Scam letter(s) from Olga Volkova to Jose (Mexico)

Letter 1
I do not know how to start this letter. I am a little worried. I think you ask where I got your e-mail. the fact is that I am seeking a man for life together! I'm tired of living alone. and I decided to go to a marriage agency. It seems they are cooperating with the dating site. and they gave me your e-mail. I do not know where they got your e-mail address. but I hope they will help me find a good man. I want to find a man who can give me a lot of love and happiness.
I have 30 years. I live in Russia. and here in Russia I could not find the right man who could appreciate and respect me. in my life I've met only "cold" men who are not capable of love! so I was not married, and I do not have children, but I hope all this will happen to me! I am interested only serious relationship!
I hope my letter will interest you and you answer me. so we can begin our correspondence. earlier I did not write to men on the Internet, I do not believe that you can find love through the Internet. but I know that many people find each other and now they are happy. maybe I'll also lucky once. if you answer me, I can tell you about myself, and of course I want to know you, too, and see your photos. I hope you'll love them.
but I want to say right away, I'm looking for only serious relations. I do not want to waste my and your time wasted. and if our life goals do not match, you can not answer me. well?
but I hope to get your answer!
with respect for the stranger from Russia
Letter 2
I am very glad that you are interested in me.
As you already know, I from Russia.
I am 30 years old. I never was married, I have no children. You can ask me why such girl as I, has no husband or the person.
Here it is difficult to find the worthy person. I wish to find my soul mate. It is assured, that I can it.
Probably at me does not develop to find the husband, but I try to find the future husband. And what you search?
I write to you from Internet - cafe. I have no Internet of a house, but I think, what it with you will not prevent us also we can learn about each other a lot of interesting))) that you will tell?
As I want to tell to you, that I want to meet pleasant and fair the man for serious relations.
If our interests will coincide and if between us the fire of love will flash, I with the great pleasure shall arrive to you and I shall become your wife. But about it still early to speak.
I think, that we with you can learn about each other a lot of new and certainly learn each other this most important.
I think, it will be enough for first time.
I hope that you will understand me. I shall allow to you my photo))) I hope to you it it is pleasant.
I shall wait your answer! Him certainly your photo as!
Sincerely Natalia!
Letter 3
I am glad to see your letter again. Thanks you, that you understand me.
Thanks for your photos. It is pleasant to me to see you. I like you, I hope, that you like me too.
I want to tell to you little bit more about me. I hope, that it is interesting to you.
My name - Natalia. What can you tell about your name??? Why you have received such name?
I live in Saint Petersburg. It is the big and beautiful city. I was born here. I live with mum. My father has died when to me there were 18 years old. I remember it well. It was the remarkable person.
I like to look romantic films and comedies and as I like to listen to cheerful music. I believe, that music helps to be cheerful. Most of all I love POP music. And what music does you such? It will help me to understand your character.
I never had experience of acquaintance to the man from other country. But I think, that it is really interesting. I think, that I can find the happiness. How you think? It is real for us with you find the happiness?
I had relations with men in Russia earlier. I have no many admirers. And I understand, that it will not bring anything serious. I adult enough woman, and I do not want the relation within several weeks.
I wish to have family happiness. I wish to have my loving husband. I wish to give my love to my husband.
I hope you the serious person and you search for serious relations.
To me it is very important that it was so. Because I am very serious to it.
I have decided, that I shall try acquaintance through the Internet. I have Internet - cafe about my house. Therefore I can frequently write to you.
and what you search in the Internet? You search for serious relations or it only for the sake of entertainment or game? Please answer my question fairly. As you remember, that I search only for mutual and serious relations! Further it will develop in matrimony. I hope, that you understand it.
I appreciate kindness and sincerity in people. I do not love liars and egoists.
I do not know, that I can tell about me directly. I hope, that you can ask me something. I shall answer you with pleasure.
I send you my pictures. And I wait your comments on it. Well?
I should go now. I shall wait your letter.
Letter 4

I am again for you.
It is a pleasure for me to see your letter again. This is really interesting for me to know you more with every letter.
Thanks for your photo. You good. i like you. It is pleasant to see you.
I would like to know more about you. Do you have hobbies? what you do for fun?
I want to tell me more directly. It is interesting to you?)
This is because I want to write all at once for you. But I do not know where to start it.)))
Perhaps I will say about my work. I work as a waiter. I love my job, it is very interesting and funny sometimes.
Here in Russia it is difficult to have a good job. is not enough money to pay. but you can live. I'm not complaining at this. always difficult to live in your country is like here. so?
Yesterday I had a funny incident occurred. to us in the restaurant came to man. He was very excited. he was supposed to have dinner with a girl.
and he asked us that it was all beautifully done and executed. he wanted to do for a girl proposed marriage. But he did not know how to make a proposal, and he asked me how best to do it. I invited him to drop the ring in a glass of champagne.
when the girl came there was a very romantic situation and the man was very nervous and he mixed up the glasses and turned so that the glass with the ring was from him and he would constantly changing with the girl, but she did not understand it. it was so funny to look the part))))
but then I helped them and changed glasses))) girl drank champagne and saw the ring and she understood everything))) so nice to look at their happy faces)))
in my work there are many pleasant and interesting. I love helping people.
I think that people should help each other. you agree with me?
And who are you working? What are you doing? Tell us about your job?
So, I'm working every day for 8 hours. I try to spend their free time mostly for health. I love being outdoors. you love nature? I love walking in nature. I often go with friends for a picnic. do you like?
Sometimes we go with girlfriends to cinema or nightclub. I love to dance.
I am 30 years old. I have green eyes, blond hair. My growth approximately 171 cm. My weight 50 kg.
Now, about my education. I graduated from technical school. But I do not work on a specialty. Also I know English well. I studied it since childhood! you know other languages?
I hope that my letter was interesting for you. I never wrote to men from another country. So I worry a little. Please tell me if I say nonsense .))))
This may be due to differences of our cultures. I understand that different countries have different culture of communication.
I have studied your culture and you are my every letter more. You agree?
Oh, my time has come. I must go now. ((
I hope that I will receive your letter again. Okay?
Bye. I will wait your letter soon.
Letter 5
I am glad to receive your letter today. This is becoming my habit. I love it!)))
Thanks for your photo. Very pleasantly. Thanks. I will be glad to see even more photo from you.
How are you today?? I hope all is well.
I wish to tell to you, that it is very interesting to me to learn about you more. You very interesting person.
To me becomes pleasant when I know about you.
I have a wonderful mood. you have good weather?
I wanted to tell you that my day starts more interesting when I receive your letter. I was accustomed to receive your letter . And you wait for my letters??I hope that we will know each other better every day. I would like to see your photos.
It is difficult to know a person when you are far away from him.
It would be much easier if we could do evening in a good cafe, have a cup of coffee. Do you like coffee? I love it!
I often think about my friend. To be honest, I envy her a bit.
She sought her fortune in a long time and finally found it. It is so beautiful.
Now it is far from the family, I think it's a little sad.
But I am sure that her husband would not give her the sad moments.
They love each other, and this is most important. they are very happy. I saw a lot as they were happy and it's nice to watch))) I think I may be lucky as well. do you think?
I want to know what you think about me? I think you already know me a little.
I really want to know what you think? we will be able to have a great love? I am old enough girl, I know that the man wants.
In Russia they say that people learn from mistakes. You agree with that?
If we want to know each other more, we must be honest and open for us.
I wish to admit for you. My heart becomes warm for you. I think, that it is good for us with you)
you can ask any question to me. And I also want to know about you all.))
I must go now. I hope to see your letter, when I come to the cafe again.
Incidentally, I could call you "my dear"?? I love it!)))
Letter 6
Hello again, my dear!!!
I so am glad to receive your letter again. It became my habit! I wait your letter and when I receive it, my day turns out very good! You do my day by brighter! I can even tell, that my day becomes brighter than the sun!
Yes, of course, it here exists. There it is possible to buy coffee and to eat a doughnut)
Yes, to me to like idea about that to sit down in the plane and to arrive to you, to drink coffee. But unfortunately, I cannot do it. I not the rich person for this purpose.
As to about trips to you in a reality. I want it. But the most important thing that you wanted it as. You want?
Yes, I real. And how to prove you it I do not know. How I can prove to you it?
It is pleasant for me for understanding, that someone waits my letter in other country, is far from Russia. This such fine feeling!!!
today I had a very busy day. I was at work, then have go to the bank, that would know about my credit for an apartment. By the way Hector, I told you that I bought an apartment in a credit?? I think not.
Dear 3 years ago, I decided that would buy a separate apartment, to have my apartment and live separately from parents. I did not have sufficient money to that would immediately pay for my apartment and I decided to take an apartment in the credit and for several years to pay this amount of money that would definitely get my apartment.
Every month I paid my debt on the apartment, while the country has not suffered a global crisis, I kept my salary and my mother helped a little .
But, after this crisis was all much harder.
My Mom cut out of work due to no grasp of the money to pay employees.
4 month ago I was transferred to another job(Which at me is at present) with a small salary. Now my salary was barely enough for that would feed my family and me, the fact that what I would pay all the expenses of my family because now only I'm working in family.
oh dear, I think I digressed)))
Today I read all your letters. And with surprise I have understood, that it became a part of my day!
You want to know, what I think of you? Certainly I do not know you very much. But I already have the first impression about you. It seems, that you serious and responsible the man. You are sure in you directly and in your actions. I am right? I hope, you are fair with me. I appreciate this quality in people! You very interesting interlocutor. I think, we can discuss many different themes. As it is pleasant for me to learn you more. It is a pity, that we are divided with distance. It would be pleasant to meet you and to have walk. How you think it it would be good for us? You the good person, and you like me very much))) I think, that I like to you as.
It that I think of you. I hope I am not mistaken?))) I have really got used to receive your letters. And I want, that you spoke me about everything, that occurs in your life. It is really interesting to me! Also I shall speak you about everything, that occurs to me here.
I want to tell about you to my mum. What do you think of it? How I can present you to it? Probably it is a little early? I want to know, what you think of it?
Probably I hurry events a little, but I want to tell to mum about my experience and feelings to you!
I shall not speak with it about you right now. I want, that you have allowed me to do it. I think, it will be correct. You the man!
Now you probably think, that I was lost in dreams.))) It to not change. It has been made by my nature, and you should understand it!
Oh, I should go now. But if it is fair, I would like to lead here a lot of time. But I should work now.
I would like to receive your answer soon because my illusions can increase!)))
Good-bye, my dear ! I hope, you will understand my letter correctly.
Kisses for you!
Yours Natalia.
Letter 7
Hello my dear man!
you made my day brighter again. I am glad that I read your letter. I have the day off today. and all day I can spend freely. I think about you. thinking about that may I meet you))) you think about this?
My name Skryabina Natalia. I love chocolate ice-cream. My favourite aroma the Lavender.
I like to listen U2. Soloist Bono. I love romantic comedies. And animated cartoons. I do not love thrillers. But I can look if it interestingly.
Yes, I can eat spicy food. If it did
My life in the purpose to have happy family. And it is final children.
You the good and interesting person. You like me.
Where I see us with you? You and I as the husband and the wife)))
I would like that you were near to me. This my desire. As if you were near to me. I would be happy also you as)
I walked around the city and I was thinking about you. it would Interesting go with you! I really want to hear your voice!
I very interested in you! so I think of you more often! it is a strange feeling. I can not say it in words.
I understand that I may be wrong, because I've never seen you in reality. but I think my feelings do not deceive me! I want to have dinner with you. then we could talk face to face! ok! I again lost in dreams)))
you can show me more of your paintings? I want to see your pictures! and how was your day? interesting that you had today?
in my city many negative sides. such as air is very ***** here. also developed a crime! I often think about other countries. why Russia so many people do not want to work? this is so strange! I think people should work and love his work!
family and children are necessary for everyone. need a little happiness to all! have a decent income from work, loved one, children and peace of mind for yourself. Only then society will develop. but it is not present in Russia. all possibilities for this purpose, but have no desire to ...
I totally entered the conversation)) It may sound rude, but Russia - a country where power and money solves everything!
I do not want to live in my country all my life! I feel that I will have a different fate! ;)
you trust to fate? You Trust me?
I want to know what you think about me? you have the impression from my letters? I want to know the truth! please, this is not necessary to flatter! I am interested in your opinion!
I hope to receive your letter soon!
Bye, my dear man !
Another kiss &))
Letter 8
Hello, my sweet man !!!
Thank you that you wrote to me! I think I'll tell you - I am glad to see YOUR LETTER !!!))
I wish to tell, that I liked your photo very much
It is pleasant to me to hear from you compliments) thanks to you. It does me very pleasant)
I am happy, that my letters mean for you much. It as is important for me. That it brought to you many pleasure and happiness.
You asked me about that that I have given to you my address and a copy of mine the passport. I will give to you the address. But to give to you a copy the passport to me time is necessary.
May you send to me that such Western Union 2000 Euros for my papers and trip? What is it for you my man? It’s a few money for our love.
I feel the kindness and understanding in your letters. is very important to me!
Today night I saw you in my sleep! We had dinner in a small cozy cafe. was so interesting and romantic! you were excited and very beautiful! I do not remember what we talked about. I remember only your image!
I feel your warmth and care! Tell me honestly, do you have feelings for me? I think if two people met each other and they begin to have feelings, it is very important! without feelings it is impossible to start a relationship. Of course this is only the first sense. when man and woman meet each other, look in the eyes of each other, they begin to experience other feelings, they feel affinity. I'd like to meet you and take your hand to feel your warmth! Oh, I dream about it, Hector!!! and you? Say, you would like us to meet with you very soon? I very much want to meet you face to face and examine your eyes, my angel! I very much want it!
I often think about Olga. (She's my friend. She lives in Europe now, in Spain). we are friends since childhood. so it was difficult when she left Russia. first days I was waiting for her letter. but I did not get nothing from it. I think this is due to poor postal service in Russia.
I hope she is happy. I think Patrick take care of it very much! you talked about me with someone else? I told you about my mom. Mom is very happy for me and you. She said that it was very nice to know that you have for me), I was embarrassed, but I think that's true. I think about you every minute. I do not know why this is so. but you for me became very important. and even my mom say me that you are very good. she learned a lot about you. I told her everything and what I feel for you ogormnoe attraction. I am drawn to you like a magnet. is feeling. you understand?
everything that you write to me, it's very important to me. I know that for you it's just very important and I can not live without you. so. you understand?
my dear, our letters have become part of my day.
Unfortunately, I must finish my letter now. I must go! and I hope to receive your letter soon!
Letter 9
Hello my dear man !!!
I do not know how to start this letter. You became my close friend. I think about you constantly. I dream about our meeting almost every evening. I want to hear your voice, feel your touch. It is really important to me.
You asked that I have given to you my data. Here it. I have learnt about the Western Union.
My full name: Natalia Skryabina
My full address: Street: Rudneva 9
Appartement: 37 City: St. Petersburg Russia Postcode: 194291
Tell to me as you will give 2000 Euros to me. I should know the sum to receive it without problems.
I can not say my feelings in words. A few weeks ago I could not dream of such a man as you, my gentle man.
I want to tell you the truth. I'm really happy that I met you.
My dear, I'm afraid to admit my feelings to you. I do not know how you answer me this. I wanted to tell you about this in my last letter, but did not dare.
I think about you constantly. I think about you when I'm eating, and even when I go to sleep. In the morning I think about you also, my dear man. You ever thought of such love?? I'm falling in love many times in life, but I think that I did not have a true, great love!
I feel love for you. because I think about you constantly!
I want to tell you about my feelings for you, and I would like to know everything, what do you think of me, because only we can talk about these feelings! In my heart always your name! I wake up in the morning, and I say "good morning my love!". You do not hear these words, because we are separated by great distance, but maybe you can feel it now, when you know it! I'm going to work, and I see you, you see you in every man at the bus stop, I often look at the man, and it seems to me that this - you and you are so close, but I understand that this is not you! Perhaps you'll think I'm mad, but it just seems to me that I love you! I never knew this feeling before and I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO MAKE! In my mind VERY BIG DESIRE TO DO SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT,
I really would like to kiss you, I really would like to reach you my love. I just want to sleep in your soft and strong shoulders! I want to smile at you and want to make you happy! I would like to have dinner with you, I would like to do all the things in my life with you! Because you are now - the most important part of my life !
I also thought a lot about how to meet with you. thought about how it all will be. Tell me. you want to meet me? see me face to face? Tell me you want me to be with you? do you want me to learn about how I can come to you? you want me to learn how I can be with you? you want to be with me and never leave? I will go to a travel agency and learn about the cost to come to you!
I live in a world of love and my love only for you!
My friend laughs, because when she asked me, or just talking to me, I can not talk to her about anything except you! All my conversations with her friend just about you! I feel crazy, because you are constantly in my thoughts! I remember every word that you write to me, I feel sometimes your mood, and I see where you are - good and when you - have a bad mood when I read your letters! You know that I read your letter several times a day? Yesterday, I read your letter many times, and I was shaking! I think I love you, but I can not understand what was happening to me, help me understand this, tell me what you think about this? It is very important for me to know your ideas too!
It is a pity that you attended to now close to me, I just wanted to talk with you about this right now, sorry, but I have to wait only your answer now!
I hope that soon we can meet each other, whether we do well, I do not know how we can see each other, but I think if this is true love that we can overcome all, and we'll be together! I want to send a letter to me is the hottest and most passionate kiss to your lips! I hope you feel it, and it is very nice to you!
I look forward to your response now
all your Natalia
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