Letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to E. P. (Canada)

Letter 1

My greetings to you..and how are U doing ? my name is Bella. i went through your profile and i would say its nice. in fact impressive but i would really like to know what and why you're on the site.. i guess a question will come your way .. why am here. well i am here to find the fortune man. a man with a pure heart who has the God fearing mind in him and who is ready for true love..
I'll be very glad if you can tell me what kind of relationship you are Looking for?I believe we have something special and unique to offer each other.I am a Lady of my word and who is seriously looking for a Man,Am not here for a Game. i want something special something brand new I am looking for a Man to spend the whole of my life with..Am also a very Romantic type,love to cuddle,hold hands while walking, i wish to live with compassion,purpose,inspiration,humor,love,fun and a sense of adventure am writing to know more about you and i will want you to add me on your IM ... kbella54 at yah00 .. so we an learn more about each other and also i will even want U to drop me a line at my e-mail address .. at : ...kbella54@yah()().com
Write me and tell me what U 're looking for and i will get back to you with more of my pics and about myself I'm hoping to read from you have a nice loving day.

Letter 2

I will tell you a little about myself..my real name is Bella Kelly i am 27years,from CA),i am living alone,i am studying....i am the only daughter of the family,my parent got married to each in the state....i am happy i have a wonderful parent like my parent but unfortunately i lost my parent years ago in a car accident and it sucks..its so painful coz i was unable to let them feel my impact before they died...Right now i am studying(Banking & Finance)in west africa in Nigeria) preciselly..this is my first time to travel to Nigeria and i dont really know much about this environment but i am so adaptive so i get used to alot of things so easily and i get to understand how things are been done in the environrnment too as well...i have just started my career on it and its really my dream and i seek a man who will surport my dream...i just got to Nigeria like 3 months ago and on planing to get back to the state soon..to complete my dream and career..it has really been a dream come true for me to become a Banker and i have commited all my time and all i have into this career and i hope it leads to a very great future for me,i am a very sincere and honest person,i am Caring, kind, social, smart, intelligent, passionate, friendlly, romantic, and i believe in the truth and honest of love..i am really a very sincere person when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions with that special person and i realy am down to heart honest about the things i say and do cause i dont like hurting peoples feelings,cause everyone has a chance to laugh,so why do i make them sad..i am really very easy to get along with,fun to be with and am very adaptive and communicative when it comes to conversant conversation.and my life is based on the truth and honest of self personality...i would realy like to get to know alot about you and learn somethings with you cause you seems to be kind of ready in getting to know my kind of person and hopefull we can meet in person soon..with time we will get to know each others feelings, motives and intensions towards each other and it will help us grow knowing each other and trusting each other..i am looking for Honest,God fearing,loyal,trusthworthy and intelligent person..i am looking for something long term relationship.Well i will await your reply and i will try and email you back kbella54@yahoo.com

Bella cares

Letter 3

i will love to meet someone cool and caring person thrusthworthy..honest and cool person that can take care of me and i will be with him till the rest of my life and i will be caring and lovely to him if you only he can promise not to cheat on me ok
My favorite physical activities: Basketball, Dancing, Jogging/Running
My favorite food(s): American, Chinese/Dim Sum, Fast Food/Pizza, Japanese/Sushi
My favorite music: Blues, Disco, Hard Rock & Metal, Jazz, Soul/R&B
i hate to be cheat and fighting and disobey .I love to meet good person and trustworthy honest ,caring good person and i will care for him na di will also do that . As at now i am in west africa on a final year project so i will be back on soon to the town soon i will like to meet you in person .i am here on my project exam.
About my last relationship..
My ex boyfriend went to marry my best friend one day i was going to check on my ex boyfriend and meet both of them in my boyfriend room and i fated and i was rush to the hospital that was so painful But i have to forget about it and start a new life..
My Mom is dead and my dad is dead ..i am the only child of my parent.
Bella xxxx.

Letter 4

Wow oooo am so happy to hear from u today babe. tell me it hard now for me to believe that u still single? well if you really are still single them why an't you getting a woman in your life? any way tell me again now what you really looking for in life? date, relationship, friend, business partner, or you came to play games here couse i really need to know your mind before going futher with you.
I am still on my knees begging for love, not to a stranger but to one I wanna know ... since you did reply me back. I've been in love with and know it's not a fun. Each night and day I hope and pray that i found the riteful man that will be mine forever . I know it's hard to fine man and trust a man - giving your heart, body and soul, but know it's me that's on my knees swallowing my pride, begging you, please ... once again I say please, If you really serious about me couse am badly in pain in the pass and i want it to go alway ........i really need to be loved and not to be dissapointed ,
I hope you understand were am coming from and were am going. hope to hear from u again.
Bella cares