a response from you and hope that you have as much desire to meet me.

With love your Emiliya.

Letter 2

Hello my dear John. Again I want to begin my letter with a request to forgive me for my long silence to you. You probably insanely bored and waiting for my answer, but not until today did not write. Excuse me. John please just never think that I lost interest in you. This is not so. Just at this time there were problems with the internet and that is why I could not write to you yesterday, although I very much wanted and waited for your letter. Yesterday I could not even be reading your letter, because I could not get access to my e-mail box and all this because of problems with the Internet. But today, now all is well and that's only recently appeared online and I immediately sat down to write you this letter. Now I can only hope that you are not angry at me and you will be glad to see my letter.

John today we already Friday, but despite this I would like to ask you how you spent the week? How was your Thursday, what was the mood? Do not get bored alone? On my same Thursday I will not write much, because it was a boring Thursday. The street was - 19 C, it was a cold north wind, so I went nowhere, and almost all the time, was in his apartment. As you can see to write about anything. STOP, by the way I'm wanted to call you by phone on Thursday. In his last letter, I had promised you that I call you on the phone this weekend and that's why I left it on the street just to call you via telephone office. On Thursday, I came to the negotiating points had already been hoping that I call you and finally hear your voice, but when I pulled the door to negotiation point, it was closed. It turns public telephones will not work because there is a repair, but I did not know about it and had promised to call you. John I now feel guilty in front of you and the fact that I am again encouraged by you as a telephone conversation. Please forgive me. I really did not know that it will be closed and so I was promised to you in a letter that call you. But unfortunately the telephone office was closed so I could not call you. John I hope you do not very much were upset on Thursday, when not received a call from me? I really hope not and I ask you to be a little patient. In this Sunday or Monday I will have more free days, and I promise to try to call you. I hope you will be able to talk to me in these days? I tell you later in a letter to more precise time, how much exactly I can call you. So do not fret and wait for my call, ok.
Okay, now the news. In my last letter, I suggested that it was for you to meet with you this month and I can celebrate your birthday with you on March 31. I will be 29 years old. If you honestly, I was worried about your answer, because I invited you to come so soon to meet with me. but I think you'll be glad to meet me at home. John my dear, you can not imagine how glad I am for what you have just as much want to meet me. I hope we will be satisfied and our expectations about the meeting will come true. In my last letter I wrote to you was just that I go to a travel agent and try to learn more about how I would be easier to travel to your country. Yesterday afternoon I went to the travel agency. In the travel agency, I asked the travel agent and asked her to explain to me how it would be easier for me to travel to your country. The agent told me that the easiest way would be for me to travel to you as a tourist. So I need to make a tourist visa and then they can arrange for me to travel to you on a tourist visa. I need to conclude a contract with them for the paperwork and just collect their documents in which they will need to process my visa. I was told that the best way to make a Schengen visa, as this visa can be even later to travel to all countries of the Schengen treaty. The visa costs 34 euro, plus consular fee in your embassy 100 euros. Also I need medical insurance - 1 euro per day (30 euros per month) and travel agency services 150 euros. In general, get 314 euros for the documents and the visa. John I think that it's not very expensive. Do you agree with me? By the way, the agent also told me that for the paperwork for the visa will take about 5-7 days from the date of the contract with them. After the paperwork, they sent my documents to your embassy for consideration. If all goes well, after 10 days visa will be ready and you can already travel to you. Yesterday I signed a contract with them. But now I am tomorrow morning to go to a travel agency to enter into contract with them. So in the middle of the month, I'll already have a visa on his hands and arrive to you for the meeting. I hope you welcome this news.

John I still have one question for you. If you arrive on a tourist visa, then I shall have to book a hotel. But you dearly and so I would like to ask you to meet me at home. It is possible for you? If yes, then I must leave your home address and telephone number of travel agents, so that they can always contact me. But if you can not meet me at home, I would like to ask you to search for me a cheap hotel in your city. You can do this service for me? I will be grateful to you if you can help me with this.
Well, now I finish my letter and will wait for your answer. I ask that you do not make me wait for a reply and write me soon, ok. I miss you, do not forget about it.
By the way, tomorrow I'll make a copy of the contract with travel agency and send it to you.
With love your Emiliya

Letter 3

Hello my sweet John. I could not write to you before, because my work is always closed in the weekend. and yesterday we have in Russia was International Women's Day and all of Russia rested. But today I have not good news for us and I had to tell you about this news. John my dear, first I would like to tell you that I have not lied to you in my last letter. You were really expensive for me and I fall in love with you more with every day. I do not know what was happening to me, but I am more and more I think about you and about our meeting. In my heart I was very happy with what I see you soon, but today I called my agent with the travel agency and now I realized I do not know our meeting or not. No John, please do not think that there are any problems with registration of my documents. With this all in order and travel agency has all the documents from me, who were required to obtain a visa. But despite this there is a problem that may prevent us to meet. This afternoon I called my agent with the travel agency and we had had a long conversation. At first she told me that my registration of my documents is going well and on Friday next week, they sent my papers to your embassy. So if all goes well, then the next week I will be able to get a visa on his hands. I was very glad of this news, but then she told me not good news and this news has upset me. My agent told me that until Wednesday before they sent my papers to your embassy, I should pay them money for the paperwork and just for the visa itself. It is 314 euros. She told me that the money they need until Thursday, because with this money they would pay for the visa and also for the consular fee. I told her that I was not able to pay up to Thursday, because my salary is only March 20 and asked them to wait until my salary. But my agent told me that they will not wait for the money, because it is not in their rules. It made me understand that I must pay them up to Friday, otherwise they will stop my journey to you under the contract that I signed with them. John remember from my last letter I had sent you a copy of my contract? It turns out it is all written in the contract, but I did not notice that the item for payment. Maybe now it's my fault, because I myself did not recognize the payment and now I do not know what to do. Before Thursday, I did not pay them, these 314 euros, then my journey to you to stop and I can not come to you in your vacation. I do not want that, but I do not know where I find the money. Today I tried to borrow this money from my friends and acquaintances, but none of them wanted to help me and all say only that they now have no money. I no longer one to turn to and that is why I now have the courage to write you this letter of request to help me with these 314 euros. John my dear, I'm not very comfortable in front of you and I now hate myself because of this request, but I no longer have to turn to for help. John Please do not be angry at me because of my request and if you can help me with 314 euros, then I ask you to help me. I promise you that your money is not lost and that I return to you the money on March 20, as soon as I get my wages. It turns out that I ask you the money borrowed. John you can give me the money borrowed for a week? I know that you now do not trust me, but I promised you a call tomorrow and I do it. I very much hope that our telephone conversation will add you to trust me.

Now I can only anxiously wait for your heart response. I can only pray to God that you are angry at me and understood my situation. I am sure that today I will have a very bad night, because I'll always think about it, but I hope that tomorrow after reading your response, my mood rises. Please, do not make me wait and tell me once, ok.

With impatience I shall wait for a response. I love you and it is not a joke !!!!!!!!!

Your and only your Emiliya.

Letter 4

Hello my dear John. How are you today there without me? What is your mood, your health? I hope all is well with you?
My God, finally left this check with the principal of the firm. I will not write it about it, but to work with us so come and check these 2 days very hard work. Now they are gone, but I feel very tired. I need a rest, but I have no time to rest, because you and I are still so many cases. I am thinking now of our meeting. Today I have not been contacted by my agent, but it just did not call me and I believe that in processing my papers are all right. It seems to be I gave her all the personal data, in which she needed for the visa, so we now need to have only patience. I already told you was that for the preparation of documents should be about 5-6 days and 10 days after the consideration of my documents in your embassy, I must get a visa. I hope that everything will be fine and a week later I get a visa on his hands. John I have a question for you. Have you already thought about how you will meet me? You'll be waiting for me at the airport with flowers or if you wait for me to call on the phone when I'm in your town? Of course I would like to romance a bit. I think that every woman dreams of is to meet her at the airport with flowers. I also would like this, but if you can not, then I understand. By the way, I give you my suggestion - my favorite flower - this white roses. Maybe you do decide to meet me at the airport and I will be glad if you will stand there with a bouquet of white roses.
John is not very good at it with my hand. I promised you to call you on the phone, but I had never done so. Believe me John, I wanted to call you, but unfortunately I could not find any free time to do so. Please forgive me if I make you wait with my phone call. Now I promise you that I will try to call you on Thursday and this time I keep my promise. So wait for my call on Monday, ok.
John I just did for you a copy of my contract with the travel agency. I remember that I promised it to you send it. So now you can see it and believe in what I actually organize a trip for you. It is a pity that it is in Russian, but I hope you can understand.
Well, I'm tired now and need a rest. I now go home to rest. I will wait your answer tomorrow and will hope that you will write me. Tightly to kiss you on the lips! (I hope you do not mind?) John I'm really falling in love with you every day and probably can tell you now that I love you. I hope your heart is happy these words.
Miss you very for you.
Your and only your Emiliya.

PS: By the way, I send you just a copy of my passport. Now you have a copy of my public document and I hope that it will add you to trust me.

Letter 5

Hello my dear John. Maybe today I had the hardest night of my life. I never feel so much less has never experienced so much for your response. But after my yesterday's letter to you I worry for your answer with all my heart. I was very nervous, I hated myself very much for your request, but I hoped and prayed to God that you just understand me and my situation. Today I have a whole day mad waiting for your answer.

John I am now sitting at his desktop computer and I have now dripping tears from his eyes. Maybe it was because of the songs that I listen to now, but it's probably because of your response. No, I do not think that I cry. I do not cry, it's just tears of joy and gratitude for you. I am very worried by the fact that you turn away from me and help me with the payment of money in the travel agency, but now I read your letter and I have appeared on my face happy smile. John Thank you for what you have not refused to help me in money. You can not imagine how I am grateful to you. If you would be here at my side, I probably kiss and hug you tight. But you're far away from me, but this does not mean that I forget my gratitude. I will keep myself in my gratitude and at our first meeting, I present you with this kiss. I promise you this and you will see that I keep my word.

John in your letter you wrote to me that you can help me with money, but you do not know how to send me your money. Unfortunately I do not have a bank account and the more I've never had that. Maybe for you it seem strange, but in Russia only rich people have a bank account. I'm not a rich woman, I have nothing stored in the bank and so I never registered a bank account. Now for me the only option to get your money is instant translation. We are popular in Russia and almost every advantage of it. You have in your town of Western Union or MoneyGram? This reliable system and you will need only my full name and address to send your money. I already told you my address, but once again I write you this now:

Russia, Moscow 121165 Student Street. house 23 apartment 15.

My full name Jeleznyakova Emiliya

John Circadian BP rhythm, and today it is only 2 days for the payment of money in the travel agency. I ask you to help me until Thursday night, because on Friday morning, my documents have been send to your embassy and this is the last day for payment. If I do not pay the money on Thursday, then travel agency will stop my journey to you. My agent gave me to understand this and I think that they will not wait any longer. So I ask you try to send me your money today or tomorrow morning, ok.

John now I can only hope for you and believe in what you have as much desire to meet me. Today I again all night I will pray to God that He helped us and I hope that tomorrow you can send me your money. Please try us and do not forget that you will not lose this money. I promised you yesterday and also today I promise you that I return to you the money from my wages next week. So you got nothing to lose and will help me organize our meeting. I will wait your answer tomorrow, and hope that you will immediately say to me. I love you and miss you terribly.

Sincerely Emiliya.

Letter 6

my dear, good morning. how you today? how is your morning? I went today to the agency and told me that they are ready to finish the movement with my documents. and that I should pay for it. I said that I would think that I can do and will do so today and tomorrow. the thing is that my vacation starts tomorrow and if I defer payment of the documents that I can not come to you because my vacation is over.
I learned in the bank and they told me that in your country there are offices of Western Union and moneygram. and you can tell me through them your help. if you look it up next to him. I do not have a bank account and not when did not have. and on this I can not do that in a bank account. I get your assistance only through Western Union. I want to call you and I ask you to write me at the phone number which I can call you and hear you to talk. is important. my dear, I beg you to help me with the payment of my documents to come to you, because I most want to meet you in person. I will return to you all that you helped me immediately as soon as I get my salary. I have already arranged with my boss that he will send to you my salary in the country when I'm with you. but if I wait for his own salary, I can not come to you because my leave will be treated to an end. I beg you to help me and all the rest I'll do it and soon I will be able to come to you. I wait your letter today and it is very important to me that you understand me. I hope that everything will be fine and we will soon be able to hug each other. kisses

Letter 7

my dear, I'll call you today. I beg you to help me tomorrow with 314 euros and I can come to you next week. and we will be together and be able to hug each other. I learned and I was told that you can send your help from the Western Union www.westernunion.com. I beg you to help me tomorrow so I can pay all tomorrow and finish the preparation of my arrival to you. kisses

Letter 8

my dear, I saw last night in a dream as we are sitting in the evening together and talk. I'm sitting on your lap and whisper in your ear all his thoughts. I woke up I was crying that it was all just a dream. I am so tired of my cold, lonely bed. My holiday is already underway.
and I learned everything. I was told that I can pay all until Monday.
on Monday evening to tell me that I must pay for all the documents and then everything will be fine and I can arrive to you within the next week. my dear, I have obligations to the agency. and my leave was not infinite, and for this I should come to you next week in time to the maximum time to be with you. ca I've already said I can receive your help only with the help of Western Union or moneygram. is a very well-known service on the transfer of money. and I learned and I was told that it is not all small towns. and you can learn all the banks location. and not difficult to find a Western Union. as you can see the office address of Western Union in the website of www.westernunion.com. and on this site, you can send money through the Internet. if you do not close the Western Union I am asking you to find out where he is and go there. and help me until Monday because it is very important. Here is the information you need to help me through Western Union-Russia, Moscow 121165 Student Street. house 23 apartment 15. My full name Jeleznyakova Emiliya. is my complete information for Western Union and no longer that does not require you to send me your help. I have not any other way to get your help just as I told you.
and I beg you to send me your help before Monday. and I will be glad if you help me today, then I can pay for everything now. when I come to you at the end of next week I will bring you gifts from my mom. a pack a surprise for you. and I beg you to tell me if you want something that I brought you out of Russia. I'll wait for your letter and I hope that everything will be fine. kisses

Letter 9

my dear, I'm so glad to write to you today!! the thing is that I'm so glad that my vacation is already under way, and I spent a lot of time with my mom and my girlfriend. it is only once a year I have free time when not to go to work and do something on that I do not want to waste my time! and I still have my birthday on March 31. and I will be 29 years old. I feel every year that I do not change and only time the clock ticks away =). how are you today? dear. I've wanted to be with you at my birthday and celebrate it with you. as with most special person. I wish that you showed me everything that you like next to the house. I have good news, I could not find a lot of money to travel to you and all my documents had in fact already prepared and I can come to you on Monday! I only need 170 euros to pay for my documents and tickets to you. everything else I've already paid part because most want to be with you in my vacation !!!!!!!!!! I thought it all up. you can help me on Monday with 170 euros for my trip? and as soon as I receive your support through the Western Union I will come to you at night. and we will celebrate the birthday with you and I think that in this day we will be the closest people on the planet! I will wait your letter now and I'll be the happiest girl when we meet with you on Monday and you gave me a bouquet of 15 roses. I am very fond of roses as I told you. kisses

Letter 10

my dear, I'm glad that I can write to you because we have in Russia celebrated Passover. I am very happy this holiday. as you celebrate this holiday? In Russia, we're painting the eggs in different colors. and then we take each one egg and say "Christ is risen!" and beat the egg on the egg and we find out who the egg stronger =). I spent all day yesterday, visiting my mother and it was the calmest day. I'm glad I was able to mentally relax. my birthday is on March 31 just held my mother's house and I only invited her three best girlfriends. and we sat up night and talked about everything that happened to us in life and laughed a lot. I hope that just as you went well. I most want to be with you and I very much hope that this week we will decide everything and I can hug you in person! My dear, do not forget that my vacation is already long? I went this morning to my boss to demand a salary and he said that the salary is delayed. and will be only the beginning when I get to work. I cried and screamed at him I said that I should go on a trip and I can not leave before he pays me my salary. He said that she understands everything but he transfers the money and to blame our employers. I was wrong. dear. My holiday is already under way and in full middle. I ask you to help me with the payment documents and I just come to you. and as soon as I have my salary, I'll give all that you have spent for our meeting. this is just the only option. if the wait is not much we can not meet because my vacation is over. I really want to come to you and be with you. I await your reply now and if tomorrow you will be able to help me I'm at the end of the week I'll be with you. kisses

Letter 11

my dear, I'm glad that you want to help me with the visit. I thought it was too late for that and went today to the agency and they told me that I can still go to you if you paid for. I ask you to send your help through western union as I do and requested. you have my information for western union?

Letter 12

my dear, I received your letter and immediately went to the Western Union to receive your help and prepare the flight for you. but I was told that I should speak to them 10 secret numbers to get your help. I was told that you had to say this code when you sent me help. I beg you to tell me the code of 10 digits so I could get your help. or you can send me a copy of the form of Western Union. I wait your letter now. kisses