Scam letter(s) from Olga Tihomirova to Andy (USA)

Letter 1
My darling Andrew,its me Irina here.
How are you doing ?
i was very happy to call you by phone, i love the sound of your voice very much !
i called from public phone by this way it was short, we will have enough time, to talk to each other as soon as get together :)
sorry for connection,it was not nice.
I'm good,but tired too much, i had hard working days, and on weekend i had to work for emergency medicine, that means i was in clinic all night long.
I tried to figure out about vacation, but could not because the director is on the important meeting now, and will be back here in Lipetsk by Monday only.
I will talk to him on Monday and write some news by Tuesday.
I need to get a brake from work because i am very tired.
It is hard for me to continue working now.
I thought about the ways we could get together, and three ways are good.
They are all good for me, so you could choose what is the best for you,my darling.
So the first way is for you to come here in Lipetsk, and we could spend some good time here, i would introduce you to my family here, I think it would be very interesting for you, you don't need to worry about a place to stay for a living, because you can stay in my apartment.
Yes,we have to check out the dates for this, because i work too much and it would not possible for me to give you a lot of time.
The second way is to meet some where, it could be Egypt or may be Moscow or any place we could get some rest and enjoy of traveling.
It will provide us with a chance to know each other better, and make a decision about our future relations.
The third way is for me to visit you if we like each other in our writings, we could find out some information for my work there, because i am not sure that you like an idea to move here in Lipetsk if we will be together, and it is not really easy to find a job for you here also, but i think it is easy to find a job for me in your area, because i have an international diploma, and it means i am allowed to work almost worldwide as dentist.
It is an important opportunity to see how does a life look like there.
I love my job and i am ready to make money to support family.
Let me know what way do you prefer.
You have taken your place my heart and i need to feel it real.
If i come to you there and you will need to go to work i am ok to stay at home and cook tasty food for both of us.
Otherwise we will have time on weekends to look around.
My family has left for Countryside, but i have nice mood after their visit.
I want tell you a story had happened to me when i was 11 years old.
Our family lived in the countryside close.
There was a deep forest close to our village
Someday i went there for a walk looking for berries, but suddenly i got lost.
It was a very horrible moment for a little girl...
When evening came i started to cry and scream because of darkness around.
I was far away from our village and nobody heard me.
I tried to find the road back home but just made steps deeper to the forest.
It was moon on the sky but nothing more.
Parents called for police and officers with my parents tried to find me.
Next day i stopped to cry because i really thought it is final and nobody ever find me here but i continued to belive parents are close to me.
I eat berries and slept under the open sky for 3 days.
it was warm summer days i ***** water from the lake near unknown side of the forest and met some animals there.
I begun to pray Jesus help me and thanks to God, police found me and taken me to my parents from that time i scare to go to the wood alone.
Thanks for being a patient listener, i am Christian and i believe in God, i believe Lord Jesus makes something beyond people and i am really happy that we have found each other.
Do you have any stories from your childhood?
I consider it to be interesting. P.S I like to swim very much With kisses
Yours Irina
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