Scam letter(s) from Lilia Podkovyrova to Jorge (Portugal)

Letter 1
Hi cool men !!!! i am Lilya . wow good man, i like your profile not joke, i really like men in profile. see my profile please!! want that you write to my email: write me please to my personal email, and i answer to you with good letter about me, and i send my cutie photo :)
Letter 2
Hello Jorge! I want to wish you have good day! Jorge, thanks that you answered to me on the site... I saw your profile on the site, and you have liked me! I have written you the letter and hoped that you will answer to me... Also it is very glad that you could find time for answer to my message... I hope that you can find still time write to me the answer... Jorge, very much would like to get acquainted with you better!
so, I will begin with the small description of... here my photo, and I hope that it is pleasant to you! Also I would like that you too sent to me your photo! my name Lilya, my age 29 years old. I live in city Orenburg in apartment with my parents. I work in city hospital of city Orenburg as the doctor-anasteziolog And my duty will consist that I should support a body of the person of viability during Narcosis! At us in hospital good enough degree of service, but nevertheless I would like to know as at you in the country position in hospitals? It simply my professional interest. =)
I like to support the body in a tone and consequently I regularly go to a training hall. i have a lot of friends and we very much like to spend time together. play billiards and tennis, we have other entertainment.
I have already told to you that I live in city Orenburg. I am not assured that you know where it is. It is a small city in Russia. You probably will think that it very far for you... Jorge, I do not want that you did hasty conclusions! ok? Because if we will want to have really a meeting I am assured that we can find a variant for a meeting! For example for me a dont problem for have a meeting, I already was outside of Russia! It was small travel. I was In Turkey, in Finland... it was pleasant to me in these countries because for me it was very interesting to see new! It absolutely other culture, other food, other language, for me all it was very interesting! I was there as the tourist, and I am assured that you do not need to worry about a meeting! I in general very confident girl and if we really want a meeting I am assured that we can to make it a reality, and now I would like to find out better you!
Jorge, please try to find time, and write to me a little about itself!
What character at you? What do you do for entertainment? Whether there was at you a wife? What do you appreciate in women? I will wait for your answer. your friend Lilya
Letter 3
Hello again Jorge !!! I am very glad to see your letter... I doubted a little that you will answer to me back, but now I am happy to see your answer. Jorge, your letter very much means for me, for me it is important that you answered to me back!
Jorge, you like my photo??? :) Today I do not send you a photo, but in following letters I will necessarily send you other photos!
Jorge, I have many questions to you, and I would like set to you all it today, but time is limited, and I hope that we will actively correspond, and certainly we can find out well at mutual desire each other. I think that you read my profile and you saw in my profile that I search for serious intentions to get acquainted with the pleasant, good person for serious relations! I will try to tell a little about me, about my character.... mmmm, at all I do not know from what to begin.... I will begin with a question :) Jorge, you the romantic person? I the romanticist... Here even now I write you the letter, and I consider that it so romantically that we write each other the letter!! I like to look at stars and to dream... I dream to meet the prince on a white game :) joke... As you have noticed to me it is pleasant to joke, in general I consider that cheerful people live more.... To me to like to communicate with people, pleasant dialogue without roughness very is pleasant. . I appreciate fidelity and fidelity in the man, in I trust in love and I consider that it is the main feature in people which distinguishes us from animals, and I think that such feeling as love should be under our protection if there is in the person a love it is necessary to protect this feeling!!!! In me there is such quality as jealousy!!! I very jealous person, and even here do not know as to tell, what this quality, bad or good.... I very much like to receive compliments, is ready to listen their eternity... For me it was necessary that cleanliness and an order... At me it is always pure in apartment, but the most important thing that was an order in a head then everywhere there will be an order!!! You agree with me Jorge???
For me pleasantly beautiful romantic relations between the man and the woman when the man beautifully looks after the girl! I think each girl dreams of it.... But as a rule such relations very quickly come to an end... But I am not intended to spend myself for such the relation! I am serious in this question! In my life now there is no such person with who at me could be serious and romantic relations... I dream to find such man...
In my opinion the girl should not aspire to riches to success in career, I think the girl should provide strong relations in a family, care of the beloved, and children!
Tell please, you dream to meet what girl? I will forgive pardons that so early I ask you frank questions but as I already wrote to you I I wish to know about you much.... I have written to you a little about myself and if to you interestingly we could discuss it in detail....
I hope that I will see your answer... Sincerely yours Lilya
Letter 4

Hi Jorge!!! I am glad to see your letter again!!! That few time here has already come as I have come to the Internet cafe and I see your letter... For me it is very pleasant find out each other better, it is very interesting to me!!! For me so it is pleasant to receive from you letters, feel your attention... Last time at me on a shower is present what that boredom there are no joyful days, and anything interesting in a life... Jorge, your letters they bring to me happiness, as if a ray in darkness.... I would like thank you that you can write to me... For me it is always pleasant receive from you though also the small letter, but nevertheless this attention...
Today I will send you other photo!!! In this photo my family.
Beginning at the left: my mum, I, my daddy, and the others I do not know, they are acquaintances of my daddy! You like my photo??? :) In other photo I in the last winter when we with parents skied.
I would like find out more about your relatives? What relations at you with them? How you are frequent with them meet? I already wrote to you that I live with mum and daddy... We live in convenient apartment with three living rooms one kitchen, 2 balconies, a bathroom and a toilet.
I have a my room... I would like tell to you about my parents! The most important in our family daddy, him 61 year, he still works as the mechanic... Like already so much many years, but still in the good form!!!! Mum does not work for a long time already she the pensioner, her now 57... We with mum keep up housekeeping, is final more my mum because my work occupies a lot of time...
I very much love the family... We often spend time together.... As the doctor I for a healthy way of life, and I welcome mobile rest! That is we with a family like to leave on skis during winter time... My daddy loves hunting and fishing... Daddy took me with itself on fishing in the summer... It so calms and it is possible to sit to look at water....
In my private life there is nobody... It is possible to tell there all it is empty... Here for a long time already I do not have anybody! I left the man already more than one year ago... Yes I also have forgotten about him already because I did not love it, and he me... We had various interests, and no feelings between us existing! And after that I not could find the man with which to me will well to which I can open completely, and love him.... Possibly because of it I have decided to address in the Internet... I very much would like will find the person which to understand to appreciate and love me!!! For me this most important thing, and I would like to find such person... I would like to find such man who already is clever enough which already knows much which has life experience which can appreciate, and is good address with women... I will be ready to give to such man all myself!
I think that the main thing that should be in the woman fidelity and skill. It is necessary to make a family happy without quarrels and conflicts...
Jorge, today I shared with you can be both deep ideas and opinions...
Usually I do not talk so early about these things, but today having read your letter I have wanted to write to you about it... I so that the independent girl, but am very necessary to me the man!!! The real man with which I can be a number...
I already have written much... Probably you have already got tired to read my letter...
I will wait for your answer!!!!!
Letter 5
Hi Jorge. many thanks for your letter!!! Your letters are very pleasant to me.... These days I have a new theme for meditations, and these new ideas very much excite me!!! At all I do not represent as you, Jorge you concern all to it, but for me become very important write to you letter, and receive from you letters... I already wrote to you that at me to heart emptiness, and here I receive your letters, I have new emotions in my silent heart!
On the one hand for me it is unusual communicate with you by means of letters because I never did before it... The situation which at us now, distance between us - pulls my thoughts to Jorge. I for a long time already has noticed if there are small difficulties to achieve the object, then appears more desires to reach this purpose... Jorge, you agree with me??? I can because of it so often I think of you...
Possibly I should seize your heart the attention and caress and then you cannot already struggle with my female magic. What can you answer it dear Jorge?
honey Jorge (I can name you honey?). so i call you honey Jorge, I again wish to find out more about you, and I again set to you some questions... What at you the main values in your life: a family, work, money, or something another? What plans at you concerning the future?
Jorge, write me also your thoughts...
Now I will finish my letter, and I will wait for your answer... your
Letter 6
Hello my honey Jorge!!!! Here I read yours email, and it is very interesting to me learn your personal opinion, that I wrote in my last message. It is very interesting to me exchange our opinions... And now I think i can make some opinion on that what your character. If you not against we could stir a little by phone. I would like to speak with you, and hear your voice. Only I have no mobile phone, and home phone. so i can call you only from the telephone centre... I will try to call to you later... Certainly I would like to know your number where you can accept my call!
Jorge, I send to you my photos... i hope you like it... On one of photos me, when i go to the a display of paintings. In other photo me, and my friend... you like it? :) I also would like to see more than yours photo!!! please send me it!!! dear, I would like to find out as you like spend a free time??? I very cheerful person, also like to smile... I like to think out various entertainments for myself and friends. I like to help to do by it an interesting life. It can be various things: dances, fitness, cinema and also the most useful various entertainments on the nature... (Besides my opinion as the doctor) but if to speak it sincerely last time all these entertainments give me less pleasures... I often dream of romantic evening with the favourite person, it can be a supper, or simply walk in park, or on a beach... I think that in it there is a charm. Jorge, you the romantic person??? You dream of these things?? ? You like to spend evening time with a family??? It is pleasant to me holidays when the family gathers about one table, at us it is the big round table, and we all family gather... Jorge how you like to spend holidays??? How you spend rest??? Tell to me please about it...
Jorge, excuse me for a question: at you is now girl??? I think that you charming enough man to love much girl. What at you now private life now??? Please write to me about it... Write to me please in detail about feelings and desires, it is very pleasant to me to read when you write about you directly... I am ready to read it many time... I wait your answer as nightingale of summer, so speak at us. My embraces.
Yours Lilya

p.s. i dont coment about come to you cose now i dont come to you! ok? please understand we dont know good now!!!
Letter 7
Hello my kind friend Jorge.

I very much waited for your letter... Is very glad to see it... But my pleasure together with a grief... You probably had at once a question what grief. At all I do not know from what to begin... At me now a shock condition, it is difficult to write a little, because hands shiver.... Therefore it is not assured that to a smog to write the big letter... ohhh Jorge, today I had a tragedy on work... To us to hospital have brought hard sick patient. It broke on the car. We tried to save his lives, but unfortunately he has died. We tried to take away his life from hands of death during long time. But in him there was an extensive hemorrhage in internal body, and he has lost a lot of blood.
For me it not the first fatal result, but I cannot get used to death of the person... Here after work I did not know where to go, I should communicate with someone... Jorge, you are at me and I can inform you about all... So to me it becomes easier. . ohhh, in my thoughts again death of this person, and at once tears on eyes. At me now eyes very red, from tears... sorry Jorge... i cant write i go to home your Lilya
Letter 8
Hello my kind friend Jorge.

I very much waited for your letter... Is very glad to see it... But my pleasure together with a grief... You probably had at once a question what grief. At all I do not know from what to begin... At me now a shock condition, it is difficult to write a little, because hands shiver.... Therefore it is not assured that to a smog to write the big letter... ohhh Jorge, today I had a tragedy on work... To us to hospital have brought hard sick patient. It broke on the car. We tried to save his lives, but unfortunately he has died. We tried to take away his life from hands of death during long time. But in him there was an extensive hemorrhage in internal body, and he has lost a lot of blood.
For me it not the first fatal result, but I cannot get used to death of the person... Here after work I did not know where to go, I should communicate with someone... Jorge, you are at me and I can inform you about all... So to me it becomes easier. . ohhh, in my thoughts again death of this person, and at once tears on eyes. At me now eyes very red, from tears... sorry Jorge... i cant write i go to home your Lilya
Letter 9
Hello my honey Jorge!!!

It is very pleasant to me to read your letter... With your letter to me it is much easier experience death of the patient when I have read your letter.
Jorge, many thanks for support!!!! You the true gentleman!!! I am very glad to feel that I have a man which can to support me a difficult minute!!! And this man you Jorge!!! Thanks that you write me letters!!!!
Yesterday to me my friend with son Kolya came! I was very glad to it... I also send a photo me and Kolya!!! My friend asked me about you and our relations... I told much about you... My girlfriend asked to sned hello to you... Yesterday I played with Kolya a lot of time...
Kolya such interesting he already goes and is able to speak a little... Last night we have gone in to walk in park. I very much like to walk in park of our city. I very much love our parkway, he very beautiful... I send also a photo with me in park!
How you spent time yesterday??? dear Jorge, the cafe Internet is already closed, today at them short day, therefore I will finish my letter...
And I will wait for your answer... your Lilya
Letter 10
Hello my lovely Jorge! I hope, that you good. For me it was very pleasant to read your letter and thanks for your words. I will send you other my photos. You probably to those photos which you already saw, you have got used. These photos from my travel in Tyrkey! I hope that they like you, and these photos will give you again good emotions...
I wish to find a family with loved, to have children, and to find good work... I want that my children studied at good school, I want that children what did not require and that my husband was always with me!!!
Except for you I have written to one more man... You together answered to me... I have written to him some times, but your letters were closer also more interesting. Therefore I have told that I have found for myself the man and any more I do not wish to write to him...
Therefore now I write only to you!!! And you write letters to other girls except me??? By the way, yesterday I had rather good evening with my friends.... We were in one club some hours... At first we had very good supper, and a little sparkling, we played a pool also danced. I still had good impressions, only when I looked at mine friends girl which danced and kissed with man, I had an envy to them... Jorge, I thought of you and you represented you, that about me.
I represented as you me embrace and whisper pleasant words on an ear.... And at you Jorge, happens such??? At you happens, what when you look at enamoured pair recollect me??? You often happen in a bar or club? ?? Girls often get acquainted with you??? Men very often approach to me to try gets acquainted with me, but I help them to understand at once that with me these things will fail!!!! I very often think of your letters, and I am in earnest about your letters very much.... Our dialogue became for me very serious, and I do not consider it as entertainment, I write you some personal things, as to the loved one... And I am very glad that you write to me letters!!!
Please do not forget me, write to me of more letters!!!
Today I will make a supper for a family because to my mum today it is a little bad... She is a little sick, therefore today I will make a supper... By the way dear Jorge, what foodstuffs loved you? That you prefer: meat, fish, vegetarian food and can the sweet??? Tell to me please... I will consult to my mum concerning kitchen because she prepares for our family many years.... She the best cook :) I like to make salads, soups and meat... Most of all I prefer meat, and also is final fruit: bananas, apples, tangerines, pineapples... Jorge, possibly you love tasty meal? We in Russia have a proverb: "the way to heart of the man - passes through his stomach!" And my daddy has confirmed it... He has told that very much loves mum's soup Borsh and consequently he took her in marriage :) I can also I can so to make as my mum??? :) joke Jorge!!! Now I will finish my letter... kissss to you
your Lilya
Letter 11
Hello my dear Jorge!!!! I to see glad again the letter from you, and I with the great pleasure will write you the reciprocal letter :) thanks for your email!!!! I feel that every day I wish to come to the cafe Internet more and more, and to write you many letters!!! I am very glad that we become all more close and more close... I talked about you with my parents and friends... All of them are very glad for me that I such happy!!! yes, to me all speak that when I told about you Jorge, I am very happy!!! All see my happiness in my eyes, all speak that they are shone with happiness... All my friends ask why we still do not think till now of a meeting!! And my parents also many time asked about that why we do not think of a meeting... I speak to all that I seriously consider you Jorge, you very good man. I think that you know about that that parents always wish children only good, and parents are glad when their children are happy!!! My daddy loves fishing and hunting!!! And my daddy has told that next year in the winter he wishes to go on winter hunting. He has told that now it has which person he can to invite for winter hunting!!! He has told that this present man's business, and he very much would like to invite you to hunting!!! I in a current of long time laughed, whether also I have told to my daddy that I do not know like you , Jorge, to go on hunting.... And also I have told that to probably it it even not interestingly... So you know that he has answered??? He has told that in the summer he will necessarily buy good fishing tackle for you Jorge!!! :) Also will necessarily learn you to fish, if you are not able to make it... And you tell to the close people about me??? What do they speak about me??? dear, you have any plans about our relations???
My personal opinion: I wish to meet you!!! It will be very good if we can spend some time together!!! What do you think of it?? There can be next month we can meet??? For example somewhere in Europe: France, Italy, Spain??? what you think about it country??? Or somewhere in other countries.... Understand me correctly Jorge, I cannot invite still you to me home!!! I live at parents and while I know you insufficiently to invite in the house of parents!!!! Between us there were only messages, and I think that to us will be better if we can meet somewhere in a place at friends!!! I very much would like to see your eyes, to feel your hands, to feel yours have begun to smell...
dear Jorge, I am assured that in this meeting we can to make full opinion concerning our relations, and about many things.... I now write you it seriously, and I would like that you too have approached to this question properly!!! I wish to find the unique person.... i think this man you Jorge!!! I will wait your opinion... kissss to you Jorge
your Lilya
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jorge!!!

I wish you good day. How you feel dear??? I am very good, because I can see the letter from you because I am very glad that you write to me... I am a little excited today, yesterday I have hardly fallen asleep. Please do not think about bad :) all good... Simply in my head to turn the thought on our meeting, and I cannot think more of what the friend. For me it is very joyful case, and my soul is full of new emotions... You have such emotions about our meeting as: excitement the big impatience and expectation of our meeting???? In me now such emotions... Jorge, you have brought during my life the whole sea of emotion, even the whole ocean!!! And for me it is very difficult to write all those emotions which now in me, but I can write to you that it has given me a new push and the purpose during my life!!! my lovely Jorge, now I think for us it is necessary to arrange our meeting so that there were no difficulties and inconveniences in our relations. ... I can agree on the work to have some free days from work for me!!! I any more did not have for a long time a holiday on work, therefore I will not be assured that any problems to find free days for our meeting!!!! Jorge, and your work will allow us to have our meeting???? Probably at you the intensive list with work, and you should be on work.... Then can be to us to have a meeting more close to you, or even I could arrive to you for some days??? For me any problem will not make such travel... If such way more convenient for you and if I do not create inconvenience for you in your house??? Give we will choose this plan... It for me even is much better, because you can show me the residence, I can see as you live, to get acquainted with your friends!!! You can show me a city, you also can will show me your favourite places. . And if for you you is necessary will visit your work... dear, inform me please your opinion on all!!! If it is a good way for you too I will make necessary preparations for travel!!! Now I will finish my letter....
my kissssses and embrace to Jorge. your Lilya.
Letter 13
Hi my lovely Jorge!!!!! you my lovely Jorge!!! For me it is again pleasant to see your letter.... I am glad to see in your letter that you are ready to receive me in your home... many thanks, that you trust me? It means for me that I for you more than the person on correspondence!!!
my dear Jorge, I wish to tell to you, that in the last letter I wished to check you... I wished to find out how much seriously you concern me!!! my lovely, forgive me for this please... But you should understand me also!!! Whether because for me it is very important for knowing you will agree to accept me in the house... If you insisted to have a meeting somewhere in hotel, or in any other place then I should think that you have a wife, or other girl and consequently you not seriously enough concern me, and you want me only for entertainment...
this check - only was small precaution!!!! Do not take it to heart dear!!! At us on the TV show about that much that people from other countries call girls to have a good time, and they simply are not serious with them!!! but on the site they put that want find serious relationship.. And some even after all it sell girls to bad people, and these girls then work as the **********!!!! BUT, I am very glad that you not such man, and now im sure in you Jorge, and I am very glad that you which that man I really wish to meet!!! my dear, I with the great pleasure wish to spend time with you!!! Tomorrow I will go to travel agency, and I will receive all information as I can arrive to you next month!!! dear, i send you my photo!!! but i want that you too send me your photo!!! i want see you!!! :) i wait your letter... i adore you my dear Jorge!! my full name: Podkovyrova Ekaterina Valerevna my address: Russia, Orenburgskaya Oblast, city: Orenburg, street Karla Marksa 4 apartment 3. my kissses to you!!! your Lilya
Letter 14
Hello my Jorge.

I am very glad to see your letter and many thanks for you in understand me.... you are, one of those few people Jorge in which I can find understanding!!! I am very glad that we communicate with you... Please write me letters every day... For me it is very pleasant to go to the cafe Internet, with understanding that I will see the letter from you... How has passed your day dear? i hope that your day good... dear Jorge, today I went to travel agency... I had some excitement before I went to travel agency... Whether I thought of that I can to receive the visa because I very much wish to meet you, I am very seriously adjusted that our meeting was carried out!!! I will do the utmost from me that we could have our meeting!!! And so today I had a meeting with the tourist agent to find out about visa. He has explained me a situation about reception visa for you! Your government has made more control over an input in your country, and now because of a difficult situation in the world, and also terrorism and therefore there is a difficulty in visa reception!!! but travel agent says that the travel agency will make it for me, and with visa reception there will be no problems!!! For reception of the visa I should move to Moscow!!! The tourist agent has told to me that this very good travel agency, and he has told to me that at them many successful situations with visa reception!!! Therefore I will not be very glad that at us problems with visa reception... I I again had fears, that the travel agency will make very long the tourist visa, but to me have told that will be required about 2 weeks for this purpose... Tomorrow I should move to travel agency to conclude the contract, and also to solve a question on payment of it!!! Today I have made already photos for agency, and I will fill questionnaires for embassy!!! The agent has told that it should be ready tomorrow when I will arrive to office!!! I am very glad that preparation for travel has begun, and in a current of small time we can be together!!!
I would like to write to you a little about my name... You saw that I sent to you my full name??? dear, yes my name on passport Ekaterina, but all call me Lilya!!! and you too can call me Lilya!!! all my friends my mum and dad call me Lilya!!!! but my name on passport Ekaterina. Jorge, you know that in Russia give to children 2 names???
its it do... Elder sister of my mum, very believing person she christian and go to chirch every day!!! She advised to my parents to give me two names... My mum has made it because she did not want that I have been bewitched by bad people!!! And consequently my mum named me Lilya, so call me all!!! Nobody should know my present name that with me was nothing bad!!! You understand, when children small they are subject to many diseases which can be not clear from what... Even doctors do not know about it as the child was ill!! It we name sorcery!!! Therefore I have 2 names. But I already seriously concern you, and consequently you should know mine real name on russian passport!!! but i know my name Lilya cool sounds... and i like when me call Lilya!!!
dear, now I will finish my letter... Write me please your fine ideas.... i wait your answer... kisss you
your Lilya
Letter 15
Hello my dear Jorge!!!

I am very glad to see again your letter, and i am glad to welcome you again!!! I with impatience wait when I can tell to you Hello personally!!! many thanks for your letter. Jorge, today was such intensive day, I worked today and still I went today to travel agency, and here have now come to the cafe Internet I write you the letter... I am very tired today Jorge. I have given all necessary documents a photo to travel agency questionnaire and have concluded the contract... According to the contract, the agency undertakes to prepare for me all documents for travel, will buy for me the plane ticket, delivers to the plane, will find hotel for me when I will be in Moscow... I will receive the tourist visa for 31 days, we can be together all these days!!! I already wrote to you that for reception of the visa I should move to Moscow, and from Moscow I will already move to you!!! My tourist agent will require a small amount of the information for a plane route, inform me please dear Jorge: your address and nearest airport to you where you can meet me!!!??? Tomorrow this information will be necessary that the tourist agent could develop a route and establish all cost of travel. Today I have paid in travel agency the first part of money for the visa and other documents of travel. It was several times more than I thought... I have paid today 296 euro, and is possible, that for me the small help for payment of other part of cost of travel will be required... At me is a little more money, and I also took the help from parents, but this money will probably not suffice for payment of the second part... The full sum of money will be known after the tourist agent will develop a route. I should pay the second part of money according to the contract before to move to Moscow for visa reception... dear Jorge, I will inform you if the help is necessary.... I have informed you all news on our future meeting, and now I will go to have some rest home... I am very tired today sorry dear... my kiss and embraces to you Jorge!!! your Lilya

p.s. Do not overlook to inform the address and the near airport.
Letter 16
Hi my honey Jorge!!!

I am glad to see your letter again... dear, many thanks that you write me!!! i feel your support!!! I am very glad that we communicate with dear Jorge and very soon we will carry out our meeting. dear, I feel a little inconveniently because I should ask from you help... I always considered myself as the independent person which itself can solve the problems. But, this time, I could not take all into consideration, and I was mistaken.... I thought that I can organise all travel to you unaided from someone... But now I can not make it! When I travelled earlier it costed for me much less, certainly I was in other countries, but I did not think that will be so expensively go to you... But I am very happy that now I have a man you dear Jorge!!! The man on which I can count, the man which I will be always gentle, good, is tender, and you also will be always with me courageous, and we will always help me in all!!! I want that we helped each other.... Earlier I have counted me strong as the independent person, and for me was feel pleasantly that I can to care of me directly. Now I feel simply the woman who demands support... But for me it is now pleasant to feel about the strong man who protects me from all excitements of a life!!! Jorge, I have informed the tourist agent where I should move, and he found out full cost of travel to you. The tourist agent has informed me full cost of travel, it makes 897 euro. So much I should pay for a trip to you, here enter: the visa, the plane ticket from Moscow to you, medical insurance, a go to Moscow from Orenburg, hotel accommodation. dear, I have already paid the first part of money 296 euro, I have informed you it in the last letter, and now in 8-9 days I should pay other part of money 601 euro. i hope dear Jorge, what this money not difficulty for you, and you can help to pay to me it in 8-9 days in agency??? my honey, i hope that I did not create to you difficulty with such haste... Possibly it is not planned expenses for you if it so do not become angry about me please... Jorge, i misss you so much and wait our meet!!! I wait for your answer and would like to know that you think of it... your Lilya
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