Scam letter(s) from Anna to William (USA)

Letter 1
Hello William.
It was very pleasant to me to receive your sign on attention.
You very interesting man and I want as it is possible to get acquainted with you is better.
Our dialogue very pleasant for us will be possible.
My name is Anna.
To me of 26 years.
I from Russia.
I live and I work in the city of Cheboksary.
You know this city?
Cheboksary is cultural capital of the Volga region.
It is near the biggest river in Russia which Volga is called.
I very much like the city and I live in it since the birth.
My work very interesting.
I work at school and I am engaged in the organisation of celebratory actions which are spent with children at school.
It is very responsible work and demands from me the maximum attention.
I very strongly like children and I am always glad to look on their happiness.
After all as it seems to me that children's happiness is the most light happiness all over the world.
William and what do you think of children?
Probably you have children?
On the work I often think of that how to make holidays of children as it is possible more brightly.
I always approach to it with soul and strong feelings.
In many respects I am proud of the work after all it brings happiness to people.
William I can know in what your life and work consists.
It will be very interesting to me to know your life and your vital interests.
When I have seen your profile on a site I could not remember all.
But in many respects you have seemed to me very interesting man.
I will be very glad as it is possible to learn is better you.
Probably you have personal interests and a hobby?
It will be very pleasant to me to know all it.
Now my interest to you strong enough.
I will wait for your letter.
Yours Anna
Letter 2
Hi William.
I was very glad to read your letter.
Many thanks to you for that that you could answer questions interesting me.
William for me it is very important to know as you you concern many things.
Now I want as it is possible to learn is better line of your character.
On the nature as to me it should seems any decent man to be serious.
Probably I am mistaken but I wish to find such man.
William each person has a ideal image of the friend to love.
Today I wish to share with you the ideal and to tell to you about it.
I want that you could know about what man I dream and that I try to find.
For me it is very important that the man which near to me in a life should possess certain advantages of character.
William I will list particularly what exactly it should have:
1 Nobleness.
2 Fidelity.
3 Bravery.
4 Honesty.
5 Erudition.
6 Propensity to romanticism.
7 Care.
8 Mercy.
9 Sense of humour.
It should be strong.
As any girl seems to me dreams of that to feel protected near to the beloved.
William now I have described to you the ideal of the man of dream.
I know that in a real life very difficultly to find such man.
But it seems to me that it is necessary to have this ideal in the dreams.
For me it will be very remarkable if I can find the man which possesses at least half of these qualities.
William probably you see in yourself these qualities and possess completely them.
I ask you write to me about it please.
For me all it is very interesting and important.
Now I try as it is possible to get acquainted more close with you and to learn you.
In your letters I feel that you the good man and is always glad to receive them.
We need to be as it is possible more close in our letters and will not hesitate to learn each other.
William I hope for that that you understand me and as well as I are interested in it.
I will wait for your letter.
Letter 3
Hello my love William!
My love William I is very glad to read your letter,
darling William I is very glad that you wish to help me with the ticket, but I wish to tell to you that you do not need to buy the ticket and to send it to me because I have concluded the contract with agency, and I need to pay only 590 dollars, you understand me?
Darling William I would like to fly right now to you, to the person to whom I am really necessary.
But my pain grows that I simply do not have such money. And I do not know, how to me to arrive.
I am afraid to ask from you money because you can on me for it take offence.
But I do not have other choice. I cannot borrow such money, my acquaintances do not have such means to pay my expenses on the ticket.
You unique who can help me with it. If so your love to me I ask you that you have helped our love to find the most important sense - our connection is great.
I will be always grateful to you to you that has presented to me love and possibility to live with such remarkable person as you. And now I very much wish to hope, that you will understand me and will help me to love you, to present to you remarkable children whom we will love and bring up together.
My love William understand that I the truth cannot pay all one, and your help is simply necessary for me, William so you will help me with money?
Darling William you do not need to come to me because I have already concluded the contract with agency, my documents are already made out, and if I terminate the contract I should pay the penalty, you understand me?
William so understand that it will be better if you send 590 dollars on the Western Union, and I will mourn over all, you understand me???
My love William how many days of hope, how many nights without a dream, how many still to wait and suffer, every day sending the kiss with a wind which cannot transfer completely all my feelings with which my heart fills?
How many still can suffer smothering which became yours for ever?
Answer me. How many it still can proceed?
If I could, I would jump right now in the plane already tomorrow to appear in your hands.
Whether all is possible it?
I need your consent and your help without which me simply not to reach you.
And consequently today I ask you, what you think of it?
Already beautiful words and phrases which only force my heart to fight in a ****** more strongly will suffice.
But so it is difficult to constrain these blows, and they break off my ****** on a part.
Infinite dreams about you, infinite dreams and infinite distance.
But as though this infinity of pleasure was not pleasant, it nevertheless should come to the end.
And to come to the end it with a meeting which will irrevocably change our destiny to the best.
I all heart wish it, and you? What do you think of it?
Answer me somewhat quicker, tell, that you want, that I flied to you as soon as possible.
Do not torment more me, and give the chance to me to present to you me completely and for ever.
My love William I very strongly love you, I want to you, William you will help me, you will send 590 dollars on the ticket that I could arrive to you???
William I love you, I will wait for your answer!
Yours forever Ekaterina!!!
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