Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to William (USA)
Letter 1
Hi my love William! You to me will allow you so to name? Yes, I really have to you feelings and I could not hide it.
Big to you thanks that you concerned with understanding to mine To last letter. I am glad, that you also wish to meet me. Now it only a matter of time. We really should have a meeting whether to understand is better for us we we shall like to continue relations. I assumed it, that if I meet good and kind the man we should meet. Without it We cannot have the relation. I think, that we already know enough about each other to have a meeting. You are interesting to me very much and I think, that we can be good family together! If things will go well, I would like to be your wife! I dream to find my happiness and I shall hope, that we can be happy. Already all my family knows, that I wish to meet you. I spoke with mum and the daddy about it. Mum and the daddy wish me Only the best in this life. They will be glad, if I shall find my happiness. The daddy as the man wants, that I had the good husband. He should be kind and gentle with me and always take about me care. It was spoken by my daddy. I wish to test love and I want, that me loved. My love, I think, that you also wish to have the good wife! I think, that I shall be for my husband the good wife. I shall be the good mistress on kitchen and I shall be true only to my husband. I can promise and guarantee it. I know, that you the person of your word. You will never deceive and betray me. Your purposes in a life coincide with mine and I think, that we can have good family together! What do you think of it? Right now we should work above our meeting. I am not confident however as we can soon meet, but I wanted To have with you a meeting as it is possible soon. If I shall arrive to the Your country my first visiting will be probable not so long. On work to me advised to apply for information about visiting the Your country in travel agency. We have in city Travel agency and I intend tomorrow to go to this agency and they will probably give me more information About that as I can visit the Your country. And as soon as I can find out more information on it at once you all to inform. We really together should plan my visiting to you. You agree with me? I think, that it for me is possible anyhow. My love, allow me to ask you. I am not confident, but is possible to me some your help will be necessary at our meeting. I shall probably require from you In any information or still other things. You can help me with it? I am not confident, that I can take all things independently. Though I the independent woman and I shall try to find out all things itself. If both of us we wish to have a meeting we should To work as one command! My parents will help also to me to what can. They agreed to my meeting. Only you should promise my parents, that you will take about me care!!! Sometimes I now reflect, that me expects. I so wish to be happy. I trust you completely my heart. I shall not be To be afraid to go to the Your country. It is far from my city, but anyhow I shall be the strong woman. If you will always treat me kindly, That I shall be happy. I shall far from my house and I shall possibly grieve without my parents. But anyhow I should build my private life. I have to you feelings reminding love and I wish to meet you anyhow. If we shall love each other I am probable I shall remain with you. You would like it if we shall fall in love after our meeting? My life will change also I wish to change my life to the best! I think, that always it is possible to go to Russia and to visit my parents! Between us now there is a understanding and trust. We already have the base to our happiness! All my relatives will wish me only happiness and love. Well, I shall speak now from all my native and friends hello! We all very much love you! We send to you warm feelings! I shall close now this letter. Write to me as it is possible soon. Heave nice Day! Sincerely yours, Marina.
P.S.My full name Verbitskaya Marina!
Letter 2
You my love William!!! There were no yet such words completely to express and tell you as strongly I love you. For me always is greater happiness when I speak you this three words I I LOVE YOU!!! Each time when I should close the letter passes some minutes as I at once start to miss you. I cannot live without you. All my life completely depends only on you and I wish to tell to you, that my love is ready to divide all remained life with you. My desire now is to start to study all your features, to feel each particle of your body, to observe of your eyes when you communicate with me, to feel your breath, to hear each rhythm of your heart. You even cannot imagine, as it is pleasant to feel all these instants. I always dreamed, that my favourite person will be such, as you my love. And thanks big to the god, that to me it was possible to find you. Between us there is a understanding which seldom happens between people and it is sometimes heavy to achieve such strong feelings to each other, but we could make it. You know, that in my ideas always there is you and it helps me to have often dreams in occasion of our first meeting. I have told today the mum, that my favourite person, wishes to see me in its country. Certainly mum at once to have tears on the eyes, but understands me how I already adult and a choice will always remain for me. Mum has again asked me how strongly I love you. Also has told, that I can not live without you any more and now we plan ours with you a meeting. My mum is very happy, that we with you are such happy pair. Mum speaks, that now very seldom it is possible to see people such happy. Has come to inform time to news in occasion of our meeting. Today I have visited travel agency which is engaged with citizens and helps to make all necessary documents for visiting any country. And now it will be necessary for me to go in Moscow how the main embassy on issue of visa is in this city. Also I could find out, that my visa will be valid in current of 90 days. I can remain this with you in current of this time. Also I could, that I can fill all necessary papers for 10 days and my visa will be ready. I did not think, that it can be made so quickly, but it speaks that we can meet you earlier. I in the first in a life should use these services how earlier I never had opportunities to do the visa. I never visited other country, but now when between us there is such strong love I very much to wish to meet you in yours the country. I have found out today from the tourist agent, that to me all time in Moscow while will pass process of registration of the visa will be necessary to be. I do not have any relatives in Moscow and consequently it is necessary to stop in hotel. The tourist agent has informed, that it will be necessary to take necessarily with itself 550 $ dollars how this money should suffice on all charges. I shall try to find all sum these days and to inform you, when to take off in Moscow. I hope, that we with you a meeting from this day will come nearer also we can shortly be in embraces each other. I shall try to settle all these problems for some days. You should wish again to my of good luck how it will always give me confidence of. I hope, that these news will make you happy. I love you!!! Now when I should prepare for visiting you my love I need to know your full name, your home address and the most close airport. You can give me this information? You deserve the most gentle, warm embraces and it is fast will not be expressed in my words because I can give you all this at ours with you to the first meeting. Yours forever love Marina.
P.S.I very much love Lilies!
Letter 3
Hello my love William. I was very glad to receive the letter from you. When I read your letter, on my eyes even tears of pleasure have appeared. I see that we are necessary for each other. I visit church, and Imp asking the god for our meeting. How you there without me? I grieve without you very much. You are in my heart. I know that you require me very much, and should feel very pleasantly. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel, that you - my second half. And I want to be with you most of all on this planet. Imp lonely in this huge world and now I have found you. I am very grateful to you, that you trust me. You are in my opinion. With each your letter I understood that you that person which is necessary for me, that the person who is very necessary for me. I as well as you want to see, I want to arrive to you more never to be separated. My love should you inform, that applications on reception the visa today could submit to travel agency which at once to send inquiry in the main office of embassy of Russia which is in the city of Moscow and consequently it is necessary to go to this office to start to prepare for all necessary documents for reception the visa. I am glad, that my inquiry has been approved. Lovely, I very much would not like to burden you with the difficulties, but I so would like to see you faster. I not I can to ask you about the help but if you want to see me can help me with money faster. On registration of the visa as I to you wrote to me for this purpose it is necessary 550 dollars $. I think this the sum very big and consequently should you tell for what it intends. I could learn, that cost of the visa will cost 100 dollars $. Also 150 dollars $ are required to buy the ticket up to Moscow and also at once to issue the order for a way back. Also for the period of official registration of papers I still should remain in Moscow and I would not have relatives at which I could remain, therefore I should live in hotel and residing in Moscow will cost the big money. I really should not do these requests to you, but now there is no other variant to appear together. You see, that I had to put all the efforts to search of money for our meeting. And now my parents cannot help me, also when I addressed to friends too there was no success how all my friends do not have this money. You can trust completely to me and if you would like to meet me please to make this help for me. I very much hope for your help my love because only on you at me all hopes. And you can help to meet to us if you will help me. To accelerate ours with you I shall meet could find out, that there is the most convenient way of transfer of money. This system refers to Money Gram. My love to a regret to me never was necessary to use this system and consequently the girlfriend has solved to visit together with the today one of branches of the Money Gram to take consultation. Also could make sure completely that this system of transfer of money is more reliable. Also should you tell, that if you agree to help me it will be better to you to specify by transfer of money Russia. It is necessary for that because many people, which to use this system to specify in a place of Russia, the name another the country. Today it was possible find out the address of bank: The address of bank:
RUSSIA, 420126 My full name: Verbitskaya Marina Also I could find out, that in yours the country is many such branches and you sent me of money. If you will have an opportunity to help me you should take with yourself the identification card how without it you cannot make transfer of money. Representative Money Gram to inform me, that you will need to be sent me 8-place number. By means of this number there will be an opportunity to receive money only at me. This system safe and to you it is not necessary to have experiences. I shall wait from you this information. I know, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it has heated up my soul and a body. A smile from my special person - something which can decorate even the most dark day. One thing which I have noticed from reading your letters, is, that you are very strong. It seems that you have captured and have learned from experiences of life, and it is reflected in your letters. I am now very glad also to me hunting to dream up a little about our attitudes: Night, the novel, we one in a room, we include music and Dance slowly. I study your eyes, they - is so deep, and you look in mine, they are full emotions. I see your lips, so soft, and I want to kiss them. We love each another, and minute - eternity … Or so: - … you come back from work. I expect you. I have Preparing very tasty dinner, and we sit at a table, you inform me news, about your work and I only we listen to you. Require what - be still. I only enjoy the moments which I spend with you. Then we go in a drawing room a room, and observe a film. We sit on a sofa, Embrace and kisses. Only quiet evening … I hope, that these dreams very soon become a reality!
Write to me, please, your ideas about it. I expect impatiently your
Answer. Hot kisses for you. Yours Marina.
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