Scam letter(s) from Jannet Smith to Justin (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello Justin, Do you mean you have not even talk to your Parent not even to see them for the past 22years now? Too Bad of you when they were even alive. Well its my very good pleasure to read from you and also know much about you and i am very happy about your response, it shows you are ready for a long life relationship. Because I am not a woman who likes one night stands or a short relationships, I seek a long term relationship. Upon successful completion of my Engineering program during my school days, I received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Engineering from the (City University Of London School of Engineering). But i am not financially buoyant to complete with the fees. So after graduation I plan to pursue a master's degree in Engineering at (City University Of London School of Engineering) to fulfill my dream of becoming a Construction Engineering. Ultimately, I'd like to become the CEO of a non-profit, Association Of World Engineers, serving the engineering world. Please answer these questions as i like to know your view about relationship. Tell me the roles of man in a relationship ? What are the things that matters in a relationship and what do they mean to you ? What are the roles you want your woman to play in the relationship ? What are the things you want your woman to do to you always ? Tell me your likes and dislikes ? do's and don't do ? Do you smoke or drink ? if yes, tell me how often ? Are you independence in your decision about your relationship or do you seek advice from people around you ? How long have you been on this Dating Site? These questions are thought-provoking and may spread some light on viewpoints we didn't know each other had. Take some time and answer this questions, so i can fully understand your views on relationship. I am kind of lonely for now but i am doing all in my power to keep myself busy and my son is all i have in this world and my mind told me that i will be with you soon if this can work out between us. but reading mails from you make me happy. Hope to read from you.

Letter 2
Hello Justin, How are you and your work ? Hope all is well with you ? I really love the way you answered my questions. It REALLY touch my heart and i thank God that i met you. You really make my days with the lovely email you send to me and i like the way you answer my questions. These are my answers too. Tell me the roles of woman in a relationship ? In my opinion the role of a woman in a relationship is to be a provider of encouragement for the hubby and should be the major provider of strength.. She should guide her Hubby to feel secure with their relationship and encourage him to seek out what his heart desires in regards to life choices. Though man and woman have equal role to play. What are the things that matters in a relationship and what do they mean to you ? The most important things to me in a relationship are love, trust, and communication. I want to feel as if I am more in love with a man everyday that we spend together. In order to attain this a couple must develop a supreme sense of trust where absolutely nothing is held back. Part of trust is to have good communication. Whenever a problem arises it should be talked out without anger or resentment. I also think *** is an integral part of a relationship. What are the roles i want my man to play in the relationship ? In a relationship I would like a man to play the role of an equal partner. When I am not strong I want to be able to turn to my man to confide into and look to for help overcoming any problem that I face. I want him to be the person I love the most, respect the most, and consider my best friend. What are the things i want my man to do to me always ? I would hope that my man will be there when I need him most and always be able to speak to me with both frankness and sincerity. I like it when men can openly show his affection or a smile that shows me that he really loves me. Tell me your likes and dislikes ? Do's and Dont's ? I really enjoy when I can bring my man into all aspects of my life. I like a man who can keep a positive attitude during difficult times, who his open in trying new things, and shares my passion for life and for helping our fellow human. The things that I don't like in relationships are when we loose the ability to be able to talk openly. Also, I do not do well with people who think they are better than others and are always thinking about themselves. What are your do's and don't do ? My do's: I am romantic, great at surprises, very funny and can usually turn a frown into a smile, very giving, full of patients, full of life and try to get the most out of everyday. I am good at inspiring others as well. My don't s: materialistic people, smoking, drugs, money-hungry motives, boastfulness, and people who love to fight. I think with the way you answered my question, It clearly shows you are ready for a longlife relationship, It is not as if i am in a rush to get married but i know what i want, and with your answers to my question i think you are best for me. I know what you want from me and i will also be happy to show you my love and happiness throughout our life time together. if am not wrong, i think this is the third or fourth mail we will exchange between each other, where exactly do you think this communication between us could lead to ? Have you even experience anything like this before ? with all i have told you about me, do you think we might have a chance together as we continue our communication ? I will be expecting your response to this mail as soon as possible. and also let me know your daily schedule so that i might be sure of the exact time i can meet you at the computer so that we can exchange mails. I am looking for someone that has the freedom that I do at this point in life. I also wouldn't mind being with someone who knows how to pamper a woman. I am not at all a materialistic person so I mean this in the sense of passion and affection. I am a little careful with my feelings at first, until I get to know you and then I can be a very loyal and caring person. I am an attractive woman and even more important, I am petite and have been told that I have a great smile. My crowning glory is my long hair. If I had to characterize myself I would say I have more of an exotic look because of my lighter features. I am at a very stable point in my life and the only thing missing is that special someone. I am getting acquainted reading from you, Andra.
Letter 3
Sorry Justin it was only a mistake by sending....been busy so much on internet reading mails doing some other office work..i guess that was where i make a mistake.
Letter 4

Okay but i tought you are online,why not on chat messenger am there now,
Here are some ryan picture and myself....the group one is me,ryan my friend and her hubby got married not long ago.
Letter 5
I wonder why a married man will be standing as a best man for a new married man...i think this deserve an explanation ...Mathew really look so much like you has Ryan also look like his lost daddy. You look so hansom in that suite,I wish i can wear more of that for you as soon possible. Here are some of My pictures and Ryan too.. Justin i think am lost somewhere now....i needed time for myself to think,right now i have allot going through mind,am confused and i don't know what to do now,I have already asked them to take away the furniture in my house and yet the money still not complete,i think i have to go now sell my Treasurable Gold Chain,so i can have more money to add to it,i need my car so i can make use of it to come to Derby station, Midland main line on Sunday, May when am done on time i will get back to you so we can talk more better. I love you Justin.
Letter 6
1I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. 2My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. 3He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth us will not slumber. 4Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. 5The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand. 6The sun shall not smite us by day, nor the moon by night. 7The LORD shall preserve us from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. 8The LORD shall preserve our going out and our coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.Amen.. Am on the internet now in my Hotel.. Just feeling Lonely and boring so i decided to be showering you thy Scripture.
Letter 7
Housing $ Estate Agent,
Santander UK plc,
PO Box 1109,
21, Lang-Horne House,
Spring field grove,
SE77TL. Good morning Mrs. White,

We are writing you this note in other to let you know about our visitation to the address named above.

Our first and second visitation to the premises we met your absence and we drop an email via your email box, and till date we have no responses from you, now this is the Company decision, we are taking a legal chances on the premises since you ignore to comply with our invitation to you Ma.

I am very sure you are aware you are to pay up for 4 good months installment, by March 3RD OF THE YEAR 2010 will be 4good months and this is not the agreement made by you and your bank with us,

I am employing you also to pay up a 2months installment before the end of this week, failure to do that, we are sorry we have no choice than to take a legal action and we shall hope to meet in court.

We are running out of patience because we have a lot to do with there money, Moreover the Barclays’ Bank which you are banking with as given us a 100% full support to go ahead and take the necessary legal action towards your ignorance.

Once again we employ you to comply on time towards this. Thanks.
Yours Faithfully.
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