Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to John (England)

Letter 1
HI there Peter!pleased to meet you!
How are you doing? Frankly speaking it's rather new for me to write such a letter.But why not if thousand of people find their partners.
my name is Anastasiya!I live in Torez town!its veeery small but cozy place in eastern part of Ukraine!
I work as a secretary at the small privat company that sells windows.
my birthday is 15 October 1980!sign scorpion.Im 167 sm tall and weight 55 kg My life has always been bright cause every moment i want to take all from this world.
It was bright but not always happy. Sometimes happiness and luck were followed by pain and sadness. And only I am the reason to this.
I just want you know everything about me. I live alone in rent appartment. My parents lives not far from me.
My father is military and mother is housewife.
I also want to share my life with my beloved whom I will surround with my love, care,warmth of my heart. In my dreams I see how I give a kiss to my man early in the morning, I see his smile, feel his hug... You can ask me why I am looking for love true Internet.
As for me before, I disbelieved in acquaintances in the Internet. It seemed to me that it is not serious and frivolously. But I know people who met over the internet.
They became friends. And one of my friends get married with American and moved to him. This winter she arrived with the daughter Katey to Ukraine.
She is very pretty. And told how happy they are. I agree with her that today people have not enough time for private life in the crazy rhythm of life.
That is why acquaintances in the Internet can be an excellent variant.
Especially, you can be by yourself.
And one more reason why I’m here it is Ukrainian men.
They are drinking too much alcohol, so selfish and don’t think about a girl like a personality. They all need the same from women and can't even imagine that we have sensitive soul. But I dream about happy and friendly family where understanding, love and trust take the 1st place.
Please write me about yourself, your fillings, emotions, dreams. Write about how see an ideal for you woman. Know I am looking forward your letters.
Sincerely yours, Anastasiya
Letter 2
Hello my dear Peter!
How are you? How your mood? Today, I feel perfectly!
It is great pleasure for me to receive letters from you.
I am very happy to have an opportunity to correspond with you!
In order to help you in thinking how it is to live here i will tell youa little about it.
As you know i live in Torez. it is situated in the industry region called Donbass. In Donetsk regions quit all the industry is concentrated. Our city is rather beautiful despite that there are not so many places of interest. But of course we have libraries,cinema some small restaurants, several banks and hospital.
There are some parks where in the evening there are quit all the citizens of our city. And i think that the beauty of the city also depends on its citizens.
So our city looks. I hope you will like it.
You really speak with me in your letters about many good themes and I feel myself as in a fairy tail when I read it!
I am very grateful to you for warm attitude to me and for pleasure to correspond with you!
But to parallel for my happy feelings, there are alternative feelings.
I can't see you, hear you, I can't touch you. It is so pity that we aren't the birds...
I'm looking for a partner for life. Are you the one?? Appearance is important; if you are so similar wouldn't that be kind of boring?
Everyone needs their own interests, likes/dislikes, hobbies, views, etc because its these things that make us unique,
It’s hard to put down in words what you think you may be looking for in someone; because sometimes you don't know what you’re looking for until you stumble across it in the dark and stub your toes on it.
Obviously you want to meet someone who has similar interests, hobbies, views, etc so there is some compatibility.
I am looking for a man I can share my life with. I will love to meet honest, caring, lovely, trust worthy man.
The man can I share laughter, joke, fun, love, understanding with, I am also looking for romantic man who can make me feel the taste.
If you agree with me on this viewpoint, then, I think that at us is more common I want to wish you good mood these days and not forget to smile..
I shall wait with impatience your letter.
Yours Anastasiya
Letter 3
hello my dear Peter!
How are you?as about me ,so today during the work, all time I thought about our correspondence and friendship.
Its very important for me to know that your letter waiting me in my mailbox.Your letters makes my happy.
how was you day?
how is your work?I hope everything is ok!
I have wonderful day today!)))and yesterday was great too!
after work my best friends Yulia and Katya, and we went to the theater!it was really great!
we watch the play of the famous Russian writer. and the name of the play is "Master and Margarite"
I always really was dreaming about see it, and at leats I had this chance yesterday!
so we really have a great time with girls, and I send you the photo of us!!!...but it'll be better if you join us)))
(by the way another photo, was taken in summer, when i was in the black sea with my parents!)
do you like theater?and when were you there for the last time?
After theater we went to the cafe, drink a cup of coffee, and speak...
and now I'm in the Internet cafe,l writing a letter to you!
Now may be I should tell you about my last attitudes. I told about these attitudes a little to whom.
But I think that between us there should not be secrets.My last attitude was the most awful.
And now I don’t want to have the boyfriend from my country. My last relation was very sad for me.
We were together during 3 years. I think that this very long time.The first year for us all was good, but then his feelings have grown cold to me. And he started to drink and that’s why very often he was angry.
He began to look other women for *** and once he even beat me. These two things I can forgive never.
Then I left him, and change my flat and now he does not know where I live.I do not want to meet him again.
I’m really afraid him very much.Then I started thinking about my girlfriend, she is now married to a man in USA and she told me that she had found her husband on the Internet.She is very happy now, and even don’t miss her motherland.
So, I thought about the Internet possibilities for a while before I started,I only joined this service about one week ago.
I like so much that I may share all my thoughts and feelings with you so easily.
I like our communication and it's really pleasant so very pleasant to me.
I know you more and more with each letter, it's amazing!
I value our communication so high.
You mean a lot for me. I want our relationship to be based on mutual and unconditional love and respect.I hope you feel the same!
baby, so I'll finish now, and I'll wait for your next letter!
kiss you
Letter 4

Hello Peter!how are you today?
thank you for your letter!so nice to get it!
To tell you the truth, dear I like communicating with people that's why I have lots of friends.
They say I'm a kind- hearted and very romantic person.
I am one of those, who fall in love easily, because I am very sentimental and sensitive, but it can be sometimes very disappointing, you know.
I must confess that a long time ago I could dash the words and don’t think about that, but now I understand that we have to pay for every word. I know that there are no princes on the white horses. There are no crystal castles. The eternal summer is impossible and there is no country of eternal happiness. And I even know that we all are lonely in our souls.
First of all every woman wants to see in a man the personality. Because this man is always thinking about what he can give to his family. It’s very sad but nowadays many men don’t think about what will be in the future and what is in the present. How is it possible to build with them families? How is it possible to trust them?
It's just that I notice only good things about people and when it comes out that they are far not so nice as they seem to be, it's usually rather painful. The point is that I believe people easily and, unfortunately, sometimes I get betrayed. I still believe that there are more good people and that you are one of them. I long for a serious relationship, beautiful and romantic, with flowers and candle light dinners, with meeting a sunrise together, talking about love. I want a nice cozy house and a man, strong, kind- hearted, romantic and honest( just like you, I'm sure) who would be always near. I want us to be real soul mates, to share all laughs and sorrows together. I'm ready to do everything for a beloved person, to be not only a lover for him, but also a friend and a companion who is always ready to help and to solve all the problems together. And I don't really care if the man of my dream will be from another country, or a person of another nationality or culture, because for real love sky's the limit. There are only three things that I hate about people, it's when they are not honest, or cruel, or greedy. These features make me feel really nasty, moreover that I've met many such people in my life. Of course,I'm sure that you are not the man of that kind, and, if you share my views and want to have serious relationship with a person like me, let us try to do this. Maybe, we are meant to be together? what do you think?
Have a nice day, take care and don't forget to smile.
with best regards Anastasiya
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