Scam letter(s) from Elena Karpus to Chris (UK)

Letter 1
My winks of excitement to you :) I am a woman who takes the life as it is and wants to share her love, passion and devotion with her meant one. Being alone here I lack my Mr Right to feel all the wonderful pleasures of life, long friendly talking until the sunrise when you seem you have know Him for all your life, midnight walks along the shadow alleys with sensual touches and cuddling and kissing under the full moon on a park bench. I want to taste it all, I want to be the happiest and make you (why not?) the happiest as well, I think we are to have a try to start long reliable relations, maybe it is true that we have got much more in common than it may look at first sight?
Letter 2
My greetings, dear Chris! I am so much happy to notice you sent me a letter filled with your sweet touching compliments, I am really glad to receive your sing of attention which means you want to know me better either do I. So you have recognized me at once, that is nice you remember we met at Tagged, and yes, I am that Lennochka K! The only pity is that you have not told me a thing about yourself so far, why so? Frankly speaking, it is my very first experience in Internet communication, all is new for me and honestly I am a little worried about it. But as far as I see you are interested in me so I belive it will be a successful experience and promising start for you and me to find good relations.
It is so lovely to see you are interested in me, but I cannot use any messengers, so that I suggest to continue the acquaintance in letters.
Are you in? I hope so! On my opinion, the best way to get acquainted better is to tell about ourselves, do you support me in this idea? So let me say a couple of words about myself. As you already know my name is Lena, or Helen, sometime my friends and parents call me Alenka or Lenchik, and you can choose any of them, the one you liked the most. I am thirty-one now, my birthday was on August, 29th. Quite the age to look for serious relations and start the happy family life with my right man, do not you agree? At the moment I live in not very big Ukrainian town of Peredelsk with my parents and my dog Dan. I enjoy my life here very much because I adore the little cosy towns with picturesque nature, fresh air and friendly inhabitants. Though my town is not very big I like it. Have you heard anything about my country? And where do you live? What I am fond of in life are children, they are so much unpredictable and funny! So I work as a baby-sitter and love my profession. In fact I graduated the pedagogical university. Since the very childhood I always wanted to be a teacher and did everything possible for my dream to come true because it is such a pleasure to help little children grow older and smarter. By my diploma I am a chemistry and biology teacher, the truth turned out to be not so easy to find a job according to my diploma, I tried myself in many professions not even related to my education and now I think it is not the worst occupation for a young lady to be a baby-sitter, what is your opinion? And what about you? What are you busy in life with? Do you enjoy your occupation? Have you ever thought of trying yourself in some other sphere? Please, tell me more about yourself in your next letter and send some of your photos as well. By the way, do not forget to tell me what like doing at your free time? Well, that was a very exciting talking to you today and I will be waiting for your reply impatiently. Your Ukrainian friend, Lena
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