Scam Letter(s) from Elizabeth Opare to George (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Goodmorning darling,i am sorry for the delay in sending the pictures to you,i explained to you last night that i am not the owner of the PC i am using to talk to you and besides it was late here last night so everywhere were closed and there was no way i could get those pictures scanned until now that u just got them scanned and sending them to you .. i don't want u to think i am lieing or not taken u serious,i had thoughts of u all night and mom was so happy when i told her about us and i saw the reaction on her face that i finally found the man that i can share my thoughts and feelings with and willing to work things out to be together till eternity ..anyway honey,i hope u'll still be sending me the money today so i can take mom to the hospital and get the money deposited so that they can start treating mom ..u're my last hope darling and it's u i'm counting on is the infor below to send me the money via WU:

Name: Linda Harry
State: Ogun
City: Ojodu
Country: Nigeria
Zipcode: 23401
Text Question: Favorite Color
Answer: Blue

Honey make sure u try and SMS me the details i'll use in picking up the money when u get it sent ok so i can pick it up here before banks closes ..i'll be thinking of u darling and i hope to hear some goodnews from you soon ..always thinking of u darling..have a nice day at work and once more sorry for the delay ok and i hope u can forgive me and stop thinking i ain't taken u serious cos right now it's just u and my mom that i've got in my life and don't want to loose any of you two mean alot to me and i can't wait for the day we'll meet in person ..looking forward to your email and SMS soon my love ..

Linda Harry



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