Roamnce scam letter(s) from Maria Shapkina to Buzz (China)
Letter 1
Hi my new friend, I hope, that after my last letter you did not think, that I am afraid of serious relations. I want serious relations! I think, that foreign men are good for family creation. You probably, ask yourselves a question: Why does she not search for the Russian husband? Why does she search for the husband living far from Russia? Can she wishes simple to live in other country? No, it is not so. I will explain my point of view. I read many books and articles about men. I consider, that the foreign husband is better than the Russian husband. First, I think, that a family is sacred. I read, that foreign men think also. The family is sacred which is necessary for protecting and to do all for the family and even more. During same time Russian men do not think so. Secondly, foreign men live longer the Russian men on the average on 15 - 25 years and even more. Why do foreign men live longer the Russian men? Because foreigners are initially happy. Foreign men have light, idealistic, a kind and optimistically sight. Besides, the reason of that foreign men live much longer men from Russia and in their genetics. Thirdly, foreign men love children really. I love children very much. The statistics says that foreign men do not refuse never native children. It means, that foreign men - fathers quivering, careful and loving the children. Fourthly, foreign men are able to love the woman sincerely. That the foreign man really loves the woman, it is possible to be convinced of it on an example of how they look after women. They do not dare to offend the woman and to strike the woman. Russian men live by a principle ?I beat my wife, it means I love her?. For the foreign man to love the woman means to love her. If the man loves you, it does not humiliate you and does not beat, as it is accepted in Russia, and really loves, as it is accepted in the developed countries! To beat and love is not same. The most basic trump of foreign men, it is that they love and respect themselves. And if foreign men love and respect themselves then they love and respect the woman with whom they connect the further destiny. It is my point of view. And I search for the foreign husband. I hope, that the foreign husband will be doing me happy. I live in Russia. I was in Beijing never. On a site there was no column "Russia" when I filled the questionnaire. And I wrote Beijing. I wait your letter very much. Yours faithfully, your girlfriend.
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