Roamnce scam letter(s) from Victoria Smelova to Gene (USA)
Letter 1
Hello!!! How are you? My name is Viktoriya. I very much wish to get acquainted with you more close. I never was married, here and have decided to find in the Internet of the friend, and in the course of dialogue is possible more than the friend! I think our correspondence will be interesting to both of us! And probably she will outgrow in serious relations! I hope that I have made for myself a correct choice concerning you! Now I will directly tell about myself! I very sociable and cheerful girl, in a life I the optimist also rejoice to each come day!!! To me of 30 years! I live in Russia! My native city of Kazan. Here I was born, have got education, and have got a job, which is close to me on spirit! I work as the doctor (therapist) in one of polyclinics of my city. At my work at me not enough free time is final! And if it appears that I try to spend him with advantage for itself! At leisure I usually meet friends, we visit cultural institutions such as theatre, cinema. We like to sit together in cafe:) As I by a trade the doctor I watch over the health! I drink I smoke, in the mornings always I go in for sports. From sports I prefer run and swimming more! I think that you with the big interest read my letter! I hope that I have interested you also I will be very glad if you again write to me! Viktoriya.
Letter 2
HI !!!!!!!!! Gene How are you? I hope you have a great day! I am glad that was able to interest you since you wrote me back! Today in my city just beautiful weather! I went to work, and rejoiced that solar day, as well as going to the city and people have a smile on their faces, and you think if someone is smiling at him, all is well! I can watch it every day as the walk on foot to their jobs! The distance from my house to work half an hour of walking, I am better than Walk will use public transport! Despite the fact that I am very tired after his work, I go home with the hope to see your letter! After reading that, I added more power and emotion! At the same time,I will finish my letter! Waiting for reply as the nightingale for summer :-)
Victoriya .
Letter 3
Hello Gene !!!! I am very pleased to once again receive your letter. In reading your letter I understand that our communication to become more warmer! With very pleased with me! Finally I found a friend who I can trust and who understands me! Do you think my friend? I want to tell you a little more about yourself and your family! I live alone, separated from their parents! I live in an apartment which I inherited from my late grandfather! My grandfather was a member of the Second World War! It was war from beginning to end! I still keep his orders and medals he received for services to the fatherland! My grandmother lived until now, she lives with my parents, because it's a bit sick, my mother took care of it! My grandmother as well as his grandfather had participated in the Second World War, she was a surgeon in a military hospital! And I hear his grandmother decided to help people and become a doctor! My mother is now retired, she formerly worked as the seller in the shop! My dad worked for many years a taxi driver! Our family is very friendly, we love to come together on weekends or holidays! Now you know a little about my family! And can you tell me about your family? Yes I certainly can that woman which to you be necessary. I would wait for a response from you!
Letter 4

Hello my Gene . How are you? I congratulate you Happy New Year. I to wish you that you in new year had many happiness, good luck and everything, that you will wish yourselves. Excuse me, that I to you so long not to write. I to leave to the grandmother in village for New year. We not to wish to leave with its mum one in it a family holiday. At her place there is no computer, therefore I could not write to you. Still, at it was yesterday Birthday. To it 75 years were executed. There were many relatives. We have well celebrated birthday. Tomorrow we will have a Christmas and it will last till January, 7th. On January, 7th, I again will return to the grandmother. To me already soon to come to work. So it will be difficult to work, after such good holidays. Tell to me as you have met New year. On it I will finish the letter. I to wish you once again all most the best. I on you very strongly missed. I hope you for me do not take offence, for so late answer. Yours Viktoriya .
Letter 5
Hello dear Gene . How are you? At me all is excellent, I am very glad to see your letter. How at you weather today? At us weather very cold approximately-25 degrees. As I already spoke you that at us this night Christmas and we will celebrate this holiday. Today people should visit church to be sorry about the god for sins, and I will necessarily go to church. I will pray for both of us that at us all was remarkable. Then I will go at once home to the grandmother, and I will return on January, 8th. Dear I wait for very our first meeting and I dream, that it happens as soon as possible. I hope that we with you shortly will be together and we will be very happy, and we will have children. On it I will finish the letter. With a Christmas. With love Viktoriya .
Letter 6
Hello dearest Gene . How are you? At me all is excellent, I am very glad to see your letter. How at you weather today? At us became warmer approximately - 15 degrees. My days off proceed, but on Monday it is necessary to start to work. I have very well had a rest for all holidays and is ready to work with new forces. As you have celebrated holidays. You now work or just as I while have a rest. It was very a pity to me that all these days you not with me nearby, but I all time did not cease to think of you and dreamt of our meeting. I so strongly wished you to embrace and kiss, but understood that it will be possible to me not so soon as it would be desirable, but I do not despond and I will aspire that it has occurred as soon as possible. And you often thought of me for these days which we with you communicated a little? I have removed video specially for you. On it I will finish the letter. With love Viktoriya .
Letter 7
Good morning Gene . How are you? At me all is remarkable. I was glad to read your new letter for me. With each your letter at me on a shower becomes warmer. Your letter for me, is a sun ray in cloudy weather. Your letters always to cheer me up. I not to know, as though I to live without your letters. Weather at us today the good. In the street it is warm and clear. At job at me not so it is a lot of patients. Each of them congratulated on the come New year and Christmas. To me it was very pleasant. Now I sit and I drink tea with colleagues. We sit and we share that who as has spent holidays. I have understood, that all my colleagues have very remarkably spent these holidays. Yes I certainly can make a vacation to myself. I wish to finish the letter. I to wish you all naiia (home-made vodka) 7i the best. Kiss. Viktoriya
Letter 8
Hello dearest Gene . How aro you? At me all is excellent, I am very glad to see your letter. How at you weather today? At us weather became better, approximately - 10 degrees. How are you doing with work? Excuse that could not write you the letter yesterday, my working year has begun hard enough, patients was so much that at all remains to time to write to you the letter. After work yesterday I am very tired and when have come home at once have laid down to sleep. I have very well slept and was this morning full of forces and energy. Today at me as it is a lot of patients, but I have solved that yet I will not write you the letter I will calm down. I very much want that this year at us with you all has come true about what we only we dream. My dream it to be with you nearby till the end of the days and that ours with you the meeting was as soon as possible. How you think we with you we will meet this year? On it I will finish and I will be engaged in patients. With love Viktoriya .
Letter 9
Hello dearest Gene . How are you? At me all is excellent, I am very glad to see your letter. How at you weather today? At us again it becomes very cold approximately - 20 degrees. Forgive for that that has not written you yesterday the letter. I have poisoned early yesterday with meal and me have taken away on an ambulance car in hospital. Maine have made washing of a stomach and this morning I already left hospital. At present I am on work. Today at me again it is a lot of patients, but to me it does not prevent to write you the letter and to drink a cup of hot coffee. How at you business with work? At us in Russia since January, 13th for January, 14th celebrated old new year. You as have such holiday? Give we will try in the beginning of next month. On it I will finish the letter. With love Viktoriya.
Letter 10
Hello Gene . Howe are you? At me all is remarkable. I am very glad to receive from you the new letter. Weather at us very cold. In the street temperature a minus of 30 degrees. I would not like to leave today on street at all. I am glad, that there have come the days off. After such good and long holidays, it was heavy to me to come to work. I consider, that I soon will enter into a normal operating mode. I am going to today to go on a skating rink with my girlfriends. We wish to go skating. Than you are going to to be engaged during week-end? It would be very healthy if we with you have together celebrated your birthday. Tell you you want that I have arrived to you and remained to live at you for ever? If you want it give we will start to think, that it is necessary for us for moving to you. You very much like me also I very much I wish to be with you ???c?? (together). My feelings to you the presents it not game. I like you as the woman? I finish the letter. I wish you excellent days off. Viktoriya .

Letter 11
Hello dearest Gene . How are you? At me all is excellent, I am very glad to see your letter. How your mood today? At us today became little bit warmer approximately - 12 degrees. And how at you with weather? How at you business on work? At me former very many patients. Excuse for that that has not written you yesterday the letter. Yesterday all the day long I have spent on the basis of rest together with the niece. We skied and on sledge and the fads. Home we have returned only in the evening. How you have spent the days off? Very much it was pleasant to me as I has spent the days off. New working week now has begun and it is necessary to work again. As I would like to be near to you and to spend all time together. You at all do not represent as I it I want. I hope that at us very soon will turn out to meet you. Give me please the phone number, I can call you. On it I will finish the letter. With love Viktoriya .
Letter 12
Hello dearest Gene . How are you? At me all is excellent, I am very glad to see your letter. How at you weather today? At us weather became much better, approximately - 10 degrees. How at you business with work? I on work had today many patients and do not remain to time to write you the letter. At present I am in the Internet of cafe and I write you the letter. We in Russia had yesterday such evening in which not to be ill it is necessary to come on small river and to plunge into water for some seconds. I went last night and fell to water, this such sensation not described. You all completely covers a cold and a skin burns down, but not looking at it this day after such procedures who does not fall ill. You have such procedure? Yesterday there were many people on small river and a hole on ice only one and all people have stood in a row and by turns dived into prorbl. To me very much it was pleasant, though I every year this day go on small river for this reason I am ill very little. As at me possibility I will be obligatory to you I will call. On it I will finish the letter. With love Viktoriya.
Letter 13
Hello dearest Gene . How are you? At me all is excellent, I am very glad to see your letter. How at you weather today? At us again it became cold approximately - 23 degrees. How at you business with work? At me on work it is a lot of patients with different diseases. I went last night to mum for a supper, it as always was magnificent. We long talked to mum about you, mum transfers you greetings. Mum is very glad for us with you and wishes us the same good relations further. Tonight I will go to the cousin and the niece. We gather all to go to walk. Probably we will go on a skating rink, to go for a drive on the fad. I very much would like that you were with me nearby. This morning when I went for work I saw very terrible failure. Two cars have faced face to face, this awful show. Later on the TV have shown this case and have told that one driver has died on a place of accident. It is very a pity to me this man because it still had wife and two children. I very much am afraid to go by transport, I have got used to go on foot. On it I will finish the letter. With love Viktoriya .
Letter 14
Good morning Gene . How are you today? At me all as, all is remarkable. I am happy to read your new letter for me. Weather at us today very cold. In the street temperature a minus of 27 degrees. Here it the present Russian winter. At job at me today not too it is a lot of patients. But there was today one very rather impudent patient. To it approximately years 60. I to survey the patient and to hear as in a corridor shouts have begun. I at first to think, that at once all will pass. But shouts proceeded also I has decided to learn, that the such occurs. I left and to see turn and here this man wished to pass to me in an office without turn. I to it have told, that so it is impossible, it is necessary to observe turn, but he not to wish me to listen. He asserted, that very old and sick person. We long with it to argue and then I to understand, what is it all in vain and to decide to accept it without turn. I on it was very malicious. When it to enter to me into an office it before me has apologised. I to it to tell, that that's all right and, that I fine to understand it. I to examine it and then it has left. As it is good, what not so many such patients. Here so my working day has begun. How your day? I will wait for your following letter. With Love Viktoriya .
Letter 15
Good evening Gene . How are you? Forgive me, that I to you so long not to write, with me have happened a trouble. I with the the uncle to go to last revival on its car. We to go to village to the grandmother. I sat with behind on passenger sitting. We to leave on a line. When we to go, to us on a meeting other car has left and it ran directly into us. The uncle has not had time to brake. People who saw this incident to cause first aid. Us from uncles have taken away in hospital. My uncle has suffered much more, I. Me today to discharge from hospital. And I have decided to check up at once mail. I laid, long in hospital. Doctors did not wish me to release me the whole week though I to feel good. They even did not wish me to release today, but I to persuade them, that me have released. Now with me everything is all right, there were not many small scars, but it is not terrible. When I to lay in hospital I all time thought of you. I on you very much missed. I hope, that you do not become angry about me, that I so long not to write to you.
I with impatience look forward to hearing from you. Viktoriya .
Letter 16
Hello dearest Gene .How are you? At me all is excellent, I am very glad to see your letter, my mood became much better at once than was. How at you weather today? At us weather became good approximately - 8, warmly enough. How at you business with work? At me on work it is a lot of patients, but all the same there is time to write you the letter. I am going to go tonight to a cinema with the girlfriend. Tomorrow last working day this week. Than you are going to be engaged in week-end? I yet did not plan than I will be engaged. I met yesterday the uncle from hospital. Then we have gone to him home and have noted him recover. The aunt, the wife of my uncle even cried, when has seen the uncle, and was very glad that at him everything is all right.
I very much wish to meet you. Can we with you we will meet?
With love. Viktoriya .
Letter 17
Hello Gene . How are you? I am glad to receive your new letter. At me all is remarkable. I when have woken up today left on a balcony and to see fine weather. In the street the sun very warmly and brightly shines. At me on heart became so warmly and well. I have decided to go for work on foot. I have gone through park. When I went, I to see many young enamoured pairs. They sat on a bench and kissed. To me became it a little enviably. I to think, why at me not such possibility. Why I cannot walk with the favourite person, keeping for hands and kissing. I so strongly would like it. Here also there has come Friday. Tomorrow there will be a Saturday and it is possible to sleep. I for the present not absolutely to solve than I will be engaged during week-end. And what plans at you on the target? I to think, that I probably will go to visit the grandmother, after all I already almost it not to see two weeks. Now I sit on work and to decide to check up mail. I sat and to drink tea with sweets.
I wish to arrive to you. You not against?
On it I will finish the letter. It is time to me to come back to patients. I wait from you for the new letter. Yours Viktoriya
Letter 18
Hello dearest Gene. How are you? At me all is excellent, today at me remarkable mood. How at you weather today? At us weather became good and warm, approximately - 10 degrees. New week has begun, and I with new forces have come to work. I have perfectly spent days off. On Saturday I went with the niece to skate. We have stayed all the day long on ice. At my niece well it turns out to skate, not looking at that that her only seven years. On Sunday I weigh day has stayed at home. I have very well slept, and then all the day long made at home general cleaning. How you lead the days off? There can be we with you will start to plan our meeting? Because I very much wish to meet you.
With love Viktoriya
Letter 19
Hello my Gene. How are you? I am glad to receive your letter. Excuse, that I long did not write to you. I in a family had a trouble. One week ago at me my grandmother has died. I have been occupied by its funeral. She was 78 years old. She has died from, that at it heart has stopped. My grandmother has written the will on the house for me. I have an aunt who did not come to the grandmother when it was live. She has decided to take away this house to herself. It to employ the lawyer that that at me to take away the house. I had as to find the lawyer to carry this case. My aunt not in what did not wish to recede. Yesterday we with it had a court. This house has got to me. I do not believe till now, that my grandmother has died. I hope, that you do not take offence at me, that I to you so long not to write. On it I will finish the letter. Viktoriya
Letter 20
I do not know when you will receive this letter. Likely you will have morning or evening??? I did not write to you all these days, excuse me. I should understand myself. All these days I thought of us as our relations develop. I would be desirable me I wish to feel you in a reality more. As letters cannot transfer all that we feel to each other? You with me agree??? I do not know as you to perceive my letter? You understand that we already adult people. And each of us have requirements both at you and at me. I wish to tell to you that sometimes I am am attacked by melancholy, I feel lonely as I do not feel all warmth. Coming home I plunge into loneliness as me in this house who does not wait, there is no that second half which always is glad to me and is loved. I the girl and me would be desirable sex with loved!!! And you loved it. We are divided by a barrier, we live in the different countries. I consider that we can break this barrier, a problem one all depends on a financial position where money which appears are necessary for a trip. Both you and me. You agree with me??? I wish to talk seriously about it. So clearness is necessary to us that we want further. Time goes letters the river, I am afraid that in one fine day you can write to me (expensive I have found to myself another). You can such tell to me?? I assume that you correspond with other girls, that I at you not one. I wish to know the truth, it is game or not?? And how you look at our meeting in the near future? You wish to see me and to love in a reality? I have got tired, the man with which I is necessary to me could to divide the heart and a bed!!!
Tell to me when we can embody our meeting?
Letter 21
Hello my dear Gene.
Excuse for so long answer. I did not have a possibility to take advantage of a computer. The company to which my Internet is connected, the provider as there was an overload a line and all tinctures has broken have been broken. Now everything is all right. I worried that you will worry, as you not to see from me the answer. On March, 8th there was an international women's day in Russia. The holiday has passed perfectly, on work have congratulated all working personnel, we have gathered the small company and have organised a table where we drank a little)))
Soon the end to my work comes nearer, I will receive holiday. I remember we already raised conversation on a meeting. And I once again wish to talk about it. I wish to plan our meeting together. And now we should discuss what stages to us it is necessary will overcome. As I know that I should legalise papers if I want to leave for limits of Russia. I wish to know as you look at that to meet in a reality.
I feel myself the small enamoured girl... I constantly think of you and I dream. You do not leave my head. To me even most sometimes it becomes not much ridiculous from that what thoughts to me come to mind :)! I even tried to plan our the first kiss on the mouth, but at me so as it has not turned out. I think it from that I you when did not see in live, face to face! You think of our first kiss? And how? What do you think? I think it there will be a passionate kiss, we will merge with you in a single whole after that kiss and when we will not leave any more. Or it will be a modest kiss because we will worry from that that was made not that not imagined, we at last have met!!! Time will show.
I so am glad, that I with you and me am more whom it is not necessary. All my thoughts on you. After we corresponded much. You have similar feelings? What do you think of me? I think of that as though to me will meet you! It is not very a pity that we can see in a reality, but you can be assured, that in Russia there lives the girl which loves you and dreams of you. What do you think of it? I could not hope for that that at me to you will be the present feelings. I thought, that it is not possible! And now I do not know, that to me to do. For me it is very important that we were together, nearby and in one bed. YOU for me a gift of destiny and I wish to take advantage of this chance which to us the destiny has given, it is necessary for us will meet and to tell all about what we think in the person.
Dear do not think, that I have gone mad :). It is not simple so I really slowly, but truly I fall in love with you. You are very interesting to me as.
Here I will finish! I send you one million air kisses and I hope, that they will reach you and will transfer you all my love, caress and tenderness.
Your sun in a window Viktoriya! kissss
Letter 22
Hello dear gene! I understand you. gene, understand I want changes in the life and changes in conditions and for me it will be better if we meet at you, and then we can go together to me I wish know you can to help me money that I have made repeated medical examination also it is necessary to inoculate against a hepatitis and orvi. Money for journey and hotel Also be required. I have approximately counted up to be necessary 365 dollars. Other expenses which are necessary for a trip I incur. As there was a holiday on March, 8th the international women's day, and to us on work the additive to the salary has been added. If you agree such conditions. That I will be engaged in official registration of papers. More I will not ask from you money. I will require only money for inspection. And in the beginning of April I could be near to you in your embraces. Whether all depends on that you can help money in March that process of our meeting has moved from a place. I look forward to hearing. Yours Viktoriya
Letter 23
hello my Gene. excuse for so long answer. It has been occupied. Went to agency learnt all about travel and official registration of papers. I have learnt only superficially, it will be preliminary necessary to register in reception where to me will give questionnaires for filling of necessary forms. It is necessary for registration of the passport of new generation and the visa, interview also will be necessary to pass. It is necessary for me to know the information where more close to you are the airport. And all your full data. It is necessary that to me could plan travel to you. I already spoke to you that money for medical inspections and still some expenses will be necessary. I will put all these inquiries to a package of documents. Also I talked on work, they will give me the characteristic from a work place, it will affect registration the visa and interview passages. You have told that can help me money which I have asked. I wish to learn, when you can help money? If you now have such possibility to help me it will affect fast development to preparation of documents and necessary inquiries. I now have money but they will go on payment of a State Tax for passport registration, consular gathering, and to agency for the done work. I will receive other money in April, I will have a salary and then we will choose day on what number I will reserve tickets. So I will require your help and while I will legalise papers, in parallel I can make medical examination. And it to me will be more convenient not to waste time, and to make all at once to be completely prepared. You only tell in what information you you will require to send money?
And so I'm fine. Weather only plays with us some days snow has sharply dropped out were warm. On news spoke that in Saratov there will be a flooding and now saving groups are prepared. Supply people with all necessary. On sites where there are reservoirs they blow up ice that water left in other channel. In the world there are many interesting things, and in pair is not known what to expect by nature.
I would like to rejoice together with you when at you all is good, to long, when something is impossible, to feel the necessary person in your life. You - the most good, light, kind. The life is that happens with us while we plan on the future. The love is omnipotent and boundless, its force does not depend on a season, an epoch, technical progress. Hearts meet - and the feeling, beautiful flashes, deep and comprehensive so was and will be always. And it is my small rhyme!
To me at the night of a star have told,
That somewhere nearby on the Earth,
There is my unique desired
And at night he will come to me.
When the eyes has closed,
I have seen you again.
And I all night long loved you,
As though did not sleep at all.
And in the morning the sun to me admitted,
That you with me everywhere, always.
And it not seemed to me.
You are simple in heart at me.
These lines for you Gene!!!!!!!!!
Yours love Viktoriya! kisss
Letter 24
hello my love Gene!
Thanks for the letter. The information which you to me a distance will be for me useful to planning of my travel!
That you could transfer money. You can take advantage MoneyGram it is system works with remittances.
It is an easy way of transfer of money. And for this purpose it is only necessary for you to know my data!
And when you will send money to me the information which to you will be necessary will give in bank.
name: Viktoriya.
surname: Smelova.
city; Kazan.
country; Russia.
I wish you the good working day! Know that the part me mentally to be with you!
Good day my love!
I will write to you later! I wait you answer!
Your queen Viktoriya! kisss
Letter 25
Hi my sweet heart Gene!!!!
I was very glad to receive from you the letter today.
I am always glad to your letters my prince.. They always lift my mood.
For me was the big happiness to meet such person as you my sweet.
You became my ideal my star of captivating happiness. And I am glad that it you have taken a place in my big and hot female heart.
Love my I can not be without you for me it more begins torture.
I want to be near to you want to feel your gentle touches and kisses.
Want to hear from you gentle words of love.
Dear I want to prepare for our meeting.
I think we have learned each other already enough and it is time to us to pass to the following stage of our relations.
I think that we may learn about each other more if we shall lead any time together my lovely.
I very much want to meet you my prince. And I hope that our desires coincide.
I send you a gentle kiss and strong embraces.
With all love your sweet Viktoriya!!!!!!
Letter 26
I miss you and your letters.
Letter 27
Hello my Gene???
I not to receive from you letters??? I should know that with you??? And we need to discuss much my love.
Letter 28
Hello my dear! Now I am at home. Could not write was to be engaged in the affairs, there was no time to sit at a computer. At me now a lunch break, Today at me last working day, tomorrow at me the day off. I will write to you tonight as I will come from work. I also want that you have written to me in the evening.
Your queen
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