Scam letter(s) from Julia to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my mysterious stranger! I’m so happy that you are interested in me. It is so strange to communicate with somebody who is so far away and I haven’t opportunity to see you. But I hope that we will have a chance to communicate with each other and become closer to each other.
I want to find my only one man who will care about me and who will understand and support me in everything. And I in my turn will give him all my tenderness and love. I am Julia, I live in Lugansk town in Ukraine. I am 28 and I am working as a teacher of law at the university. I finished the University if internal affair and also I have a master degree in law. Well I start with my family and friends.
I have a big and happy family. Now I live with my mother, father and sister. And also I have uncle and aunt. I love them all because they are the only people who always understand me and never betray me. And I appreciate their care and support very much. You see I had a sad experience in my past. I was married for two years and lived with my husband in Donetsk. But soon I understood that he wasn’t the man I need. Because he valued only my appearance. He wasn’t interested in my inner world, in my feelings at all. Our datings were so beautiful, he was so generous. But I know that happiness and money have nothing in common. I wasn’t happy with him, when we got married I understood what he wanted at once. And I couldn’t stand it no more and we divorced. So today when I live with my family I’m happy. All people who surround me tell that I’m very kind and sympathetic. If I love I try to give my beloved all my care, love and passion. He will feel comfortable with me. My man would always help me if I have some troubles, and he wouldn’t demand anything in return. Because he would see how strong my love is. I want to create strong relations based on trust, respect and love. I don’t want to make my mistakes again. I hope that you understand me, and our interests coincide. It is so important for me.
I really hope that we have a lot in common and you are ready to share your interests and dreams with me. I like sea very much, and if I have an opportunity I always try to use it and to go to the sea. And maybe someday you and I will commit a trip to the seaside. If you want of course. And I want to know if you like the sea, and what else do you like? So I want to know about you more information. What do you like and what you don’t like. Please write to your letter, I’ll be waiting for it very much! Your Julia.
Letter 2
Hello my dear! I’m so happy that you want to know me better and want to communicate with me further! I thank you for your attention. Your warm letters really improve my mood. I hope you like my letters too.
Probably you know why I am in the internet. Many people consider me to be beautiful woman and they don’t understand why I can’t find my only man here in our country. Well I don’t want Ukrainian men anymore. My ex has insulted me very seriously and I’m afraid that he will come and try to take me from my native town. I know that everybody makes mistakes in the life, but that of mine I will never wish to anybody. I have my favorite job, and I like it so. Also I have my loving family, they always near with me. But of course I want my beloved to hold me, kiss me and whisper some sweet things into my ears. And I will touch you like the sunshine touches our skin, like the wind kisses our eyes, like the rain falls on our palms. How do you like it? I know some romantic nonsense… but I’m a romantic and sensitive person. I wish that my beloved man will be romantic in his soul. You know, I love cooking and I love to prepare something tasty all the time, something new. I think that if I will be sitting at home I will spend this time on the kitchen. I love to bake wonderful cakes, I am sure that you will like it if you will taste. What do you like to eat, my dear????
Do you have some traditional dishes in your family??? Dear, I want to get closer to you and that is why I want to ask you some questions, if you don’t mind. I’d like to know if you like traveling, if yes than what countries you have visited, what country you like the best. And if you want to know something about me, I’m ready to answer your questions. Oh, and I’d like to have some photo of yours. Sweet regards to you! Your Julia.
Letter 3
Thank you so much for your letter and I was really glad to receive it You know I think that there is some special plan for everyone of us!.. There is something magic in some events in our life! But from the other side sometimes I believe that a man is able to change his fate himself. Everyone make important decisions in life and so the destiny depends on this decisions. It's destiny, if a person die early, or if a person has a bad health. About to find the big love : I think it's a little bit destiny who you meet, because only with one of this persons you can have a relationship. It was not easy to find you here in the world wide web! Also you have no influence about other persons decisions. But you can make your decisions and try to steer the destiny on the right way. I think you have a big influence about your destiny. Of course there are people like this poor children in Africa, who have a really destiny, because they have not the possibility to change something... What do you think about it???? Do you believe in destiny???? You know, I believe in it, that if we will need to do this, we will do it. You know, in my country there is such problem with people who tried to earn money by lieing people about their destiny. You know, I know something about it and about cases when people died because of it and such people are tring to change the destiny of another people and this is really awful. One day my mom took me with her to such woman and you know what she told me that I will be the most happiest woman around the world, that I will get married in two years and in one year then I will have a child. According to her words I might be already married and with child, but no, I am not married and have not children. And I am not happy, more over, I am very sad that I am so lonely, but I met you in my life and feel more happier. How do you feel my dear??? My dear Reggie, you wrote me that you were visiting my country, what are you doing here??? What cities did you visit??? When did you visit it???
Waiting for your reply. Your Julia
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