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Age: 30
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Age: 29
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Age: 30
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Age: 29
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Age: 29
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Age: 26
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Age: 39
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Age: 30
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Age: 28
Name: Natalia Iarina
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Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Belova to Randy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! What is your real name?
Thanks a lot for your interest to my person.
I'm glade to start correspondence with you and I hope you will give me a chance to get to know you better. At first I want to remind you that I'm new person for the Internet, I'm not good computer user, but I know English not too bad. I can write you letter by myself without any help, just sometimes I use dictionary, because I don't know translation of some words. I find your profile at the site interesting and I want to know you better. At first, I wan to tell you more about myself. My name is Ekaterina. I'm 28 years old. I have blue eyes and blond hair, my height is 5'6" and weight is 116 ibs. I live in Murom city, Russia. My town located 300 km far from Moscow, and I think you are little surprised, because in my profile I wrote that I'm from other country. Please, don't think that I wanted to defraud somebody, just when I tried to register my profile with location Russia I had error message and for this reason I had to choose from countries list and my registration was completed aptly. I hope you are not confused that I live so far from you and you would like to continue our correspondence. Have you any friends I Russia? Also I have to ask you: Have you correspondence with any woman now? Have you ever been in Russia? How many do you know about Russia? If you are interested in this I would like to tell you more about or cultural and traditions. I finished College 5 years ago and work as Interior designer. I like my job and try to do it well. I work full-time from 9:00 am till 6 pm everyday, except weekends. I hope that you understand all tat I have written you and my English is not too bad. I really hope to get reply from you soon and I send you my photo attached. I would be gale to get your photo too. You can ask me any questions free, and I will be glade to tell you more about myself. I will be waiting you reply, with my best wishes, your Ekaterina
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Randy!!! Thanks for your letter. How are you? I hope that at you all well. In this letter I send you one more my photo, I hope that it will be pleasant for you to see it.
Today I would like to tell to you little bit more about my work. As I already spoke you I work as the architect. It is an interesting trade. I meet many interesting people on my work. My work is not far from my house so I should not go much. I go for my work on foot, it not the big distance. My working day not so is easy, I begin my work in 8 o'clock in the morning, and I stop in 19 o'clock in the evening. Sometimes I strongly get tired on work, but I have a rest when at me there come my days off. I do not work on Saturday and Sunday. I spend usually my free time with my friends or parents of a house. But basically it depends on mood and weather what to go to walk. What to work by my trade I finished a higher educational institution. I work for firm. I do projects for buildings and as in combination for design of apartments and houses, it as my hobby. My trade is interesting to me. I think that at a choice of a trade very important that this trade would like, then, I think that the person carries out it better. You agree? Now I have still some questions for you: as whom do you work? Tell to me more about your trade? it is pleasant to you? It would be interesting to me to learn about it, if you not against. I think that if we with you shall communicate and learn each other that in the future we with you much could become good friends and probably and more. You agree? I think that I shall finish my letter on it, and I shall wait for your letter, your new friend Ekaterina
Letter 3
My dear Randy!
I'm very glad to get your letters, and I'm also glad, that I have begun our communication with you, because I feel, that you are very good man, and every your letter brings me a lot of pleasure, and I also happy to see your letter from you! I’m really glade that you want to continue correspondence with me, and I want to ask you, do not stop to write me! I think you are interesting in my person and to know more about me and about place there I live. I didn’t write you before, I live with my old grandmother in the small flat. We have 2 living rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Off cause may be you would think, that our flat is too little, but you know, it is very comfortable and clean. We live very modest, and this flat is enough for us with my grandmother. My parents live in the village, around 45 km from my town. I grew up at this village. The name of this village is Chernushka. There are little river and very nice nature. I like to spend weekends there, because I can rest from big town and off cause see my parents. There are Russian bath. Did you ever hear about Russian bath? It is like sauna, but without swimming pool and in Russian bath people beat each other special besom. They do this for make body hotter and perspire, because all bad for health can get out. Today in the evening my girlfriends will visit me. They names are Tanya and Natasha. They are married, and have children. When I talked with them last time, I told them about you too. They were very happy for me, because I have found such honest and decent man as you. Also they have told me, that they are glad for me, because they did not see me such cheerful, and happy for long time! I smile a lot, because I think about you and I feel myself so happy! I really don’t know what I can tell you else about my self… Have I told you, that I don't smoke? And I don't drink, but I can drink some wine with holiday dinner. If you don't mind, I'll ask you tell me about yourself. I am very interested in all, what takes place in your life. And if you want to know me better, you can ask me any questions, and I'll answer on all of it. I will be waiting your reply with impatience, my best wishes, yours, Ekaterina
Letter 4

Dear Randy!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I was very happy to find a letter from you. We still know not much about each other, but I shall try to tell about myself and find out more about you. You know, I like children. I like to spend a lot of time with them, to play in games and drawing. One of my girlfriend have son. He is very nice and clever boy, he is only 2.5 years old, and sometimes she leaves him with me. Some days ago I was walking with her son and waiting her from shop, when a woman make me the compliment: “So yang girl with so nice childe, you look as very careful mother”. So funny, but she was surprised when I said that this boy is not my son. I think I’m ready to start my own family and I hope, that you are honesty with me, and you will not break my heart, because at preceding year, I had boyfriend, and we was together around 3 years. But after New Year he found another girl, and he started to defraud me, because he didn’t wanted to say me the true - that he don’t want to be with me and find somebody else. After 1 month I caught them together accidentally in his flat, they made love and forgot to close the door… he broken my heart, and it was double pain. I was not so painfully, if he would be honesty and said me all before I saw this my own eyes. No, I forget him, and I want to start my life again. I’m very optimistic person and I hope all will be ok. Tell me about your the city what beautiful places do you have there? How do you spend your free time? Tell me what kind of life are you having in your country. It is really very interesting for me!! You may ask why I cannot find the right man in Russia. Though many men wanted to have love and friendship with me, but as I told you the most men drink here a lot and always find excuses not to work hard. So, it is really very difficult to find the right man to date with or marry to among them. Dear, it seems to me, that our meeting is destiny. Today I saw a dream... I dreamed that I was walking with the person and it felt so nice with him. I woke up and understood, that did not remember his face, but it seems to me, that it is not a casual event in our lives that destiny brought us closer. Perhaps you are the person who I may trust. I am looking forward to meeting a person who I can trust. I want to give you all my care and love to you; I am tired of being lonely. And you, do you believe in destiny? I’m sorry, but I should go for now, I send you loving kisses, and I hope hear from you soon.
Yours, with my best wishes, take care, Ekaterina
Letter 5
Dear Randy! Thank you very much for the letter that you have sent to me!
How are you? I'm fine, and I hope, that you all right too! How was your day? As for me, I worked all day today, and I left my job some more early today, because I want to visit my parents. As you know, my parents live in the village, and I spent there the most of my life, only last 6 years I live in the town with my grandmother. Today, in the evening, I will visit my parents and if you were not against, I would be glade to tell them about you. I try to visit them as often as I can, but I have no car and on the bus it is long way and take many time. I meet them once a week, usually on weekend. My parents are really kind and understanding people, my mom is 52 years old and my father 56 years old. They live together a lot of time, and as my mother said, she never stays alone on weekend or celebration. They love each other very much. My father retired and my mom is teacher. So, dear, I’m sorry, but I don't have a lot of time now, I have to go, because my bus would leave town after 40 minutes, but I only want you to know, that I did not forget about you, and that I hope, that your day was good, and everything alright with you! I want to tell you some more about my personality. People say that I am a very happy person and rarely if ever feel down or depressed. I look at relationships and the concept of marriage as a wonderful thing in my life. I would love nothing more than to fall in love with someone who would love me as much and as passionately as I loved them. I would like to find someone who wanted to be partners in love and life and willing to work together for common goal instead of separately. I guess I should mention that I am a non-smoker and I am very drug free. All in all I am very healthy and hope to share that quality with my partner. I am also very patient and easy going. I hardly ever get upset or mad. You know, I have some questions to you, because I want to learn you better. For example, what do you like most about women and Why? What was the most romantic moment of your life so far? If you had to describe yourself in one word, what word would that be? What is your life's ambition or ultimate goal in life? Ultimate goal? What you want in a woman, what you don't want in a woman? Ok, I have too many questions for you; I hope it would not be too weary. I will be thinking about you, my warm wishes, and I will write you as soon as it would be possible my dear Randy, kisses, Ekaterina
Letter 6
My dearest Randy! I read your letter, and I really have no words to explain, what I feel.
I feel, I found the closest person in my life! It is about you, my sweet! You opened your heart to me, you even can't imagine, how long I waited for you, dreamed about you!!! You are really the man of my dreams! I can’t believe, that fate give us so great chance! Many years ago, when I was a little girl, my mother told me many fairy tales. I loved one of them most of all. There was a beautiful princess and handsome prince in that fairy tale. There were a lot of difficulties and barriers between them. They had many troubles, but the prince knew, that his princess was the one, who was created for him. After many efforts they came together. I can think only of you now. You make me happy, and I know now, when I'll hold you in my arms, when I'll kiss you, I'll never let you go! I am asking myself: is it dream? If it is a dream, please, don't let me to wake up! Now I know, how easy to fall in love, when two lonely hearts find each other on the long and difficult road of life. My Prince, I know, that you can invite me to the beautiful world of love, where we can carry out all our secret amazing dreams, all our desires and wishes. I know, that you can change my lonely life, I believe in it, and I'm ready to travel thousands kilometers, because I know, that you are my soul mate. My sweet, I don't doubt, that we have love intimacy between us now. I feel how your heart beats despite of distance between us, it beats in a step to my heart now... I know it. Were we created for each other? Now I need only one: to meet you. I have a great desire to do it. I already talked with my mother, and she lets me to come to you. She is a little afraid for me, because I'm still her little daughter, but she trust me, and she gave us her parental blessing. My father is not against too, he told me that I have my own head on the shoulders, and he said, that I’m right in my choice and he trust me in this. If you really want to see me in person, I'm ready to talk to you about it. I wait for your decision. Your princess, Ekaterina
Letter 7
My dear Randy!
Thanks a lot for your nice reply; today I just can't wait to read your mail! I couldn’t sleep this night well, because I was afraid perhaps you wouldn’t like to meet me now. I’m so happy now! My sweet prince, I’m really glade that you want to meet me and I will go to the travel agency soon, but today in the evening I will go to my parents, because we have great family celebration - the day of wedding my parents 25 years ago. They invite many friends and we would present them with my grandmother very nice thing - tea kit, there are many caps and nice kettle. So sorry that you can't be here with us, because my parents will be happy too much if you would be here with me! You know my love; I miss you very much, and I'm so sorry that I can't write you long letter, because I should go to take my grandma and go to village, but I will write you the letter as soon as it will be possible I promise you! I am afraid to lose anything we have now, because letters is good and it give us for understanding each other but it does not compare with personal meeting. You know, I imagine us together holding hands, I want to touch your hair and feel your warm… You know, only now I feel how difficult to save happiness, because it is so frail! My heat singing the song of love, and I can’t wait that beautiful moment, when I would hold you in my arms. I will try to get all information from the travel agency and let you know, now, I kiss you and will be glade to get letter from you when I will come back home. I think I will need some more information for the travel agency about you, please, give me your exactly postal address, full name and the name of a airport which is locate near with you. I send you my hot kisses, and I wish my kisses flight to you with wind and touch your with warm rain. Only your, Ekaterina
Letter 8
Dear Randy!
How are you my sweet love? I miss you so deeply!
My feelings to you are so big, that you can't imagine. But sometimes the love and feelings are painful for me. What if I don't get you? I don't want to think of it. You are only one man for me in the world, you have all the things, that I'm looking for and want to have. You are my ideal man, and I’m sure, that you would make me happy. My dreams are becoming to reality, because of you. Thank you for this! If I could give you one thing, I would give you the ability to see yourself, as other people do, then you would have seen, what a dear and special person you are...My sweet, I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden, I asked for a tree, he gave me a forest, I asked for a river, he gave me an ocean. Asked for a friend and he gave me you. You know, many times ago I had hear of love some words, that if you would love somebody more when God, he will take this person from you… I afraid to lost you so much. Sometimes my eyes are full of tears, when I think of you my love. You are my only Love, and will always stay in my heart. I will always love you, today, tomorrow and forever. I will never do something that could hurt you, never. I want to ask you, how you imagine yourself our first meeting?? I want to tell you how I see our first date. First, we will be dinning together, in a place (not important in what place, because I will be happy with you everywhere) where would be nice and romantic. It would be dark and candlelit. After dinner, I want to dance with you slowly and I want to feel your warm. I want to go with you to the beach, walking together along the beach and looking at the stars. I would also bring a blanket so that we can sit on the beach, hug and kiss and watch the sun come up. I really can’t wait that moments!!! My dear! I was in the travel agency this morning, and I found out all conditions of my arrival to you in details. Frankly speaking, I was in shock! If I am able to pay for visa with help of my mother, I won't be able to pay for tickets (even for cheapest!). But I can't get visa without buying tickets in this travel agency. Getting of visa is not a problem, agency takes care about it, and they can get it quickly, but only if I'll buy tickets there. My problem is only a tickets. The price for tickets in your country very huge for me. I really don't know what to do! I'm afraid, I feel scared by my feebleness. Now I can only dream about my arrival to you. My love, it's a pity, but if I want to buy tickets, I have to save up my year's salary (and don't spend it even for food!)! I'm so sorry. I can’t ask you about something, I just can dream… I have no enough money, I did not expect, that travel is such expensive. I want to meet you so much, but I can’t ask you about anything or any help. I want to visit you, but it will be possible, only if you will help me. But I can’t ask you about help because I understand, that this is very big money. Forgive me that I have no this money. Forgive, that I am too poor for meeting with you. If it was in my powers or opportunities I would pay for my travel, and I don’t want to do our relationship dependent from money. Please, promise me that ours relationship will never depend from money!!! Forgive me that I have no any possible to get this money. I can’t borrow that money and unfortunately I don’t earn so big money at work. If you want to help me I will take your help and I will come to you immediately, just please, let me to know is this possible??? Would be possible our meeting? Please, tell me my honey… I wait reply and I hope that fate would give us chance to be together, I send you my soft kisses and please, take care my love, your Ekaterina
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