Scam letter(s) from Elena Zaytseva to Greg (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my love Greg. Lovely, I could not rise aboard the plane yesterday as I had a problem. Lovely, I at all do not know from what to begin. Because I till now in such shock and at me hands till now shiver. The matter is that yesterday when I you to write my last letter to you, my love about the airport.
And when I have received, I was so is glad, all at last has ended also I now I can pass registration and fly to you. I so am grateful to you, my love for all that you to make for me Greg. And I have then directed on an airfield before my start to you and to pass registration, and then there was a customs and I have put all the suitcases and things on a tape which moves through the special device. The luggage, bags at everyone who decreases and passes registration and check luggage on customs.
And when my luggage passed through this device has earned a yellow beacon and they have stopped this device and at once to approach to me 2 officers with customs of service and asked to depart from this turn. They have again asked me: Wash it luggage? And in particular this my suitcase or not? It belongs to me? I have told and they to take my luggage and have told to me to pass in with them in special a room for examination. And I asked them to explain, that in what business and why they together with things somewhere conduct me, but they spoke nothing. The only thing, that I have heard, that they on a portable radio set to cause the order police, as in them next the smuggler (Contraband.) When me to result in this room for examination these officers have asked me most to open suitcases for examination. I it have opened also they from there to get my icon which to me to give in road my grandmother. Greg, at us in Russia is such custom, when people before such similar a situation as at us you to give good gifts as I and my grandmother we trust in the God it me to give in road this icon with image Jesus Christ. That it to preserve me in road. It was a gift of mine the grandmother on our wedding Greg.
My grandmother as asked it to hang up then in our sleeping that Jesus Christ to preserve and during those moments when we to sleep. It is one of tradition at Russian. And these officers to ask me: that it and where I tried to take out it. And I have explained to them rather all our situation and have told, that it to me to give in the grandmother, its gift on our wedding with you is my dear. But they to not believe to me and to tell, if it is grandmothers, where documents on the property and where additional sanctions on export which allow to take out such ancient things from Russia for border. And I to answer them, that I to not have such documents because I to not know earlier that it is necessary to have such documents on an icon.
And then officers from police to read through to me my rights and to put on me handcuffs and together with things have deduced from this room and have told, that they are compelled me to bring to police administration. Greg, YOU Also CAN not IMAGINE, WHAT I the SHOCK And the SHOCK TO TEST During THAT MOMENT WHEN me In HANDCUFFS HAVE deduced THROUGH ALL PEOPLE In the AIRPORT AS the PRESENT the CRIMINAL And TO PLANT In the MACHINE.
I still when to not test such shock and a shock.
Lovely, I so awfully to feel myself during that moment, and to me was so it is a shame, that me as the criminal conducted also all so looked about such sight at me. To me SO it was sick And it is a shame During THAT MOMENT WHEN ALL PEOPLE TO LOOK AT me. Me have planted in the car and to bring in police branch. Me at once to place in the chamber for investigatory and have told, that I should wait, there will not arrive yet special people from management, and as the inspector and the public prosecutor. I sat somewhere 2 hours one in this chamber and could not understand till now: that occurs to me and why I am in a police station.
For what me here to bring? And why I now not by my plane here again. I to think of it much and to set to myself many questions, yet have not opened a door and to me have told to leave, that there have arrived those people who wish to speak with me. Me have resulted in a room for interrogation and I have seen some people in the police form and to me have told to sit down and have then started to ask to me at once such strange questions concerning my detention and an icon.
They it started to ask to me questions: who I? On whom I work and with whom? Whose this icon and where I it to take? Who to pay to me and how many that I to take out this icon. And to whom I should transfer it and where. And it is a lot of still other questions. But I tried all of them to explain and tell, that it is any mistake and this icon of mine the grandmother, and it to give us a gift on wedding and I to go to the groom who lives in Australia. It waits for me and me will meet on arrival at the airport!!!
I it have told all our history, that we have got acquainted with you and to know many time each other as we wrote and sent a photo each other.
And as called. And much many other things from our life and our feelings. But they to not trust me and spoke, that I to think up this history about such case and continued to ask to me all these and same questions. And it some hours and they to demand from me answers proceeded, but I continued to answer them all too and they have then told to me, that give me pair hours that I they will think differently to operate on another.
And I so have been then frightened after these words. To me so it was terrible, because I did not understand what to occur and all this really occurs to me. I was in such Shock and at me so hands and legs shivered, that I could not find to myself a place. And in some hours they have returned and at once have asked, whether I still have thought up any another history, except for the groom and the grandmother or I shall speak the truth. But I continued to speak them concerning same as all and was at us. And then they have started to shout and humiliate on me me, they spoke, That I the criminal and they will plant me in prison because I not the first already and such women at them already was much lately which as to take out similar ancient things.
Lovely, me it became valid very terribly for that moment because they were such serious and spoke me with such roughness and to humiliate me. They to humiliate my advantage and to speak so much mucks in my address. They to consider me for present the criminal and consequently addressed with me, as with the present criminal. And one of them has some times struck me a folder with documents on a head and to me it became valid terribly. I to have so much tears on my eyes and to shout from fear, but it on them to not operate, because they continued to ask to me all the same questions: from where this icon who me to tell to transport it and who has paid to me and how many and to whom I should transfer it.
But I already with shouts and with tears spoke, that I do not know, about what they speak, because I not such as they me to consider. I the simple woman who to find the happiness and to go to the to the groom and all rest. But they continued to ask to me these questions about such shouts to me and to threaten me. And then to come the person whom they have named the expert and it looked this icon then to tell, that it really icon and represents value because it is manual work and a manual list.
It it is provisional about the end of 19 centuries and its price will make from 17.000 $ up to 20.000 US dollars.
And in the black market its price will make from 20.000 up to 25.000 $. And it is possible it is more.....
And when to leave this expert, they again to start to speak me all these humiliations and threats, that I really criminal and wished to take out with myself this an icon to earn money because for border its price would be 2 times more than here at us.
As they spoke me, that such woman does not presume to make such documents and to find money for Emigration the Control and all rest at such work. Because I it to tell, where I to work and consequently they to not trust that I at such wages, I presume to myself such trip and all rest. Therefore they to make inquiry in my city in my organization, in a police station and in other services, for my check and an establishment the person and acknowledgement me.
And as they to send all my documents on check, whether real they or are forged. And consequently they to continue to ask to me all the same questions and to threaten me. And when one of them has approached and again to strike me on a head a folder with documents and to tell to me such voice, that if I and shall continue, it will close me in the chamber to such women whom at them frequent visitors and there are such which for one night will make a doll which will do all for them of me and to satisfy and wash and clean behind them. And at night I shall be To satisfy all such women and to show them stripper.
After that I have been very frightened, because I really thought, that they can make this all with me and plant in so the chamber to other women and that this all can occur to me. And in the evening when it to me after that have told, that today I while remain in the chamber, the answer to their inquiry from my city will not come yet. But tomorrow they learn another about me and if I as shall continue to speak about this history with the the groom and that to give this icon to me in road the grandmother they and to make and then will plant me in that chamber to other women, which strong enough among women and they any more first time to sit in prison.
And these women will find of me application and will make the the servant because such weak, fragile and such beautiful women only are welcomed at such women about which they me to tell. And I shall carry out all orders which to me will be spoken by my mistress, it will be for me the mistress, and I its mistress and the servant. I after these words do not remember that, that was with me. But I to faint and lose consciousness for some minutes. And then to me to allow something to smell and allow something to drink and I have opened eyes.
And these police officers to me to tell, that at me ahead all the night long and me it is necessary to think, because tomorrow they will already talk absolutely in another way and it is better to me to make the correct decision for this night and time they to me to give enough. And when me again to bring in my chamber I was specially lead through that chamber where those women about which they me to warn and I sat saw by these women.
They such strong and at them such strong hands and at them almost at everyone are tattoos. And when they to see me all at once to start to whistle and speak, that I such beautiful and lovely, that they would like me to have and give all for a night with me and many other things. I so have been frightened Greg!!!!!
And I really to trust this policemen, that they spoke me rather these women. If tomorrow I shall not speak that they want it will be the end of my life. Because I cannot be tomorrow there at them. If it will occur, it will be the end to all. I Could not to present myself, that I to clean for these rough and terrible women and that I them to satisfy by turns. I long to think of it all the night long and I waited, that if I will have an opportunity I probably to commit suicide because I cannot so to live as policemen spoke me, with these women. IT WOULD be the ****, FOR ME!!!!!
But I as constantly to ask to myself questions, and could not understand. Why I here and for what the God to give me such test. And I to think of you during these my moments when I only thought about the death and as though to me it to make. Because I cannot bear and go through such horror near those women. And all the night long I think of it, about you, my love and that why I now not in my plane and probably at this time I already was at you and you me to meet red roses about a bouquet, and in other hand at you a photo the chamber and you to do the first photos when we only to see each other and to go on a meeting. And me to warm these ideas on it.
For me it there was the most awful night in my life. Because I to not test yet such horror and humiliation never. It is really such SHOCK! Lovely, only ideas on it and on you could keep me from these ideas to finish with my life.
And this time so long to go and I somehow to wait morning when to bring to me a breakfast from a porridge, a piece of bread and a glass weak tea. And then I waited that moment when those people in the police form again will come. And when have opened again a door I was so it is frightened also to me was so terribly. But it were not they, and hot soup, a porridge on the second both 2 pieces of bread and a glass have brought to me of troubles from a plate tea.
And later the pair hours has opened a door and I have seen the same people whom me to interrogate yesterday. And I again to test the SHOCK And STRESS.
To me so it became again terrible. And they to deduce me in a room for interrogation. At me so hands and legs and even a teeth because to me so it was terrible shivered. But they have started to speak me absolutely other questions and on another. They began to apologize before me for yesterday's incident, that they so to conduct yesterday with me. Because they have explained to me, that lately they had a frequent phenomenon when similar women try to lead the same ancient things, icons and pictures which are of value for border, not having thus any documents.
Therefore they to accept me for such the criminal. And consequently they to address with me as.
Because they have explained to me what to come answers from my city on their inquiry about my name and they very much were surprised and have been surprised, that for all this time at them the first such case that has got really innocent woman who simply to not know rather such laws.
They have received the answer from our police from my city, that I the decent citizen Russia and the city, that I was never involved in police both is absolutely lawful-obedient and decent citizen. And as they have received acknowledgement with my work, that I really to work in this organization and I the good employee and to help everything, because at me kind heart.
And as to come with municipal service the answer, that I really such woman and that I to work there and to live to such address and I the decent citizen. And consequently policemen asked me to forgive from for that reference which they to apply yesterday, to me because they me to accept as for the criminal. And consequently they to me to tell, that they me will release. But all one problem which I to make. Because I all to break the law concerning requirements of conditions customs-law.
Because at passage customs I had a subject which is of value, because of its age and value which was established by the expert whom to come yesterday. But officers of police promised me the help in it and have told, that will try, that with me to act on the most minimal. As according to ours the customs-law, is heavy and complex clause and it provides deprivation freedom from 3 till 7 years. If the person has got already in second time. But in my case, at me it is first time because I really to not know and consequently to me to tell, that according to the law to me the penalty at a rate of from 15.000 up to 350.000 roubles is stipulated.
It Depends from quantity of taken out things, weight, year, and value. In my case this icon as me to tell my grandmother, that it to not remember, how many to age of this an icon because it remembers, that it as has got to it from its mother and it long time was in our sort. And the grandmother simply wished to make to us pleasant on our wedding, and we really to not know such law, that on such ancient things, which the necessary special sanctions are of value to take out such thing for border.
And consequently policemen have achieved to give the most minimal penalty rather this, my situation. Greg, it was necessary to me will pay this penalty, at a rate of 15.000 roubles from that sum which you me to send on Emigration the control. I had to change all these dollars for this the sum of 15.000 roubles and to pay it. It has made 517 AU dollars.
As this the sum includes except for the penalty also all necessary documents and sanctions for export my icon to you which to present us the grandmother.
I am really very upset by all it. And now I can show at passage customs these papers and sanctions when will be examination my things is made and I
can freely pass customs and rise aboard the plane. Greg, as policemen promised me the help with tickets and they as to me to change my
ticket on which I could not get.
And now they to me to change for other flight. And now at me the ticket for tomorrow on 23 October, Friday, 2009, and my start at 15:20 PM, on Moscow time. my airline now will be: Singapore Airlines. My flight: SQ61.
Lovely, excuse me, that so it has turned out with the grandmother a gift. But it really to not know rather this law.
And it to do it from the heart and to us ON OUR WEDDING!!!.
And I even remember its words before my road, that it to me has told, that I to hang up it in our sleeping that Jesus Christ to protect always us.
Because I really very much suffered at this time and it was the most awful time in my life when I did not wish to live more in this world.
I to lead this night to such tortures and in such pain, after all these humiliations and threats, but I continued the God prays and to ask: for what to me such tests?
For what? Why I now not beside with the favourite person? Why I now not with you? And why I now so to suffer. And I thought of you, my love Greg. And I thought, that this such last test which to give us the God before our meeting because it to check on durability our feelings and our love. And I to pass this test, because I love you Greg. And I know, that the God on our party and now at all of us it will be good also we can be together, only there is one problem, that the missing sum for Emigration Control over the sum 517 $ will be necessary for me.
Because I to take this sum of 517 dollars on payment the penalty. Which to me a distance in police the most minimal for me.
I to take from that the sum which you have sent me yesterday 900 AU dollars on emigration the control. I to take from that the sum.
And I now do not have up to full the sum for emigration the control, these 517 dollars. Because I have paid the penalty and to me at once have prepared all necessary documents and special sanctions for icon.
Lovely, you can help me with that the missing sum that tomorrow I could there passes Emigration the Control. Because I know, that with the customs already problems never will be, even in your country, because they on Russian and English language. Lovely when me to release after a dinner I was so it is glad to it, that I can see the sky and breathe fresh air and it is valid so perfectly after all it, that I had to test for these more than 1 day.
And consequently I had to pay the penalty from that the sum of 900 dollars. And to take therefrom this the sum of 517 dollars for this penalty.
Because at me was not other output. Either prison or the penalty....
And I to take from that the sum these 517 dollars. And it is very a pity to me, my love.
And I now do not have up to that the sum which is necessary for passage tomorrow Emigration the Control 517 dollars.
But other money from the sum in 900 dollars at me have remained, my love. I to you shall bring and I shall return at once in airport Greg.
Here only now there will be no from this a sum this penalty which I have paid in 517 dollars. And I all shall return the rest, my love.
Because I really did not know Greg that icon the grandmother represents mine such value. Also that it such dear thing.
And for such a valuable and historical thing special documents and special sanctions on export from the country are required.
But tomorrow I shall already know, that about such papers-documents and sanctions are special. Which allow me to leave with this icon in any country.
Because I have now these sanctions on the sanction export it is dear and valuable icon 19 centuries.
I promise you Greg when I to arrive, I shall return to you money. I think you understand, that I had to go through here.
And then to choose prison or the penalty. I till now all in a hysterics and in such shock. As though I wished to be now near to you, my love.
Your family and as soon as possible to forget all this, as a terrible dream.
You can to me the help tomorrow up to my plane with the sum of 517 dollars that I could pass tomorrow registration on emigration the control.
As I from this sum have paid the penalty.
I know, that this greater sum. But I am assured, that we shall think up something. If it will be necessary, we shall sell this icon.
The grandmother a gift to us on wedding. As you remember, that experts in police have informed. That its price $ 17.000 - 20.000 USD.
And on the market it is even more dear up to $ 20.000-25000 USD. It will be our insurance and money for our life.
And we shall thank mine the grandmother, behind such road and a costly present on our wedding, my love.
I am assured, that my grandmother will understand me.
As it as has made also itself this would sell icon. Though we really did not know, that this icon such dear and valuable thing.
My grandmother knows that it at them is transferred by right of succession. Its grandmother has transferred its mum. And its mum has transferred it.
And it is beautifully trimmed, covered by gold and that it is made by hands in church in 19 century.
Therefore it represents such valuable thing. I never thought that this icon so can cost dearly.
While it has not learned yesterday from that expert in police a department.
I at once to go and search to myself for habitation and to remove as an apartment which was at the that. and it plus a bath, a toilet, kitchen and still pair small rooms consists of 2 rooms. Greg, I so was glad to call in in this apartment and at once to take a shower, because after this chamber in a police station I so awfully to smell and I at once to erase the things and to take a shower. And only now I to have time to come to cafe and to write to you, my love. My lovely Greg, I shall wait from you the letter. I so love you. Write to me at once as soon as can.
I know, that we shall be together. And tomorrow I shall sit down on my plane already without problems.
Because I now have all necessary documents and sanctions on this icon. and more anything to us will not prevent to be together. As the God with us and we to pass this test. Only yours Anastasiya.
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