Letter(s) from Natalia Mamaeva to Imad (Switzerland)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear friend Imad!

Thank you again for your letter, for a reminder about you, Imad, - interesting and versatile man who is possible to share my interests and everyday littlle problems.
Franklyspeaking, Imad, I have never thought that writing letetrs is such an amazing occupation. I feel like a writer, who writes an interesting novel, and the most interesting that's me who is the main heroine of this novel. I like to share with you my daily life, I understand that these lines are only for two of us.
Also I know perfectly that you won't laugh at me and that you will appreciate my sincerity. You can ask me, how I have understood it for such a recent time? That's because of your letters that give me an wonderful impression about yourself.
Imad, even you least message is very important for me. I keep all your messages in my mail- box, I never delete them!!! I hope that for you my letters are little bit important too… May be you leep my letters too, may be you reread them, may be you find something interesting in them? I only dare hope that my assumptions are right.
You know, Imad, today was a fine and cute day at my job, in the restaurant I work in. We had an Oriental day, so all the cuisine should be oriental. I must confess that I am not very strong in the oriental cuisine, but I managed to cook sushi.Do you like oriental cuisine?
I also want to give you my address because I think that it is so exiting to receive a letter from person from another country.I have never had friends abroad and naturally I have never received a letter from a foreigner. I hope that your letter will be the first one)
So my address:
Country: Russia
Last name: Mamaeva
Name: Natalya
Adddress: st. Mira, 156, app. 67
Index: 644024
I hope that our post system will allow us to communicate and just feel our importance for each other! I can feel it already!
I hope that you like my words and I will be waiting for your letter with great impatience and I just need to hear from you! I can feel a great happiness when I read your words, my sweet Imad! I hope that you can understand my words and if not just write me and I will explain it to you! Ok? If you have some questions also I with great pleasure will answer you! Believe me it is very important for me!
So, now I will finish my letter ……… it's a pity… I don't stop our conversation….
Bye for now, all in waiting for your new letters, Natasha.