Scam Letter(s) from Mercy Williams to Brendan (USA)

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Letter 1

My dearest my angel

You would agree, we are corresponding to know each other better? I will share with you in this letter, which I am; I will give you a chance to know me, without even having met me in person. I know that relationships are developed, we must meet, spend time together to know for sure. I think it is important that you know me, and I share with you who I am, even through my letters. Take special care to read my letter. Go somewhere still and quiet, so you can be alone with me, give me this special time with you, with no distractions. Read my letter with your heart, and you will hear my voice, you will hear my heart beating, you will feel my gentleness, my care, my passion, my emotion, my laughter, my joy, my positive energy.

my angel you have no idea the limitless love I have to give, if you were made of wax, it would probably make you melt. Robert....I have so much to give, to someone who can fully receive it, and appreciate it. I will say also, I have such deep desire to be loved in return; it is so very deep within me, such intense longing. I know we have not got to meet yet, but my impression of you, is that you would be able to love me, and let that love flow out of you, and not hold it back from me. I desire relationship with you that are uninhibited, built on love and trust, comfort and security. We should feel completely safe with each other, and we can share with each other ALL things, our heats, minds, soul, body, and spirit, completely open to each other. What do you think of this, what I have said? I believe your heart echo's the same. Robert...I must also tell you, something that is so very...very important to me, I want that you should always remember this. I try very hard to communicate, and I put a lot of loving work into it. I have learned, from experience, communication is extremely important!

Robert...I desire this from you as well; I want to know if you should be sad, if anything troubles you, I also want to know your joy, and laughter, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. my angel I want that I should be able to bathe in you, be consumed in who you are, that the river of your soul should wash over me, and bring me into very deep intimacy with you. I know that communication comes in various ways, it is personal energy, body language, verbal, and mental...a knowing. I think you are this way too, but I want to hear these things from you Robert. I know at times your heart will speak to me in many ways, in your simple gestures, romantic gestures, body language, in a gentle touch, a smile, or a joyful laugh. I consider that communication is also a labor of love, if you truly love someone, you will love to communicate, but it is always a choice, we always choose our actions. If you feel hurt, or misunderstood, or upset, your first reaction should not be to turn away from that person, or to withdraw and become distant. I tell you a more excellent way! Let your heart soften, let the love within you soften your heart, let your first reaction be to draw to each other, to come together. Love can truly heal all things, it is a healing balm or salve, but it is always a choice, love cannot heal unless you allow it, it is a choice of the will, and we must always take accountability for our choices, we can never blame anyone else.

I am a positive person, and I refuse to let negativity control my life. Positive energy brings life; negative energy tears it down, or destroys it. I wish to be surrounded in a positive environment as much as possible, where life, and love thrive in abundance, and grow!!! Negativity is another word for FEAR. Please think about this. How does fear affect people, does it ever produce anything good? Of course not, fear paralyzes people, disables them, hurts them, controls them (if they let it); fear robs from people, causes people to do things they do not want. Fear out of control brings death! OK...enough about fear! In life there is a rhythm, it is a Universal law, the entire universe abides by it.

This rhythm expands and contracts, it is like inhaling the breath of life, and exhaling sweet breath. I look for harmony in relationships, peace, love, nurturing, understanding, gentleness, passion, sensuality, creativity, spontaneity, laughter, joy. The rhythm of love between a husband and wife, sometimes it flows like a raging river of torrent and passion, it can become a gentle stream of slower current, or the slow trickle of crystal water that flows from a mountain stream. Yes love flows these many different ways, and goes through these rhythms and cycles if we let it, if we will only choose love, and give no place to fear.

I believe that life is lived from the inside out, who we are, and who we want to be, is what we are inside. You want to know me right? Always what is inside of us is what is expressed outwardly, on the outside. I share with you, what comes from within me. I open my heart, even in my letters, so that you can see into my soul, the person who I am, and who I want to be. I share with you, something from my Heart.. Sometimes I write things down, my thoughts, feelings, dreams, emotions, passions. Relationships, good relationships, are not based on hobbies and interests, it is only mutual love that a relationship is strong, and survives.. If the love stops flowing, so does the relationship. We must always choose love; it is the most excellent way!! If the relationship is good, then the hobbies and interests work themselves out. I share with you from my mind, because you need to know me, who I am inside. It is important you know who I am. If you desire to know who I am, then you will be able to not only read my words, but feel them. As you read, open your heart, let go of all fear, and they will come alive to you, it will whisper the truth to your soul, you have only to become still and quiet, and you will hear it's voice, it is a voice of gentleness, love, and compassion.

These are my own words, my own thoughts, and feelings Judge for yourself, what kind of person do you think I am? Do you think I am capable to love? You have not met me yet in person, but what does my writing speak to you. If you listen, it will speak volumes, if you listen, it will be as if I am with you now. I stand before you, I look into your eyes intently, and with tenderness, read my words, and look into my soul. Indeed, we will meet in person, hopefully very soon....but you do not need to meet me, to know me, before I come to you. I ask you, is not inner beauty most important? Read my words, read from my Heart that I share with you. Ask yourself, what kind of person I am, can you see, without having met me yet? Do these words come from a person who is beautiful inside, or someone who is ugly inside? You are the judge, you want to know me, here I am, and you will know me, if your heart is open, you will have known me, without even seeing me. Of course I am much more than these words, what you see now, is only the tip of the iceberg. I will be much more in person, than you see here. I am infinitely more...

Yours always,



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