Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Gorbushina to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
My dearest Michael! Thank you so much for your letter and nice sea photo, darling! Every time you tell me more and more about yourself and it is very exciting to get to know you better:) I am sorry that you were so busy, darling, but hope it will get easier for you soon and you will be able to write me every day!!I am looking for a husband in Internet because I am not lucky in love:((( But may be you will improve the situation?:) I am glad your parents are married for fifty years too already!! Yes I don't believe in divorce too! I can't believe that we wrote each other so many letters (may be somebody will say that three letters is not so many,but for me it is really so:) I think we had to get to know each other very good and it seems to me that I know you now for ages...Really,don't you have such a strange but nice feeling,darling? I can hardly explain my feelings now... Was there in your life a day when you found something you was looking for for a very long time,may be even for all the life? If you had such a day can you remember your feelings? Was it great? It seems to me that I have such a day today, I feel that my dream realized and I found you, that only man I want to be with...I am still afraid of believing it but it seems to be so... I will be waiting impatiently for your next letter to read your thoughts about it:) Today is a very nice day, this evening I am going to spend with my little nieces, my brother and his family live not far from me and our parents so I can see my little angels very often. I really enjoy to spend time with them, children are so cute! Recently younger Yana started talking long words and it was a real holiday in our family!
When I come to their house we play different games and toys, I feel that I am becoming a child again:) Did I told you that I still like bicycling like a kids?:))) I even have a photo of me riding a bicycle:)) I send it to you. I have a question for you, darling, do you believe in dreams you have at night? As for me I believe and not because somebody told me that dreams say the truth but because I made sure in it for my own! I had a strange dream this night, it was me and you in it and we argue about something, and our argue was so laud and emotional that I even woke up at night,I was so sad that we had a quarrel but then I remembered that if in your dream you argue with somebody this means that in reality you will have a strong friendship and the harder you argue the stronger relationships will be between you. And you know,my darling,we had such a bad quarrel in my dream that in reality we have to be really happy together! So I fall asleep again in a very good mood:) I will be waiting impatiently for your answer tomorrow,hope you will write me a thoughtful letter and explain your emotions and feelings.
Kisses for you:) Yours Tanechka.
Letter 2
Hi, my honey Michael!!!! I will pass your greetings to my family thank you! I like your photo a lot thank you!!! How have you been doing there so far away from me?:))) Hope you are ok and in a good health... Thank you for all your complements! You know, Michael, it seems that you are always in my mind since the time I have met you in the net:)) I really can't get you out of my head!! Why? I don't know the answer... If somebody told me several days ago that it was possible to have some special feelings to the man you have never met in person I would not believe it... But it seems I was wrong:)) But enough of it because I don't want to rush the things too fast!!! I am glad you laughed on my dream! I am glad you consider myself as a woman of your dream!! The meaning of my dream was very good so don't worry about it! I don't like arguing! I think I feel the same to you... It is good that you like kids too! So tell me how are you doing there now?? How is the weather?? Here everything is ok and my mood is very exciting because I met such a man like you, darling!!! I never was lucky in love that is why I am now a little bit scary if it is real or not, or I will be hurt again but I truly hope that you are serious and will not break my heart!!! Honey, I just want to ask you if you will change your mind towards me, will meet another girl or just will decide to stop our correspondence under any other reason so please inform me about it, ok? Because my intentions are really serious please keep it in your mind ok?? I don't want you to leave me without any explanations as it happened recently to one of my girl friends who used this agency to correspond with a foreign man too for half a year already and suddenly he just disappeared, she is so frustrated now and I don't want to be on her place, hope you understand!! Honey, this letter will be shorter than usually because I have to pay for the translations as you know and there is only little money left on my translational account but I hope to receive my salary tomorrow morning so I will be able to write you tomorrow again, I don't want to lose our contact!! It seems that I am addicted to your letters, honey:))) I kiss you!!!! Will write you as soon as I can!!! Always yours Tanechka.
Letter 3
My dear Michael, thank you very much for your letter. I really appreciate your efforts to write me, darling, you know I am some kind of addicted to your letters and it seems that I know you for ages already... But this letter of mine will be short, I am sorry:( It is because my translational account is empty and I hoped to get my salary and pay for the translations but I will not get my salary this month, because of the world crisis my hospital can't provide their workers with paying their hard earned money this month:(( So I don't know what to do, I am sorry. I don't know how to survive the whole month till I will get my salary and I can't afford to pay for the translations, I am deeply sorry, my love:( I don't know may be you could help me with paying just for several letters till the time I will get the money? I really don't know what to do:(( In case you will not want to help me, I will understand, I just want you to know that I was happy to meet you and eager to continue our correspondence which will lead us to a personal meeting. It could be great if you wished the same:(( Hope to hear from you soon... In order not to lose contact my working number is +380502826440 Monday-Friday 9-17 my time. Always yours Tanechka.
Letter 4
Dear Sir. Thank you for your letter. Your lady Tatyana Gorbushina will be happy to get some financial help from you. Here is information about our prices in United States dollars: -translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD
services of translator - 2 USD;
Internet services - 2 USD
printing of a letter - 1 USD
taxes and other payments - 1 USD
-scanning of one photo- 2 USD
-printing of one photo - 3 USD
-phone call translation- 6 USD 10 minutes If you interested in our unlimited service the prices is: "Unlimited translation" - we provide only translation services without printing or scanning photos: - one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD
- two month "unlimited translation" - 300 USD; "Unlimited correspondence" - we provide not only translation of the letters but also printing letters and scanning and printing pictures: - one month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 200 USD
- two month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 350 USD Cost of phone calls is not included in any service. You can send the money through WESTERN UNION.
You should write in your document: name of the receiver: Tatyana Gorbushina
address: 96800 Kurchatova street, 11,
city: Donetsk region, Amvrosiivka town,
country: Ukraine.

You can use also your credit card to send payment through the Western Union service. You can do it on line on web site Tatyana's personal translator
Daria Kamushkina,
executive manager of
"Amvrogeneral" translations.
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