Scam letter(s) from Elena Timofeewa to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Michael I am happy, to receive your letter. I knew, that you to write to me today. I have woken up in good mood and today saw a fine dream in which we with you not only have got acquainted, but also to walk in park and even to have supper in restaurant. And you have told, that you to write to me soon, and I have woken up. I did not understand, why you have told, will write, when we together? Michael also has woken up and has understood that you likely only have sent me the letter? I weigh day on work was and waited when I can come to the Internet of cafe and receive your letter.
I hoped that you to tell to me as you to represent our day together.
Why you to not tell it?
I miss you. I think of you, Michael I at all do not know, that to me occurs. But I am happy. I never was so is happy as after will get acquainted with you.
Michael what you would want that I cooking for you? Tell to me. I shall try to make it. If I know about this dish I mean can make it. If is not present, we shall make it together. Well?
I yesterday thought of how you to surprise? What surprise to you to make, that you all over again would be surprised. And it is then shocked, and it is then happy? And I can while to think up nothing.
What you very much would like? Tell to me about the main dream.
I send you a photo, I hope, what it is pleasant to you, and you to keep it?
I already miss, and I do not wish to leave from the Internet of cafe, it would be good, if you can answer at once. But likely it is impossible?
I wait you Michael!
Yours and only your missing Elena
Letter 2
Hello My Lovely Michael !!!!
Michael again new day. Soon I shall with you. Every day does us more close one to another and be fast we can in embraces of one another and enjoy our tenderness and caress. I so am glad to it. I so am happy, that soon it happens. My heart madly knocks and with impatience waits, when I can be with you. When I can feel your kiss, your gentle and sweet embraces. I with impatience wait for this day, and I am assured, that it becomes fast a reality.
Michael I today was again in Travel agency. To me have told, that all will be good and that I can not worry. Speak, that in couple of days they will inform me more information, now it is necessary to wait simply. And I wait. I so do not wish to wait. I want more likely to you. Why all so is complex? First it is necessary to pay, then to wait. So it is difficult to me to wait. I every night only also think, only and I represent that I can be with you. In your embraces. As we can enjoy our love everywhere where we shall want and as we shall want. I am madly glad to it.
Michael in Travel agency to me as have told that I can without problems the visa if to prove to the ambassador, that I have no plans to remain in your country. And then I to have more chances of that what to receive the visa. And I should not as to speak that you wait for me.
Then all will turn out. Michael then we will need to make many photo together and we can in general never will be separated. At you to have camera? We can make many photo together? I am assured, that we will have many photo together.
I send you a photo, on which I mentally whole you!!!
It is pleasant to you? I hope, that soon we shall look together at a photo on which we with you shall be together and our love will warm us eternally.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Elena
Letter 3
Hello My Lovely Michael!!!!
Michael, I so am happy today. You represent. I shall soon know date when I to arrive to you. I with impatience wait, when there would will come tomorrow that precisely nobility when interview and date of our meeting is appointed. Michael, I at once shall inform you all what to learn.
Michael, you already all have prepared for me for a meeting? I soon shall with you. And all that is necessary for me, to be with you, and a place where we can be only in together. I am assured, that we can organize it.
Michael, I so worry. I am happy, that I shall be with you both more and I think more, about that as it will occur. I know, that all will be fine. Because we shall be together and already anybody and never can separate us.
Michael, tomorrow as to arrive the grandmother and can bring the remained sum for the contract. And all. All ours with you problems will be solved. And we shall be together. Dreams become a reality, our lives will change, and they will be filled by happiness and love.
I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow.
I love you, I want to you and I dream of us together. And it becomes a reality.
IT IS FINE!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Elena
Letter 4

Michael I wish to inform you fine news. Here the information on flight on which I shall be with you. Moscow (MOW) - Birmingham (USA, Alabama) (BHM)
Departs: 30 March 2010 12:05, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrives: 30 March 2010 14:25, John F Kennedy Intl
Departs: 30 March 2010 18:25, La Guardia
Arrives: 30 March 2010 20:05, Seibels Bryan Arpt Birmingham (USA, Alabama) (BHM) - Moscow (MOW)
Departs: 30 October 2010 09:00, Seibels Bryan Arpt
Arrives: 30 October 2010 11:02, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Departs: 30 October 2010 12:30, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Arrives: 30 October 2010 14:56, John F Kennedy Intl
Departs: 30 October 2010 16:10, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrives: 31 October 2010 09:10, Sheremetyevo Arpt I have now come at once from the Internet of cafe what to inform you.
You understand that that I have written here? It to me to inform in Travel agency, and I to send you. I hope, that you can meet me when I to arrive to you.
The truth? Michael I am assured, that can.
Michael I should pay tomorrow the remained part and all. We with you together. I yet was not at home but I am assured that the grandmother already to arrive and I can liquidate a debt in the morning tomorrow before Travel agency.
I look forward to your letter.
Michael we can soon embrace, kiss, make love, feel our general breath and see happy smiles!!!!!!!!
Michael I want to you. I wish to be with you.
For ever. And it to happen soon.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Elena
Letter 5
Hello My Lovely Michael, I to feel the most bad girl in this world. At me, the truth, is not present words. Any. Absolutely. I do not know what to tell. I to not dare to ask any more from you a pardon that I can not arrive. But I the truth cannot make it. Mum the girlfriend cannot help us.
Michael I to collect all the things, which cost, what or money. I to carry them in a pawnshop. But there have told, what is it cost about 100 dollars.
Michael I the truth has made all that could. I to go to agency and to ask them to prolong the contract or to give me time for payment. They speak, that I can give some days. But all available. And according to the contract I should to pay this money. But I the truth do not represent as to make it.
I do not know what to tell. I understand, that each word of this letter is sick to you because I cannot be with you. Because again promised and could not make anything. But I to believe, believe in that that we can be together. But nothing turns out.
Michael I now sit in the Internet of cafe and I think why we cannot be together. Already so has much made. But I can not be with you. Almost all has overcome, but I can not find 743 dollars.
I do not know what to do. But I shall not lower a hand. I shall search for all opportunities, that we could be together.
Michael I shall learn, that else it is possible to make.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Elena
Letter 6
Hello my Love Michael!!!
I am glad that you to write to me and to not leave me during such heavy moment! Michael, me it is very bad now! I to cry every day!
I cannot stop the tears!
Michael, I at all have no money now! I have given all the money to travel agency! I still owe to travel agency 743 dollars! Michael, I already spoke you that I have concluded the contract with travel agency and have paid it 1249 dollars, I needed to find 743 dollars!
My the grandmother spoke that it can help us and I have written a paper for travel agency that if they to pay for me 743 dollars I am very fast to return to them this money! But my the grandmother could not help us and I now I should where that to find this money which for me to pay tourist agencies! Michael, they have told that my the visa available and they can order for me the next flight and I can go in Moscow what to receive my the visa and to receive tickets at the airport, but all over again I should pay a duty! You understand?
Michael, all it is already ready for my flight to you, it is necessary to make only last step! Michael, it is necessary to pay only 743 dollars and I can fly to you and in some days we can be together! But I I do not know where to me to take this money! I do not know whom to ask about the help! I ask you to help us and be fast we can in embraces of one another! Michael, I ask you to think up that be! Tell to the parents all that I to you have told! Tell it that I have given all of money to travel agency and I would not have money what to send you! If at me were money that I would make it! Michael, tell to the parents that I very much love their son and very much I wish to be with it and I shall make their son the happiest man on the ground! Tell to parents that I ask them about the help!
My the darling Michael, I do not know that to us still to do! I hope that your parents to help us!
I LOVE YOU!!! I hope that I can soon tell to you it personally!
I with impatience wait for your letter!
Yours and only your loving Elena
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