Scam letter(s) from Natalia Morozova to John (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello John . Thanks to which my letter does not remain without attention and me Are very glad, that you have answered me. I did not think, that you so is fast to me will answer and have sincerely been admired, when have found in my box your answer. As I have written to you me from Russia, my city in the northwest part of our country and between us distance and a difference in time, but I do not know what.
I have written to you because I wish to find for me directly fine person, that it has understood me and has estimated, it cared of me and has been glad and tested together with me. Simply I wish to have worthy the person. I the lonely, fragile woman in this difficult and difficult the world also am necessary for me support and a shoulder of the reliable person in a life, it is possible you? It is a pity, if I cannot answer at once you, but understand, I work in the afternoon, and I can answer you only use the Internet-cafe to look your mail and to write to you... . Therefore I cannot answer at once you, but I visit the Internet-cafe in the morning before work and in the evening after work (if it so is not tired), and I hope, that you will wait for my letter, and I also with impatience and excitement to your reply. It is pleasant to read through each your letter... Elena, your friend from Russia..... I with impatience wait for yours fotos!!!! In your country warmly? How is the weather in your country, In us it is cold, only - 12, and at us now winter.
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