Scam letter(s) from Debbie Darrick to Justin (United Kingdom)

Letter 1

How are you doing today? I am Debbie Darrick, and I am a good Christian and the only child of my parent. I like hanging out with my man, I love going to places like parks, operas,museums, beache, and some other places to have fun with my man, though I don't have a man right now, I am single. I lost my mom when I was born, and I was raised up by my dad who died few months ago. I am a grown up girl now, and I have been coping alone, just that I am having some hard times with my family over my dad's property.

I was raised with silver spoon, guess you know what I mean, and I have been managing my dad's Harley ride business, now that dad is gone, things are getting tough, but i hope and pray God see me through this, cos I am from a small family background, and we all are from Brazil but later moved to the states . Actually, I am not in the states now, I had to move far away from home and even Brazil, cos since the death of my father it seems like everyone in the family has been after my father's property.

There was a mistake with my age on the dating site,i am just a little girl of 32 years of age and I still have so many things to do with my life, I wanted to see myself raise my own kids with a lovely husband and have a nice life time.Anyway, after my dad's death that everyone seems to be after his wealth, my uncle advised me to move out of the states so that I don't get hurt by any of his bad family members cos of the properties, I told him i was gonna move down back to Brazil or somewhere in Asia, he said i shouldn't travel to a near continent where some of the other members of the family would easily find me, he told me to move down to United Kingdom, so i simply decided to move down to England in United Kingdom.

I have been here now for few weeks, and I haven't heard back from him, I called his number but he seems not to be picking up his phone and a day later i was told by the network that the user has changed his number. I don't know what to do right now, cos he is the only person that I can contact back at home, and something tells me he has only tried to get me to a far place and take over all my father's belongings. I haven't heard from him for few weeks now, and I feel so scared, and so lonely in the world, and even in a Country where i don't know anyone.

I called him, but i keep getting the same message by the computer that the number doesn`t exist anymore. I have been here in London for the past few w eeks now, and I am staying in a hotel here. I am out of funds here, and that is the most important reason why i have to get in touch with my Uncle, please I would like to know if you can help me, I think my uncle betrayed me and made me come down this far in the first place.

I need someone I could talk to, and probably stay by me, and hopefully you can really help me. Anyway, I just thought I should tell you little something about my family and my whole life, I am to return to the states in few days time, but I haven't gotten in touch with my uncle, I sent him several e-mails but he is yet to reply any of them, his phone is not going through, and I am so confused, I need someone I can talk to, and will also like to know if you can help me.....

Maybe you should also tell me little something about yourself, and what you think about what my uncle is trying to do, and please can you help me????.... Much care to you Debbie.
Letter 2
My Dearest,

How have you been doing and how is things going around you , i hope all is well and fine with you out there . It's nice hearing back from you and i am glad to know your concern about my recent situation on what leads me down to London here from the state. i am having a bad time down here just all because of what my uncle did to me i have been making my heart down low because no one could help me and when i saw your profile of the dating service i believe you are heart winning man that will love to be more focus on someone like me in the future about opening into a good relationship affair between each other. I am here just to say what is from my heart to you . let look down my situation as what God's has create to happen to me and i know i am going to overcome this very soon by God grace leading you towards to help me out of this with your feelings you have for me , first of all i will love to know more about your last relationship and i do not care whom you are and what you do for a living as well as what you like and dislike all i know from my heart is that you kind of honest, nice,loyal, loving, and caring to me just because of what i have read about you . Being honest to you will cost me nothing in my life but it will only cost me for you to have much trust in me because all i know is i am a total stranger asking for help from you with any means you can avoid in you to get me out of here soon . i have the mind of coming over to you in the state and stay with you so we can both get a hold of a lawyer that will help me out in getting all my dad properties back from my uncle in the state but i am confused about something in him now , it's just that i don;t know where he is as at now but i can only locate him if i am in the state myself i know how i can get hold of him but i will need your help in getting back to the state .

My concern about this all thing is that i have a return ticket because i bought a round trip ticket while i was coming to London but since when i have been here i have a little trouble with the authority here due to that am not a citizen of Great Britain the problem is that i am owing the hotel management here which is not really much money because of that i have been reported to the Authority here which as leads me not to have been allowed to the airport in order to get back to the state , Due to this my return ticket am my passport are seized by the authority they said all they have me to do is to pay off the bill am owing the hotel management so they can give me back my document and so i can come back to the state, even do the phone and the computer Internet i am using has been disconnected due to the bill am owing so as at now i can not call or receive any calls from outside until i get my bill paid off to them , am taking some kind of risk to use the hotel computer room right now emailing you and the hotel management must not find me on here using it am sure he will kick my *** if he does .i know this totally sound strange to you because i know i am a stranger asking for your support in order to get back on my feet . I am making a good and stronger promise to you right now that i will never betray you when i get to you in the state after helping me out paying off my bill to the hotel management so i can come back to the state anytime sooner as fast as you could help me with the hotel bill am owing here . it will not cost you much on paying this i know because i have found out but it will be nice hearing back from you soon to know if you have much interest in helping me out about it . i am concern about your living situation as well in there because i know all my things could be easy on getting to you in the state i will be willing to come and stay with you i meant is that i can have this in my mind after helping me out coming to your house directly from here because i am going to change my return ticket to where you at right now in order to come and visit you for some weeks and so you can have us meet for real and work things out between each other.i am off from typing as at now because i am sad not being happy since i have been in this situation down here . i will be leaving to the hospital right now for medical check up due to my Blood Pressure checking at the hospital . i need to know how my health is doing for now .I hope to hear back from you anytime soon and please do try and tell me more about you and about your lifestyle out there , would like to know if you live alone or you have a roommate , also tell me more about your family Background. this are all i wanted to know about a good looking man like you it all because you have all i want in man for real . Much care to you Debbie.
Letter 3
My Dearest ,

How have you been doing and how was your day,i would like to know one thing about you just your full name and what Nationality are you really from originally? i would like to know because when i get to the state and things work out fine between us . i will love to know more about your family and i will like to be someone closer to you in your life . The amount i am owing the hotel is just 950 Pounds and i know it much money to send for me but i promise i am going to pay it back to you when i get back to the state anytime soon because i am sure of getting all my parent inheritance back when i get back to the state and i promise i will never let you down you know i have no reason to lie to you because there is nothing i am going to gain from telling you lies i want to be happy for the rest of my life and i hope you will make me happy . But please i just wanted you to promise me on one thing i like most which is that . i want a good secretive conversation between us where by you will keep this in you until we meet for real in the state and i will like you to send me your home address so i can have my ticket change to you directly from here , Please let this be a secret between us because i am always shy to face crowd most of the time and i am always on my right part of making things to be good .

It a nice try but i tired all my best in the first place when this about but it doesn't work out fine for me and the England Authority keep on Yelling at me to get their bills paid off back to them as soon as possible . This happen that i do not have any friends or cousins i could call on just because i was the only child of my parent and my parent do not give out any chance to me to even make external friends in my life style while i was with them , But i believe in what you said that every situation in life as to due with personals test. you must be honest and so simple to live with in life and i have keep you in my prayers that GOD should give you the strength and courage in order to you to try and loan me the money and so as i promise paying back to the money to you when i get to you in the state i understand the money i am asking you is lots of money but i swear to you with all my life that i will refund the money back to you as soon as i get back to the state and if everything i am telling is not true let GOD in heaven who create me and you let me loose my life.

I assume that it will be fine i should handle that when i get back to you in the state i can have a way of getting a lawyer and so i will make it good in getting hold of my uncle but right now i can't until i get out of here . First thing i will like to know is that are you going to be able to send me 950 Pounds from you to England here , and do you know how you can get the money sent out to me here . i got a lot of explanation here about getting the money sent to the hotel management here . First when you get the money you will have to go and get the money in cash and then go find a near by Transferring agent location and send the money through them to the hotel accountant information i am going to give out to you . so after the bill is fully paid to the hotel i will get my return ticket back from the hotel management and then get back to the state to meet you . i am still online waiting for you to reply me back now .please keep me in your prayers and your dreams and please do not think about the money because friendship, love, feelings, honesty, faithfulness and trust is more than money so do you not think that i am after your money or something's i am being straight forward ,honest,loyal to you and i will never let you down or make you regret of trusting and helping me.
Much care to you.

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