Letter(s) from Elena Maksimova to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Charles!! I think that you even can't imagine how happy make me your letters. I wait your letters every day with impatience. And every time I see your letters in my postbox I tell thanks to the God for that I have met you in my life. With every of our letter my relation to you becomes better and more serious. Thank you for your photos I also doing some photos for you It's a pity that we are so far from each other now. I'm tired to be alone and sometimes when I return home after the work I run into despair because I even have nobody to talk to I have only my mother but she is not a men and yes of course she is understand me and can help me to decide any problem but you understand that it is another situation now. And only your letters make me strong, help me to go away from me my loneness. I feel your care and kindness out of your letters. I want to tell you thank you very much. I'm sorry for such an introduction but I want you to know what sometimes I feel. In this letter I'd like to tell you more about myself and to tell a little about my thoughts to make you to know me better. I hope it will give you some answers on your questions. First of all I'd like to tell you about a stile of my clothes. It depends on my mood and the place where am I going to go. If I go to the work I prefer a strict stile. I like trousers and skirts of middle long but if I go somewhere to have a rest I prefer a free clothes of tender colors. I think the clothes of a man is his face and people can tell a lot about a man on his clothes. People often tell compliments to me because my stile of clothes suits me very much. But I also have a good figure, so I can wear everything I want. I also want you to know that I believe in God. But I seldom go to the church because the atmosphere in Russian churches is very hard but it doesn't prevent me to believe in God. And I want to tell more about my education. I graduated the Cheboksary University. It is one of the most prestige universities in Russia. I finished the University with a red diploma (I have only excellent marks). But I like the atmosphere of our collective, I like my job. After at school English was my favorite subject I wasn't think to stop and I was learned high English at the University and I know it fluently (as written so talking I think that you could see that from my letters). I also want to tell again about the weather I like it is summer and all of us like when it is sunny and warm and I am so sad that it is winter at the moment and it is so cold here in Russia. But sometimes it is fine when it is raining and windy. I think rain make us to calm and allows us to think about serious things of the life. I also like animals. When I was a little girl I had a likely dog it is a pity that he died a lot of time ago. I like horses very much and sometimes I go to the stable to go by horse. Of all colors of the world I like green because it calms me and it is so tender. I think that even if we will correspond a month, two months or more I think we will know each other not more than 10-20 . My dear, I want to be sincere with you because I am really honest. I want you to know that I am serious very much to you and our relation. And because of it I want to tell you that I don't want our relation to be only Internet correspondence and chat I want to meet you in person and get know in the real life because it is other from the Internet correspondence. I talked you about myself as much as I could. And with every of my letter I tried to tell you more to become you closer to me and to make you to know better me. I began to write to you not with the aim to have a correspondence but with the aim to find a right person for myself, to meet with you and try to create happy family together with you. But so serious questions we can discuss only in real meeting, I am not sure but I will hope that you are agree with me. I want you to think that may be I am really those whom you were looking for and you are those whom I was looking for. Perhaps some days which we will spend together will solve our destiny. And that is why, my honey, I want you to solve for yourself what do you want: to continue the correspondence or to meet at the nearest future. The choice is for you. My darling, all my words and thoughts I tell out of my heart. I think that you are my destiny. I am sorry may be I didn't answer some of your questions but I think that the things I told in this letter are more important than the questions you asked me. I also send you some of my most lovely photos. I would go to check the information about everything to the Travel Agent and then I would let you know about all ok. I will end my letter on these words. Thank you that you are. I am waiting for your letter with impatience.

Only your Elena

Letter 2

My darling and most lovely man Charles!!! Sorry that I cannot write to you earlier. I have a lot of problem with work. You can not represent what I was feel during the time when I was at work and he was not give me to work because a lot of time he stay near me and ask me come to his room and I was not able to have normal work day. My honey now I decide the problem with my boss and I found the best way for that and I already do not go to my office since Monday I told him that he is very big pig and say good bye because he was very stupid and he was asked me about sex every day now and I am just tired of that and now I have no work but now I am far away from him. Today as soon as I have free time I go at the internet-cafe, because I know someone in England wait me and my letters. If really I can't image my life right now without you and your letters. Because I feel that you have strong feelings for me and this is a very important for me. You asking me some questions on which I give you answer in my first letters to you. But if you persevering about it music which I'm listen depends of my mood sometimes it is classic sometime pop rock it can be any music. I like your photos really very much and I like your house. I think that I send you photos in which you can estimate my figure and beauty I understand that you must see it but I really think about it when I choose photos which sent to you. I hope that you can understand me because my English is not perfect and I have some worried when I write to you letter about my boss because I have hard day. Hope you will can understand me about my mistake. Every time when I think about us I understand that maybe I find true feelings and right man for all my life and my dreams come true. If this is true I will be happy so much, because you that this is my purpose and I want make happy my husband and make good family life together. A lot of people do not understand for what meet each other, they think that fun this is most important in life and want play the games all his life. But I see other, most better side in serious relationship and I see that you agree with me on 100 and I like it very much. What about money, I understand your desire help me and this is a very pleasant for me. I also will do all that I can about it. I think that we can understand all and know each other 1 - 2 weeks, why you want to do it. If really I have some money for life and do not want take your money. I think it will be better if we will decide be together for rest of our life after we will know each other and spend this 2 weeks together it will be more effective then we will write to each other favorite music and books. Now I want to say you about some good news about travelagency. At morning when I stand up I go to the travel agency and speak with travel agent. He told me all what I need for travel in England. He give me his e-mail and askthat you need contact with him and he will give all details about our trip to you. His e-mail ChebTravelSTD@yandex.ru, his name Ivan Baklanov. I choose agency with good reputation and I think that they can help us without problem. Darling really when I think about you and about our meeting my heart to start to beat much faster, because I understand that I will see other life, other people, other culture. But I know that one man wait me and want make me happy and it give me the power for life and love. I think you are very honest and nice man that' s why I belive you and want meet to you too very much. I never see England and I know this is a very nice place for life and make family. I want try to do it and I hope that all be fine. Ok My darling I need go, because have a very busy day today. I love you and miss you very much. My respect only for you my dear

Only your Elena