Scam letter(s) from Jean Campbell to Gene (Australia)

Letter 1
Dear Love Gene, Its ******* far, long way home, lets work on direct flight to you from here, that is the better way out now. I thought is just come hundred kilometer to you, so sorry for everything darling, missing you and dying of your love and to be in your arms as well. Love you so much Jean
Letter 2
Dear Love Gene, I got my own ticket sorted out yesterday and wanted to let you know about this but i could not, was so tired when i came back, just went to be directly, so sorry about that, the cost was $ 805 USD. Check out the ticket, no more mistake on it, will be flying directly to Cairns, i am so happy about this my love, i can't wait anymore, i will fly out next week, just check the time and know when you will be at the air port. So honey, all i need now is $805 USD to book ticket for Kelvin, i spent all the money on me to book for mine just to let you confirm this and know that i did sorted it out. I will be going to get his own done on Monday, so try and send me the money on time so that i can book his own on time and we can be flying together on Friday. Thank you very much for everything, i can't wait till i hold you, missing you here sweetie. love you so much Jean
Letter 3
Dear Love Gene, Its okay, just worried about it, as you know, i will be flying out on Friday, so i must get his ticket book latest tomorrow, i don't know how this will be convenience for you. I suppose to have done this on Monday as concluded but since you did not send me the money yet, i could not do anything yet and spent all i have to sort out my own ticket. I don't know how this will go tomorrow, i might need extral charges for the ticket, just help me round up the money to 1,000 Australian dollar, with this, i will be able to sort out everything without any problem and this must be done tomorrow, try your possible best for me and send the money tomorrow. I will wait for the information in the morning so that i can sort out the ticket as well. I can't wait till i hold you this weekend, you mean alot to me and i love you so much. Thank you very much for everything and take very good care of yourself for me. I love you so much Jean
Letter 4

Dear Love Gene, Good morning honey, how are you doing there today? hope everything is okay there with you. I'm so sorry for getting you worried about us. I did tried to message you last night before i go to bed but i could not, i was so down, worried and don't even know what next to do my love. I got Kelvin ticket sorted out immediately i got the money you sent. I went to immigration office later after i left the agent office for our passport collection, my love, i don't even know what to do and i don't know that there is a certain amount of money we have to pay for over stay here. I never knew this untill i got to their office yesterday, they said without this, our passport will be not giving to us which means we will not be able to fly out, we can't fly without passport. I tried my best but all work no avail, and we will be flying out early morning to morrow around 9.25 am. I have today and tomorrow morning to sort out everything, i don't know what next to do sweetie. My love, i can't afford to lose both ticket, you just have to help us for the last time in other to meet up their charges for our over stay here. I am really sorry for stressing you this time around, i have just today and few hours more tomorrow to get everything sorted out please don't let us down, we have spent all we have on the ticket, just lets do it once and for all. I will pay all this back to you, don't worry about this, i will pay it back to you. We are charged 500 usd each, all together $1,000 usd, you have to loan me this, please and please, do help me to send this money today or latest early morning tomorrow so that i can rush quickly and get those passport and be ready to fly tomorrow morning, i will surly pay it back to you darling, we are ready to fly and please don't let me down. I rely on you, please don't let us down, i don't want to miss the flight darling, please and please my love, try your possible best on time, i will pay it back to you as soon as i back, i will sell those gold and have my money back and pay you back. I could not sleep, its 5.03 am here now, was really worried about everything and i did tried my possible best to let you know this on time but could not come online, was having problem with internet. Please and please, get back to me on time darling, i will wait for your message. I'm dying to be in your arms. I can't wait till i hold and kiss you... Love you so much Jean
Letter 5
Dear Love Gene, Thank you very much for everything, i don't even know how to thank you for your true love and for everything. I did send you my ticket reminder, i could not send Kelvin ticket, got no scanner to scan it and e-mail it to you. I don't know why you are still doubting me, its okay, i reason with you and nothing to worry about. You will stop doubting me when you see the on Saturday. Thank you very much for everything, i really appreciate you. I promise to always be there for you and care for you more and more. You mean the world to me, i am dying to be in your arms this weekend. I love you so much darling. I will send you another message soon, have something important to let you know darling, i am ready to fly into your arms now my love, love you and thanks alot for everything. Love you Jean
Letter 6
Dear Love Gene, There is minor problem again, this will not be hard for us, please don't think about this. I am not going to do anything with this. I was told to come to air port with at least $500 in case of emergency, no one will collect it from me and i don't have anything to do with it as well. Try as much as you can early morning and wire this to me before my departure time, i don't have anything with me, i was just getting this message from them tonight and could not do anything than to let you know because its late already before i got it. So sorry about this darling, do your possible early morning tomorrow and get this sorted out for me, please and please, make it fast in the morning and get it to me. I will wait for your next message tonight. Dying to kiss you, can't wait till i get into your arms this Saturday, Love you so much Jean
Letter 7
Dear Love Gene, I'm just thinking about how our first night will be, hope you will not hurt me on missing you and can't wait till i get into your arms Love you so much Jean
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