Letter(s) from Tatyana Vijtyk to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, I'm honest and serious girl and I would be glad to find such man for my feature life. I'm a good mixer with the feeling of humour:)
I don't like the games and I think, it's terrible to play with the feelings of people. That is why I want to find serious and honest man for serious relations. So, if you are such man, I would be glad to get the letter from you on this address: krasunya21@gmail.com

Letter 2

Hello, my dear :)

How are you, my dear? How are your things? I hope, you are fine.

My dear, I went to the police office and knew about the passport, well, it is quite expensive. It is 195 usd - to make in two months, 250 within month, 350 in two weeks and 450 usd in a day! Let me know what is more suitable for you! I really appreciate your help! My dearest, I would be glad and happy if you help me to solve this problem and we could to meet with you soon:):):) Our dreams come true!
Do you want this? I hope, yes:):):)

Wait for your decision impatiently:)
Your dear Tanya:):):)