Scam letter(s) from Gabriela Murat to D. Moran (USA)

Letter 1

Love i really waiting for you till at 10 00 in the night your time, i miss you so much. I hope you are ok there, and maybe you just worked so much. Love today im was at class, and i tallk also with director university , Tomorow they wait me for pay the bills, and the problem is must pay a little more, because incuded the taxxes for books. I really didnt knew it about that. That i dont sleeped i wating till now for tallk with you. In usa dollars is 362 the all amont , i make the convert. I hope i dont upset you my love, i really dident know , today after my dialog with them i find about the new problem, with books for next examens. I listen till now the songs from you, and i hoped i will find you here. I hope all will be ok for me in the morning. You have all my info still i think. Just write me email after you make the transfer, if you really have this poisbility help me. Im sorry because i ask that , i know you have yours problem there. I will be close to you, anyway. I love you my angel. kisssssssssss
Letter 2

Hello my love, i know is not a good time for disturb you with that, but you musted sent on his name like last time. Plus that im was at w u today, and is a mistake in our sistem, at my Luminita name is writed_iuminita . And for that i cant pick up it. I dont wanted tell today to Idris, ask you make the change it, because i thiking is not a good moment. So please if you read this email, please from my heart change the name , like last time. and write me exactly amont, i need also know exactly that for that your information is incomplate it and they dont pay it. If you read this email Idris, maybe you will, if your father is in hospital, please just make poisbile and tell to Dwayne do the change it. He will know about what i tallked. My love please forgive me , is not my mistake, and me i said you do the same. The name is Victor Alexandru Dinescu as you know. We will finish with that anyway this time, after that will be not necesarry do on this name. So i dont know who check this email, if you read that Idris , please from my heart tell at your father abiut that, he know fix the things. If you read those words my love, please do it how fast you can, for can comunicate them all was change it. I love you and im sorry because you ahve bad time there and me i disturb with this ****, but is not my fault you know that. I wait a email tomorow, Idris i hope you will check the email, please replay me and be close of your father. I love you sweety. Your gabriela
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